Уличные экстрасенсы. Повсюду их дьявольские неоновые вывески, обещающие любовь, счастье, богатство. Они наживают состояния на на легковерной публике, вытягивая у людей последние деньги. Но когда эти жертвы начинают погибать, раскрыть преступления может только подлинный экстрасенс и его своенравный дух-гид.
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Дата выхода: 13 янв. 2012

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Уличные экстрасенсы. Повсюду их дьявольские неоновые вывески, обещающие любовь, счастье, богатство. Они наживают состояния на на легковерной публике, вытягивая у людей последние деньги. Но когда эти жертвы начинают погибать, раскрыть преступления может только подлинный экстрасенс и его своенравный дух-гид.
В своем путешествии, от захудалых ночных клубов в центре города до пентхаусов и роскошной яхты на реке Гудзон, Роза и Джои раскопают правду о темном мире уличных экстрасенсов. Включая некоторые тайны, которые лучше бы остались нераскрытыми.

Системные требования

    • OS:Windows ME or higher
    • Processor:Pentium or higher
    • Memory:64 MB RAM
    • Graphics:640x400, 32-bit colour: 700 Mhz system minimum
    • DirectX®:5.0
    • Hard Drive:350 MB HD space
    • Sound:All DirectX-compatible sound cards
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[x] hatedabamboo
( 13.2 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 21 июня
Душевнобольная девушка, представляющая себя медиумом, якобы общается с призраками и пытается раскрыть крупный заговор.
( 7.2 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 2 июня
The fourth Blackwell game is also the best. (I have not played the last game yet, however.) Everything about the design and style feels right. It is more streamlined, more visually stunning, and almost twice as long as any of the previous games. It advances the main storyline of the game, although after a long detour, and the storytelling is more action-packed and compelling than before. All of the side-characters have meaningful and complex backstories that the player can sympathize with, and the open-ended nature of your investigations (since you can complete the cases in any order you prefer) makes the game feel bigger than it actually is. Even the last act of the game is very satistfying.

The voice-acting is more professional than before, although the writing still suffers from occasionally low-quality and cheesy dialogue. The soundtrack, too, follows the high bar set by the composer across the previous three entries.

Overall, there is very little to complain about, aside from the occasional adventure game clichés and frustrations. (The in-game hint system, which certainly is a requisite in any self-conscious adventure game, is mostly good, but sadly unreliable at points.) Almost everything else, from the gameplay to the story, just flows very smoothly, and is a pleasure to play though (AND a second time with the commentary track turned on.) This feels like the Blackwell game that always should have been. That said, I HIGHLY recommend playing through all the 5 Blackwell games in the order of their release.

Rating: 9/10
( 4.4 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 14 мая
Blackwell Deception is the 4th game in the Blackwell series and is the longest game out of the series due to the solid and well formed storyline. The graphics have all been updated and improved since the last game, and still the sound and music are top notch as ever. The game does a very good job putting together all the pieces of the story to create a very engaging, emotional and exciting game. I think this game may be the best one out of the whole series so far. Also, thank the heavens that Rosa now has a cell phone with her that she can check e-mails, collect notes and search the internet from any location - instead of the past games where you always had to return home to your desktop computer to do these functions. I suppose it adds a layer of realism as time progresses from when the first games were made till now, and we did not have the luxury of having access to everything at the palm of our hands.
( 6.3 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 13 мая
Highly recommended. The series gets better and better with each game! And this one's no exception.
( 4.9 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 28 апреля
Super intrigued by the glimpses into Joey's backstory, as well as the baddie in this episode. Now I'll HAVE to play the last game in the series.
( 10.8 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 24 апреля
The Blackwell series is a very very good point and click adventure with pretty good voice acting.You need to play them all to really feel the story and the depth of the characters. The Finale(Epiphany) was FANTASTIC(you may shed a tear). Its one of those games where the toil of playing all those hours actually felt meaningful in the end. The Voice acting was satisfying enough to make you forget its actually a point and click game.
Some solutions to some puzzles may not be that obvious at first, but if you dont get it,plenty of guides there.

Since almost all the blackwell games have similar mechanics, didnt think of writing different reviews for each of them.

9/10 for the series. Writing this after playing all the 5 episodes.

Kudos to Dave Gilbert and The whole Team.
( 9.3 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 23 апреля
The fourth in a line of classic point and click adventure games. If you have made it to this game I'm sure you don't need me to recommend them anymore. If not, I do recommend starting with Blackwell Legacy; which is the first one. I rate the series 10 out of 10, you should give them a try.
( 4.1 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 16 апреля
Blackwell bounces back! After a mediocre third instalment, episode 4 is a return to form. This is the longest one yet (about 4 hours), which gives the story room to develop more deeply. The focus is back on solving cases instead of revealing tedious lore, which is great. It feels like the puzzle design advanced a step here. In some ways it is more predictable ("find the three clues and combine them at the end" sort of thing), but it also feels more streamlined and modern. Each case has a nice cadence, and the overall pacing is on-point and compelling. Great work.
( 8.1 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 13 апреля
The 4th game in the Blackwell series, Deception follows Rosa & Joey as they investigate a new bunch of cases. The notebook is again in use, and you can combine clues to form new ones. Joey now has the option to blow on stuff or use his tie on people/objects.

  • More content - More cases, beefier plot, more characters, compared to before.
  • Interesting story - Partly due to the breadth of the case, there's a lot more to sink your teeth into, and a lot more intrigue.
  • Interesting puzzle-solving - You have to resort to some creative and amusing ways to solve certain puzzles.
  • A dancing spook! - This was done so well. There's even a gif of it here for your enjoyment (just put on the music yourself), by Attilion.
  • References to previous games - You don't need to play the previous Blackwell games to understand these, but for those who have, the subtle references were a nice nod.
  • Interesting Steam achievements - Admire your collection after you're done playing. Don't look at the achievements list before as there are spoilers.

  • Inconsistent voice acting - There was this one character that wasn't voiced very well. I forget which one, but recall it being male I think. And Madeline's voice and manner of speaking are also entirely different compared to the previous episode (Convergence). Here she's way too "casual" and not regal enough. I was very disappointed by whoever voiced her here.
  • Music gets too grating - There are too many consecutive scenes with overpowering music. My ears got really tired and I longed for silence, or at least white noise. Music should be interspersed with ambiematic sound; it shouldn't be music for every single scene all the way. The audio environment in the opening case, for instance, was done very well.
  • Audio can't be adjusted properly - There are 2 controls for sound: 1 for "audio" and the other for "voice". Bringing down the volume for "audio" brings down the volume for "voice" as well, so if you just want to turn down the music but leave the voice at the same volume, you can't! How pointless is that!
  • Less game detail - Compared to previous episodes in the Blackwell series, this one is rather lacking in stuff like easter eggs and "extras". For instance, in previous games, if you had done in-game "Oogle" searches, you'd be able to search for characters and events from the previous games. Now, the in-game Internet search is really bare bones, and only provides you enough content to successfully complete the game. Even searching for other in-game characters yields nothing.
  • Worse graphics - Must say I wasn't too impressed with the way the starting scene looked. Somehow, the graphics from previous Blackwell episodes was much better.
  • Less animation - Unlike before, characters' faces no longer move when they speak.
  • No "extras"? - In previous games, you could get a password upon game completion, allowing you to access extra content like bloopers, concept art, etc. I couldn't find that anywhere here.

Quite a must-play for Blackwell fans. There's more stuff to chew on, given the greater amount of content compared to previous episodes. This episode also marks the start of a new story (the previous having been concluded with Convergence), so things are "fresh" again. There's a decline in the quality of graphics, and I found the music too heavy on several consecutive scenes, but on the whole the experience was still enjoyable due to some creative puzzles and an interesting plot.
( 14.7 ч. в игре )
Опубликовано: 21 марта
What are you doing here? You should be playing the game!

Like for previous games:
Has its flaws, some might find it a bit too narrative heavy. The whole Blackwell series is marvelous.

Astonishing characters, humor, voices and graphics (if you like the style).
A must-play for every point&click fan.
Наиболее полезные обзоры  За все время
9 из 9 пользователей (100%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
12.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 13 июля 2014
Четвертая игра в завораживающей серии Blackwell.
Все тот же Нью-Йорк, все те же персонажи, только в этот раз все по-другому. Роза решила вырасти из "детектива на побегушках", который бегает за слухами и историями, в более квалифицированного специалиста, выложив в интернет объявление о борьбе с паранормальной активностью. С этого, собственно, и начинается новая глава Розанджелы Блэквелл и ее компаньона Джои Маллоуна.
Начать, скорее всего, лучше с графики. Стилистику и построение уровней, модели персонажей, анимацию и их портреты - подкрутили практически все. Уровни стали лучше прорисованы, интереснее анимированы (в отдельных местах даже стала появляться что-то отдаленно напоминающее 3D-графику), и, что самое главное, они стали многоуровневыми. Если в прошлых частях персонажи могли перемещаться только в одной поверхности, то теперь появились сцены, где есть, к примеру, два этажа. И, соответственно, там, где Розе приходится подниматься на лифте, Джои достаточно пролететь вверх, свободно проходя через препятствия.
Однако, говоря о персонажах, нельзя похвалить их анимацию, поскольку, хоть она и стала плавнее, герои двигаются на прямых ногах (не сгибая колени). Стилистика? Недоработка? Отсутствие колен? Этот вопрос остается закрытым. Однако, у Розы, оставленной без дела на пару секунд, появились анимации, делающие ее живой персоной. У портретов персонажей нет анимации так же, как и в прошлой части, хотя здесь они лучше детализированы и интереснее изображены, на мой взгляд. Однако, по моему скромному мнению, всё же портреты из Legacy (первой части) хоть и были менее детализированы, но для меня остаются самыми красивыми из увиденных в серии.
Игровая механика также претерпевает изменения: объединения улик в блокноте вернулись, появилась такая незначительная деталь, как различное мнение к людям и окружению у главных героев. К примеру, если навести курсор на ноутбук играя за Розу, мы увидим надпись "Ноутбук" и она скажет, что не знает, как его открыть, так как он запаролен. Если же мы сделаем то же самое будучи Джои, надпись превратится в "Странный чемоданчик" и он скажет, что даже если бы он мог прикоснуться к нему, не знал бы, как им воспользоваться. И таких примеров еще много в игре. Также автор обновил систему комментариев - теперь они не просто выскакивают из ниоткуда, а появляются в виде небольших окошек в определенных местах сцены, на которые можно нажать когда угодно, а также, по желанию, прослушать повторно.
Сюжет наконец-то сумел удивить своим поворотом. И, несмотря на присутствие в игре призраков и прочей спиритуальной шелухи, игра выдает вполне серьезный сюжет. Конечно, не обошлось и без минусов. Он приплетает никому ненужный орден (от которого, конечно, и отталкивается сюжет, но все же...), что сильно напоминает первую часть Broken Sword - замечательная игра, которую я досканально помню, но никак не могу понять появление "Ордена Сломанного Меча" и его связь с сюжетом (что, кстати, не делает ее хуже).
С легкостью компенсировать все это может музыка. Дейв Гилберт очень тщательно относится к музыке, и потому выбирает для каждой новой части только лучших композиторов. В этой игре много красивой "блюзо-джазовой" мелодично-расслабляющей музыки, но также есть и музыкальная тема игры. Так вот гений сумел взять эту мелодию, и использовать ее в разных моментах, оставляя суть и основные ноты произведения. Таким образом, получилась музыкальная тема, которую можно узнать повсюду: в грустных моментах, в напряжении, в клубе, в меню и стартовом ролике. И все это - разные мелодии. Мелодии всегда уместны, и не вызывают мысли "почему именно такая мелодия" даже ни на секунду.
В конце хочется упомянуть очень важную вещь, над которой поработал автор: взаимоотношения героев. Теперь они еще сильнее сблизились, стали понимать друг друга, поддерживать. Роза может кое-где и приревновать Джои, а тот больше не хнычет о том, что "он не может выйти, пока Роза не захочет этого". Они просто выходят вместе.
Думаю, эта игра - отличное продолжение истории о медиуме и призраке. Все движется к финалу, и появляются чувства, как с хорошим сериалом - совершенно не хочется, чтобы он заканчивался. С нетерплением жду окончания истории, а пока - рекомендую всем данную игру!

"Ты сделала что-нибудь в своей жизни, чтобы в конце сказать "Да, я прожила её не зря?"
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6.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 12 мая 2014
Дико олдскульный атмосферный квест с призраками и кучей болтовни.
Играть желательно по порядку.
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4.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 24 июня 2014
Трогательная и очень запутанная история девушки медиума - детектива.
Потрясающий саундтрек и неповторимая актерская игра людей, озвучивавших героев.
Великолепная атмосфера, которая будет держать вас в напряжении всю игру.
Однозначно рекомендую, скрасит несколько одиноких вечеров.
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8.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 27 февраля 2014
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13.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 21 июня
Душевнобольная девушка, представляющая себя медиумом, якобы общается с призраками и пытается раскрыть крупный заговор.
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6.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 24 августа 2015
The Blackwell Deception is the fourth installment of Blackwell series, and it continues to reveal more about the world beyond, alongside Rosa's possibly substantial role of guiding spirits to the next world. We have a case, a mystery and a villain. All is set to pursue the next chapter of the Legacy! The game serves as the triumphant raise of suspense for Rosa's future and a vague epilogue for Joey's ominous background. So far, this is the best game of the whole Blackwell series.

Following the events of the Blackwell Convergence, Rosa and Joey keep doing what they do best; now in a professional context. Our little girl has business cards and all: Rosangela Blackwell, Spiritual Consultant. They do not pace the streets of New York in hopes of finding a case anymore. The case comes and finds them, alongside the trouble attached, of course. Following their recent fiasco - and a particularly unlucky trip to New Jersey - Rosa receives a phone call from an old colleague she had, - back from when she was working for The Village Eye - Jeremy Sams. Apparently, Jeremy now works for The City Post as a reporter and needs Rosa's assistance to either make or break the case he's been working on. Unbeknownst to her, Rosa shall uncover a truth so grim, nothing will ever be the same. Not for her, not for Joey... not anymore.

I recall describing the previous games with certain genres in my review for the Blackwell Convergence. I'd like to keep my tradition and describe the Blackwell Deception as the season finale for your favorite TV series. It drives you to the point that you bite on your fingers, expecting for the grand climax you are about to face, then... you realize that there shall be a next season for your questions to be answered, so you are left high and dry, craving for more! The aspects of Rosa's ability, the so-far carefully shrouded past of Joey, their omnipresent yet mysterious bond, the subtext of Madeleine's intentions, the nature of our former villain, the Countess' madness, the presence of a cult tangled with supernatural forces: they are all scattered as bird crumbs for you to follow!

Our already familiar characters now completed their evolution and possess full-fledged personalities. Rosa is strong, real and persistent. She takes shots, makes calls and chases leads just like old Lauren Blackwell did. As a completely differentiating factor, she never dismisses the contents of her own heart. Nothing would make Miss Blackwell a people's person, but Rosa is still a humanitarian. When someone she cares is hurt, it gets personal. Joey, on the other hand, seems more than an omnipresent source of sarcasm and displeasure now. He cares not only for Rosa, but for many others and tries to suppress the haunting voice of his own consciousness to take the next step ahead. He gets involved in Rosa's life aside from their business, more than ever.

As far as gameplay goes, this game is the combination of all others so far. Combining clues interface is back - with Rosa's phone becoming handier - and puzzles get a bit more item oriented. With some attention to environment and some key words that people keep mentioning, you'll flow through the game. Dialogue puzzles are my favorites to tell the truth, making the people that they work on lively, real and deep. This is also the game that you use Joey to his full potential, more interactively alongside Rosa. Commentary and bloopers are joyful options that we anticipate now. Graphics are also at their best display possible for the given art style. The art used for the Void between worlds keeps getting more beautiful in each game, I wonder what Dave Gilbert's team will come up with for the last installment.

Am I creating suspense, or not? Well, this is the whole idea. This whole game is present to create the suspense needed for the last chapter of the series. Countless mysteries are coming to explanation with only the biggest of questions persist, to prepare you to the last big step: the Blackwell Epiphany, the last installment of the remarkable Blackwell series.

Please also check out Lady Storyteller's Curator page here - follow for regular updates on reviews for other games!
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25 из 31 пользователей (81%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
9.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 25 ноября 2013
Surprisingly enough, this game is really great. It has a creative story and gameplay, amazing voice acting, and is a pretty good challenge for fans of point and click games.
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11.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 2 апреля 2014
First of all, I must say I feel a bit cheated. The game runs natively in 640x480 resolution, but other than the title screen and one unused background mentioned in the commentary mode, all art is point resampled from 320x240. It shows and is such a pity, especially given that the background art used ingame is pre-rendered, so it should be a cinch to up-res it natively.

Also, the whole medium/psychic bashing was extremely heavy handed. I'm all for social commentary, but there's a fine line between this and irrational bashing and I feel this game crosses it at times. Yes, mediums are con artists. This does not mean they feast on child flesh, drink human blood for breakfast, etc, etc.

Speaking of crossing the line - Joey has been getting meaner and meaner with each game and some of his lines here are downright abusive. Not sure how to feel about that.

Other than that, another improvement from previous game. Really loved the implementation of commentary mode, and it actually had some good insights into development this time instead of n-th musing about how Dave Gilbert met this or that voice artist. Being able to use phone to look up clues was amazing, since you had to travel to PC apartment to do that in previous games, killing pacing in the process.

Some nice, simple puzzles - nothing akin to Donkey Cart puzzle in Discworld or Cat's Mustache from Gabriel Knight 3, everything was really logical. A few conversation puzzles as well, and few instances of needing to combine clues. Good hint system if you ever get stuck, although I still had to look some things online once or twice - though take it with a grain of salt, since I never was good with actual adventure game 'gameplay' - I play them mostly for story/conversations.

Personal 'not feeling ripped off' price point: $5
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7.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 27 ноября 2013
I purchased Blackwell Deception as part of the Indie Royale Bundle and to be honest, I didn't know the game beforehand. It's an old school Point and Click graphic adventure, a genre that's lacking nowadays. No need to say it far exceeded my expectations. I hadn't played a P n' C Adventure this good since the Chzo Mythos collection by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. Surely there are other great recent games like the Secret of Monkey Island HD remakes, Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse or Hector: Badge of Carnage but they're nothing new. On the other hand, Blackwell Deception is a breeze of fresh air. If I had to describe it I'd say it is a mixture between The Secret of Monkey Island (the boat segment is clearly inspired by the Pirate LeChuck), Maniac Mansion (the supernatural part of the game), Broken Sword (the ambience) and Beneath a Steel Sky (the gadgets Rosa uses, the disco scenario).
The characters are well built and the side dialogues make you know them better if you give the effort. By the end of the game you will really care about what happens to the protagonists (hint on a sequel) .
The puzzles are inventive and well thought-out even though I would have liked to see more item combinations. The "switch character" system can become a little confusing in the not so obvious bits because you'll need to analyze the effect Rosangela and her "spiritual guide" have in each single object to figure out a solution. There's one particular puzzle where you'll need to click the same object for an indetermined amount of times until you succeed, it's kind of random so you might get stuck in that part for some minutes, but it's really nothing serious.
The soundtrack is excellent, the trumpet songs reminded me of Dire Straits final studio album On Every Street.
The game has some replay value, you will probably miss 2 achievements during the first playthrough and then you still have the commentary mode to finish.
I got BD for about 4€ with 3 other games (AVSEQ, Oil Rush and To The Moon) so I consider it was a hell of a deal. Unfortunately I started playing the Blackwell saga from the fourth chapter so I didn't know much about characters' backgrounds/side stories but that's not the game's fault.
I've bought The Blackwell Bundle from Steam since then. I'd recommend this saga to any Graphic Adventure enthusiast
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3.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 7 декабря 2013
The fouth installment builds up on all the positive from the previous games. I find the story to be the best yet, with some parts being especially touching. There is improvement on the puzzles, most were well-designed and a couple just way cool! Voice acting, characters and music score/sound effects are all excellent. Also, what an ending!
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