'Depuis la nuit des temps, le Clan des Gardiens a toujours gardé et protégé les Anneaux Sacrés des Mondes Parallèles, et les deux Tétraèdes Sacrés.' D'anciennes légendes racontent que celui qui pourra réunir ces Anneaux Sacrés avec certains artefacts venus des Mondes Parallèles recevra un pouvoir immense et l'immortalité.
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Date de parution : 24 juin 2004

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À propos de ce jeu

'Depuis la nuit des temps, le Clan des Gardiens a toujours gardé et protégé les Anneaux Sacrés des Mondes Parallèles, et les deux Tétraèdes Sacrés.'

D'anciennes légendes racontent que celui qui pourra réunir ces Anneaux Sacrés avec certains artefacts venus des Mondes Parallèles recevra un pouvoir immense et l'immortalité.

Dans un monde unique de rêves et de réalités, la magie, la mécanisation et l'ésotérisme partez pour une quête par delà ces mondes magiques. 4 mondes vous attendent : La vallée de l'Adémika, Dragast, Na-Teixu et l'île de l'Unité. Chacun dispose de son environnement à explorer et de nombreux puzzles.

Plongez dans cette aventure et partez en chasse pour résoudre les énigmes d'AURA: Fate of the Ages.

Caractéristiques :

  • Jeu d'aventure graphique à la première personne
  • Un scénario original, un univers Fantasy/SF unique.
  • Jeu intégral à la souris, interface "pointez/cliquez" intuitive
  • Graphismes pré-calculés splendides, pour des environnements photo-réalistes.
  • Ambiance musicale entièrement orchestrale, bande son immersive
  • Énigmes originales et variées, pour un plaisir de réflexion constant

Configuration requise

    Minimum :

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP
    • Processeur : Pentium® III 800 MHz
    • Mémoire : 64 Mo de RAM ( Recommandé 128 Mo)
    • Graphismes : Carte 3D avec 32 Mo de mémoire vidéo compatible DirectX 8/9 (ou supérieur)
    • DirectX® : DirectX 8.1
    • Disque dur : 1.3 Go d'espace disque (Recommandé 2.4 Go)
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectSound®
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Posté le : 16 novembre 2015
First off, don't expect Myst quality. This is a very ambitious adventure game that feels like it had some budget/team/time issues near the end of production. Very good first 2 thirds of the game, with a very bad last 3rd and an ending that while concluding things leaves a lot unexplained to make room for a non-existant (?) sequel.

The first two "ages", or level areas, are actually quite good in the puzzle design. Clues are often just enough for you to piece it together yourself without taking away your own need to poke/click everything and observe. Many require "jumping to conclusions" a tiny bit, just enough where you are not spoon fed the solution, but not to the point of being impossible without a guide. I loved the first 2/3rds of the game, and it's those first two thirds that earn my recommended upvote.

Where it really falls apart is the magic area, the third and final section of the game. What this area does is very ambitious, but it's clear the design team was not able to put enough videos/clues in place to really make these puzzles work right. Often in the magic area I had to solve a puzzle by trial and error or by clicking randomly through every scene with no idea what I was doing. There were also several times in this area that the game just expected me to "move on" after a cutscene that I felt didn't even conclude the current "puzzle".

A big design flaw with this final area is that unlike the other two thirds of the game, in this part of it you do not have a way of seeing "the end puzzle", but are just expected to collect pieces (inventory items) used for it along the way. And these "pieces" are quite random objects that make no sense unless you actually get them all and see what they are used for. Basically, there is suddenly no story reason for doing anything in the third area, and what little story there is doesn't have enough cutscenes to explain itself.

One particularly nasty part of "clearly cut content" is that an NPC in this final area has a deep connection to the main character supposedly, but the only dialog you ever have with them is for puzzle solving purposes. I get the feeling this person was supposed to be a "hint guide" of sorts, which would have made the whole age much better to play, but it was too expensive/time consuming to give them more animated clips of dialog.

The ending also feels really rushed, I strongly suspect a big final puzzle was cut on the last area, as it is instead replaced with a "push button and win" type of ending.

Even with all that negativity, I do still recommend it. If you are ok with playing "part 1" of an apparently never continued story, Aura has enough of a "world" to get lost in for a few days, and the first 2/3rds of the game are solid old school Myst like puzzles. Get it on a sale, if it interests you. I wouldn't pay full price for Aura. But I still had fun playing it and loved exploring the world, and I feel that I did get my money's worth of entertainment, even if the final age had some pretty badly designed inventory/pixel hunting puzzles.

The world itself is actually quite beautiful, even if it is a bit outdated and populated with some of the worst animated CGI "people" I have seen in a game. It still managed to be "enough" for me to get "lost" in for a few days of play, and I enjoyed all the visuals. The soundscapes are sometimes a bit questionable, but none of the puzzles make the sounds used to flavor the background music, and nothing felt too out of place to me.

Just on the edge of Recommended from me. You'll get some fun for your money with this one, but don't expect anything that will blow you away, and keep the Universal Hint System on hand for the last age due to a lack of clues. It's a good "B" rating Myst adventure, nothing super special, but nothing you would regret playing through either.
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Posté le : 15 janvier
An unashamed Myst clone (first person puzzles with a node-based movement system) with all the weird and mysterious environments and crazy puzzles. Sadly, it's old so no widescreen. The core gameplay and puzzles rank among the hardest I've encountered in the genre but they are not impossible and are (for the most part) well designed.
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13.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 21 mars
First off, let me point out that this is a game of older date. It shows. The graphics and cutscenes are pretty but not 2016 pretty so if this is off-putting to you, this is not a game for you. Secondly, the voice acting is terrible, nothing less. But since there is very little of it (this is a 'solve puzzles, talk less' sort of game), it isn't that much of a bother.

I loved this game, it was a delight to play. Tons of puzzles ranging from obvious over complex and thought-provoking to mindbogglingly unintuitive. This is not a game you will browse through, you will have to be careful and take in all the details. It's a nice, lengthy game and if you do what I do and only get clues online when you're REALLY stuck, it'll be a greatly rewarding experience. I had a pretty good sense of accomplishment after some of the more puzzling.. er, puzzles.

Spoiler! :) Remember, like real life, objects can be used several times for different things.
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Posté le : 24 septembre 2014
Si vous êtes en manque d'un Myst-like, que vous n'avez rien contre des personnages visuellement ratés, mais que vous adorez vous plonger dans des décors somptueux, résoudre des énigmes très complexes, et savourer une atmosphère unique, vous ne devez surtout pas passer à côté de ce jeu. Une merveille graphique (hormis les visages des rares personnages rencontrés), Aura réserve de longues heures à réfléchir, prendre des notes, et parcourir des mondes variés aux machineries surprenantes toujours plus complexes à comprendre et activer. Un jeu d'aventure plus destiné à un public d'habitués au genre qu'aux néophytes, de part sa difficulté générale, mais qui peut se finir malgré tout, avec beaucoup de patience et d'observation.
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Posté le : 25 mars 2014
Bon aller j'me permet une tite évaluation en français.

Comme dit dans d'autres posts difficile de ne pas le comparer a Myst.
Etant donné que le perso explore des mondes parallèles et que le jeu s'appele quand même "fate of the ages", on se rend vite compte que le contexte n'est qu'une pâle copie de celui de Myst sans en frôler ne serait-ce qu'une seconde la profondeur.

Seul l'aspect fantasy cliché s'en démarque un tantinet.

Après, les graphismes et les animations (outre les personnages) sont somme toute assez beaux.
Et le jeu est entièrement traduit en français (voix comprises).
L'ambiance, malgré les sons complètement aléatoires et les musiques parfois hors contexte, n'est pas trop prise de tête et on se laisse porter par le jeu.

Malheureusement le scénario est quasi inexistant et la durée de vie horriblement courte (fini en moins de 6h).

Si vous aimer ce genre de jeu pour la qualité du scénario ou la difficulté des énigmes, celui-ci n'est pas pour vous.

Je suis donc obligé de lui mettre une note négative alors qu'au fond j'ai passer un bon moment en y jouant.
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