Welcome to a world of pain. Heaven is once again in danger and threatened by a reckless army of hell spawn monsters - and they will stop at nothing.
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Data de lançamento: 25 Fev, 2011

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Atualizado recentemente

Painkiller: Redemption has been updated with all new content! Changes include:

  • Two new Single player maps (Unholy Stronghold, Small Church)
  • A new difficulty has been added: Slumber
  • Several bugfixes and improvements

Acerca deste jogo

Welcome to a world of pain. Heaven is once again in danger and threatened by a reckless army of hell spawn monsters - and they will stop at nothing. This time, only two heroes can save heaven from total destruction: Daniel and Belial, two champions from previous Painkiller stories, have to team up and put an end to the conflict in the old epic struggle between heaven and hell. Unfortunately hell’s army is even greater and stronger than before: The new general of the abyss has been endowed with powers of all the previous leaders combined, and she’s determined to see the next war through until hell’s victory. Her legions won’t back down without a long and bloody battle. Can you survive the endless attacks of nightmarish minions and terrifying fiends?

Key features

  • A new campaign guarantees for 7-10 hours of new and genuine Painkiller action
  • Even more bloodshed and action per square meter: immerse into freaking intense gameplay & ultimately challenging FPS action
  • More dense maps and sick enemies than ever before: kill over 6.000 uniquely spawned wicked monsters
  • 6 all new maps and an easy to use map editor for your very own Painkiller experience
  • Two familiar heroes with unique weaponry and specific powers
  • Improved graphics, AI, environments as well as new atmospheric soundtrack

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: 2.4GHZ+ (per core)
    • Memory: 2GB or better
    • Graphics: Radeon 3800 / Geforce 7800 or better
    • DirectX®: 9.0c (included)
    • Hard Drive: 6GB
    • Sound: Required
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( 2.3 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 18 Maio
I really disliked this attempt at making Painkiller more like Serious Sam. The levels are very long and the balance is weird. I quickly ran out of ammo which meant running in circles and chasing every soul. At least they fixed the painfully slow loading of past Painkiller games.

( 0.2 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 14 Maio
You know what would make an arena shooter with loads of enemies fun? Having ammo.
( 9.6 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 27 Abril
Eggtooth vomit out a putrid sequel in the grievously named Painkiller: Redemption, missing the mark in every single way imaginable, giving the strong impression that a conscious effort was made to make this game as cheerless and boring as humanly possible. Not one single person played through the original Painkiller and thought; "I would be enjoying this a lot more if every level was a faceless series of narrow corridors that took 40 minutes to complete due to an insane amount of enemies continually slowing me down to a grinding halt." Yet here we have a sequel that focuses exclusively on this idea and magnifies it to gargantuan proportions. Nothing about this game works, it's almost remarkable in a morbid sort of way; a complete and utter calamity, a masterclass in monotony, the absolute apex of apathy, a soulless and cynical creation that begs the question; "Why do you hate Painkiller fans Eggtooth?"

A botched redemption that sends the series screaming down into the bowels of hell.

Lone Wolfe
( 1.4 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 19 Abril
I tried to play this game, oh god I tried but I can only get about 5 min into the first level before windows says:

"Redemption.exe Has Stopped working."

This happened on both my old XP rig and my Win7 Pro (X64) rig. Crash Simulator is what it sould be renamed to as it crashes again, and again, and again.

I have never passed the first level (Or even half of the first level) because of the ****ing crashes!!!
KoenJonguh [$team-Speak.com]
( 0.6 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 2 Abril
Since i was little i was a BIG fan of Painkiller!
just start up the game and start destroying Demons and other creatures with awesome weapons!
this is not the best game i played from all the Painkillers, but its still a pretty fun and cool game to play.
( 14.0 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 11 Março
Filled with bugs
Curt's Corner
( 0.7 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 10 Fevereiro
You'll play it for about an hour and never play it again.
( 2.7 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 9 Fevereiro
This was torture.
( 1.7 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 11 de Dezembro de 2015
It's just bad. Trust me. Better play first Painkiller with his first expansion. I would not recomment that.
( 3.2 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 7 de Dezembro de 2015
This standalone title does everything wrong and gets nothing of that right, what the original Painkiller made fun. Avoid.
( 0.8 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 29 de Novembro de 2015
Painkiller, game showing that Polish is good. This game is fun for hours because of it's great gameplay and soundtrack. 10/10

Painkiller, gra, która pokazuje, że co Polskie to dobre. Gra jest zabawą na godziny dzięki świetnemu gameplayowi i ścieżce dzwiękowej 10/10
[HPMF]Hanky Stanky BBQ
( 0.5 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 9 de Novembro de 2015
Great game for the price.Love the painkiller series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( 0.2 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 8 de Novembro de 2015
Wow, pretty horrible, something you could find in the steam workshop and never play more than once. First area took forever, ~10 waves (I couldn't wait til it was over, and literally didn't, just quit). Hint: if you go to the top floor of the area, the enemies spawn on the bottom floor, and cant figure out how to get to you, a useful hack if you want to sit there and pick your nose or something without worrying about those crazy demon spawns FTW. WTF.

Also, S*** graphics ugh...
( 1.6 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 6 de Setembro de 2015
I really like the original Painkiller, but Redemption is repetitive in comparison and everyone who previously played PK probably already knows what this means. The gameplay is pretty much what you've come to expect from Painkiller.
1. Enter a room
2. Shoot!
3. Profit
In this game however every encounter drags on for ages. You barely move forward in this game and the levels look very much the same.
Gemini Factor
( 2.2 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 30 de Julho de 2015
Yes, this is the game with the gun that shoots shurikens and lightning.
( 7.5 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 25 de Julho de 2015
Pew Pew Pew *jumps around* Shooting Rockets *explosions*
Pew Pew Pew *jumps around* Shooting Rockets *explosions*
Pew Pew Pew *jumps around* Shooting Rockets *explosions*
( 1.2 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 20 de Julho de 2015
sucks, repetitive "shooter"
best throw a box to save ammo simulator
( 1.6 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 14 de Julho de 2015
Very Very bad game
( 6.3 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 6 de Julho de 2015
Painkiller Redemption is yet another "sequel" to Painkiller, single-player "old-school" FPS. This one was once again effort of "same fans" as those behind Resurrection and this time it also throws away multiplayer mode that no one would play anyway. Oh, and it was released in 2011, 7 years after original game. And it still uses old engine. And this time it becomes clear that developers wanted your money with zero effort.

Technically, game engine still works. It can support widescreen. Hud is still stretched this way. Performance is good, loading times are good. Bugs and crashes are low, aside from Tarot Cards. Any attempts to equip Tarot Cards resulted in fatal error. Not that you would care about cards anyway.

Storyline tells you about heroes of Painkiller and Overdose going to kill surprise villian, Ada, from Battle Out Of Hell. And it doesn't have anything interesting and it's only given through text at the end and beggining. Not even final boss, who is just reuse of final boss from BOOH, has anything to do with story. It really feel unrelated. Will not enjoy cutscenes either, as said, it's just text.
The only thing it does is stealing good story arc from potential proper sequel and trying to tell you that nightmare that is "resurrection" is canon with hero of that game appearing for no reason in a text, doing nothing good.

So, let's get to ripping and telling you what exactly this game is about.

Imagine that you are trying to put as little effort into creating Painkiller sequel just to sell something. You take Deathmatch maps from original Painkiller. It doesn't bother you that they are small and have no points of interest, being designed to allow players focus on killing each other. You just start placing enough of stuff to make it count as single-player level, just putting small details, that are boxes, here and there. You import weapons and monsters from previous Painkiller expansion packs and then you start to set off spawn. Since you want it to last few hours, you just insert 1000~ monsters into each level. Pretty much, you make it so player has to spend in each room 5-10 minutes, setting up spawns. Here and there you try to vary gameplay with sniping enemies. And then your commisioned generic metal music finally arrives, you hook it up and put a pricetag on your masterpiece.

Well, at least that's the way I imagine it went. So yes, lazy DM maps were edited and it spawns hordes in each rooms, making wave appear one after another until you get bored. Actually, no, it keeps spawning them even after you got bored. Not many players got past the first level. The only bright idea is that some levels make you use Painkiller game weapons (no, weapons from BOOH aren't included). Another half makes you use Overdose arsenal (minus two guns). Not that it matters.

And thus you got a horde gameplay right there. Here is a way that you play it:
1) Bunnyhop around until all enemies spawn and form a group. Try not to get too bored by collecting souls in meanwhile.
2) Shoot rocket/explosive into group.
3) Repeat back to step 1.
Now do it until you beat the game, while wondering that you could be playing better games in meanwhile.
The only difference between two heroes is that Belial (Overdose) got three anti-horde fire modes, one being good for tight hallways. Daniel (Painkiller) got only one, that is rocket, and nothing effective for tight hallways where you don't have space to bunnyhop around. Which will be the only interesting part. Unless you got enough ammo for rockets, then it doesn't matter anyway.

Erm, no, it's not old-school. Old-school FPS weren't just about gore, you had mazes, interesting encounters and, well, thinking. And don't say "As good as Serious Sam", that game handles horde/arena genre better than most notice. You can't just bunnyhop around there, melee monsters will catch up and beat you up, you actually have to respect monsters and do things depending on sitatuation. Painkiller Redemption on other hand doesn't require even situation awareness. Just do same thing unless you want to run out of ammo.
That, and spending 30 minutes killing 1000 monsters on tiny levels that don't have any points of interest would still be too dragged anyway.

And it still has demon mode, which you will get into after collecting 66 souls. You surely will actiavate it more often here, but since it slows down time, it will not do job better than rocket into horde. And yea, you can still collect Tarot Cards, if you want to do painful objectives like "use only melee weapon and shotgun" here. You can still use only 1 passive and only 1 "on-use" card. It also may crash the game.

Painkiller Ressurrection, previous work of this developer, had some ideas, but also was extremly broken from technical side. Painkiller Redemption isn't as broken, but it just has no soul. It doesn't even try to be unique or anything original, it just says "look, I have horde and gore" and reuses assets in such way that gameplay becomes extremely repetetive and bland. Don't bother, it's the worst.
( 0.4 hrs em registo )
Publicada: 22 de Maio de 2015
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0.6 hrs em registo
Publicada: 2 Abril
Since i was little i was a BIG fan of Painkiller!
just start up the game and start destroying Demons and other creatures with awesome weapons!
this is not the best game i played from all the Painkillers, but its still a pretty fun and cool game to play.
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1.9 hrs em registo
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Publicada: 19 de Fevereiro de 2014
The Painkiller: Redemption experience can be more or less summarized like this:

You enter a cramped area filled with a dozen or so enemies. You kill them. A dozen or so more spawn. You kill them. A dozen or so more spawn. You kill them. A dozen or so more spawn. You kill them. You start to notice how obtrusively restrictive the level design is on your movement. You start to feel claustrophobic, but instead of instilling fear it instills disgruntlement. I thought this was supposed to be a Painkiller game, you think to yourself. A dozen or so more spawn with a few tougher enemies. You kill them and stand next to the door to the next shooting cell, because surely that had to be the last wave of enemies.


You alt-f4 out of the game, delete it from your library, and stare out your bedroom window, reminiscing about the $5 you just blew on this steaming pile of refuse.
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Publicada: 7 de Novembro de 2014
I picked up this game on sale for about 70 cents, mainly because its the only one i could find at that price for my leftover cash. about a week after buying it, i decided to give it a try. Expecting a stupid, glitchy fps, i was surprised. The game is actually pretty fun. you have 5-6 different weapons to mow down thousands of creatures charging at you. It is really freaking satisfying to cut down a herd of 30 demons with a laser fired from a skull. I haven't really figured out much how you progress yet, but just mow down enough demons and the next door will open. If this game is on sale pick it up, and consider buying it even if it isnt. good game to buy with your leftover cash.
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Não recomendado
0.4 hrs em registo
Publicada: 25 de Novembro de 2014
No, no and once again: !!! NO !!! This is clearly the worst painkiller game ever made, maybe even worst FPS shooter ever made.. This game si a big insult to a painkiller series.. First of all, theres is nothing new, absolutely nothing new.. AH SORRY I FORGOT RESKINED MENU.. otherwise nothing new.. Every single monster you see could have been seen in previous painkiller games and they didnt even tried to make some kind of reskin.. OH I FORGOT THAT THEY MADE THE GIANT SKELETONS A 0,001FT. TALLER.. otherwise nothing.. Same with weapons, there is also one annoying thing about them, you have all weapons from the start, so u cant experience that kind of feeling when you say to yourself: "ahh I found a new weapon, well let´s see what it does".. The game just simply tells you: U CAN CHANGE YOUR WEAPONS BY PRESSING 1,2,3,4,5,6.. DONT YOU DARE EXPECT FROM US THAT YOULL FIND SOME NEW WEAPON DURING YOUR WAY.. levels are the only new thing, but as a only new thing which was truly made by developers which made this game (previous game had different developers), its extremely frustrating, unoriginal and stereothype, for example: "HMM LETS NAME THIS LEVEL "SPIKES" BECAUSE IN THE FIRST ROOM THERE ARE SOME SPIKE PLATFORM HANGING ON THE CEILLING.. if u expected some level in which youll have to avoid spikes or use them to kill enemies, then youre ♥♥♥♥ed up in the face by this ♥♥♥♥, because its just simple unoriginal castle/cathedral like level which you have seen a tons of times already.. the levels by the way are long, but no no no no, wait, stop thinking about it.. they arent long, because there are tons of rooms to explore, non-linear path or something like that.. no, the think is, that the developers thought, that the games which were created before had a low number of monsters.. so they added 10, NO, 100, NO, 500, NO, 1.000 HELL YEAAAH, ONE ♥♥♥♥ING THOUSAND OF MONSTERS PER LEVEL.. and I only played first level, god helps the players who made it through the first level, and they are experiencing 10.000 thousand enemies.. its extremely frustrating, if level without the monsters has only 5 minutes playthrough, while with them, its playthrough is like 40 minutes, 2 hours if u play on harder difficulty, because guess what ? every ♥♥♥♥ing arena has like 150 monsters inside it, but dont be fooled, they arent there right at the time when you step in, they teleport to the arena by one, so its extremely annoying to wait for them to spawn.. but thats not all of course, if u die during the fight, you can freely start all over again, because there are no checkpoints during the fight, only at its start and end.. and the story.. thats the most laughable thing.. I can only say, that at the end of this game (I played this game once already, but when i was younger so I remembered the end), there is the totally same boss, which is at the end of painkiller battle out of hell, only this time you dont need to use some special strategy, because guess what ? SPECIAL STRATEGIES ON BOSSES ARE LAME, LETS SHOOT DAT THING MUHAHAHAHAHAAH, ye funny ♥♥♥♥ing developers.. the most funny thing althrough is, that this boss should represent the Eve, who took the Lucifers powers and became the ruler of hell.. so, you are trying to tell me that if you take lucifers powers and you are ♥♥♥♥ing woman, then you turn into exactly same demon who had the power before ??? why lucifer didnt looked like ♥♥♥♥ing Alastor when he ruled the hell then ??? ♥♥♥♥♥♥ game, what can I say, ressurection was totally bugged, but at least it was fun to experience all those bugs and at least it didnt give you all weapons from the start and the fights werent frustrating and never ending.. This ♥♥♥♥ ? I played it 25 minutes and im asking myself how could i finish this game before ? Impossible.. I was bored to death and didnt even finished the first level, because i died in the middle of fight and you know what, i dont wanna kill that 200 monster all over again.. so 0/10, no, -1/10 from me, hope this game gets deleted from steam soon.. no, not just from steam, from the universe !
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0.4 hrs em registo
Publicada: 29 de Dezembro de 2013
Tiny levels, It throws tons of enemies at you, low production value. You're better off playing a dozen other single player twitch shooters that do everything better. I'd have given it more time but I couldn't be bothered.
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1.7 hrs em registo
Publicada: 25 de Maio de 2011
I don't usually do this kind of thing.

This game is terrible. Irredeemable. Literally nothing that was enjoyable about the first game is left; do you like fighting endless waves of enemies in tiny rooms for no reason? Did you play Painkiller and think "wow, I wish the areas were more enclosed and less aethestically interesting"? Well, then, you are a ♥♥♥♥♥, and should buy not only this but also Painkiller Overdose and Redemption. For anyone else, stay far away. Buy Painkiller Black -- it's good. Don't buy this.
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4.0 hrs em registo
Publicada: 11 de Maio de 2014
This game sucks. It is a fanmade mod for a Painkiller and it is a bad mod without any interesting idea inside. Previous fanmade Painkiller mod, Resurrection, had a lot of technical flaws and was barely playable, but it had some interesting ideas and sometimes it had nice design. But this one just sucks, developers gave up on their own ideas from Resurrection instead of developing them further - and this was a bad idea. Bad game.

But if you really like to tear thounsands of monsters in one little gray room for hours - take it!
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3.1 hrs em registo
Publicada: 27 de Setembro de 2013
Better than Resurrection, I guess. Less buggy and the load times aren't ♥♥♥♥, probably because the levels are much smaller, relying on locking you in tiny areas at a time until you kill about 100 guys, which pop in much slower than you can kill them. It's straightforward as hell and short, other than that its just a mindless killfest.
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Publicada: 27 de Fevereiro de 2011
If you're a fan of the original Painkiller and it's expansion; I would not recommend this game. Everything is recycled from the previous games with nothing really new to speak of, and it doesn't even conclude anything Black Edition set up. The game just ends in another cliffhanger and a pretty crappy one at that.

If you're interested in getting Painkiller, just go for Black Edition. It may be $5 more, but you get infinitely more content. This game is just a cash-in on the title and nothing more.

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5.9 hrs em registo
Publicada: 7 de Maio de 2015
Love Serious Sam? Want to fight in small cramped in spaces? This is the game for you!

Painkiller Redemption is just that, instead of keeping everything that made Painkiller so unique, they made it into a crappier version of Serious Sam by hurling hundreds of enemies at you at once in a small room. I have to admit, this game gives you an exhillerating feeling that few other games give you. You walk into a room and bam! Enemies appear at all angles, as you kill them, more appear and you then find yourself swarmed by massive numers of enemies. So get that rocket launcher/cannon ready. It's going to be a blood bath, no joke.

Another plus is that Belial returns, sadly his legendary one-liners don't return which is a shame (i liked Belial haters can hate). On the other hand, Belial's weapon arsenal has been severely diminished, where are the eggs? The sword? Gone. B...but they were the coolest weapons in the game! Well too bad. *Sigh at least we have the nuke gun and the evil eye*.

In all seriousness though, Belial might as well have been the only playable character and that's not to say that i hate Daniel (he's a badass) but moreso his weapon selection just simply don't work with this game at all. The stakegun is near useless, i don't think i ever used that thing besides the final boss fight (we'll get to that later), the shotgun is buggy as hell, for some reason when you use the freezer you can't shoot until the reload animation is finished rendering the freezer completely useless considering this game is filled with enemies, the electrodriver is back though besides the combo damage you won't find much use for it and the ever reliable rocket launcher/chaingun which is the only weapon worth a damn in this game.

That leaves Daniel with only 1 weapon in his arsenal that is remotely useful and once you run out of ammo for it, let the pain begin.

Belial on the other hand is a much wider arsenal which is honestly far more convenient than Daniel's, you get the ever useful cannon, the heads and quite possibly the most OP weapon in the series, the screamer. Add to that the increased fire rate of all Belial's weapon's and you have the perfect character for this game. Honestly i believe they just designed this game around Belial. Daniel only has the 5 weapons in the original Painkiller, none of his BOOH weapons return which is a shame as they'd be so useful here. Thankfully many of them return in Belial's arsenal as slightly altered re-skins which is funny because besides the evil eye, all the weapons which weren't reskins of weapons from the black edition were removed (it turns out that the evil eye uses the painkiller laser and the screamer is actually a demon morph shot essentially making them a special kind of reskin).

For some reason, Bill Sherman, whilst making an appearance in the game's story, never makes an appearance in the game but then again what do you expect for a guy who uses the exact same weapons as Daniel except 1. Still having Mr. Molotov would have been interesting but then again who cared about this guy anyways?

In all honesty though, this game is utterly terrible, 1000's of enemies in a single level which keep popping out in some of the smallest most cramped environments and of course the ever terrible Final Boss fight who has the tendancy to walk into walls.

Allow me to make myself clear DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!

Get Painkiller Black edition and if you've already played it then give Overdose a try, it's not as bad as people say and has some cool levels such as Asteroids. Painkiller Redemption on the other hand recycles Multiplayer maps so you're essentially seeing absolutely no new content here. It's basically just Painkiller Multiplayer... but without the multiplayer and 1000's of enemies. AVOID.
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3.6 hrs em registo
Publicada: 31 de Janeiro de 2014
I loved Painkiller Black Edition.
I also liked Painkiller:Overdose and Painkiller:Hell & Damnation.
But this game is horsecrap.

The leveldesign is awful.
There arent any new enemies...

This game is not like the other Painkiller games! DONT BUY!!!
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1.2 hrs em registo
Publicada: 16 de Novembro de 2014
"sv_perfect_finish_1" -best thing in the game.
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Publicada: 4 de Março de 2012
It's like someone tried to cram the endles hordes of enemies from a Serious Sam game into the multiplayer maps from Painkiller, then sell it as a new game without any playtesting. I don't know what the hell they were thinking, but it's nothing remotely like the original...and nothing remotely like a good game.
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Publicada: 13 de Janeiro de 2015
The game just throws u in the fights, no tutorial or anything... It's like , here is the tools u figure out what the hell to do with them and how to use them. The game didnt have 1 cutscene or dialogue since i started playing ( close to 1 hour ) .
And the enemys are just repetitive in my opinion xD , was killing the same enemys for the whole hour :P , Except the one big ♥♥♥♥ on the second level . Why is it recommend? Well u can have a bit of fun for the 5€ spent, just try to get it while its on sale and it will be worth the €/$ :)
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Publicada: 27 de Fevereiro de 2011
I beat level one of six, perhaps I will return after I run out of games to play. If you played Painkiller for the fun and big bosses... then avoid this game. This is like Painkiller Married SeriousSAM, but this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ child lost its fun. This is insane mountains of monsters teleporting into a small area for 20 mins at a time. The first level could be walked from start to end in roughly 2 mins... it took me 50 mins to beat, so i spent 48 mins spinning in circles killing the monsters like Serious SAM, but less fun. Its worth it if you love that sort of thing, but overall for $5.00 a worty insane FPS action game for mindless combat, but.... I'd recomend the original Painkiller 99 times out of a 100.
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Publicada: 27 de Fevereiro de 2011
Hardest Painkiller game I have ever played. But nothing special about it. same gameplay, lame story, same visuals . And the levels are not so great. and even, it becomes sooo boring. But the price is fine. So, I don`t recommend it if you are NOT a die hard fan of the series.Otherwise, just skip it...
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Publicada: 9 de Julho de 2014
On the positive side: It's not Painkiller: Ressurection. This is to say it's a stable game that will launch, run, load, and not crash every ten minutes.

On the negative side: everything else. It's the ultimate in shooting the same damn enemy over and over and over again in a small featureless square room simulator.

There's almost nothing to do here. No atmosphere, no new weapons, no new enemies, no new maps (they're all just multiplayer maps very, VERY poorly turned into single player maps). What little story there ever was in the painkiller series is gone. There's no voice acting to speak of. The uber obnoxious "HUH" noise the character makes when he jumps has been mysteriously re-added, for some reason, which was the sole saving grace of Redemption that they took that out.

There's nobody playing on the multiplayer servers. The tarot cards are all so impossibly hard to get that I can assure you with 99 percent confidence you'll never see a single one except the first one. Play the game on insomniac difficulty and you'll be dead three rooms in, play it on Slumber or Daydream and you can't get souls or cards, taking essentially the only reason to play the game away from the game.

Each level is the same: Spawn in a room, literally hundreds of enemies spawn with the developer having payed no mind as to the location or quantity or even model of the spawning enemies. they just CTRL+V'd the entire game. Enemies spawn on top of each other, enemies spawn on top of you, right next to you, etc. Then you shoot them. Then you go to the next room after living through ten or so waves of enemies.

Yes, ten waves of enemies per room. There's no alternative rooms, no exploration, the secrets are all just ♥♥♥♥ easy to find because the game is soley multiplayer maps. There's nothing here. It's five dollars you would be better off buying almost anything else with.

I'd almost recommend it just to see how lazy a game can get. That said, Recurring Evil exists sooooo yeah.
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Publicada: 15 de Julho de 2014
Compared to Resurrection it is a masterpiece! Took me 4 hours on normal difficulty level to complete it. On a sale for 1,25 € it is a good choice.
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Publicada: 29 de Julho de 2011
rien de mieux pour se laver le cerveau !
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Publicada: 15 de Março de 2014
Not to bad, but not to good either. For me, this one is the worst painkiller I've played so far. One of the things I liked about Painkiller Ressurection is that for the first time you had the chance to strategicallly use the scenario in order to succeed, and you had plenty of enemies to defeat. Well, that option was totaly eliminated in this game and you can't do too much against an army of a 1000 minions in such small maps. Putting 1000 enemies in each level is good, but not when the map doesn't have enough space for all the folks to play.

Beating this game on trauma is traumatic and frustrating, so the name suits it. It took me over 20 hours to finish 8 tiny level and I am pretty sure I did it with 90% luck and 10% skill in most of the situations.

Anyway, I still recommend the game if you like the , and especially if you have played all the ones before Redemption. Playing this one first can make you hate the series and you end up not trying any of the others.

It's a 4/10 for me.
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