Faites l'expérience de la guerre en première ligne dans les bottes d'une nouvelle race de super-soldat dans ce jeu d'action à la première personne. Vous êtes le super-soldat qui doit contrecarrer les plans d'un régime totalitaire bien décidé à éradiquer le monde civilisé. Hong Kong, 2065.
Évaluations des utilisateurs : plutôt positives (93 évaluation(s)) - 73% des 93 évaluations des utilisateurs pour ce jeu sont positives.
Date de parution : 22 fév 2005

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À propos de ce jeu

Faites l'expérience de la guerre en première ligne dans les bottes d'une nouvelle race de super-soldat dans ce jeu d'action à la première personne.
Vous êtes le super-soldat qui doit contrecarrer les plans d'un régime totalitaire bien décidé à éradiquer le monde civilisé.
Hong Kong, 2065. Sous-Lieutenant Nathan Frost est un militaire ordinaire au sein d'une armée internationale appelée "La coalition de la liberté". A la suite d'une blessure majeure Frost subit une intervention chirurgicale critique et expérimentale. Le résultat est la transformation de Frost en une machine de guerre surhumaine.
Renvoyé au front, coincé en territoire ennemi, coupé de tout commandement et débordé de toutes parts, vous, et une poignée d'hommes, devez stopper l'armée rebelle qui menace de plonger le monde dans les abimes.
  • Combattez dans un environnement multi-joueurs (jusqu'à 16 joueurs) avec VOIP (voix portée par l'Internet).
  • Une grande variété de jeu : de l'action sur le champ de bataille aux missions d'infiltration.
  • Vous disposez d'un arsenal dernier cri : armes expérimentale, drones et autres gadgets. La combinaison de ces armes permet d'atteindre un sommet dans la qualité de jeu spécialement en mode multi-joueurs.
  • En mode multi-joueurs, il est possible de répartir les rôles pour la mise en œuvre des véhicules : conducteur / tireur.
  • Invisibilité, super-réflexes et capacités électriques vous donne un avantage certains sur le champ de bataille contre vos ennemis.
  • Dés la première minute vous êtes plongé dans un environnement bourré d'action.
  • 11 missions réparties sur 16 cartes vous font évoluer dans un opéra transformé en prison, un temple bouddhiste convertit en base militaire et dans les dédales urbains.

Configuration requise

    Minimum : IBM PC ou 100% compatible Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (Windows 95, 98, ME et NT ne sont pas supportés) Processeur Pentium IV 1.5 GHz (ou équivalent AMD Athlon XP), 256 MB de RAM système, 64 MB de mémoire vidéo, Direct3D 9.0, et Pixel Shader 1.1, Carte son 100% Compatible DirectX 9, 3Go d'espace disque, clavier et souris.

    Comme il est spécifié sur le boitier du jeu, les ordinateurs portables et les circuits graphiques intégrés peuvent fonctionner mais ne sont pas supportés. Si vous rencontrez un problème technique sur ce type de configuration le support technique Eidos ne pourra pas vous aider.

    Recommandée : Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHz (ou équivalent AMD Athlon XP), 512 MB de RAM système, 128 MB de mémoire vidéo, Direct3D 9.0, et Pixel Shader 2.0

    Circuits supportés :
    séries nVidia GeForce 3Ti/4Ti/FX/6000 - Remarque : la série des GeForce MX n'est pas supportée. ATI Radeon 8500/9xxx ou supérieure.

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6.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 27 août 2015
Project: Snowblind was initially a Deus Ex game, before later being turned into a new IP after the poor performance of Invisible War, and it doesn't do a very good job of hiding the fact. You play as a soldier who was forced to become nano-augmented after suffering heavy trauma in a battle, and fight for a peace-keeping group called UNAT- no, wait, I mean the "Liberty Coalition". There's a character who acts as your commander who is mechanically augmented, and frequently laments that he's become outdated. The items all look like they were taken straight from Deus Ex, like the energy cells and health kits, and you fight a lot of familiar enemies like bipedal mechs and mechanical spiders. Even the hacking tool is named after the ICEbreaker hacking interface from Deus Ex.

However, it's probably for the best that it never ended up being released as a Deus Ex game. In many ways, this game is sort of like the Bioshock Infinite of Deus Ex, right down to replacing the actual hacking of the real games with a gun that you shoot at panels to instantly hack them. Rather than being an RPG with shooter elements, Project Snowblind is a full FPS. There are no wide open maps or choices to make, just enemies to shoot and objectives to move towards. The game does a loose job of allowing both shooting and stealth playthroughs, but the stealth half is pretty horribly done and not all that viable. The radio contact in the game is also somewhat schizophrenic about this; in one particular mission where you have to get up a few levels of a parking garage, he initially contacts you to tell you that it might be a good idea to sneak through it due to high guard activity, then almost immediately tells you that you might be able to cause some real chaos with one of the vehicles in the next room, only to go back to telling you that stealth might allow you to listen in on guards' conversations on the next floor. You get a handful of augmentations throughout the game, but instead of being able to choose which ones you get or being able to upgrade them, the game just hands them out as you progress, using the same story justification as the reason they later used in Human Revolution. The game doesn't feature very many characters, and while the few it does feature aren't bad, they're barely used, and after you first meet them they tend to disappear until they're needed for a dramatic moment. The story in general is pretty poorly paced, and you fight the final boss of the game about 3/4 into the game. The game is also pretty short, only lasting around 6 hours. The game also has a tendency to crash, particularly when you minimize it, which is a problem since due to being a console game, you can only save in designated save rooms rather than having a quicksave or even checkpoint system.

On the other hand, as long as you can see it as its own game instead of a Deus Ex main game, it's a pretty fun shooter. It's interesting to see it as a spinoff where you play as just a semi-regular member of not-UNATCO instead of "that guy who single-handedly unravels an Illuminati conspiracy", and while the stealth is generally awful, the shooting is done pretty well, and the weapons and their secondary functions are all pretty fun to use. While it does have a lot of faults if you compare it to Deus Ex itself, as a standalone game it's pretty fun, and it's only $6 at its base price and presumably much less on sale. It's interesting to try out, if only to see the lost Deus Ex game that almost existed. If you do decide to buy it, be sure to check out the widescreen patch on pcgamingwiki if you have a widescreen monitor.
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6.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 31 octobre 2015
This is a fun little FPS game. It was released back in 2005, and this is the first time I've played it and thought it was pretty fun. Don't expect a masterpiece or hours upon hours of gameplay, but if you like a short single-player focused sci-fi shooter with a cool setting, then give it a try.

The setting is a near future and really reminded me of Deus Ex (from what I've heard, it was initially planned to be a sequel to Deus Ex, but later turned into a standalone title). You play as military commander who gets injured in battle and implanted with combat augmentations, which become available for use over time.

This is what I really enjoyed about the gameplay. It's not just your bog standard corridor shooter relying on twitch reflexes. It has a bit of a strategic edge, as you acquire a number of interesting augmentations throughout the game, such as the ability to slow time, ballistic shielding (temporary protection from bullets), cloak, enhanced vision, and so on. In addition to augmentations, you also find some cool gadgets to use in battle too, such as spider bots to act as your little pets and aid you in combat, deployable force field to act as cover, a large variety of grenades (most of the ones from Deus Ex), and even a nanoboost, which is like your emergency revive that you can choose to use if you die in battle.

The game seems to have only one difficulty mode (I didn't see how to change it), but overall it's paced really well. I didn't come across any difficulty spikes and the game never throws anything unfair towards you. In some levels it's just you infiltrating some facility, in others the combat takes on a large scale assault and you have many of your squadmates with you and witness battles between large groups of soldiers. It's all really well done, even if graphically the game aged a fair bit.

I only have one big gripe. The game crashes from time to time for no reason. It only happened about 5-6 times for me during my playthrough, but because you aren't able to save anytime you like, at times you could lose chunks of progress. Saving can only be done in special save rooms and also at the end of each level.

Overall it was a fun game. Aside from the crashes, I thought it was well done and would certainly recommend it if you like FPS games with a story and a bit of a tactical edge.
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0.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 1 janvier
It's not terrible, but it is pretty forgettable. The gameplay was nothing special, the story was uninteresting, and the game was very short. It also tended to randomly crash on me. The crashes were very annoying because you can only save at predetermined points.

Also, steam did not track the gameplay time correctly for me. It says I only played for a half hour, but I did in fact play through the whole game.
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5.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 8 février
This is a surprisingly good game all things considered. Yes, its a bit too short for my liking but most fps games are. If you looking for an fps game with a bunch of options with weapons and equipment then this game is for you. Plus at only a 1.50 on sale, its a steal. The game crashes a bit but not enough to ruin it since the game loads quickly too. The game has a surprisingly good amount of cutscenes. I guess this isn't too big of a surprise from the Eidos and Tomb raider family. A good game, not a great game but a good one.
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5.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 21 janvier
Too easy and too short. Story is ok though, but nothing special. Levels are pretty well designed but again they are too small. You almost every time can switch on shield and be immune to almost any attack. I'd say pass this game unless it is on sale or in bundle.
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