Ett nyckfullt Action-RPG som presenteras av skaparna av Recettear ~ An Item Shop's Tale. Köp innan 5 Augusti och spara!
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Utgivningsdatum: 29 jul, 2011

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Om detta spel

För fem år sedan förvandlades Chante till en älva av en häxas förbannelse under den röda månen. Nu söker hon och hennes syster Elise efter ett sätt att förvandla henne tillbaka till en människa, och under deras resor stöter de på en speciell stad som är hem till ett antal närliggande ruiner, och en egendomlig butiksinnehavare som heter Aira, och en märklig, livlig spåkvinna som kallar sig själv för Elma. Kan detta ställe vara nyckeln till att Chante kan återgå till det normala? Eller kommer det leda till fler svar än vad våra två systrar någonsin ville veta...?


  • Ett action-RPG i klassisk stil för PC!
  • En skatt att hitta i vartenda område!
  • Uppfinningsrika boss-strider som utmanar spelaren!
  • Fullt handkontrollstöd, inkluderat stöd för Xinput-trigger och kamerakontroll med höger spak!
  • Fem kärn-dungeons, plus två bonus-dungeons! Timmar och timmar av spel!
  • Fiske! Med samlingsbar fisk!


    • Operativsystem: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Pentium 4 1.7ghz eller Athlon XP 1700+ (eller motsvarande processor)
    • Minne: 256MB of system RAM (512 rekommenderat för Windows Vista och 7)
    • Grafik: DirectX 8.1-kompatibelt grafikkort (vilken typ som helst) som har minst 64 MB i video-RAM; Nvidia och ATI testade (Intel Intregrated Graphics under IntelHD-serien rekommenderas ej)
    • DirectX®: 8.1 eller högre
    • Hårddisk: 450MB
    • Ljud: DirectX 8.1-kompatibelt ljudkort
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Upplagd: 28 december, 2015
If Dark Souls was a spiritual sucessor to Demon's Souls, Demon's Souls is the spritual sucessor to Chantelise.
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Upplagd: 28 december, 2015
Chantelise is an overlooked game by EasyGameStation. It was released in Japan 2006 and was localized in 2011, with the more popular game, Recettear: An Item shop Tale, by the translation company, Crape Fulgur.

In a nutshell: the game is an action RPG with some magic thrown into the mix. There are times where the game can be a little unforgiving. Stay calm, reflect on what happened, and try again.

Controls: Simple. Attack, jump, dash(Attack + jump), lock-on, and magic. The longer you hold down the back button, the more gems you use. Everything is explained in the tutorial. I recommend using a controller. If you don't have one, don't worry, the game has full kayboard controls. Though you might have a slightly harder time getting use to the controls. The config allows you to map your own buttons. If you really want to, you can play with a steering wheel.

Plot: It's a witch hunt. Everything is explained in the introduction.

Review: It's a cute anime RPG with an enjoyable story. The artwork throughout the game is wonderful. If you've played Recettear, you'll recognise quite a number of textured used. The game may be a bit difficult to get the hang of. You've got a small health bar and the enemies hit hard. For some, the 2D sprites in a 3D environment may seem confusing to see hitboxes. You'll spend quite some time getting use to the controls and enemy movements. The magic system works in reverse order; the last gem picked up will be the first gem consumed. Play around with magic; different magic combinations have varying results. The first gem above Chante is the main gem, and the gems around Elise feet are the support gems. Treasure can be sold to purchase health boosts and equipment. As the story unfolds, you'll have access to more magic and equipment slots. You'll also encounter tougher enemies that have more health and hit harder. Learning to avoid damage early will help along your adventure. Every boss has a unique feel to them. Well... unless you count mutual hatred. When the game gets tough, and you feel like an area is far too difficult to handle currently, take a breather, and take it slow. Going in wth a clear mind helps with observing your opponents movements. There is one hidden treasure in each room / area of the dungeon. Something to reward explorers.

  1. Save often.
  2. Time Attack DOES NOT progress the stroy. It is a good way to practice.
  3. Observe your opponents. Avoiding damage is a good thing.
  4. Learn from your mistakes, and gear up accordingly.
  5. Use magic to help clear areas or deal with tough enemies. Super Armour reduces damage and prevents damage knockback.
  6. Hidden Treasure may help along your travels. Try asking the monk in town.
Try not to spoil the game by looking at a guide unless you really get stuck.

As for why I have an absurdly high playtime on record: I have my reasons.
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Upplagd: 18 januari
Oh lets play this cute as s(h)it action rpg! I LOVE ACTION RPG!!!!!!!!! This game must be for babies cuz it CUTE RPG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nope. Just like so many before, I didn't believe the hype. Trust me, believe the hype.

This game is harder than Dark Souls and not at first either, it will suck you in and BAM! RIGHT IN THE KISSER!

Flying one eyed whatever the f(u)ck(s). RIGHT IN THE KISSER!

Re-animating skeleton army. RIGHT IN THE MOTHER LOVING KISSER!

Amorphous blobs. RIGHT IN THE KISS... RIGHT IN THE NO NO SPOT! (They don't jump so good)

10/10 - would get fooled again by a Dark Souls pre-clone.
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Upplagd: 23 september, 2014
This game was released in 2006 by EasyGameStation at the Comiket in Japan. The same group that made Recettear An Item Shop's Tale. It was translated and brought to Steam by Carpe Fulgur in 2011.

In this game you play a little anime girl with her fairy sidekick sister. You adventure through dungeons, defeating enemies with sword and magic attacks. Of course this reminds you of Zelda and it plays a bit like one. It focuses much more on combat though, akin to a Ys-type of game. The game features a blend of 2D sprites in a 3D world, which works surprisingly well. I had some issues with aiming in the beginning, but that worked itself out after a while.

The magic system is the central part of the gameplay. You use different colored gems to cast fire, water, wind and earth spells. These gems are used in the order you pick them up from the ground, but when you hold the cast button longer you use up to three gems at once. This way various different colored gems can be combined and produce different spells. This make for quite the deep system and keeps the combat interesting. ♥♥♥♥ earth though. Those gems are worthless.

There are no levels, so you only improve through your items. This makes the game faster and removes the grind you have in typical JRPGs. Upon death a Game Over screen pops up, but you just respawn at the town, which makes dying forgiving. That is needed though, because you will die a lot.

I actually had a lot of fun with the story, especially the characters. I don't know if it is thanks to the translation or source, but there are some really funny lines in there. I recommend this game, if you like some oldschool dungeoning.
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Upplagd: 13 december, 2014
10/10 Like Dark Souls but with lolis
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