Upplev den dramatiska intensiteten vid krigets frontlinje genom ögonen på den förste av en ny ras av supersoldater i det här hårda och episka actionspelet i förstapersonsperspektiv. En förstärkt supersoldat måste stoppa en överlöparregim från att utrota den civiliserade världen. Hong Kong, 2065.
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Utgivningsdatum: 22 feb, 2005

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Upplev den dramatiska intensiteten vid krigets frontlinje genom ögonen på den förste av en ny ras av supersoldater i det här hårda och episka actionspelet i förstapersonsperspektiv.
En förstärkt supersoldat måste stoppa en överlöparregim från att utrota den civiliserade världen.
Hong Kong, 2065. Andre löjtnanten Nathan Frost är bara en vanlig soldat i en internationell armé kallad Liberty Coalition. När han drabbas av massiva skador efter en explosion på slagfältet får Frost genomgå ett experimentellt ingrepp. Resultatet efter det kirurgiska ingreppet är något mer än en människa. Förvandlingen gör honom till en unik vapenförsedd krigare med förmågor som vida överskrider vanliga soldaters förmågor.
Med de här extraförmågorna i form av implanterade förstärkningar skickas Frost omedelbart till krigets frontlinje som ett hemligt vapen mot den destruktiva regimen. Övergivna i fientligt territorium, avstängda från sina befälhavare och i minoritet försöker Frost och en handfull män att stoppa milisens planer som hotar att störta världen i mörker.
  • I både klassiska som nya flerspelarlägen kan du delta i strider online med upp till 16 spelare och VOIP-funktioner.
  • Det finns ett stort urval speltempon, från slagfältets frenetiska kaos till taktiska smyguppdrag med infiltration som uppgift.
  • Utrusta dig med en arsenal av experimentella vapen som Riot Wall™ och Attack Drones samt andra högteknologiska prylar. När de används tillsammans ger utrustningen spelet en variation och ett djup som aldrig tidigare skådats, speciellt inte i flerspelarspel.
  • I flerspelarläge används fordon genom samarbete – en kör medan den andre bemannar tornen.
  • Förstärkningar som osynlighet, reflexökning och elektrisk storm ger dig en fördel på slagfältet mot de tungt utrustade och stridsberedda fienderna.
  • Hämta och spela – från den första spelminuten dras spelaren in i en uppslukande filmliknande historia med intensiv action.
  • 11 uppdrag som sträcker sig över 16 kartor, bland annat ett operahus som förvandlats till fängelse, ett buddistiskt tempel som förvandlats till militärbas och en utbredd urban ödemark.


    Minimikrav: IBM PC eller 100 % kompatibel, Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Pentium IV-processor, 1,5 GHz (eller motsvarande AMD Athlon XP-processor), 100 % DirectX 64 MB grafikkort med 3D-acceleration och Pixel Shader v1.1-funktioner, 256 MB arbetsminne, 100 % DirectX 9-kompatibelt ljudkort, 3 GB okomprimerat ledigt hårddiskutrymme (ytterligare utrymme kan behövas för sparade spel), 100 % Windows 2000/XP-kompatibel mus och tangentbord

    Som angivet på förpackningen till Project: Snowblind kan bärbara datorers grafikkort och integrerade grafikkretsar fungera med Project: Snowblind, men de stöds inte. Om du stöter på problem när du kör spelet på en integrerad grafikkrets kan inte Eidos tekniska support hjälpa dig.

    Rekommenderas: Pentium IV, 2,4 GHz (eller motsvarande AMD Athlon XP) eller bättre processor, 512 MB arbetsminne, 100 % DirectX 9 128 MB 3D-grafikkort med Pixel Shader 2.0-funktioner, 3 GB hårddiskutrymme

    Grafikkretsar som kan användas:
    nVidia GeForce 3Ti/4Ti/FX/6000-serien – Obs! GeForce MX-serien KAN INTE ANVÄNDAS. ATI Radeon 8500/9xxx eller bättre.

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Mest positivt (110 recensioner)
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Upplagd: 8 juli
this game is fun and an okay story.
but im kinda getting annoyed when the game crashes when the gameplay started to have an intense gun fight.
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Ukiyo | kickback.com
( 0.1 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 28 juni
Well made, glitchy on newer computers. Can't get the sound to work for some reason.
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( 3.9 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 26 juni
I first played this game during the golden age of the Xbox. Lots of fun guns, gadgets and powers help you crush the dissident forces of General Badguy and help save Neo Hong Kong. The game runs well on my system (Win10) without any compatability modes or SysAdmin settings. Just don't alt-tab out of it, otherwise you'll get to crashing. If the game fails to load because it "can't find steam" just copypasta the steam.dll from your Steam root directory directly into this game's folder. There is also a widescreen patch that you can get, just Google that for 16:9 goodness. The graphics can look a little muddy with higher resolutions, but your Nvidia/Radeon control panel can help alleviate that. I grabbed it for super cheap during Summer Sale 2016, but the game is well worth full price. If I were to compare this to a newer game, it would best be compared to Singularity... a cool gimmick, fun gameplay, and definately underrated. Final score: 9/10 JC Dentons.
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( 1.2 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 17 maj
Didn't hook me, unfortunately. The core mechanics and gameplay are decent (except for the weapon/augment selection system which is very clumsy), and the destructible environments are pretty cool. However, the storyline and dialogue are cheesy and the game as a whole is generic and feels very dated. Runs on Windows 10, but crashes at times and has no widescreen support.
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( 4.3 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 30 april
Honestly, i'd say it's a good game.
Not great or bad, but it's good.

But I will admit, I have played better FPS that came out in 2005 like F.E.A.R. but this is good too.
Gunplay is okay. You get a variety of sick of weapons, some of course your typical FPS weapons like a carbine rifle, pistol, shotgun, rocket launcher, but others are pretty different like a EMP Rifle, Mine gun, a Rail laser, and more.
Another thing I like a lot in this game is the augmentations and the ability to hack machinery.
Like you can hack security panels and do stuff like overide AI of turrets and cameras, hack into combat bots and take control of them, that's something I really liked a lot, don't see it much in FPS.
You can also drive cars and mechs but eh the controls for them feel weird. There's only 1 point in the game which is like the third before the last level where driving a car is a life saver than walking.

Augmentations consist of the ability to see trough walls, slow time, shielding, a cloak, and shoot out lighting, but generally I mainly used the shielding because this game uses save points and dying can be sucky at times. But you can revive yourself with the Nano Boosts so that's good.
Story is lol, I only pay attention to gameplay and music.

Also another thing is the game tends to crash at times, so if you see a save point, i'd advise saving so you don't lose a lot of progress, but it didn't crash much on me. Only like the beginning levels.

All in all: I'd say 7/10
It's a good game, but not as good as a game like F.E.A.R. and some others FPS.
Perhaps an HD Remake/Remaster could do this game justice.
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Upplagd: 8 april
Project: Snowblind

the "suposed" Deus Ex Sequel.

so its defintely not that, Perhaps it got scrapped, perhaps invisable war did enough damage they didnt want to tarnish the name further. Im sure google has a viable answer. Anyways, this games pretty sweet.

Now, just because they changed the title, maybe reworked some things, probably scrapped thing that were long worked on, probably rushed to add changes to game so it wasnt a complete scrap.

This game plays as IF Deus Ex was a story centered 90% linear shooter, where auto-level is on. It has the body enhancement mods, it has the dystopian atmosphere, the glowy tech stuff, Hell, even the sniper rifle looks suspiciously close to the invsiable war sniper rifle. The levels are pretty linear with usually two approaches to things. Go in hard and tell your enemies to bite the pillow, Or take a more subtle stealthier approach. I dont favor the stealth too much because I feel like the npcs ability to detect me is a bit unatural in the earlier levels especially. once you get the cloak its a bit easier, an even fun to use for sneaking or ambushing, you can use it while in line of sight, which a lot of games that have cloak or invisablity usually dont let you use it in combat. So you can activate it, weave through a troup of soilders and literally reappear behind them and just one hand death punch them one by one. Which brings me to the mods in general, I mention its like deus ex with auto level because the game slowly unlocks more mods as you progress. There is NO choice in how your character grows. luckily they do it at a great pace so your consistently getting new toys to use. the levels usually following your new found mod are kinda built around it so that it would work well with the enviroment. its your choice though, you can always play loud or be quiet. well after the intial few levels. I dont remember what difficulty I selected but its kinda easy. I know its either normal or hard, or what the equivalent may be. they give you plenty of ammo most times, as long as your not wasteful and stupid, like dont shoot to break ammo boxes, just punch it or pick it up an throw it. your biometer for mods never really runs out unless your stupid. theres a few nooks and crannies in every level to search to feed your explorative hunger, usually with rewards for doing so. you find bio an health upgrades this way usually, every few levels it seems for me. Anyways, Like, I said, just imagine deus ex as a linear sorta explorative story driven shooter where the voice acting is actually pretty good for being like what? 12 year old game? Id say buy it for cereal, sale or not. you got two hours to make a refund if you hate it anyways.
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Shadow Ops
( 12.4 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 4 mars
Project: Snowblind
fast game with modern day graphics with easy controls that moves from location A to B to C and so on,
good amount of action and special effects

good game.
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( 2.5 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 27 februari
The only thing that bums me out about this game is that it dosn't have a sequel. If it did they could have addressed some of the problems this one has. The AI for the enemies is pretty bad, but it is fun watching them stupidly run about while gunning them down.
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Upplagd: 26 juni
I first played this game during the golden age of the Xbox. Lots of fun guns, gadgets and powers help you crush the dissident forces of General Badguy and help save Neo Hong Kong. The game runs well on my system (Win10) without any compatability modes or SysAdmin settings. Just don't alt-tab out of it, otherwise you'll get to crashing. If the game fails to load because it "can't find steam" just copypasta the steam.dll from your Steam root directory directly into this game's folder. There is also a widescreen patch that you can get, just Google that for 16:9 goodness. The graphics can look a little muddy with higher resolutions, but your Nvidia/Radeon control panel can help alleviate that. I grabbed it for super cheap during Summer Sale 2016, but the game is well worth full price. If I were to compare this to a newer game, it would best be compared to Singularity... a cool gimmick, fun gameplay, and definately underrated. Final score: 9/10 JC Dentons.
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10.8 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 10 december, 2013
One of the best older FPS-games I ever played, due to the sheer number of weapons and attacks, ways to kill the enemys and deal with the missions it is nearly a sandbox game but gets really hard later on and challenges the player. Rarely had this much fun with an older FPS in recent years, worth the exploration, time and money!
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Upplagd: 5 februari, 2015
spiritual successor of deus ex made for consoles (ps2 xbox), its basically deus ex without any of the rpg elements

augments thanks to NANO TECHNOLOGY are in, every gun with alt fire is in, different approaches to scenarios are in, hacking is kinda a thing

its pretty fun and a not complete ♥♥♥♥ PC port, has multiplayer but i haven't touched it
obviously dated graphic wise but what are you expecting m8
buy this ♥♥♥♥ homie
rip eidos
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8.1 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 7 juli, 2014
Project: Snowblind isn't going to go down as one of the great legendary FPS games, but it is a very good game for the $1.50 I paid for it. The structure of the game is that of your usual single-player fps campaign (beating a linear series of levels), but it does some interesting things that make it worth playing.

The combat in this game is excellent. Each weapon is interesting and fun to use, but more importantly each weapon is useful for different types situations, meaning you'll be switching which one you use frequently. Furthermore, they all retain their usefullness throughout the campaign, meaning you won't be lugging around a bunch of useless weapons by the time the endgame rolls around. Each weapon also has an alt-fire, which expands their possibilities even more.

This game started off as a spin-off of Deus Ex, and even though the final product no longer shares that title or universe (and doesn't have any rpg elements, being a pure FPS), it does let you use the same of type nano-augmentations to give you the upper hand in combat. This ranges from making your self invisible, to shooting electric bolts, to becoming completely invulnerable. These augmentations let you try a variety of different strategies for approaching each battle and did a great job of spicing up the game (although I did find myself using the invulerability one pretty much exclusively it was made available). Also like Deus Ex, there is also a hacking element. You have a device called the "icepick" that lets you fire a dart onto anything that's hackable and then take control of that thing remotely. This allows you to take control of turrets and mechs, and using them to turn the tables on the enemies is hilarious and awesome.

The last thing in terms of gameplay I want to bring up is that the level design is excellent. Even though the levels are mostly linear, each area gives you a handful of options and alternate routes, meaning you could go in guns blazing, or you could try to find a sneakier path and do things stealthily. Overall, the gameplay is Project: Snowblind's strongest point, as the weapon design, level design, and augmentations blend together brilliantly.

Despite the excellent gameplay, there are a handful of areas Project: Snowblind falls short in, some of which were detrimental to my enjoyment of the game, some not so much. The biggest issue I had with this game is that the saves are handled using manual checkpoints you must find and activate within the level, as opposed to being able to save where you want or using automatic checkpoints. Normally, I don't mind checkpoints too much, but Project: Snowblind only has one or two of these points per level, meaning that if you die, you usually have to replay much more of what you just did than is desirable (usually about 7 or 8 minutes worth). What's even worse is these checkpoints are sometimes hidden in obscure, out of the way places and in some levels I couldn't even find them despite the game having a feature telling you what direction you should be heading to find them. These checkpoints really drag down the game, and whenever I found myself quitting the game, it was usually because I was tired of having to replay massive swaths just to retry one point.

On the technical side, Snowblind has a few glaring issues as well. I had the game crash on me several times during my playthrough. This was especially annoying because they usually happened once I finally overcame whatever section of the game I was stuck on (meaning I would have to replay that part yet again once I restarted the game). Annother annoying bug is that there is something wrong with the game's contrast, making everything look extremely washed out making stuff that's supposed to be black more of a gray. This seems to effect everyone's copy and I haven't found any kind of workaround or fix. Take a loot at the user posted screenshots on this game's Steam community hub, then compare them to the screenshots on the Store page, and you will see that something is very wrong. This is extremely annoying and even makes the game hard to look at in places, which is unfortunate, because you can tell the game has decent art direction and isn't supposed to look like this (videos I watched of the PS2 and Xbox versions seemed to be fine however). With that said, I was able to look past this and enjoy the gameplay (which again, is excellent), but this is something you should know about going in.

The storyline is a weak point as well, but it does have some merit. The overall plot is completely forgettable, basically serving as an excuse for you to shoot your way through each level (as an aside, nearly every cutscene contains a helicopter either destroying something or getting destroyed. This is not a problem). The most interesting thing about the storyline is that the big evil plot that you try to prevent is almost identical to one of the ending options from Deus Ex 1, but that's about it. With that said, the character themselves were actually pretty likeable and distinct, and there is some pretty good voice acting as well (the game also has a surprisingly decent sense of humor that pops up now and them). You won't care why you're fighting this war, but you will enjoy the company.

Overall, Project: Snowblind is pretty solid for a budget game, thanks to fantastic gameplay (even if it doesn't have much else going for it). I don't think I'll be playing through it a second time, but for $1.50, the ride was a fun one worth taking.
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Upplagd: 14 november, 2014
Amazing game. I loved it when I had it for the PlayStation 2, and I still love it on PC. The campaign mode is phenomenal; what game lets you play as a badass supersoldier who can repel bullets, see through walls, turn invisible, and move faster? Oh, and possess some sick guns as well. Absolutely recommend this game to any and all who may be interested. :D
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Upplagd: 2 mars, 2014
Deus Ex Spinoff which should be called Deus Ex: Clan Wars. They think about making a MP version of Deus Ex but after failed Invisible War, forget about that beginnings and make a game in other universe. But better talk about gameplay.
Do ever dreamed about more linear deus ex ? Do you tired of leveling up ♥♥♥♥, and SWIMMING SKILL ? You just want shoot arses and use AUGMENTATION. So project: snowblind is just for you! Its linear FPS with AUGMENTATIONS and great storyline.You can play out any mission with rush\stealth\predator playing style and its not even frustrating! Sadly that Singleplayer is pretty short and Multiplayer is dead, but really great experience for any who loves FPS as a genre and vent shafts.

I never asked for this.
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Upplagd: 27 augusti, 2015
Project: Snowblind was initially a Deus Ex game, before later being turned into a new IP after the poor performance of Invisible War, and it doesn't do a very good job of hiding the fact. You play as a soldier who was forced to become nano-augmented after suffering heavy trauma in a battle, and fight for a peace-keeping group called UNAT- no, wait, I mean the "Liberty Coalition". There's a character who acts as your commander who is mechanically augmented, and frequently laments that he's become outdated. The items all look like they were taken straight from Deus Ex, like the energy cells and health kits, and you fight a lot of familiar enemies like bipedal mechs and mechanical spiders. Even the hacking tool is named after the ICEbreaker hacking interface from Deus Ex.

However, it's probably for the best that it never ended up being released as a Deus Ex game. In many ways, this game is sort of like the Bioshock Infinite of Deus Ex, right down to replacing the actual hacking of the real games with a gun that you shoot at panels to instantly hack them. Rather than being an RPG with shooter elements, Project Snowblind is a full FPS. There are no wide open maps or choices to make, just enemies to shoot and objectives to move towards. The game does a loose job of allowing both shooting and stealth playthroughs, but the stealth half is pretty horribly done and not all that viable. The radio contact in the game is also somewhat schizophrenic about this; in one particular mission where you have to get up a few levels of a parking garage, he initially contacts you to tell you that it might be a good idea to sneak through it due to high guard activity, then almost immediately tells you that you might be able to cause some real chaos with one of the vehicles in the next room, only to go back to telling you that stealth might allow you to listen in on guards' conversations on the next floor. You get a handful of augmentations throughout the game, but instead of being able to choose which ones you get or being able to upgrade them, the game just hands them out as you progress, using the same story justification as the reason they later used in Human Revolution. The game doesn't feature very many characters, and while the few it does feature aren't bad, they're barely used, and after you first meet them they tend to disappear until they're needed for a dramatic moment. The story in general is pretty poorly paced, and you fight the final boss of the game about 3/4 into the game. The game is also pretty short, only lasting around 6 hours. The game also has a tendency to crash, particularly when you minimize it, which is a problem since due to being a console game, you can only save in designated save rooms rather than having a quicksave or even checkpoint system.

On the other hand, as long as you can see it as its own game instead of a Deus Ex main game, it's a pretty fun shooter. It's interesting to see it as a spinoff where you play as just a semi-regular member of not-UNATCO instead of "that guy who single-handedly unravels an Illuminati conspiracy", and while the stealth is generally awful, the shooting is done pretty well, and the weapons and their secondary functions are all pretty fun to use. While it does have a lot of faults if you compare it to Deus Ex itself, as a standalone game it's pretty fun, and it's only $6 at its base price and presumably much less on sale. It's interesting to try out, if only to see the lost Deus Ex game that almost existed. If you do decide to buy it, be sure to check out the widescreen patch on pcgamingwiki if you have a widescreen monitor.
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4.1 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 16 juni, 2014
7/10 Solid, middle-of-the-road shooting goodness. Not going to set the world on fire, but the special abilities are certainly fun, even if a handful of the weapons and abilities feel a little pointless. OK AI and gameplay, some amusing level design in places, mechs can be frustrating bullet sponges. Ignore the story, and the horrible cutscenes.

TL;DR the best kind of generic.
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Upplagd: 22 februari, 2015
My review of this game is easy.

If you like cleaner FPS games like Red Faction, Star Wars Commandos, or even original F.E.A.R., then you should love Snowblind. It has all the things I love about those games. Here are just some of them:

1) All environments are "real". By that I mean that they are all rendered in the 3D world. Anything you see, you can probably jump or stand on. No invisible walls except in the sense that the levels have to be defined by something. They aren't infinite after all. But it is usually something believable like a wall or fence.

2) Along with the above, and the addition of many game elements like alarms, being able to hack terminals and so on, you have many options for how you want to defeat your enemies. This ranges from a full on berserk attack to stealthily creeping around or hiding. Lots of air ducts to crawl through.

3) Plenty (and I do mean plenty) of weapons, additional equipment you can use and augmentations to you personally. Some of these are

-Increased vision abilities
-Spiderbots that follow you around, like the insects in Half Life, and help you out.
-EMP, poison gas, and frag grenades
-Cool shotgun, Carbine, Sniper rifle, and pistol
-Reflex augmentation that functions like the reflex boost in F.E.A.R.
-...the list goes on. This is only a very small part.

4) Lots of environmental elements like steam, lighting, being able to break windows, opening cabinets and breaking some crates for items. There also is a weapon similar to the gravity gun in Half Life that lets you move some things around and you can pick up certain objects.

5) Fitting AI and com chatter voices, for this kind of game. So, that means coming across humorous conversations as you sneak around and a CO that is pushing you ahead. I really appreciate all the background talking that is going on in this game.

There are lots of other elements that I like too. But, if any of this interests you, than I would just go get this game. I bought it for not much from BundleStars since it had been on my Amazon wishlist for some time. But, now that I know how good it is, I would pay the full $6 price for sure.

One final caveat: There are some graphical issues with this game. Mostly that it looks kind of washed out and low contrast on modern systems. BUT, I easily took care of it with a little trial and error in the Nvidia control panel. But, even without that, it seems like the biggest thing that helped was turning off "Fullscreen effects" in the games own options. You have to run its separate option utility to access it. Its not hard to get to. It just pops up when you go to play the game.

While trying to troubleshoot this issue, I ran across a lot of hate for this game. It is completely undeserved. Its an awesome game, if you like these kinds of games. Its NOT a COD clone or FarCry or Splinter Cell. But it is interesting and a lot of fun. Give it a try!
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4.6 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 29 juni, 2014
Little brother of Deus Ex there, it didn't get the name but still have the spirit of it & feel like it.

It obvioulsy has some flaws and has a rather short length.

AI is dumb most of the time and it also get confusing in some scene but besides that, this forgotten gem is worth it, for all fans of action Sci-Fi game.
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