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Un fantaisiste Action-RPG produit pour vous par les créateurs du célèbre Recettear ~ An Item Shop's Tale. Achetez avant le 5 août et économisez !
Date de parution: 29 juil 2011
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Inclut les 3 articles suivants : Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, Chantelise - A Tale of Two Sisters, Fortune Summoners

À propos du jeu

5 ans auparavant, un sortilège transforma Chante en fée par une nuit de lune rousse. Depuis lors, Chante et Elise, sa sœur, cherchent une façon de lui rendre son apparence humaine. Au cours de leur voyage, elles rencontrent, dans une ville en ruine, une libraire nommée Aira et une diseuse de bonne-aventure nommée Elma. Auraient-elles trouvé l'endroit pour rendre à Chante son apparence ? Ou bien l'endroit qui va leur apporter plus de réponses qu'elles ne le souhaitent ?


  • Un titre classique d'action/jeu de rôle sur PC !
  • Des trésors un peu partout !
  • Batailles de fin de niveau originales !
  • Support manette y compris gâchette X et contrôle de la caméra avec stick droit !
  • 5 donjons commun et 2 donjons supplémentaires ! Des heures de jeu !
  • Pêche ! Collectionnez les poissons !

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processeur : Pentium 4 de 1.7 GHz ou Athlon XP 1700+ (ou processeur équivalent)
    • Mémoire vive : 256 Mo de RAM (512 Mo recommandé pour Windows Vista et 7)
    • Carte graphique : Carte graphique compatible DirectX 8.1 de tout type avec au moins 64 Mo de mémoire vidéo ; Nvidia et ATI testées (Les cartes graphiques intégrées en-dessous de la série IntelHD ne sont pas recommandées)
    • DirectX® : 8.1 ou supérieure
    • Disque dur : 450 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Son compatible DirectX 8.1
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
19 personne(s) sur 23 (83%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
2.9 heures en tout
Really fun game. I was recently gifted this and Recettear, and when I'm done crying because I never get further than the third week in Recettear I come play this. Similar art styles, similar fun.

That and I pretend I'm an adventurer working for Recette.

Give the demo a go, it's not for everyone, but being my first games of this type I would be lying to say I haven't had a lot of fun.
Posté le : 2 avril
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11 personne(s) sur 14 (79%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
16.2 heures en tout
Wonderful game that includes dungeon crawling, hack and slash, and interesting story line. The graphics are nice and use both 2d sprites and 3d models. If you've played Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale you will see some familiar items(under different names).

I had no problem with the controls, although navigating the gap jumps in later levels took some time with a keyboard. To progress through the level stages you must defeat every monster in the area to unlock the exit. If you have beaten the stage and die it will still be unlocked up to that point you died when you rush back through a level.
As for the plot- it was interesting and kept me playing when the grinding for gold got old. Did I mention you have to grind? A lot? When you kill enemies the power in their blood can crystalize from your sisters fairy dust, dropping a gem you can use as a magic attack(amount you can combine increases with game progression to a total of 4). You can combine the effects of gems to deal massive damage to enemies with that inherent weakness(doesn't really apply to anything but large creatures and bosses). Other things that can drop are you standard metal currencies(ranging from copper to gold) or an item of no use, but value for resale at a shop.

There are, however, few shops in the game, but you are highly dependent on them if you would like to progress easily and faster. When you buy something from a shop the purchace price of that item goes up and stays that way regardless if you resell. Your character has item slots where you can equip specific items of various worth. If you want to do more magic damage with literally no defense no one is stopping you.. except the limited item slots. There are 4 item slots in total and the only way to unlock them is to progress through the story. As I said before you can equip anything equipable item you like in these or none at all, but there is a catch. If you go full magical power with no defense and decide "Why spend all that money on health upgrades?" you had better be a good dodger, because there is one thing in this game that is too horriffying to deal with...

When you get somewhere below 50% health you'll start to hear a high pitch incessant beeping to indicate that you are in fact dying. It does not stop until you get above that 1% difference of dying and not dying. You will innevitably die though and may have to run through a level a couple times to figure out what you're dealing with. That noise will become the reason you do not want to lose health and the motivation to strive to complete the level. If you like the mystical soundtrack you might be encouraged to keep the game unmuted and hope, to whatever the hell you pray to, you don't get below that threshold.
If you do get below you cannot eaisly heal yourself by the process of attacking things alone. You can gain health from food items randomly dropped by monsters and found in crates/barrels or through a specific gem combination that I won't mention(cruel right?). I have to say though I didn't figure out I could heal with a gem combination(though you cannot use the combination till later in the game hint hint) untill the last level and the face palms were plenty that day.

All in all an interesting game and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys grinding with plot on the side. It feels amazing to plan things out and rush through the levels- dodging monsters that dot the map, and finally reach that boss room you've been trying to clear for the last half hour. Side strafe, and take down all that appose you.
Posté le : 13 avril
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8 personne(s) sur 12 (67%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
0.2 heures en tout
Good game, but the controls are a bit messed up.

Examples: If you're using gamepad, then holding the "confirm" button will swipe through many of the conversations, which are gems and not meant to be skipped. Shoulder buttons are somehow allowed to be mapped to other functions (like attack, jump etc)- mapping a shoulder to one of these will break the in-game camera rotation.

Otherwise, pretty good, but I feel like they could've spent a bit more time on preparing this for steam. Last time I played this was using keyboard and the non-steam version. I do remember the game having these same problems back then and I had hoped they would've been addressed in one way or another.

If you can work past these problems, its a good game and reminiscent of Recettear (which was also translated by the same company who translated this game: Carpe Fulgur).
Posté le : 16 avril
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1 personne(s) sur 1 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
2.4 heures en tout
Really love this game so far, but I'm stuck! I'm going down this big staircase into a dungeon? and I'm just getting my butt kicked by all the monsters.
Posté le : 22 avril
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1 personne(s) sur 1 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
7.5 heures en tout
I really, really like this game. Wouldn’t consider myself an anime nut or anything but the mix of 2D/3D in this game is enduring. Solid, simple game play provided you have a controller. The game is short but that’s ok, it doesn’t drag on more than it should and gives you just the right amount of obtuse story. Only thing to watch out for is the difficulty ramps up big time near the end. Go fishing and catch a sperm.....whale!
Posté le : 18 août
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2 personne(s) sur 8 (25%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
1.6 heures en tout
J'ai dû acheté ce jeu dà une époque où mon sens critique était absent. :-)

J'ai l'impression de jouer à un jeu en 3D avec des ennemis en 2D. Je n'ai pas trop aimé les combats et les contrôles. Ça m'a paru un peu amateur. Je n'ai pas eu le courage de me rendre plus loin que le premier boss.

Ce n'est pa le pire jeu que j'aies connu, mais j'ai été franchement déçu.

Comme quoi il ne faut pas de faire avoir par du kawaii.

Je lui donne 4 sur 10.
Posté le : 7 février
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