'En las salas de los antiguos, los Guardianes han existido siempre.' La leyenda también afirma que quienquiera que una estos anillos con los artefactos de los mundos paralelos obtendrá un gran poder y la inmortalidad.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 24 jun. 2004
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Acerca de este juego

'En las salas de los antiguos, los Guardianes han existido siempre.'

La leyenda también afirma que quienquiera que una estos anillos con los artefactos de los mundos paralelos obtendrá un gran poder y la inmortalidad.

En mundos únicos de sueño y realidad, en tierras mágicas, mecánicas y etéreas, afronta la búsqueda de artefactos antiguos cuidadosamente escondidos a lo largo y ancho de las tierras. Cuatro mundos paralelos te esperan en tu viaje: El Valle Ademika, El Mundo Mecánico, El Mundo Isotérico y, por último, la Isla de la Unidad, todos con diferentes entornos para explorar, desafíos a los que enfrentarte y una gran variedad de puzles indígenas que resolver.

Piérdete en esta fantástica y rica aventura, descubre hasta los detalles más insignificantes, recaba información, resuelve los enigmas y desenreda la saga de intriga, exploración y traición que es AURA: Fate of the Ages.

Características Principales:

  • Juego de puzles y exploración en primera persona
  • Una historia única y original que gustará a los seguidores del género de la fantasía
  • Controlado por el ratón gracias a una intuitiva interfaz point and click
  • Gráficos y entornos prerrenderizados increíblemente realistas
  • Banda sonora orquestal y excelentes efectos ambientales
  • Puzles innovadores y originales

Requisitos del sistema


    • SO: Windows® 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP
    • Procesador: Pentium® III a 800 MHz
    • Memoria: 64 MB de RAM (128 MB recomendado)
    • Gráficos: Gráfica 3D compatible con DirectX 8/9 con 32 MB
    • DirectX®: DirectX 8.1
    • Disco Duro: 1.3 GB de espacio libre (2.4 GB recomendado)
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX
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Publicado el 28 de abril
Not recommended. A poor adventure game in almost every way.

Given the game's age, it looks decent but that's about it.

I'll group the problems I had into three sections:

#1 Story and Lore
To be short, there isn't any. Just the intro cutscene. There isn't nearly enough exposition, spoken or implied, to spur you to action, give any sense of urgency, or explain who's doing what and why.

#2 World
The world(s) try to be all mystical and magical for the sake of being so and it doesn't really work. There are reasonable ideas for words but bits and pieces of plants or machinery are just scattered for visual clutter.
The sounds effects/ ambiance work fine for each area but the music never seems to quite fit and, in some cases, completely undermines the tone of the area. The music during traveling cutscenes is particularly egregious.

#3 Puzzles and Gameplay
Just bad. The game is trying to be a 360 view adventure game (Like Myst 3 or 4) but with an inventory. Which means that you have to item hunt in bubbles where you can only see an eighth of your current node. Madness!
Node placement is strange and infuriating. To move towards a door, for example, you will have to back up and to the side first, even when there's nothing blocking your path. It doesn't help that the clickable area for a number of doors and doorways are offset or strangely small.
The cursor helpfully lights up to let you know when you can click on something but this quickly shows that most nodes are empty.
When the cursor does light up on something, there's a fifty/fifty chance that clicking will do anything. Interactions are annoyingly specific, with absolutely NO indication that you clicked "wrong". Sometimes you have to go do something else first. Clickable areas are sometimes practically hidden, either in a specific node or so close to similar areas that you can't tell one from another.
The game's ambiance is too overbearing and routinely makes you think you triggered something in a puzzle when, wait no, nothing happened.
The puzzles themselves are either manipulation puzzles (fine), "fiddle with it and it works now" puzzles (?), or use-a-clue puzzles. The last type are the most infuriating, both because of the issues outlined above and also many will completely lock you out of even manipulating the puzzle until you walk back and ask a character for help. Uhg. One tool of a wizard even helps you with one puzzle, only to say, "You must figure out the next part by yourself". The puzzle is in his own house!

To reiterate, avoid this poor excuse of an adventure game.
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Publicado el 6 de abril
It kinda does what it needs to do, it's a puzzle adventure game that i enjoyed because of the magical/scientific theme. Without comparing it with something else. I found some puzzles weird and difficult, but had a rewarding feeling once figured them out, of course.
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Publicado el 21 de enero de 2014
Estamos ante una ida de olla en la que encarnamos a un menda que tiene que recuperar unos artefactos en diversos mundos de fantasía para salvar a su mundo de unos malos malosos que quieren reunir un poder inmenso. Vamos, como cualquiera de los miles de trillones de libros juveniles que van de lo mismo. Historia poco trabajada y los personajes son bastante atontaos (dan ganas de abofetearlos).
El sistema de juego es molesto (sólo nos podemos mover en la dirección en que el cursor se vuelve una flecha). Es un juego ya con canas, pero incluso cuando lo lanzaron, ya era molesto. Estamos hablando, cómo no, de un juego estilo "Myst". Con "Myst" o con "The 7th guest" era comprensible, porque eran los 90 y era la época de las hombreras, pero ya superado el efecto 2000 y con los huevos peludos, este sistema de control huele que apesta.
Los puzzles no son nada del otro mundo, pero tampoco son de lo peor que he visto. Algunos son bastante abstractos e incluso las pistas que dan lían más el asunto, y el 90% del juego consiste en ir a un sitio, activar una máquina super rara con la que obtenemos un objeto con el que ir a otro sitio y activar otra máquina super rara, que al final te preguntas qué imbecil ha diseñado todo eso. Mucha maquinita pero macho, os podríais haber ahorrado casi todas.
Los escenarios son bonitos, así que cuando te pregunten qué tal el juego "Aura: Fate os Ages", si quieres decir algo bueno, di "los escenarios son bonitos".

¿Qué dices? La historia está genial. Con 15 años es posible que te guste, pero dejará de gustarte porque... la historia es una bazofia.
En estos juegos me suelo atascar y al final me canso... Pues "Aura: Fate os Ages" es un firme candidato a ello. Algunos puzzles te dejan casi como única solución el probar todas las combinaciones hasta que des con la correcta (o le metas fuego al ordenador, lo que ocurra primero).
¿Sí? ¿En qué estaba pensando el que diseñó los puzzles? Hay pruebas contundentes que inculpan a un mono borracho de ello.
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Publicado el 15 de marzo de 2014
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Publicado el 14 de diciembre de 2013
It's hard not to compare this to entries in the Myst series, specifically Myst III: Exile and Myst IV: Revelation. This is mostly due to the fact that numerous elements were borrowed from each of those games and made just different enough not to seem as though Streko Graphics had done little more than create a Myst clone.

While this is a perfectly serviceable adventure game, it's not without flaws (some major, some minor depending on how particular the player is).

(A technical aside - some bugs do exist within the game and may likely go unpatched given the age of the title, including a crash to desktop when attempting to delete a save through the in-game menu)

The age of the title means that it hasn't held up well over the years, so all the modern visual comforts and relevant settings that accompany them are absent. No true widescreen support and no option to run windowed being two prime examples. The extent of the video settings go as far as color depth options and a few standard definition resolution choices.

Going hand in hand with that, most of the 3D modeling in the game is standard fare for the time this title was originally released. Some of the characters look absolutely ridiculous at times and move in a rather wooden manner. Something that certainly allows one to appreciate the advances in that technology at present.

As to the plot, what's there is a fraction of a whole. This isn't made clear here on the store page but this is the first part of a series which means the story ends on something of a cliffhanger.

What story that is present isn't all that compelling and lacks depth, especially when it comes to the characters it introduces.

Unfortunately most of the voice acting in the game is substandard, delivered in monotone with no real inflection toward emotion (perhaps best exemplified by the blacksmith character who does nothing but shout in his brief interaction sequence yet still manages not to sound angry while doing it).

Gameplay is typical of the adventure game type - click to navigate a pre-rendered landscape and interact with points of interest. A majority of the puzzles are simple and can be solved without use of a hint system or walkthrough. Only one puzzle in the entire game is randomized, frustratingly to the point where it becomes less a traditional puzzle and more a mini-game of chance as to how many tries it takes before the correct sequence is found.

Don't be fooled entirely by the simplicity though as there are a small number of puzzles that present a challenge in how they can be solved.

The music and sound design are a mixed blessing somewhat. Most of the game's soundtrack consists of pieces of music that have utterly random ambient noises and sound effects dropped within the middle of their loops. This leads to awkward moments at certain points in the game where something like a door knock can be misinterpreted as a cue that a door nearby needs opened.

Likewise there are questionable moments of music used that betray the atmosphere of the game at certain times. Several dramatic stings are completely out of place in the likes of a small mirrored chamber or a well lit, spacious room.

The pre-rendered environments in the game are quite possibly the best done aspect of it. Seeing flecked paint on aging wood or an expanse of snow covered land watched over by a cadre of planets is nothing short of wonderful.

Taking Aura: Fate of the Ages for what it is, would I recommend it? In general, no. While it is not entirely horrible, there are better examples of the adventure game to play (be it Myst or otherwise) that accomplish exactly what this game does (if not more).

However, if you've exhausted the number of adventure games (scarce as they come these days) available to play then Aura: Fate of the Ages is (possibly) worth a few hours of your time. It likely won't climb to the top of your "best of" list but it's definitely not a total failure of the genre either.
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