Hammerfight is about 2D battles of flying machines equipped with various slashing, piercing and blunt weaponry.A unique combat system is based on realistic physics simulation, and it ties the movements of the rider to the movements of your mouse. As you wave the mouse, your rider swings his warhammer, smashing the foe into the wall!
User reviews: Mixed (1,228 reviews)
Release Date: Sep 19, 2009

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“There are a lot of reasons to play Hammerfight. It has a good story, unique gameplay and it provides a good challenge.”
– Geoff Gibson, DIYgamer
“The moment you start up the game, you will be kicked in the balls”
– Anthony Burch, Destructoid
“The physics are well-tuned, the art is fantastic. Go get it, physics game fans!”
– Matthew Wegner, Fun-Motion

About This Game

Hammerfight is about 2D battles of flying machines equipped with various slashing, piercing and blunt weaponry.A unique combat system is based on realistic physics simulation, and it ties the movements of the rider to the movements of your mouse. As you wave the mouse, your rider swings his warhammer, smashing the foe into the wall!
This creates an unequaled feel of the real strike, a feel of the mass of the weapon in your hands. Simulated physics and direct mouse control creates a huge variety of possible battle techniques and an unlimited field for perfecting one's fighting skill.
  • Intuitive mouse control
  • Realistic physics, breakable objects
  • Great storyline
  • High quality art
  • More that 50 weapons
  • 3 additional modes, up to 4 players

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 98SE / ME / XP / Vista
    • Processor: Athlon / Pentium III 2 GHz
    • Memory: 256 Mb
    • Graphics: DirectX 8.0 compatible with 64 Mb VRAM
    • DirectX®: 8.0
    • Hard Drive: 150 Mb
    • Sound: DirectX 8.0 compatible
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5 or later
    • Processor: Intel (32 or 64 bit)
    • Memory: 256 Mb
    • Graphics: Any GPU supported by Mac OS X
    • Hard Drive: 150 Mb
    • Sound: Any hardware supported by Mac OS X
    • OS: Compatible with Ubuntu 11.04
    • Processor: x86 or amd64 2GHz
    • Memory: 256 Mb
    • Graphics: Any reasonable GPU supported
    • Hard Drive: 150 Mb
    • Sound: Any reasonable hardware supported
Helpful customer reviews
6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
26.9 hrs on record
I can highly recommend this game. Doesn't take that long to complete the campaign but I had more than enough fun to play it through a couple of times which will also be needed to explore the entire game. Well worth its cost.
Posted: August 2
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
33.1 hrs on record
Very simple, yet engrossing game mechanics. Original, however the only thing that I would say was, medeocre, is the story, its a little repetitive.
Posted: June 23
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
9.0 hrs on record
I love this game and it is a blast and recommend it dispite the issues. Those issues though... The main proplem is that even with the highest setting, the sensitivity just isn't enough, especially for a game that requires you to move the mouse constantly in circular motions. It can become very fatigeing after a bit of play. Also some of the sections and ememies in the latter stages of the game are tedeious and agrivating when you factor in the main issue. Still, over all its a fun game despite this.
Posted: June 28
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4 of 6 people (67%) found this review helpful
0.6 hrs on record
The game is alright to play but guess I'm not used in using the mouse for turning the hammer
Posted: July 15
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
21.8 hrs on record
Personally, this is one of my favorite indie games. It has a lot of pros, and a whole lot of cons.

SMASH! - You can smash pretty much anything, including many parts of the environment. Landing one of those perfect hits on the enemy, going blue, and just generally destroying everything is one of the most satisfying things in this game.

GFX - The attention to detail is superb, as seen in the environments, weapons, and "vehicles."

Story - While difficult to understand at times, I enjoyed it a lot, and though it interesting.

Weapons - There are a great many weapons available, and each is different.

Modes - There are 5 working gametypes: Solo: single player campaign, Hall: where you select and buy weapons, Grim: where you hunt flying worms, Arena: where you fight other flying machines, Hammerball: where you fight weird machines in some sort of soccer type game.

There is another gametype called Tribal Wars, but it doesn't seem to work (at least, for me).

SMASH! - Sometimes, if you go blue and miss an enemy, you might wind up outside the map.

GFX - People are really weird sometimes. The animations can be... odd.

Story - Lost in translation applies here. Quite a bit of it.

Weapons - Sometimes the chain type weapons will break. No idea under what circumstances, and it doesn't happen terribly often.

Modes - Solo: The story can be very confusing and jumps somewhat. Hall:sometimes weapons can be lost if you drop them, Grim: the idiot AI enjoy dropping bombs on your head all the time, Arena: it often pits you against 3 AI at a time, and that can make it extremely difficult at times, Hammerball: Not for the faint of heart, this is the single most difficult challenge I have EVER faced in a game. More on that later.

As I mentioned, Tribal Wars seems to not work at all for me.

On the subject of Hammerball: For the first round, you have to face a single flying mechanical lobster. Not too difficult. Second round, you have to face two. One goes for the ball while the other uses some sort of taser on you if you don't dodge it. Third round you have to face three flying mechanical flying lobsters. One goes after the ball and the other two attack you with some sort of taser.

There are 4 different ball types I have encountered in Hammerball. The first, a rock, is easy to deal with and gives you one point per score. The second is a bomb that will go off after a time unless the game ends, or you manage to score. It's worth two points. The third is a flying buzzsaw that will get angry if you hit it, and it will move around. It's somewhat manageable and is worth three points. The fourth is some sort of flying tentacle monster that will generally kill you when it appears. I would assume it's worth four points if it's actually possibly to push into the goal. Bit of a spoiler here: it looks like the final boss of the game, but can fly around.

On the subject of AI: In general, they aren't too bad. Your allies like to throw bombs though, and sometimes, the human AI like to seriously "derp out."

Overall, I think that, even with all it's flaws, it is a GREAT game. It's incredibly fun to smash the AI with hammers, flails, axes, swords, etc. The graphics are amazing, and the AI can be dealt with. For only $5 I think it's a great game, and has entertained me for hours on end.
Posted: July 21
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147 of 175 people (84%) found this review helpful
12.8 hrs on record
I love this game with the same passion that I hate it. I can't recommend it to general/casual players, because it is so harsh, unfriendly and unforgiving. But I can recommend it to people looking for a real challenge, who won't mind looking for information on the Internet and dealing with frustrating game features (which are most of them).

The core mechanic of this game (a brawler fight with flying machines and attached weapons) is loads of fun. It's a fresh original concept and it is done perfectly. Different weapons have _very_ different characteristics, every each one feels different, and there is extreme attention to detail. Basically, every pixel matters - if you hit your enemy with the tip of your sword has a completely different effect than if you hit it with your blade (and how much you slash him) or the hilt. Every weapon has different weight, different sharpness, it's harder or easier to manage. Blades are very good againt skin, but it's difficult to penetrate armor with them. This is a paradise for someone enjoying exactly this - different weapon/armor combinations and their interactions.

The game is based purely on skill. It's extremely hard to master and there are so many details you wouldn't even think of (until you read web guides). You'll die all the time, and repeat, repeat, repeat. But once you become good at it, the battles are so enjoyable. They are still very hard - you haven't dodged a flying debris? Half dead. You haven't dodged or deflected a sword thrust? Dead. But you'll start seeing the details and be able to react better; it won't be just a chaos on screen. And then it starts to be a real fun.

Unfortunately, as much as the battle mechanics are awesome, the rest of the game implementation is awful. Weapon selection is bad, weapon market is bad, game UI is especially tragic, a lot of features are not explained at all, there is a lot of bugs, often you have no idea why you died, enemies are frequently off-screen but still can attack you, allies often perform actions that hurt you (like shooting or throwing bombs your way), .... I could go on and on. You'll grind your teeth every time you have to deal with this or you make some mistake that can't be reversed (like imbuing your weapon with a gem during the battle because of clicking a mouse button in the wrong time - what a great feature).

If you want to play this game, here are some tips:
* http://wikicheats.gametrailers.com/Hammerfight_-_PC
* http://hubpages.com/search/Hammerfight
* http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2035787
* in order to reduce graphical clutter on the screen, set quality to 0.2 in game and also edit Config.ini and set GFX_RENDER_* to 'false'
* you can switch full-screen with alt+tab and you can release/grab your mouse cursor with ctrl+g
Posted: December 19, 2013
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