For centuries Europe has been dominated by the church and nobility. On the shoulders of ordinary people the servants of god and the noble families justified their power and wealth. This was the incontrovertible, divine world order. A truly dark era… In the 14th Century the world order is beginning to transform itself.
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Stand-Alone version, The Guild II or any of its add-ons are not required to play this game.

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"Like games where you run a medeival business? Me neither... Yet this game is incredibly addictive and really fun to play! Play it, It's fun, Obviously."

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Patch 4.20 - 22nd December 2014

Today we are releasing a new patch for Guild 2 Renaissance which includes tons of fixes, remastered music tracks, guest appearance by the German medieval band "Versengold" and a modlauncher for comfortable switching between mods.

To access the patch on Steam please do the following:
To access the beta please do the following:
Follow this guide
Under Step 1 select of course the "The Guild II Renaissance" Application
You dont need a password :)
The branch for Step 6 is named patch_4.20

4.2 (revised)
*** Fixed Bugs ***
- Bank: offering, taking and payback of credits optimized
(thanks to Kinver and Fajeth)
- AI of the hospital was reworked (thanks to Kinver and Fajeth)
- Some chairs in the conference room of the city hall were not
- Pathfinding of the sims optimized
- The Calenberg map is now assigned to Germany
- Pub: "Assign to dance", "Assign to salacious services" and
"Assign to >thief's service<" have been optimized
(thanks to Kinver)
- "Curse a Building" at the cemetery is now functional
(thanks to Kinver)
- Orchardist: bugfixes within the ai
- Bugfixes and reworks within all maps; amongst other things like
optimizations for pathfinding and missing ressources
- Bugfixes with the titles Count, Marquess, Prince and
Imperial Prince (thanks to McCoy!)
- The usage of perfume, jewellry and clothing had no effect
(thanks to M.C.)
- The measure "Sit" in tavern and pub is now functional as provided
(thanks to DarkLiz)
- It occured that the gravedigger of the local graveyard was not
located near to the grave. Burial sequences were started in the
middle of the map
- Bugfixes for pathfinding and interaction of the ai with the
measures "Spend the night together", "Sweet-talk someone",
"Take a bath" and "Ask to dance"
- Bugfix with the event of war
- Bugfix of an error in the waiting hall of the hospital, which
caused from time to time that the patients were not treated
- The AI now uses "Paralysis Poison", "Black Widow Poison",
"Toadslime" correctly
- Upgrading buildings now correctly spawns a scaffold.
- "Press Protection Money" by AI optimized
- Fixed an AI-error with the use of alderman's chain
- Fixed a bug with the gaining of guild fame for the AI
- Especially during advanced games errors with diseases of AI sims
could occur.
- In the bankhouse, during pickpocketing and during "thief's service"
an error with the payment/pickpocket could occur.
- Fixed an AI-error with buying the raw-material-boxes from the
- Fixed some bugs in the logic of trials
- In the case of divorce an error could occur when the newly divorced
partner tried to leave the residence.
- Fixed a bug with the repair-measure
- Fixed a bug with repairing carts
- Fixed a bug with "smuggling alcohol" in the divehouse. Additionally
new feedbacks have been added.
- After year 1600 a bug with the towncrier occured
- Pathfinding of ambient sims (animals/ mule driver) have been
- fixed a bug with the visual feedback of favor gains during social
- Certain waypoints in the indoor of the monastery and hospital were
- Fixed a bug with the blackboard; sims no longer laugh about
pamphlets against themselves.
- Fixed a bug with repairing the pirateship and fishing boat.
- During the measure "assign to thief's service" (divehouse) the
cocotte forgot her workingplace after a success and/or with the
beginning of the next round
- Fixed a bug with the assigning to buildings/ residences
(e.g. inherit)
- The measure "Sit down" in the country estate was broken
- At the end of a feast a bug could occur
- Under certain circumstances a heavy bug could occur to AI sims and
to the miller, which cancelled all current actions
- Fixed a bug with the title "Imperial Prince"
- An error occured if you tried to aquire a new title while you
already had the highest possible title
- Fixed an AI error with sowing fields and meadows
- Fixed an exploit in the tavern: taking a bath/dance/bewitch only
gives money to the owner if he doesn't use these measures himself.
- Upgrading a building no longer interrupts the current measure of
the owner
- Patients which can't be treated because of the lack of money will
not try to attend the doctor over and over again
- If the AI tries to buy a certain item because of their consume need
won't spam the measure anymore, if the needed good is not available
(multiple favor loss)
- At several situations and measures, the sims didn't use weapons
(e.g. execution)
- Hospital: bedridden patients do not block the beds, when they have
been already treated.
- The ai was able to send out their minor children to hijack their
- When changing the diplomatic status between two dynasties the favor
is now set correct
- The measure "Welcome a dignitary" was available in opponent
country estates.
- Thieves are not able to burgle abandoned buildings
- The measure "Order sales ban" is now functional as provided
(thanks to Fajeth)
- With the direct hiring of an employee an error occured which
avoided that the sicknesses of the character were cured and that
the bonusses for some of the building upgrades for the character
were calculated
- After the start of the next round the measure "Quacksalver" was
not executed correctly - both for players and for ai
- Gravedigger: due to a number of bugs the ai was unable to manage
the production
- A bug with the measures "hush money" and "protectorate" was
corrected: the mercenary was unable to find all thieves, robbers and
- When a building was built in the surrounding of a city it could
happen, that passing characters and carts stuck and spin around
until the savegame was reloaded. We were able to solve that problem
with a workaround.
- The usage of "Spindle of the Sleeping Beauty" had no effect
- Sermons could be interrupted through different measures. The
audience left the church and the priest restarted the sermon without
- AI characters sometimes stuck in front of a church which had no
owner - the reason was a bug in the needs-system
- Sometimes characters left the conference hall while a council
meeting or a court was held
- If the player has watched a council meeting without having a
character in the room, it could happen that you got access to the
council meeting action bar; this bar still appear, but only for a
short moment
- One received double experience points for using the measure
- The mercenary ai made wrong decisions regarding the measure
- Bugs with leading of own businesses fixed: the employees of patrons,
artisans and rogues receive a productivity bonus from their
employers skill "handycraft"; employees of scholars receive a
productivity bonus from their employers skill "secret knowledge"
... and many more ...

*** Features & Content ***
- The Band Versengold plays in taverns and divehouses and thus raises
the income of the owner and the buildings attractivity
- Own taverns and divehouses get the measure "arrange concert", with
which the player can offer a fee to the band Versengold if they play
in the establishment
- Bored women (married and single) can become groupies of Versengold
with a certain possibility
- AI sims will cheer during concerts
- The player character can also party with the measure "Eat & Drink"
- New object and animation added: Violin
- The old tutorial of Guild 2 has been ported to the game
- The city treasury is now simulated. The office incomes, payment for
worker huts and unoccupied buildings and residences, aswell as the
cost for war are now paid by the city treasury. Also to level up t

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For centuries Europe has been dominated by the church and nobility. On the shoulders of ordinary people the servants of god and the noble families justified their power and wealth. This was the incontrovertible, divine world order. A truly dark era…

In the 14th Century the world order is beginning to transform itself. Due to trade and commerce an increasing middle class obtains more and more power and wealth. Entire towns purchase their freedom and more privileges from the nobility. Reading and writing is no longer the domain of the nobility and the clergy and the invention of printing information may eventually be spread everywhere. This is the beginning of the renaissance...


  • 8 completely new professions: mercenary, grave digger, stonemason, juggler, innkeeper, banker, miller and the fruit grower
  • New goods, buildings, ambient details and effects
  • All new scenarios ("Transylvania", "The Rhineland" and "The Alps") & bigger world maps
  • Improved AI, title and nobility system as well as new options (e.g. “God Measures”, levels of difficulty)



    • OS: Windows® XP, Vista
    • Processor: 2 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX9 capable graphics adapter with Pixelshader Model 1.1
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 3.5 GB space free
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card


    • OS: Windows® XP, Vista
    • Processor: 2.8 GHz Processor or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX9 capable graphics adapter with Pixelshader Model 2
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 3.5 GB space free
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
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記録時間: 18.3 時間
投稿日: 2014年10月18日
Brilliant that Nordic Games have started patching this games wound! Rarely do devolpers come back to a game to fix after 4 years, The Guild 3 is also in the works which is incredible.
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記録時間: 4.4 時間
投稿日: 2014年12月22日
It's December 22, 2014 and a patch just got released for this 4.5 year old game. Whomever these guys are that bought this license are serious about cleaning it up, but the thing is it was already a great title to begin with. Yeah there were some translation problems, and ai issues, and general problems like that, but it wasn't terrible.

Anyways, this game is just great. You play some male or female person set in old timey overseas land (you get to choose the map to play on), and try to stary a dynasty. You find a spouse, make some kids, and play through the generations. Jobs include stuff from politics, farming, to robbing people. You can make buildings like inns, pubs, churches, and so on or eleminate competing dynasties and take over their buildings through violence or cash. You can select your own stats on the dude or chick you're creating and level up skills through actions, so some rpg elements exist.

You got some trading elements in here as well. Own a mine? Send a caravan of ore to the neighboring village to sell, or import the stuff to make your own jewelry factory. Or make armor and weapons and attack villagers with your bandits. You got a lot of options here on what to do as far as playstyle is concerned. It's a sandbox, but you can't just plop buildings down everywhere. Still there's a lot of options to be found and fun to be had by picking this up and giving it a shot. It can be a little daunting to get into, but I ended up having a lot of fun with this and The Guild II. Well mainly vanilla Guild II, but this is just that with more stuff, so if you can decide which version to get, this is the one to grab.
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41 人中 40 人 (98%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 50.7 時間
投稿日: 2014年12月18日
Holy Smokes. What a seriously innovative and refreshing game design. This is a serious sandbox game. And I mean GAME. Sometimes sandbox games fall in the trap of having a lackluster or tacked on set of objectives. This game brilliantly balances a free-form open style with a true game-objective win/lose strategy. "Eliminate your competitors" - in near anyway you choose (before they eliminate you). Granted the lack of tutorial/psudo-random tip popups to help you figure your way though this almost overwhelmingly unique game play style is a rather large barrier to entry - but once it all clicks in (See: YouTube), this game is fulfilling and addictive.

Buy a fisherman dock, fishmonger your way to riches and aristocracy, marry a young local, wander the back alley alone on a cold winter night, get attacked and poisoned by a paid thug care-of your vilest of competitors, take on the role of your young son - a devious silver spooned rogue - and enact a bloody revenge on the murder of your former fish monger self. It is epic.
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記録時間: 158.5 時間
投稿日: 2014年12月9日
If you like sandbox games this wil easily occuppy your time for at 80-100 hours. The game is a little buggy but certainly playable. The LAN option for playing is alot of fun too. It is an older game and the graphics and AI are not the most up to date.
9/10 stars
1. Very complex sandbox game that can be played endlessly
2. LAN very fun and more stable with latest update
3. Stll some bugs.
4. Def worth buying
Added an extra star after the game got updated again! the bugs for LAN playing with friends are greatly reduced! As well as some of the single player bugs!
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77 人中 59 人 (77%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 18.5 時間
投稿日: 2014年12月18日
Probably the best merchant-killing simulator on the market.
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31 人中 28 人 (90%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 31.6 時間
投稿日: 2014年12月22日
After 5 years they are working on it again. It's an amazing game that deserves to be played.
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22 人中 20 人 (91%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 68.5 時間
投稿日: 1月14日
This is one of the best games I have ever played in my life, and at the same time one of the worst. How? Bugs. I am recommending this game now because it has, miraculously, been granted a new patch (which you have to set the game to beta to get through Steam, fyi) which I am hearing good things about.

The old bugs, which may still exist -- I'm not sure yet -- were as follows:
#1 - Multiplayer NEVER worked. Even if you connected through Hamachi (the only way to get multiplayer to even connect) the game would desync after 20 ish minutes and your saves would be corrupted so you couldn't even reload and continue. This game is so amazing for multiplayer and this is just a big kick in the gaming nuts.

#2 - There are a lot of smaller game breaking bugs...too numerous to mention. I can give some examples. One time, nobody ever seemed to progress in the political field. Sometimes your characters get jammed and won't move. Sometimes you save the game and it gets corrupted and you lose everything. Just weird things that should work just...don't...and it's hard to predict and once it happens you can't just 'reload' to get around it. That being said, I have played through games that were 8+ hours long before getting screwed by one of these bugs (provided you are playing in single player).

But this game is fantastic if these bugs are fixed.

For one, this game is a mish mash of a bunch of different games. In this game you control your 'family' starting with one guy. It's very RPGish in the sense that each of your family members can level up and apply points to various skills. You can make them better at combat, better at working, better at politicking, etc.

You can get married, have babies, and then once they grow up you can control them and expand your dynasty. The buildings you own get transfered down the generations so your hard work with your first guy isn't lost when he dies of old age (or disease, or murder, or getting thrown in jail forever).

There are different sized maps but generally a map consits of one to three cities of various size. Each city has their own town hall with their own political arena. You can get elected and then move up towards mayor -- each office you can be elected into has different special powers that can be used to improve your family, or hurt others that are in your way. For example, you can banish someone from a city, or throw them in jail, or cause them to lose one of their buildings, etc.

There is a court house and 'law' as well. If you witness someone comitting a crime you gain the ability to testify in court with evidence against them. If you don't like them, you can charge them with a crime and then try to beat them in court. While you can sway the courts with your political favours, the more evidence against you makes this harder so blatently breaking the law or fighting people in town is going to brand you an outlaw and probably killed by the guards or thrown in jail if you comply.

There are four major classes and as you marry and have kids you can train them into different classes so that EVENTUALLY you can access every type of building in the game -- but basically, your character(s) each get to be trained in one of the four classes. One is a kind of farmer, one is a scholar that can get hospitals and such, one is a blacksmith type character that can make weapons and tools, and one is a thief that can create thieves guilds and other buildings that set up traps to rob people transporting goods.

The game also has a free market and prices rise and fall depending on how much of what is being sold. In fact, if one item is sold a lot in one of the cities and not in the other, you can make money by transporting from one city to the other -- provided you have enough muscle to protect your cargo from any thieves setting up on the roads.

Your houses can train guards which you can use as personal muscle, even to overpower actual city guards, or to plot assasination attempts on powerful members of opposing dynasties.

The controls can be a little confusing -- there's a lot of menus you have to learn to use to be able to quickly identify who is who in the city -- but it can all be done.

When you do build up your financial empire, you typically want to build one of every building and supply your buildings with your own productions. You'll get a mine, and refine the ore for your blacksmith who will make the weapons to sell or use, etc.

Some routes are a lot easier to start with than others. I recall that being a farmer won't make you rich, but it's pretty easy to make money with cows. Blacksmiths are very useful but they're hard to make enough money from early on.

And I was never good with thieves, but they can be very powerful later on by preventing other players from trading and leaving all the profit to your dynasty only.

The game is very deep and for that reason you can get lost playing this game for days. In all honesty, if this game had fixed all of its bugs I would have ranked it one of the best games I've ever played.

I am hopeful that this patch has fixed a lot of the bugs and if that's so, I'll probably leave this recommendation as positive. Otherwise, I'll probably remove it or make it negative. Stay tuned!

This is a fantastic sandbox game and really unique.
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記録時間: 44.7 時間
投稿日: 1月13日
I was once having a peace talk in my gabled house with two rogues, when suddenly, a town guard walked up and shot one of them before promptly leaving and never being seen again.

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16 人中 13 人 (81%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 15.1 時間
投稿日: 2014年11月5日
Get the Legacy ModPack for it and it's a fantastic medieval dynasty sim. I've played this for 100s of hours over the years, looking forward to The Guild 3.
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13 人中 11 人 (85%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 28.7 時間
投稿日: 1月2日
To be honest thos game isnt for everyone, but toward the endgame you can start having fun sending your mob out and assasinating people who stand in your way towards the rise to power over your citys politcial system or their guild system, one of my favorites
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26 人中 18 人 (69%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 24.3 時間
投稿日: 2014年12月29日
Clock nuts all day until you realize you can only have 4 kids
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19 人中 14 人 (74%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 28.7 時間
投稿日: 2014年12月24日
I haven't seen my wife nor children 25 years even if our house stand next to our Inn. I killed a mayor in duel so I took his position in town.

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20 人中 14 人 (70%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 31.6 時間
投稿日: 2014年10月18日
Great Game! But do NOT listen to the Negatives, the game is now fixed! :D Anyways, It makes you have to work in order to get cash, or steal, but that's mostly for rouges. Character Customization is GREAT! Graphics are great, If you think that the graphics are bad, I had to get an ENTIRELY NEW Graphics card for this game to be on highest setting. Not many Cons, but there are a few minor ones. So 9.7/10
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8 人中 7 人 (88%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 11.6 時間
投稿日: 1月31日
Started as a rogue and proceeded to create a crime family built on pickpockets and gambling.

Day 2 got accused of crimes so I killed the person accusing me so court got canceled, thus initiating a feud between our dynasties forever.

Kept being brought to court by that family so I kept killing the accuser/paying off the court.
Decided to get married and gave a kid at 60 after my first family went missing and I didn't pay the kidnappers their money.

2nd Generation

Put dad on the streets to pickpocket and earn his keep.
That other stupid family keeps trying to arrest me so I have them killed. Defintion of insantity much? Whatever.

So seems that family is in the government and can control the guards now, crap. Should have done that myself.. Oh well have close to 50 thieves/mercenaries anyways.

Got convicted and sentenced to death even with paying off court, seems the other family was in charge of the courts too, maybe I should have paid more attention.
Decided to not go down without a fight and brought all my men to the townhall and waited for trial to be over. As everyone exited I unleashed my small army triggering all the town guards to come running to aid of their masters.

The whole of government is dead, with them the entire guard, the entire other family, my main male character and wife and only left with 2 thieves and an orphaned child who hasn't even gone to school yet.

11/10 would become a crime family again and destroy town just because other family is a pile of ♥♥♥♥♥♥s.
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24 人中 15 人 (63%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 65.2 時間
投稿日: 2014年10月31日
-This is a great game, if you're debating whether to buy it or not... Just do it, trust me-
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9 人中 7 人 (78%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 19.9 時間
投稿日: 1月3日
This game is like heroin (Be it I haven't tried heroin).

I've played this game for probably 1 or 2 hundred hours off steam and found out to my amazement, that they they patched it?!! So what did I do, Myself and 10 friends bought this game and it was patched ready to go.

This patch they have brought out is fantastic, It fixes so many problems that the game had before. Out of Sync issues are more of a rarity, we can freely play with 5 friends quite easily and if an out of sync issue happens we just role back to the morning at 1:00am. This happens maybe once every 15-20 4 year turns? Each turn can last about 10-15 minutes, so yhou can easily get hours in before it even happens.

I really recommend this game to people that love Simulation/Strategy/Tycoon games, It's all the above and it ticks all the boxes. This is how games should be made these days, They need the risk and a good formula. I really hope that the new The Guild 3 which has been announced will be just as good but with little to no bugs, if they get this right, they'll have a massive hit on their hands.

Well done.
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4 人中 4 人 (100%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 96.6 時間
投稿日: 2月15日
Brilliant little gem of a game. A mix between Sims Medieval and the Crusdaer Kings games. It can be a bit glitchy at times, but is definitely worth being patient with this for the sake of excellent gameplay.
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4 人中 4 人 (100%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 34.0 時間
投稿日: 1月7日
This game is full of bugs. That being said, I haven't sunk more hours into a sim/rpg as i have into this in years. While the game isn't perfect, there are a lot of unique ideas being implemented.

Start your Family: Create your character, male or female. Choose their profession and start your dynasty! Find a spouse and ensure the survival of your clan!

Crime and Punishment: Are you an outlaw? a brigand or a pirate? Beware! Your crimes will NOT go unpunished! The stocks or the dungeon? Banishment to a neighboring town? Or execution? "...but I'm innocent!"

Run for Office!: Start by running for the local executioner's officer! Climb your way up to mayordom! Can you become Monarch?

Destroy the competition: Hire spies, fabricate evidence, cheat lie steal and murder. Or simply outlast your enemies. Play your way.

In all this is a great game. A real gem. It's just a little cloudy from a lack of polish.
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6 人中 5 人 (83%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 23.3 時間
投稿日: 2014年10月5日
Solid game for folks who enjoy trade simulation, and roleplay. You essentially build your own dynasty, businesses, and commence trade among villages in a sandbox environment. I picked this game up on sale for 2 dollars, and put a total of 20 hours into it (non-steam version as well).
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8 人中 6 人 (75%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 11.6 時間
投稿日: 3月24日
(version 4.20 Review)

Honestly, I tried really hard to have fun with this game. 11 to 12 hours of solid gameplay, 2 hours of learning form videos about this game on youtube, cause I was thinking: "there must be something I'm missing here. Either I just don't know about all the mechanics, or I'm doing something wrong, or both...". But no, none of that was the case. The problem with this game is that it is just plain broken. Out of all the mechanics in the game that are at the player's disposel, only 1 actually works (if only clumsilly).

The impression I get from this game as far as what the dev's envisioned is bassically Crusader Kings turned Sims. Or even think of this game like this: turn House of Cards into a PC game, and set it in the medieval/renaissance era. Which, when hashed out on paper, sounds great and I think there's actually a need for a game like that in the PC market. Unfortunately, The execution on this game is just not there.

The only mechanic that actually works 100% of the time in this game is the charchter's ability to make money, but making money in this game is not fun. it's a mindless 'Point & Click' chore. Every other mechanic is just down right broken.

Want one of your character's to rob someone? Tough, cause it's broken. I actually took the time to find every single chacter on the map I was playing on (and I mean EVERYONE) and tried to rob them with both my main character and my "henchmen", and the game would not allow me to attempt to rob anyone. So then I thought: "ok, maybe it's the buildings that I'm supposed to rob". Tried to rob everysingle building on the map, and again, no dice. So why even have it in the game if it's broken?!?

Want to bribe the Mayor to ellect you into office? Don't bother, because every other applicant will bribe him for the exact same amount you do, which essentially nullifies all the bribes given by everyone because he ends up equally favouring everyone. In one particualr ellection, I decided to show up to the council meeteing early so that I could bribe him right there in the council hall before the voting started. I then watched hillariously as every single npc in the council hall handed him a sack of money. I was like number 8 in line with my bribe. Needless to say, I wasted my money and so did the npc's.

Want to Sabbotage a business owend by a competing faction? Tough nuts, because Sabbotaging a building doesn't have any effect on the business' abilty to function what so ever. Because you have to sabbotage it multiple times and there's a 7 hour cool down period on the sabbotage ability (in-game time of course), and by the time you've bombed the business enough for it to actually have an effect, someone's just going to lay charges against you and throw your bung-hole in jail. Sure, you can pull off 1 or 2 sabbotages with out having too much incriminating evidence floating around, but it takes more than that, so you will get caught. So therefore, pointless.

I'm not even scratching the surface here. There are sooooooo many broken mechanics that I do not have the time or the patients to list them all here.

I bought this game on sale for under 3 bucks, and I feel very lucky that I didn't spend any more then that. And please, don't buy into the youtube videos that supposedly show you how this game works and then claim its a "good game"....In fact, now that I think back, every video I watched never contained a single second of mid-game or even late-game play time. And that makes alot of sense, because this game is 'deceptivley' broken:

In the first 2 hours of the first playthrough, you might feel proud that you've started a thriving business, gotten married and had kids to carry on your "Dynasty", and bought your familly a higher "Title", and that will give you the illusion that this game is "Fun". But then when you try to make use of all the game mechanics provided for you in order to progress further than that (i.e. get ellected in to office, hostel take-over of competing dynasty's buildings, bribery and blackmail, etc...), you'll slowly find that those game mechanics just do not work at all. And its sad. because the idea behind this game is so great. Motives for this game were great; method's in making this game were crack-♥♥♥. There are early access games that are more pollished than this game, and bare in mind, this game is on it's 4th itteration already...

So no, I can not, in good clean conciense, recommend this game, even if it were free, let allone 80% off. Sorry dev's, but you bought a really bad, sour apple here. Rumor has it there will be a "Guilds 3", and I really hope they're just that: Rumours....
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