H1Z1 is a fast-paced, single-elimination, massive arena shooter. Players compete in large-scale chaotic PvP battles where everyone must fight to the death to be the last one standing.
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17 feb 2016

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Ottieni l'accesso anticipato ed inizia a giocare ora; prendi parte a questo gioco mentre viene sviluppato.

Nota: i giochi in accesso anticipato non sono completi e potrebbero venire modificati in futuro, oppure rimanere incompleti. Se non vuoi giocare a questo gioco nel suo stato attuale, ti conviene aspettare per vedere se verrà sviluppato ulteriormente. Altre informazioni

Cosa dicono gli sviluppatori:

Perché l'accesso è anticipato?

“H1Z1 has always been developed under the principle of creating a game side-by-side with our players, and we’ve used Early Access as an opportunity to grow our relationship with our community. We will continue to use player feedback to plot the course for King of the Kill and to make it as good as we all know it can be.”

Per quanto tempo questo gioco rimarrà in accesso anticipato?

“We want to be sure everything is working as intended with our players, prior to an official launch. When we launch out of Early Access, H1Z1 will achieve the quality targets we are putting in front of us -- a game that is competitive, enjoyable, fair, and as fun to watch as it is to play. Once these targets are met, we will launch out of Early Access.”

Quali saranno le differenze fra la versione completa e quella ad accesso anticipato?

“Throughout Early Access, we have made essential updates to the game including improvements to combat and vehicles, general game polish, a new map, new UI, new scoring system, Twitch Integration, and more. The full version of H1Z1 will be a high-quality, highly-polished game; one that is well balanced, predictable, fair, and as fun to watch as it is to play.”

Qual è lo stato attuale della versione in accesso anticipato?

“Millions of players have already jumped into H1Z1 and competed in large-scale, chaotic PvP spectacles of skill and wit. Millions have watched casual and competitive tournament games live-streamed. Players can expect to fight against each other in solo- or team-based matches or in rule-based Skirmishes. We are continuing to improve the game with updates, anti-cheat tech, and new features regularly as we work our way toward an official launch out of Early Access.”

Il prezzo del gioco varierà durante e dopo l'accesso anticipato?

“H1Z1 is expected to see a price increase at launch. We’ve added – and will continue to add -- a lot of features and polish to the game over the course of Early Access to create a high-quality, competitive experience -- one that is enjoyable to watch and play. Development is never truly done, and players can expect continued game updates and bug fixes post-launch to further enhance and refine the gameplay experience.”

Come pensate di coinvolgere la Comunità durante il processo di sviluppo?

“Player feedback plays a major role in the development process of H1Z1. Our players challenge us as developers to be that much better at delivering great game experiences, and we invite and encourage them to join the conversation on Twitter, Reddit, and the Steam forums.”
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15 novembre

Game Update: Combat Zone, Daily Challenges, and More!

Servers will be coming offline for this update at 8:00am PT (11/17) and will remain down for approximately 6 hours. 

Welcome to the November Update for H1Z1! This update includes the Combat Zone, Daily Challenges, the start of Preseason 7, the all-new Payload Crate, and lots of tuning and quality of life updates based primarily on player feedback. 

New Feature: Combat Zone

This is an all-new game mode designed for practicing combat mechanics.

  • Spawn in with a full kit ready to go. 
  • Respawn after death, no parachuting.
  • Game takes place on a small, more intimate map that highlights various elements of The Arena.
  • Max number of players per game is 55, and games end after one hour.
New Feature: Daily Challenges

We’ve added a Daily Challenge system to the game which primarily rewards Skulls.  You’ll be given three Challenges per day; one easy, one medium, and one hard (harder Challenges reward more Skulls). You’ll be able to discard one Challenge per day and get a replacement. Challenges don’t necessarily need to be completed in a single match and won’t be replaced until you complete or discard them.

A few examples of Daily Challenges:

  • Halfway There – Place in the top 75 of a Solos match (easy)
  • Domed – Destroy 10 helmets worn by other players (medium) 
  • One Shot.  One Kill. – Kill an opponent with the .308 Hunting Rifle (hard)

With the introduction of Daily Challenges, the Bounty System has been removed and the Skull Store has been updated with several awesome new rewards including the first ever animated Helmet! 

Combat & Gameplay Tuning

We’ve made a number of weapons adjustments based on player feedback.

  • Slightly decreased AR-15 recoil reset time to give the user more responsive 2-taps.
  • Reduced AK-47 fire rate to help alleviate close-quarters spammability.
  • Added a fixed, non-rotating pattern for Shotgun blasts including a center pellet. 
  • Shotgun damage and fall-off damage have been increased to increase its close-quarters reliability.
  • Bullet drop has been reduced for pistols and rifles.  The values are now much closer to what they were before the Combat Update in August

In addition, there are several quality of life gameplay improvements in this update.

  • Fall damage should be significantly more consistent now.  Height is now the only determinant of fall damage, so forward velocity will not affect you.  You should also no longer take 1-2 points of damage randomly when running and jumping over small objects.
  • Explosive arrows are now very effective against vehicles.
  • It is now possible to loot while reloading.
  • The fifth passenger in a vehicle can now reload and shoot (careful!).
  • Fuel is now consumed slightly faster than before when using turbo boost.
Match Pacing & Tuning
  • First safe zone is now revealed after 45 seconds, instead of 2 minutes.
  • Gas begins moving after 2 minutes and 15 seconds, instead of 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • First phase Gas moves slightly slower over 5 minutes and 27 seconds, instead of 5 minutes.
  • The first phase will be 2 minutes and 30 seconds shorter but it should be easier to outrun the gas in a vehicle.
  • The toxicity mechanic has been removed.
  • The gas mechanic has had its damage retuned due to the removal of the toxicity mechanic.
  • The airdrop plane and drop itself now move slightly faster.
  • The loot distribution system has been tuned on a per mode basis. Item spawns have been increased in Duos by approximately 15%, and Fives by approximately 25%.
  • Slightly increased AR-15 spawn rate.
  • Slightly decreased AK-47 and Hellfire 4-6 spawn rate.
  • Slightly increased Medkit spawn rate in residential areas.
  • Increased crossbow spawn rate and decreased long bow spawn rate.  There will be roughly the same number of total bows (including both types) as before.
Updates to The Arena

We revamped the lighting and colors of The Arena to be more visually appealing. This change came in part from direct player feedback during the Reverse AMA on Reddit. In addition to many general bug fixes, loot balance has been improved at The Dam, barns, and office buildings. 

 General Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • We’ve made improvements to our file system that reduce the download size of the game.  This change will require that previous files are downloaded again to receive the new format; however future downloads will utilize the new format and will therefore require a smaller amount of space.
  • You can now enter vehicles that are moving slowly instead of only when they are completely stopped.
  • Training & Skirmish have been removed from the UI.  Future Skirmishes will be presented through the Events system.
  • Added a “Scrap Duplicates” button that allows you to Scrap all but one of the selected item.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Twitch Accounts to not successfully link to Daybreak Accounts.
  • Shooting from a passenger seat should no longer result in hitting a teammate in the backseat.
  • You will no longer get stuck after crouching in a truck bed.
  • You can now consistently see other players stand up when they are in the back of a truck.
  • You can no longer throw a grenade and shoot with a single click.
  • Stun Grenade effect will no longer be canceled by exposure to a second
  • Stun Grenade.
  • The time of day has been adjusted to improve sightlines and enhance gameplay.[/*]
  • You will no longer incorrectly go into first person if you enter a vehicle while zooming.
  • AK-47 will no longer appear further from the camera than usual when going into first person while aiming down sights.
  • Camera will no longer rarely veer off target when crouching and quickly switching between first and third person.
  • Reticle no longer slightly shifts when punching.
  • Vehicles will no longer occasionally spawn with two sets of keys.
  • Backpacks that are upright (e.g. leaning against the wall) will now properly show up in proximity.
  • Players will no longer occasionally enter a handgun stance when exiting a vehicle.
  • Different satchel types now give the same number of cloth scraps (2).
  • Leather satchels are now visually distinguishable from plain Satchels.
  • Made Survivor Backpacks a bit smaller.
  • Hellfire 4-6 bullets now properly go through chain-link fences.
  • Fuel tanks now detonate when hit by molotovs and flaming arrows.
  • One shot from a Hellfire 4-6 now brings Makeshift Armor to 16% condition instead of 0%.
  • Flaming arrows now trigger the on fire animation when they successfully damage a player.
  • Balanced out the effective range of various arrow types.
  • Group members will no longer get stuck in queue if the leader queues while one or more group members are in an unready state.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could queue for a match then join a group, and then be unable to queue for a new match.
  • Fixed an issue where the end screen would not display if your map is open during a win.
  • End screens will no longer display on the main menu when dying with your map open.
  • Leaderboard player list and icon no longer disappear when user clicks on a player profile then switches divisions.
  • Selected skins will properly load when clicking on a locked skin then back.
  • Previewing a locked skin will no longer prevent you from previewing another skin afterwards.
  • Mousing over new items should no longer cause customization to re-sort.
  • Changed text color for carrying capacity in Inventory to be a bit easier to read.
  • Canceling on “Match Found!” will no longer cause “Back” and “Exit H1Z1” buttons to disappear.
  • “Crouch Blocked” message will now always properly play in the appropriate situations.
  • Various anti-cheat improvements and crash fixes.
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13 novembre

Cheating: It's Just Not Worth It

There are tons of things to be excited about within the competitive community right now: the H1Z1 Pro League is in the midst of selecting teams, the Elite Series at DreamHack Winter is just around the corner, there are lots of competitive Hosted Games occurring, and Combat Zone and Daily Challenges are getting fired up with this next update. With all the positive momentum around tournaments and competitive play, we want to take a moment to address cheating. 

We’ve talked about it before; we take cheating and hacking extremely seriously here at Daybreak. Cheating contradicts the competitive spirit of H1Z1 and ruins the fun for the other players. We’re constantly updating our current methods of cheat detection and continue to heavily invest in new forms of monitoring. With the increase of competitive play initiatives, preventing cheating and providing a fair playing ground remains a top priority. Getting caught cheating has always meant that your account could get banned and you could lose good standing with Daybreak, which means you also lose all in-game items. To ensure our competitive play experience remains positive and fair, when a player is caught using hack programs not only will they receive an in-game ban, but they’ll also receive a ban from any official Daybreak sponsored event, competitive and casual. 

In the end, we are always watching and always improving, and it’s just not worth it.  To learn how to report fair play violations visit our website.

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Informazioni sul gioco

H1Z1 is a fast-paced, single-elimination, massive arena shooter where every moment counts. 150 battle-hardened players fight to the death in a robust and detailed world. Search for weapons, ammo, armor, vehicles and supplies to get a leg up on your competition and be the last one standing.

  • Kill Or Be Killed – Hit the ground running in a massive 150-person gunfight. Run and hide, bunker down to bide your time, or throw caution into the wind and run-and-gun your way thru the melee. As a toxic cloud slowly compresses the map, a potent cocktail of tension, spectacle, and action takes over – making no game the same and leaving you breathless for more.

  • Make Every Moment Count – Simultaneously parachute down with 150 players and immediately search for the necessary tools to stay alive. Search the realistic, detailed map full of an assortment of guns, armor, supplies and vehicles waiting to be scavenged. Pick what you can, craft what you need, drive where you want in the massive map full of deserted downtowns, ravished neighborhoods and bucolic campgrounds. Every narrow road, blocked bridge and burnt out town presents a deadly choice – and only razor-sharp skills will keep you alive.

  • High-Stakes Deathmatch – Go solo or group with a team of two or five to be the last ones left by developing your strategy early and having a Plan B. Each game takes skill, tactics, and sometimes a little luck, in order to make it to the end. Track your best matches to advance during Season Play and participate in special events to earn unique loot.

Visit the H1Z1 website https://www.h1z1.com for more info!

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema operativo: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 bit only)
    • Processore: Intel i5 Quad-Core
    • Memoria: 6 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: nVidia GeForce GTX 280 series or higher
    • DirectX: Versione 10
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 20 GB di spazio disponibile
    • Scheda audio: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Sistema operativo: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 bit only)
    • Processore: Intel i5 Quad Core or higher / AMD Phenom II X6 or higher
    • Memoria: 8 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: nVidia GeForce GTX 560 series or higher / AMD HD 6870 or higher
    • DirectX: Versione 10
    • Rete: Connessione Internet a banda larga
    • Memoria: 20 GB di spazio disponibile
    • Scheda audio: DirectX compatible Sound Card
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