Oplev hvordan det er at være Batman og kæmpe mod Gothams værste skurke. Udforsk ethvert hjørne af Arkham Asylum og bevæg dig frit omkring på den berømte ø.
Udgivelsesdato: 26. mar 2010

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Anbefalet af kuratorer

"Ever wonder what it would be like to be in the shoes of Batman for a night? After playing this game, you won't have to imagine anymore."

Om dette spil

Critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum returns with a remastered Game of the Year Edition, featuring 4 extra Challenge Maps. The additional Challenge Maps are Crime Alley; Scarecrow Nightmare; Totally Insane and Nocturnal Hunter (both from the Insane Night Map Pack).
  • Utilize the unique FreeFlow™ combat system to chain together unlimited combos seamlessly and battle with huge groups of The Joker’s henchmen in brutal melee brawls
  • Investigate as Batman, the WORLD’S GREATEST DETECTIVE, by solving intricate puzzles with the help of cutting edge forensic tools including x-ray scanning, fingerprint scans, ‘Amido Black’ spray and a pheromone tracker
  • Face off against Gotham’s greatest villains including The Joker, HARLEY QUINN, POISON IVY and KILLER CROC
  • Become the Invisible Predator™ with Batman’s fear takedowns and unique vantage point system to move without being seen and hunt enemies
  • Choose multiple takedown methods, including swooping from the sky and smashing through walls.
  • Explore every inch of Arkham Asylum and roam freely on the infamous island, presented for the first time ever in its gritty and realistic entirety
  • Experience what it’s like to be BATMAN using BATARANGS, explosive gel aerosol, The Batclaw, sonar resonator and the line launcher
  • Unlock more secrets by completing hidden challenges in the world and develop and customize equipment by earning experience points
  • Enjoy complete superhero freedom in the environment with the use of Batman’s grapnel gun to get to any place you can see, jump from any height and glide in any direction


    • OS: Vista/XP
    • Processor: 3Ghz Intel or AMD or any Dual Core
    • Memory: 1GB Ram(XP)/2GB Ram
    • Graphics: PCI Express SM3 NVidia 6600/ ATI 1300
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 8GB free space
    • Sound: Any onboard sound card
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169 af 177 brugere (95%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
116.5 timer bogført
Indsendt: 16. december 2014
If you're a Batman fan, this is a must-buy. If you aren't a Batman fan, this game will quickly correct that for you.
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57 af 67 brugere (85%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
2 personer fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
58.1 timer bogført
Indsendt: 5. november 2014
Batman: Arkham Asylum is a Beat 'em up set in, well, the Arkham Asylum (?)

You are vengeance... you’re the night Batman and after you catch Joker, who was strangely willing to go with you, without a fight, you go to the Asylum to make sure he doesn’t try anything funny. Bad part is you fail, good part is the Asylum gets out of control and is up to you to solve the situation, but remember, Joker is not the only one there, so you have to prepare yourself for a long, long night.

★★★★☆ | Liked it
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45 af 60 brugere (75%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
13.5 timer bogført
Indsendt: 4. november 2014
Oh, I love Batman's games :3 Nice graphic, nice story, nice gameplay..little open world. That game is awsome for guys which like using brain and logic at games :D
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20 af 21 brugere (95%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
16.5 timer bogført
Indsendt: 20. december 2014
A very good game, filled with basic but efficient stealth mechanics, a good fighting system, and interesting gadgets. Lots of collectible items and hidden secrets that explain the lore and story furthermore.
The graphics are still pretty nice, even though the game is 4 years old.

The only downside, to me, might be the amount of backtracking: you will often go back to the already previously visited places to be able to advance in the missions. But that's about it, really. The game is enjoyable enough, I had a lot of fun with it.
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17 af 20 brugere (85%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
29.9 timer bogført
Indsendt: 15. februar
I got this game cheap ..and I was like oh nooo , another *** Superhero game ..
But I was suprised ...it really is good .
The graphics are really smooth and shine , even on my old graphic controller .
The sound is not spectacular , but very fitting.
The boss fights are challenging , but always fair .
Overall i wouldn't call the game hard , it's always fair .


Graphics 8/10
They really look good even by today standards .But not that impressive anymore

Music 8/10
Good. But not impressive ,epic or unforgettable . But quite fitting

Gameplay 7/10

There's a lot to do and explore and collect , but can't be compared to Arkham City .Boss fights and fights in general are always fair and not too hard .Fights are running smooth , you can do combo's and combine different attacks. But it's no beat'em up . Sometimes it's even a bit too easy for my taste.

Definitve a must buy for gamers .
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12 af 12 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
14.8 timer bogført
Indsendt: 19. januar
Look in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane... it's super... wait no, wrong Super Hero... Although one thing is true, this game is super. For years we video gamers have asked for a super hero game that wasn't a garbage movie tie in or flat out horrible platformer. WB and Rocksteady games did just that with the Arkham series of games. Starting with the BD... that didn't sound right I meant Big Daddy known as Arkham Asylum..

Everything about this game just works, the combat is fun and challenging for the most part, While not the most overly difficult combat system ever created, if you don't stay on your toes you can be easily overwhelmed. Although by now this type of combat system has been used numerous times and perfected in other games, like the sequels to this game and Sleeping Dogs, it was flat out amazing and new when the game came out.

The story seems ripped right from a comic book..... Batman has captured the Joker and is hand delivering him to Arkham Asylum, on the way you get some awesome views of the batmobile and Arkham City, the setting for the follow up game.. Once inside the master villain joker puts his plan into full effect. I could go into more detail but trust me it's pretty amazing.

I would recommend this game to fans of Batman, fans of beat em up's, and generally anyone that enjoys good video games.... This is flat out a good video game. You'll enjoy it, money back guarantee... (if you want your money back though... don't ask me, cause I'm not giving it... this game is a masterpiece)
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16 af 20 brugere (80%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
31.5 timer bogført
Indsendt: 21. oktober 2014
sometimes bigger is not better, to me this one is the best in the trilogy.
very fun and tight action adventure game, the combat is well done, the story is good for a batman game, the characters and the voice actors are awesome and really did an amazing job, great game all around.
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11 af 11 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
23.6 timer bogført
Indsendt: 16. december 2014
This is an extended review on Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Content: 9/10
A 15+ hours campaign story along with a great challenge mode, which also has DLC challenges included, that can extend the length of the game up to 30 hours or even more in some cases. Unlockable character bios which include character interviews that you can listen to and character trophies, all of which are rewarded to you for your play time or geekness for searching and finding the Riddler's trophies. Very nice. Worth mentioning is that the game features a "Game +" which can extend the game's play value and play time by a lot more. (for those who are daring enough to endure the harder combat and lots of deaths that will follow)

Graphics: 9/10
Except from the eventual low res textures, which are hidden very well that in some cases are not even noticeable, the game looks amazing even to this day when maxed out. And this is a console port, which shows that the developers gave the time and effort to make it look as good as it could on a powerful enough machine.

Aesthetics: 10/10
This game catches the nitty gritty and dark enviroment, in which the Dark Knight fights villains for the good of Gotham. The Arkham Asylum really feels like a psychiatric prison that went wrong! Not much more can be said.

Sound: 9/10
- Sound Quality: It is excelent, crisp and clean as it should be in any game.
- Soundtrack: Be it on scenes, menus, combat or non-combat it fits the spirit of the game and that's what matters. It is great, it feel like soundtrack for a Batman licenced product.
- Lip synching: While it is really good it feels like it could be better. One of the better lip synching i have seen in a game though.

PC Port: 9/10
- Display Settings: From Anti-Aliasing, Dynamic Shadows and Distortion to Harmonic Lighting, Ambient Occlusion and PhysX, this game has a lot of settings that will satisfy the PC enthusiants just fine. (Although the FOV slider is missing. I know, its not a FPS game but still, its not there. you can mess with the files though and set it to your liking)
- Controls: This game supports controllers and rebindable keys which is a god send! Only 2 problems, 1 minor, 1 big. 1) You cannot rebind your keys while in-game, you have to do it before you launch the game via the game launcher and, 2) As many console to PC ported games tend to do, there are actions, many of them in fact, that are binded to a single key and that can cause some problems and a lot of frustration. Be aware.
- Optimization: This game has been tested and completed using an Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 Sonic Edition. With Motion blur being turned off (cause my eyes hate it) and Bloom being turned off (cause apparently my card hates it), this game was being maxed out on 1080p 60 fps (with V-Sync turned on). Greatly optimized in my opinion.

Story: 10/10
You are Batman, escorting the Joker, an unpredictable and very dangerous villain to a psychiatric high security hospital-prison called the "Arkham Asylum", where he escapes, and its up to you to stop him, the prison break he just caused and the other "super-villains" that are lurking free in the asylum.

Gameplay: 9/10
While simplistic in its design, Batman: Arkham Asylum's gameplay is so good and successful that it already has spawned a mechanical clone (namely the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor game) and probably many more will follow.
- Combat: The combat in theory is an action beat-them-up with counter moves and special moves that can be executed when you have reached a big enough combo on the press of a button, but it is so much more in praticality, making the game the opposite of a chore. Satisfaction is the word that can describe it. And of course you can make Batman learn new moves and combos while leveling up, making the combat even better while you progress through the game.
- Non-Combat: When there are no enemies to fight, the game includes a lot of puzzles to solve (the Riddler's trophies) but most of them are no big deal (key word being "most" of them). Use the batclaw to traverse through the island or just use your feet!
- Present in both combat and non-combat is the dedective mode, which helps you solve riddles or progress the storyline in some cases in non-combat and helps you indentify the weakness of special enemies or super-villain encounters/bosses in combat. Also, the Bat-gadgets, like for example the iconic Batarang or the Batclaw, these tools are there to help you battle enemies, traverse through the island or solve Riddler's puzzles. You unlock new gadgets while progressing through the game.
Although i will mention that combat has its hic-ups. There are times that Batman wont counter when you press the button or wont target the correct enemy or even wont hit an enemy because he isnt close enough when that isnt the case. There is room for improvement here.

To conclude, Batman: Arkham Asylum is a shining example of how a Batman game or generally a superhero game is ought to be. Full of great content, amazing story and satisfying gameplay, this is a game that you are doing yourself a disservice if you actually havent purchased and played it yet. Full price or on a Steam Sale this game is worth your buck.

My rating: Recommended
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9 af 9 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
16.7 timer bogført
Indsendt: 22. januar
The relation between the quality of this game and the fact that I'm recommending it is Harley-a-Quinn-cidence.
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9 af 10 brugere (90%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
34.8 timer bogført
Indsendt: 6. november 2014
Batman: Arkham Asylum is a great game - and, sadly, largely better than its successors, even though they are solid enough games themselves.

What this game does better than anything else - ever - is make the player into Batman. You are Batman. You feel like Batman. You do Batman-type things. The story is great, the characters are great, the flow of the gameplay is great, the voice-acting is spot-on... even the collectibles in this game are good.

This is one of the greatest games of all time and it would be criminal not to play it.

Grade: A+
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9 af 10 brugere (90%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
15.6 timer bogført
Indsendt: 11. november 2014
One of the best Batman games of all time, it defined the new genre of Batman games. Batman: Arkham Asylum takes place as you would expect at Arkham Asylum, everything seems to be going as planned but the Joker always has a trick up his sleeve. I would say the game is semi-open world, yes you explore Arkham but the game does a great job at reusing previous locations to the story. It develops clever ways of ramping up the difficulty. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill do a great job at being the Batman and Joker duo. Another little thing I liked was that the Joker talks(taunts) you throughout the game, it’s quite funny. The Story is great and I won’t spoil anything in this review.

The gameplay is great and the free flowing combat is very satisfying to pull off. Batman has an arsenal of gadgets to assist him in combat and being the world’s greatest detective. The game has basic stealth and the AI is really not smart but it does the job. The easter eggs are awesome. If you do end up playing this game I encourage you to collect everything, its very interesting to learn about the history of Arkham Asylum and the DC characters in general.
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9 af 10 brugere (90%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
21.2 timer bogført
Indsendt: 23. november 2014
There have been many superhero games throughout the years. Most of them have been sidescrolling "beat 'em ups" in the vein of the Final Fight series. Others were horrible adaptations like the Superman game for the N64. Arkham Asylum has been, with few minor exceptions, one of the most on-point adaptations of a superhero property into a game that I have ever played.

First, the format, a 3-D "metroidvania/Legend of Zelda" type deal where new tools open new areas and items to get, plays nicely into the feel of the game. That same format also helps with the "lone hero" feeling that is in many ways the essence of Batman. You feel like yes, you are alone, but you aren't out of your depth. Also, the classic animated series voices help set the tone of the game; dark with just a bit of humor here and there.

The game world is lush and well rendered, created in that gritty style also befiting a game about The Bat. Ruined sewers, secret tunnels, and crawling through airways and up walls all give this sense of being secretive, careful, and thought out. The world you have been given to play in is tailor made to adhere to the common action/stealth tropes that exist in other Batman works.

The combat and movement can be . . . halting at times. In particular the "hold button to run" command, something that I thought I had seen the end of when analog sticks came to prominent use, feels forced and unintuitive. When the combat flows, slighlty pauses on a big hit, and Batman is leaping to and fro kicking, punching and generally kicking ♥♥♥, it looks good, and it feels good to be doing it, but there aren't any ways to "do" the one move you like, really. And the combat system is at its best when you have maxed out all your available attack options.

The fightable enemies are simple and never waver from the basic human stock of "Joker goon fight"; they are either unarmed, armed with a melee weapon, armed with a firearm, a stun baton, or they are giant mutant freaks. This includes the "boss fights", making the gameplay and world far more engaging than the actual combat. That said, most of the combat is short and simple. I think the longest normal skirmish took maybe a minute. And the best parts of combat aren't specifically the combat so much as the setpieces where you have high perches to disappear to. You can swoop down, take out a goon, and then grapple up into the shadows, listening and watching as the other goons start to freak out as you take them down one by one.

And finally the story, which at least matches the quality of the old animated Batman series movies for plots. Joker has a crazy plan, and Batman has to stop him. The winding way Bruce has to do this is what makes up the bulk of the game. Some of the story points feel contrived, but overall, the story flows from point to point in a logical way. What helps in this is that Batman himself often tells the player (and Oracle over his headset) the next step. And when Batman tells you something in this game, a combination of the voicework and the writing just seems to make the next plotpoint make sense.

With solid voicework, a lonely, beautifully crafted world, and a combat and stealth system that is only sometimes marred by its own trappings, this is a solid, wonderfully made title that anyone who counts themselves as a superhero fan in general or a Batman fan in particular should own.
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7 af 8 brugere (88%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
12.3 timer bogført
Indsendt: 3. november 2014
Good gameplay, storyline, graphics and more!
You can explore Arkham Asylum.
Use Awesome Batman gadgets. Totally recommend this game.
Now waiting for Batman Arkham Knight :D
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5 af 5 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
22.3 timer bogført
Indsendt: 22. marts
I'm a little late to the party but this is a brilliant game. It's very well designed, with streamlined, fun gameplay and solid interface/controls. You can tell that a lot of thought went into its design.

The mixture of tools at your disposal such as the batclaw and batarangs is very reminiscent of Zelda games, while the areas that you can't get to until you unlock or obtain new equipment is very much like Metroid.

It's a perfect mix of exploration and combat. The "two button" combat system is simple, but compelling, and very satisfying to do.

The story is great, and the voice acting is good as well.

If, like me, you somehow haven't played it yet, pick it up in a sale and give it a try.
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6 af 7 brugere (86%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
10.7 timer bogført
Indsendt: 4. januar
It was fun to play this game after playing Batman Arkham City.
Makes you see how far the game has grown in a little ammount of time.

In this game the graphics are a lil lower obviously and the fights are not as well balanced.
But its already a great game, with well made up puzzlez/riddles.

And it has a good storyline once again.
Enjoyed playing this game allot and wish it lasted longer.
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6 af 7 brugere (86%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
3.4 timer bogført
Indsendt: 16. marts
I was exited for this game since i first saw it on Youtube but when i played the game itself i saw somethings that accully weren't in Youtube but still as i said the game is amazing and even tho there will still be some people here asking: ''Why have you only played for 3.4 hours?''. You can only think of the answer... There was a level aka. story stage which i couldn't finish but that is something you don't need to know here. But the game itself is really good the subtitles accully followed the game (we all know there are some games in which subtitles don't follow) and the graphics are okay (for some bad as i said my opinion). So the next Batman game that is Batman:Arkham Knight is suppose to be amazing and ofcourse as a huge Batman lover i agree with all the people who think that the game will be amazing. But again i went away from the accual point. So i hope ya'll enjoy the accual review and have a nice day (or whatever part of the day you're reading this review).
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4 af 4 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
2 personer fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
8.2 timer bogført
Indsendt: 15. januar
I'm Batman, enough said
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5 af 6 brugere (83%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
2.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 20. oktober 2014
Probably the most enjoyable fighting system ever. The visuals are breathtaking and still great after years. The story isn't perfect but it's good enough and follows a typical Batman storyline. It's more fun to collect stuff and find out about all the backstories of every character that Batman comes across. It's not as open as Arkham City but still very fun.
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5 af 6 brugere (83%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
17.7 timer bogført
Indsendt: 12. marts
You get to beat up the mentally challenged for the lulz

11/10 very realistic
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3 af 3 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
31.1 timer bogført
Indsendt: 29. november 2014
First review i've ever wrote and this game deserves it.
Where do I begin...

Well, first off, the story. It's pretty freaking cool. You've got some of your favourite villains running amock on Arkham Island. Yay! Plus Luke Skywalker plays the Joker.

Secondly, the gameplay. The combat system is so awesome. I played Arkham City before this and i always enjoyed the combat. IT'S SO BRUTAL! Plus you really feel like Batman. The stealth sections are really cool and allow you to feel like Batman even more, taking out neighbours from every angle without them even seeing you, soooo awesome!

THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS SO PERFECT. I was never much of a screenshotting person, but this game has got me saving over 200 screenshots, some of simply batmans costume and others of me in the middle in a boss fight (judge me, I don't care, jks i probs will).

This game does not have you constantly playing combat and stealth sections. Nononono. There are changes in gameplay. The scarecrow sections are so cool, and slightly psychological and creepy. I was never a collectible person, but I've been finding the riddler trophies around the map. Once you finish the game, you will have more gadgets to find lots of them. Plus the riddler puzzles are cool, but they can be hard.

I never cared about attention to detail, but this game has got me to see video games in a new light. The story is pretty long and there are challenge modes if you finish the game. I suggest getting the game of the year edition because then you unlock a challenge mode where you just continiously fight thugs. So yeah, I love this game.
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