Gish er ikke en gjennomsnittshelt. Faktisk er han ikke på noen måte gjennomsnittlig ... det har seg slik at Gish er en ball av tjære. En søndagstur med kjæresten Brea går fullstendig galt når en skummel figur dukker opp fra et åpent kumlokk og drar Brea med seg under bakken.
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Utgivelsesdato: 4. mai, 2004

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The 2005 Independent Games Festival Grand Prize winner.

"One of the most original games ever made" - 10/10

"A Little Getaway: Small, Simple, Fast and Fun... (GISH) proves that a simple idea can be elaborated upon with terrific results." - New York Times

"The freshest platformer I've played this year"- PCGamer UK: 85%

Om dette spillet

Gish er ikke en gjennomsnittshelt. Faktisk er han ikke på noen måte gjennomsnittlig ... det har seg slik at Gish er en ball av tjære. En søndagstur med kjæresten Brea går fullstendig galt når en skummel figur dukker opp fra et åpent kumlokk og drar Brea med seg under bakken. Gish følger Breas rop om hjelp og befinner seg plutselig i den underjordiske kloakken til Dross, en by som ble forlatt for lenge siden, full av slyngende korridorer, onde feller og noen av de mest forskrudde vesenene du kan tenke deg.

Med sin geleaktige struktur som sitt eneste våpen må Gish følge ekkoene av kjærestens rop om hjelp, dypt nede i bakken under ham. Hva slags merkelige vesen bor i dette underjordiske landet? Hvem er det som har fanget Brea? Og hvor langt ned kan man komme?

Livet er ikke enkelt når du er en 5-kilos ball av tjære ...

  • Dynamisk fysikk og lyssetting
  • Områder som kan ødelegges
  • Mer enn 34 historienivåer
  • Mer enn 20 oppsamlingsnivåer
  • Mer enn 80 nivåer laget av spillere som kan lastes ned
  • Seks unike kamp- modi
  • Opplåsbare spillmodi
  • Mer enn 15 animerte fiender
  • Seks forskrudde hovedmonstre
  • Fem superhemmelige nivåer
  • Redigeringsprogram for nivåer


Mac OS X

    Minimum: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux eller OSX 10.1+, AMD, Intel- eller G3 prosessor på 1000+ MHz, OpenGL-kompatibelt 3D-skjermkort (ATI, NVIDIA, Intel osv.) med 32 MB videominne, 256 MB RAM

    Anbefalt: AMD, Intel- eller G4 prosessor på 1500+ MHz, OpenGL-kompatibelt 3D-skjermkort (ATI, NVIDIA, Intel osv.) med 64 MB videominne, 256 MB RAM

    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz+
    • Memory: 1GB of RAM
    • Graphics: 64MB of video memory
    • Hard Drive: 200+MB of free hard drive space
    • Sound: Standard audio
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Publisert: 17. april, 2015

This is legitimately one of my favorite platforming games, and it's very fun and entertaining. Edmund wasn't ~amazing~ at making games yet, and it shows, but there's a lot of value here. The level design is cool (most of the time) and the music and stuff is all nice. Controlling Gish was quite fun and once you got the hang of it you could get him to do really neat things. You could throw enemies across the screen, do really cool parkour-esque platforming and tricks and stuff to get through levels quickly.

You've got to look past a few flaws, though. The unique platforming mechanics are hard to get used to it's turned many people away from the game, keeping them from giving this more than an hour or two of attention. I understand this. It's not a game for everybody. It's not rewarding enough for most people to warrant all of the trial and error, I think. Despite this, It's one of my favorite platformers and I love it.

At least, I used to love it.

Gish was recently updated. The achievements are now working, which is cool, but the game itself has gone completely to hell. You can now instantly kill yourself by moving the wrong way, or by squishing yourself against the ground or a rock, or by moving too quickly through a tight space. I've recently been playing the game for like an hour and a half and I killed myself dozens of times. Right now, the game is a ♥♥♥♥ing mess and it's almost unplayable. I don't know if Crypric Sea are planning on fixing this or not, but as of right now, this game is terrible. It's a shame, because I really loved it a lot. If they fix the engine to where you aren't commiting suicide every 15 seconds, I'll change my review and I'll most likely play the game again and enjoy it thoroughly. Until then, forget about it.
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Publisert: 22. juni, 2013
Most reviews have been voted down to about 60% helpfulness. This is largly because of the game's unique mechanics. People who "get" them downvote negative reviews, and those who "don't get it" downvote the positive reviews.

I've been playing this game with many people starting with the demo around 2004-5, specifically in sumo mode. I have not played the campaign, as I rarely play without friends. I have played 1000s of matches, and learned how to play.

Jumping is hard for some people. If you're a hater, you'll probably hate this game and give up, but if you learn how to jump, you'll admire the jump mechanic. If you play against serious players who've rocked this game 100s of times, you'll have a blast. It's a fun balance of creativity, reflexes and strategy that never gets old.

This is a great party game. Hooked up to a TV with 4 wireless xbox controllers, this game was a staple at a burger night. Everybody played, and even new players had a blast. The quick game resets and no load times make restarts a snap. It's also fun to watch.

If you don't have a TV and wireless controllers, use a projector 4 keyboards, or game controllers - they're $10 on ebay, or mix and match.

It's old, but it's good. This game was created in 2004, so the textures are a bit low res. The controls may seem alien at first, but once you learn, you can use crazy combo wall jump moves and squish the competition.
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Publisert: 27. januar, 2015
"Sluggish controls/physics. Kind of disappointment." was my initial impression a few years ago when I first got it. I gave the game another shot recently and for some reason it clicked with me more. The game is absurdly frustrating at times, but it can be pretty compelling if you keep at it. The controls take quite a lot getting used to, and you should most definitely swallow your pride and play on easy mode! (the game is still plenty hard on easy mode, especially later)

I do want to say that this is a CAUTIOUS thumbs up. The game is really a 6/10.
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Publisert: 18. januar, 2014
I have never had this much fun being a blob of semi-liquid
Also give Edmund McMillen money
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Publisert: 1. januar, 2015
I am writing this review primarily for those who have also reviewed it and have claimed that the controls are somehow bad.

The simple fact is that if you are finding the controls difficult, you are trying to play the game wrong. Trying to play this game like a normal platformer, staying on the ground, trying to time your jumps, and ignoring many of Gish's abilties will result in abysmal failure. Instead, your main focus needs to be on your momentum. Knowing the levels is key, so that you can plan out a route before hand which is fluid and smooth. Even a tiny change in your path can drastically change how you move across the terrain and can be the difference between leaping across a huge gap or flopping and losing all your speed. Jumping is everything. Setting yourself up properly for a good jump, even if that requires you to go out of your way or backtrack, can often lead to significantly improved times due to the extra speed you will carry out of it.

That being said, this isn't easy. Even beyond the ~15 hours I have clocked on Steam I had played the demo extensively many years ago. One of the great things you can do when you do get good at it is speedrunning it for fun, as I stated before the gameplay revolves around keeping your speed, and there are also a number of shortcuts, alternate routes, or even somewhat abusable physics bugs which you can use to your advantage.

As for other things, the Edmund McMillen style is nice, though the graphics and interface are clearly dated. There are a number of minor bugs in the physics which can be frustrating until you learn to work around them. Overall I think the uniquness of the gameplay outweighs the flaws.

I'll end with a couple tips for those who want to become better:
-tapping sticky while climbing allows you to climb much faster, it also helps while moving across the ground
-being at high speed and then pressing sticky will cause you to compress down, allowing you to get a good jump in
-holding slippery+heavy while in the tiny tubes will make you go faster through them, and sometimes you can launch out of the exit
-slippery+heavy is optimal for pushing blocks around without getting caught up on them
-while climbing, you can swing around 90 degree corners by tap-releasing sticky and using the arrow keys to shift your weight
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