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Bienvenue dans un monde de douleur. Le Paradis est une fois de plus en danger et est menacé par les hordes des Enfers qui ne s'arrêteront à aucun prix.
Date de parution: 25 fév 2011
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Mise à jour

Painkiller: Redemption a été mis à jour avec un tout nouveau contenu ! Les changements incluent :

  • Deux nouvelles cartes solo (Unholy Stronghold, Small Church)
  • Un nouveau niveau de difficulté a été ajouté : Sommeil Paisible
  • Plusieurs corrections de bugs et des améliorations

À propos du jeu

Bienvenue dans un monde de douleur. Le Paradis est à nouveau en danger, menacé par une armée implacable de monstres issus de l'enfer, prêts à aller jusqu'au bout. Cette fois-ci, seuls deux héros peuvent sauver le Paradis de la destruction totale : Daniel et Belial, deux champions d'histoires antérieures de Painkiller, doivent faire équipe et mettre fin à ce conflit de la guerre épique et éternelle entre les Cieux et l'Enfer. Malheureusement, les armées de l'Enfer sont encore plus puissantes et nombreuses qu'avant : la nouvelle chef des abysses s'est vu accorder tous les pouvoirs combinés des anciens généraux et elle est déterminée à mener cette nouvelle guerre jusqu'à la victoire. Ses légions ne battront pas en retraite sans avoir mené une longue et sanglante bataille. Pourrez-vous survivre aux attaques incessantes de ces serviteurs de cauchemars et ces démons terrifiants ?


  • Une nouvelle campagne qui vous garantit 7 à 10 heures d'authentique action Painkiller
  • Encore plus de bain de sang et d'action au mètre carré : plongez dans l'action en FPS d'un jeu terriblement intense et réellement redoutable
  • Encore plus de cartes bourrées d'ennemis délirants : tuez plus de 6 000 monstres cruels engendrés un par un
  • 6 nouvelles cartes et un éditeur de cartes facile à utiliser pour créer votre propre expérience Painkiller
  • Deux héros familiers avec des armes uniques et des pouvoirs spécifiques
  • Une amélioration des graphismes, de l'IA, des environnements ainsi qu'une nouvelle bande-son pleine d'ambiance

Configuration requise

    • Interface : Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processeur : 2.4GHZ+ (par core)
    • Mémoire : 2 Go ou plus
    • Graphismes : Radeon 3800 / Geforce 7800 ou meilleure
    • DirectX®: 9.0c (inclus)
    • Disque dur : 6 Go
    • Son : Requis
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This game sucks. It is a fanmade mod for a Painkiller and it is a bad mod without any interesting idea inside. Previous fanmade Painkiller mod, Resurrection, had a lot of technical flaws and was barely playable, but it had some interesting ideas and sometimes it had nice design. But this one just sucks, developers gave up on their own ideas from Resurrection instead of developing them further - and this was a bad idea. Bad game.

But if you really like to tear thounsands of monsters in one little gray room for hours - take it!
Posté le : 11 mai 2014
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Not to bad, but not to good either. For me, this one is the worst painkiller I've played so far. One of the things I liked about Painkiller Ressurection is that for the first time you had the chance to strategicallly use the scenario in order to succeed, and you had plenty of enemies to defeat. Well, that option was totaly eliminated in this game and you can't do too much against an army of a 1000 minions in such small maps. Putting 1000 enemies in each level is good, but not when the map doesn't have enough space for all the folks to play.

Beating this game on trauma is traumatic and frustrating, so the name suits it. It took me over 20 hours to finish 8 tiny level and I am pretty sure I did it with 90% luck and 10% skill in most of the situations.

Anyway, I still recommend the game if you like the , and especially if you have played all the ones before Redemption. Playing this one first can make you hate the series and you end up not trying any of the others.

It's a 4/10 for me.
Posté le : 15 mars 2014
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On the positive side: It's not Painkiller: Ressurection. This is to say it's a stable game that will launch, run, load, and not crash every ten minutes.

On the negative side: everything else. It's the ultimate in shooting the same damn enemy over and over and over again in a small featureless square room simulator.

There's almost nothing to do here. No atmosphere, no new weapons, no new enemies, no new maps (they're all just multiplayer maps very, VERY poorly turned into single player maps). What little story there ever was in the painkiller series is gone. There's no voice acting to speak of. The uber obnoxious "HUH" noise the character makes when he jumps has been mysteriously re-added, for some reason, which was the sole saving grace of Redemption that they took that out.

There's nobody playing on the multiplayer servers. The tarot cards are all so impossibly hard to get that I can assure you with 99 percent confidence you'll never see a single one except the first one. Play the game on insomniac difficulty and you'll be dead three rooms in, play it on Slumber or Daydream and you can't get souls or cards, taking essentially the only reason to play the game away from the game.

Each level is the same: Spawn in a room, literally hundreds of enemies spawn with the developer having payed no mind as to the location or quantity or even model of the spawning enemies. they just CTRL+V'd the entire game. Enemies spawn on top of each other, enemies spawn on top of you, right next to you, etc. Then you shoot them. Then you go to the next room after living through ten or so waves of enemies.

Yes, ten waves of enemies per room. There's no alternative rooms, no exploration, the secrets are all just ♥♥♥♥ easy to find because the game is soley multiplayer maps. There's nothing here. It's five dollars you would be better off buying almost anything else with.

I'd almost recommend it just to see how lazy a game can get. That said, Recurring Evil exists sooooo yeah.
Posté le : 9 juillet 2014
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First of let me say I liked the painkiller games,but this one is just too bad.
The plot of this game that you enter a room and kill hundreds of demons just to enter another room and kill more demons.
The game itself is great since it is violent and brutal but the game doesn't offer much else.
Sure you can still see a lot of blood and body parts but that's about it.
I could still reccomend this to a fan of the painkiller series.
Posté le : 30 mai 2014
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Be warned this game is a fanmade product meant only for real hardcore FPSers! As I’m not one of those i had hard time to progress.
This game is the absolute opposite of the cursed Painkiller:Resurrection. Again only a few levels (6+2bonus? the boss is on the 6th) but because every of them features around a thousand enemies compressed into small areas you won’t miss action in here. Practically the levels consist of a series of survival rooms and they are hard as hell. I wasn’t able to make it through the first level on normal, had to lower the difficulty into the very lowest (no cards or souls), even if I knew i won’t see the ending not even half of it, maybe a black screen featuring a short text „You are a miserably weak player :P”. Actually i saw the ending but it’s not a big thing, this game is not about story. Furthermore I did not regret the difficulty decrease after i saw the levels after. The second level is a pain (in some dark warm smelly place), shooting enemies spawn 2-3 at a time, and every of them start with a shot, giving you no chance to beat them before they hurt you. On later levels the rooms become smaller with the same amount of enemies, sometimes i really wondered how those could be beaten normally as the real usable crowdcontrol weapons, the stakegun-grenade, the xbow-bouncies or the rocket launcher cannot be used in such claustrophobic places without seriously hurting yourself.
No new content at all, but it features most weapons and enemies from all its ancestor Painkillers. The levels seems to me as multiplayer levels recycled into a single player nightmare.
When i started I had fear what I will find after the awfull Resurrection but the game started good. Lower your expectations and forget about exploration and other nerdy things in this one, it’s mindless pure action! Think of this one as the action essence of the original game.
Later on i found it must be impossible to carry on with higher difficulties and it started to bore and annoy me. At the very end i again started to enjoy the game but i’m sure you need a special mood to find delight in this continous massacre.

4/10 - Pure extreme hard, room survival FPS action. Fun when depressed.

(Sorry for my English!)
Posté le : 9 mai 2014
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Comme tout les Painkiller, si vous en aimez un vous les aimez tous. Mais celui la je l'ai trouvé particulierement dur... c'est tellement rare du challenge ds les fps !! Merci encore a Eggtooth Team pour le fun qu'ils nous procurent
Posté le : 27 janvier 2014
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