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Das Leben eines freischaffenden Söldners ist seltenst ohne Aufregung. Ihr Raumschiff erwartet Sie und Ihr Abenteuer beginnt im Sapphire Sonnensystem.
Veröffentlichung: 16 Jan. 2012
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Evochron Mercenary 2.848 available...

28 Mai 2014

Version 2.848 is now live and includes the following improvements:

- New scaling option added to modification options for 3D radar.
- Positioning of 3D radar and target object display updated for improved positioning and more modification flexibility.
- Several container locations repositioned to be more accessible, more now also allowed to orbit planets as debris.
- Option to lock the mouse pointer to the display field during gameplay added to Options menu.
- Water shader updated to prevent certain indicators from casting a reflection.

Changes to the 3D radar and target display may impact some cockpit mods using non-default placement values in the gauges.txt file. So some mods may need to update some of the position values. While testing, I discovered that some cockpit mods used old gauges.txt files that also lacked shadow placement values for the chase view mode. So for a few of them, I've updated the gauges files myself to provide proper alignment for the radar and target display as well as including shadow placement values that they lacked before. The new values for the 'SilicuMax' and 'Perch' cockpits are available in the customizing forum here:

The new Mouse Lock option can be optionally bypassed in the exit menu while the game is paused as well as during gameplay by toggling the mouse flight-to-selection control lock mode (press both Alt keys to toggle on or off).

For more update information and details, the game's official news page is here:

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Evochron Mercenary 2.828 available (plus past changelogs)...

7 Mai 2014

Version 2.828 is now live and includes the following improvements:

- 3D radar updated to reflect distance as well as direction via blip size scaling based on proximity.
- AI controlled capital ship pre-jump point placement scanning accuracy increased to reduce potential jump point collisions.
- Under certain conditions while travelling in deep space, a station license for a player built station could be lost, now fixed.
- Certain contract actions in multiplayer could result in effects on single player reputation levels, now locked.
- Rotation input adjusted to provide a more linear result throughout the full range of variable control.
- Variable input control reversed for inertial forward/reverse thrusters and aligned for linear input.

For more update information and details, the game's official news page is here:

For reference, here are additional changelogs for past updates over the last year:

April 8th, 2014
Version 2.808 is available for download. This update includes the following improvements:

- IDS scale level control can now be mapped to an axis channel input.
- Improved resolution detection systems for initial launch and Game Options menu.
- Shield array energy augment controls can now be mapped to directional HAT inputs.
- Jump drive system updated to let player select an exit velocity via throttle and IDS scale level.
- If a partial disconnect occurs in multiplayer, the game can now attempt to automatically reconnect.
- Multiplayer exit weapon fire detection now focuses only on gunfire and missiles fired at and by player.
- Additional integrity check added for player built stations in profile saving system.
- Gray sphere would appear on rare occasion after a jump drive exit, now fixed.
- Click range for down buttons in message log adjusted for better alignment.
- Multiplayer exit countdown timer duration reduced to about 5 seconds.
- Improved multiplayer partial disconnect detection system.
- Fuel tank sizes increased to 500 units from 400 units.

The server program has also been updated for this build and includes the following improvements:

- Option to auto-save the chatlog via entering a text marker as a message added (text2.dat lines 850 and 851). Can be used by server operator (no brackets) or client (entered in brackets, subject to specified admin password).

January 8th, 2014
Version 2.788 is available for download. This update includes the following improvements:

- SX, SY, and SZ sector coordinate labels added to passenger delivery description line.
- Much more forgiving racing system implemented with larger courses allowing for more room to maneuver.
- MDTS indicator displaying a lock after being deactivated then reactivated with no target in gunsight fixed.
- Exit menu and respawn menu multiplayer text chat system now uses selected in-game clan or sector secure chat mode.
- Mod options added to nav map to allow changing coordinate labels (text.dat lines 1631-1635).
- '+' and '-' characters added to arrows on nav map to more clearly indicate directional values.
- System for 'ffenable.txt' file updated to correct value mismatch that occurred occasionally.
- Asteroid collision check with mining beam reduced in size for more accurate placement.
- Precision of local client ping and related timer calculations increased.
- Minor click range improvements to the UI.

October 8th, 2013
Version 2.728 is available for download. This update includes the following improvements:

- Gun turret hull armor indicator now changes color based on damage level.
- Control axis mapping system updated to better support inertial thruster invert selection on systems with multiple devices.
- Alt key option added for weapon and shield energy management selection for quickly setting to maximum/minimum levels.
- Text notification now displayed in the message log when payment is received from a fleet ship after completing a mining cycle.
- Nav map point selection now applies two sector coordinate values relative to map orientation, X and Z for top view, X and Y for rear view.
- When zooming in on the nav map in rear view mode, maplog waypoints could block left click nav point selection, now fixed.
- When transitioning from terrain walker back to spaceship, engine sounds might not restart properly, now fixed.
- Custom music files above group level 3 may not load correctly under certain folder conditions, now fixed.
- Several minor bug fixes.

July 8th, 2013
Version 2.708 is available for download. This update includes the following improvements:

- Faster pre-generated planet terrain building system added.
- Systems with intermittent read/write hard drive reliability problems could encounter an error 105 during loading at around 30-50%, new loading processes implemented to reduce error potential on such systems by generating more content in memory.
- Minor issue with message log shadow resulting in mismatched alignment when no lines of data are contained fixed.
- Using station detonators in single player could result in the flight timer being reset, now fixed.
- Terrain walker HUD elements could remain behind after being destroyed, now fixed.
- Excessive price variations for commodities sold from planet cities fixed.
- Several minor bug fixes.

April 25th, 2013
Version 2.488 is available for download. This update includes the following improvements:

- New quadrant maps with improved system placement accuracy and image quality.
- Option to change gunsight and display coloring (hue and RGB) added to Options menu (HUD Configuration).
- New frame graphics added for navigation, inventory, and trade consoles (better aligning them with other menus).
- Under some conditions, planet terrain could be rendered at multiple detail levels simultaneously, occasionally causing subtle flickering, now fixed.
- If the game is interrupted during gameplay to the point media resources are deleted/lost from memory, it will now to auto-save the profile and attempt to reload all media assets automatically.
- If the game is interrupted during a file extraction and/or loading process by external interference or system problems causing file corruption/damage, it can now automatically attempt to clean and repair the damage next time it is launched.
- HUD Flight Path Marker updated to better indicate offset course and to account for additional factors including gravity.
- Optional Horizontal and Vertical Velocity Marker added to the HUD Configuration menu to provide legacy functionality.
- Friction factor based on velocity and atmospheric density now applies to hull burn glow effect for a better visual cue.
- Overall reputation level changing when travelling from sector to sector in the same system fixed.
- Options to set a custom value for CvC kills and clan linked contracts in multiplayer added.
- TrackIR, padlock, and mouse look view modes updated for a wider vertical viewing range.
- 400% increase in multiplayer terrain control credit for CvC kills (default value).
- Sound effect volume setting now applies to mouse clicks in main menu as well.
- MDTS auto-aiming prediction system updated for smoother movement.
- HUD indicator positions adjusted to better support stereoscopic 3D.
- Scaling option for pitch ladder added (details in customizing kit).
- Position option for compass added (details in customizing kit).
- Flight Path Marker added to 3D radar.
- Wind sound effect volume reduced.
- Several minor bug fixes.

The server program has also been updated for this build. The 400% increase in default territory control credit for clan-vs-clan kills will only apply on servers running the updated server build.

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Über das Spiel

Die Ware verschachern, während man an feindlichen Patrouillen vorbeischleicht, die besten Piloten des Sektors zu einem Rennen herausfordern, wertvolle Diamanten abbauen, in gnadenlosen Verhandlungen um das eigene Leben oder das von anderen feilschen, einen Spionageauftrag für einen neugierigen Energiekonzern erledigen, verschmutzte Solarpaneele reinigen, danach einen ungeduldigen Fahrgast an sein Ziel bringen... und das alles an einem gewöhnlichen Tag. Im Leben eines unabhängigen Söldners geht es selten gemächlich zu. Mal arbeiten Sie für Ihre Vertragspartner, mal in eigener Sache, um Ruf, Ehre und Vermögen auszubauen. Ihr Raumschiff wartet, Ausgangspunkt Ihres Abenteuers ist das Sonnensystem Sapphire.
In Evochron schreiben Sie als unabhängiger Söldner Ihre eigene Geschichte, die sich nach Ihren Entscheidungen, Fehlern und Erfolgen verändert. Jeder Spieler bereichert das Spiel mit seinen individuellen Fähigkeiten und Interessen, so können Sie Clans bilden, um kooperative Ziele zu meistern oder sich als Einzelkämpfer durch die ewigen Weiten einer echten Weltraum-Simulation schlagen.
  • Sie haben freie Wahl, das Spiel stellt Ihnen keinerlei Restriktionen, Bedingungen, oder Limits, entwickeln Sie Ihren Charakter ohne Obergrenzen für Attribute und Fähigkeiten. Erleben Sie die ultimative Freiheit und spielen Sie das Spiel so, wie Sie möchten. Ihr Handeln wirkt sich direkt auf Ihre Rolle in der Welt aus und beeinflusst Ihren Ruf, Reichtum, Fortschritt und Rang im Spiel.
  • Wählen Sie aus unterschiedlichen Spielarten, darunter Rennen, Spionage, Handel, Warentransport, Begleitschutz, Kampf (sowohl in zivilen als auch militärischen Zonen), Erforschung, Rohstoffabbau, Ausrüstungs-Reiniger, Anführer, Bauwesen und Schiffskonstruktion. Es gibt viele Wege, in diesem Spiel an Geld zu kommen.
  • Das weitläufige, nahtlos verbundene Universum erlaubt Ihnen, ohne Ladebildschirme an jeden erdenklichen Ort zu gelangen. Die Welt von Evochron ist nicht in 'Abschnitte' oder 'Räume' geteilt, die durch Jumpgate-'Türen' getrennt sind. Weder Passierpunkte noch Fahrtrouten begrenzen Ihre Freiheit, reisen Sie, wohin Sie wollen - nichts wird Sie aufhalten. Tauchen Sie in die Atmosphäre von Planeten ein, landen Sie in Städten und Handelszentren, bauen Sie wertvolle Rohstoffe ab oder suchen Sie nach versteckten Artefakten. Verstecken Sie sich in Nebula-Wolken vor fremden Sensoren oder manövrieren Sie in ausgehöhlte Asteroiden. Reisen Sie von Planet zu Planet, von Stern zu Stern und von Sonnensystem zu Sonnensystem.
  • Dank der gebündelten Gameplay-Architektur, können Sie Ihr Schiff samt Ausrüstung, Geld, Besatzung und Gütern sowohl im Einzel- als auch im Mehrspielermodus nutzen.
  • In kooperativen Missionen werden sämtliche Spieler der Gruppe ausgezahlt. Arbeiten Sie mit anderen Spielern zusammen, um anspruchsvolle Aufträge erfüllen zu können, die deutlich mehr abwerfen.
  • Bauen Sie ganze Raumstationen, um das Universum des Spiels dynamisch um neue Handelsrouten, Versorgungspunkte und Wirtschaftszentren zu erweitern. Das Online-Mehrspielersystem speichert die von Spielern konstruierten Stationen auf dem Server, sodass alle anderen Spieler Zugang zu den neuen Stationen und Handelsrouten haben, die durch Sie erstellt wurden.
  • Spezialisierte Industrien und Ökonomien ermöglichen realistisch schwankende Preise und Verfügbarkeiten.
  • Investieren Sie Ihren Reichtum in den Entwurf und die Konstruktion neuer Schiffe, kaufen Sie Handelsware oder stärkere Waffen, installieren Sie bessere Ausrüstung, heuern Sie neue Mitglieder für Ihre Crew an, stellen Sie andere Schiffe in Ihren Dienst und vieles mehr.
  • Die komplexe Physik-Simulation berechnet geschwindigkeitsabhängige Beschleunigungskurven und kalkuliert Masse-, Schub- und Vektor-Faktoren. Das Flugmodell, basierend auf der realistischen 'newtonschen' Masseträgheit bei Nullgravitation, erlaubt Drei-Wege-Rotation und Drei-Wege-Richtungskontrolle mit variabler Tastenbelegung. Das Hilfssystem erlaubt dank erweiterter Trägheitsdämpfer ein simple Kontrolle des Schiffs im Weltraum, in planetarischer Atmosphäre und unter dem Einfluss anderer Schwerefelder.
  • Anders als für das Genre üblich, ist Ihre Umgebung kein starres 'Hintergrundbild'. Nutzen Sie Nebula-Wolken, Asteroidenfelder, Planeten-Atmosphären, Monde und Ihr weiteres Umfeld zum Schutz oder als strategisches Element. Ihre Umgebung hat Einfluss auf physikalische Gegebenheiten wie die Anziehungskraft, aber auch den Treibstoffverbrauch sowie Ihre Sensor- und Sichtweite.
  • Das Spiel unterstützt Tastatur, Maus, Gamepads und Joysticks. Wählen Sie die Steuervorrichtung, welche Ihnen am meisten zusagt.
  • Das Spiel unterstützt die TrackIR 3D-Sichtfeldsteuerung von Natural Point, mithilfe derer Sie sich in allen sechs Stufen im Cockpit umsehen können.


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Prozessor: 2.0 GHz AMD/Intel
    • Speicher: 1.5 GB RAM
    • Festplatte: 750 MB
    • Grafikkarte: 128 MB DirectX kompatibel
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
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1 Review
923.0 Std. insgesamt
I've played now during a while (+500h) and i'm still not bored and apparently it's not going to finish :)

Well I won't repeat what you can do in this game because all is pretty much describe in the page ahah.

I will just say the game is still living with a nice communauty who like help new people.
The game is still uptaded regulary and improved.

I need say it was created and still updated by only one man..... When you see the result final this man is close to be a genius!

Many mod was created by players so you could customize a lot of things into the game as you wish.
Event are regulary organise to creat activity into the game.
Various clan into the mp are still available. PVP are respectfull. Players ask 98% of the time to another player if they want have a fight. Exeption of course clan against clan wich is logic. So it's pretty safe.
A couple of team speak 3 are proposed by players for talk easier.
Exept the trade station you build, Sp and mp are link. Everything you do in one are do in the otherone. So if nice to see some player online. It's not only fight.

I will just say it's the best game I ever played of my life.
(add me on steam for more information or question I will be happy answer your question or help new players)
I can speak english or french as you prefer.
Verfasst: 24 Januar 2014
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117.5 Std. insgesamt
This game gets a "must buy" rating from me for anyone who is interested in this genre of spaceflight simulation/comba/trading game. The realistic newtonian physics model and controls are so much better than the status quo "airplane physics in space" in practically every other similar game, and you really can seamlessly fly down onto a planet's surface! And you really can fly anywhere between solar systems without jump gates, though it would take 100s of jumps without a "special" hard to find type of jump drive. All of this is done very well.

The main drawback of the game is that lots of areas feel kind of lacking in depth. For example, you can craft things and customize your ship but there isn't that much variety. You can land on planets and stations looking for missions or things to buy, but there are no characters with scripted conversations to talk to. Capital ships aren't very detailed or specialized, and are more like scaled-up very slow versions of fighters with lots of hit points. Basically there are lots of things you can do that you can't do in other games, but not that much intracacy in any particular part of the game.

Stll, I think most people who are interested in this sort of game will want to spend at least 10s if not 100s of hours playing it. So it's worth buying at full price, especially with multiplayer support (which honestly I haven't tried yet.)
Verfasst: 12 Februar 2014
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43.0 Std. insgesamt
This game took me a while to get comfortable with but after getting there I can confidently say there is no other space combat game out there that has been as exciting and realistic for me to play. Once you get the systems down and learn navigation (There are a multitude of youtube instructional video's I highly recommend you watch as you begin playing) you are given free range of a vast universe with a multitude of locations and enemies. One of the most interesting concepts for me initially was being able to fly down to the surface of planets from space. The planets vary in type and in atmosphere some even have hostile weather systems or visibility conditions that make atmospheric flight very difficult which I found really cool. The main draw for me also being the realistic physics involved in flight. You cannot just drop through an atmosphere without burning up so you have to approach at the correct speeds and angles and flight controls shift from atmospheric to space seamlessly. Also in space you can fly using true newtonian flight or switch on the fly to an adaptive system that mimics atmospheric flight by compensating for the intended forward direction. Being able to continue on a trajectory at enormous speeds and rotate on any axis without impacting your trajectory has always been the draw of space combat for me but is rarely implemented in space games. Flipping over at speed and accelerating in the opposite direction or setting a trajectory and flipping on your side to strafe a capital ship at incredible speeds is amazing and it's made manageable by being able to switch back to a directional flight mode when you just want to point and fly. The gauges need to be researched a little bit (also on the video's) if you are unfamiliar but provide spectacular feedback that not only brings realism but adds depth and enables more control with a clear idea of the forces at work from and on your ship.

I play a ton of games but there is something special about this one that keeps me coming back. There is a great community of people willing to help out and some incredible mods available. I have some for my HUD that uses the HUD from the ship on the movie Oblivion that's really well done and mods that make the nebulae and space in general look absolutely phenomenal. There isn't a ton of story or progression, there are a lot of different ships, weapons, components, etc. and you are given the ability to edit your own ship designs by choosing components and altering their size and placement on your ship allowing every ship to be completely different even if using identical components. I have spent hours creating and saving ship designs alone with the different components and different levels of components. There are also ship mods made by the community that use models from popular franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek. You can trade although trading is limited since cargo is extremely limited even at the highest levels but quantity is not what I assume was the goal. There are many alert style missions where a commodity is needed at a particular station or planet that appears with a timer and you need to acquire and deliver it to get the reward which is usually substantial. There are many different levels of missions with varying goals of taking out single ships to entire fleets or mining asteroids for particular minerals and even cleaning giant solar arrays with tractor beams where you remove the dirt from the panels with your ship.

The solar systems are VAST and can contain many planets and stations that require jump drives to navigate and gates connect the systems although the gates are placed in different areas in each system but do not act as doors at the barriers between rooms, you can fly past the gates and on into space if you so choose. Many gates are actually located in the center of the systems so it's not a N,S,E,W square setup. It's vary natural and organic. The stations offer vendors, supplies, components, fuel, commodities, repairs, missions and a few other things. You fly in to the stations and dock with them to interact and you are protected within until you undock and exit the force field. There are also varying levels of difficulty in the different systems with some containing very few hostile ships, some with many and although I haven't made it out there yet some are active war zones and incredibly hostile. There are also different factions that inhabit the systems with who you can build up your standings by running missions for or against their enemies. The faction standings are system specific and do not carry over throughout the universe which i found adds a lot more gameplay in that your standings affect your ability to use different stations and the prices of things like fuel and other commodities. You may also purchase licences that allow you to hunt the enemies of that faction for rewards.

This game is the closest I have ever felt to actually having a ship in space with the freedom to fly anywhere and do anything. The realism is incredible and comes through in scope of environment, optional objectives and the feel of opening up a universe for you to inhabit as you so choose. I've actually just flown around as I imagine I would to relax and enjoy the majesty and solitude of space and no other game has inspired that kind of feeling for me. That says a lot.

Disclaimer: I live in and run a home for homeless and disabled Veterans where we have multiple computers and Steam accounts so hours played does not always reflect my actual experience with the game being reviewed other than showing the minimum amount of time I have personally played as this is my personal account.
Verfasst: 27 Januar 2014
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4 Reviews
23.2 Std. insgesamt
Extremely fun space simulator that is absolutely worth the price of admission.

This is a rare title in which gameplay makes up for dull and recycled in-game missions. Having access to both an inertial dampening flight system and pure newtonian physics mode adds an entirely new dimension to space travel and combat. Dogfighting becomes more like a well calculated jousting match and mastering your sliding techniques allows you to overcome enemies with much larger firepower. This is a game that rewards patience and experience.

While some of the art looks fantastic (planets from a distance), low resolution textures on space stations, backgrounds and ships hinders the experience slightly. Mods are available to help slightly rectify this problem.

Great news is this games support for Surround/Eyefinity AND gamepad/joystick setups is phenomenal.
Most other titles require the use of a third party application/driver that merges multiple joysticks together, however Evochron allows you to map each separately. This is fantastic for people with separated HOTAS systems (ie T.16000M Joystick + Saitek Throttle)

Warning to New Pilots: When the game begins it will seem very daunting. After the tutorial section, play with the various tools at your disposal and you will catch on very quickly. Reach out to the amazing community if you are in need of help, or tune into a Let's Play series that can help jumpstart you into the universe.

Verfasst: 23 Januar 2014
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3 Reviews
19.9 Std. insgesamt
Best sandbox space sim I ever played. Has a fairly steep learning curve, but after an hour or so, you realize all that depth leads to such an immersive experience! I haven't lost myself in a game world like this in a long time. I find myself exploring, just for the sake of curiosity, and I never do that in other games. Combat is hard and fun, and the method of travel is possible the most "realistic" ever put in a space sim. The controls will make you want to break out your joystick. The inertial flight is so amazing, and combined with gravity fields, is simply the best thing ever to happen to space sims. And it is multiplayer!
Verfasst: 12 Mai 2014
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