SpellForce 3 - The perfect blend between RTS and RPG!
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7 декември 2017

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9 февруари

SpellForce 3 Editor & Mod Tools available

Dear SpellForce players,

Today we'd like to share with you the level editor and initial set of mod tools. These tools have been directly used to create the game so there is a lot to be achieved with those. It also comes with a documentation and example maps.

Please check the editor folder in the install folder for the documentation and samples.

In addition to that you can find the scripting wiki here: http://sf3scripting.spellforce.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

We have plans to release more modding possibilities in the future as well as Steam workshop support.

Here you can find a video about the possibilities with the level editor:

We look forward to your creations!
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29 януари

SpellForce 3 Public Test Branch


Today I would like to take some time and inform about our process for upcoming updates.
Going forward we will put these first in a public beta branch. In this phase it is important to us that you report all issues via our public bug tracker at: https://redmine.thqnordic.com/projects/spellforce-3-beta-public/issues/new

To enter the public branch please follow this guide:
Under Step 1 select SpellForce 3
Under Step 4 no password is required
Under Step 6 please select the branch named "publictest"

After a few days (depending on the severity of the changes) we will put the update out into the default branch that everybody gets.

Only critical bugfixes are the exception to this process.

We generally still have some big thing that we want to release over the course of the next weeks and months. Stay tuned & Thanks for supporting us!

Here is the changelog for todays publictest update:
29th January 2018
- It's now possible to see directly (via color/tooltip) whether a blueprint is already unlocked

- Fixed caret being displayed in incorrect position in empty input fields and password fields
- Fixed items remaining visible on characters even if they no longer fullfilled the requirements for using them (e.g. after drinking reskill potion)
- Reduced lag when opening replay menu
- Fixed details for replay files not being displayed in replay menu
- Fixed player not being able to split item stacks in trade window
- Fixed creatures clipping through prison cell door (and other thin obstacles)
- Fixed broken interaction on some level objects
- Fixed possible hanging in loading screen at 100% after level change in mp coop games
- Fixed possible crash on quickload during mp coop games
- Fixed an issue that would prevent the player from choosing a Scryer in Leafshade
- Fixed an issue that would keep repeating the scribe's dialogue in Windwall Foothills
- Fixed possible mp coop level change crash that could happen when players have noticably different system performance
- Fixed error message in skirmish coop that would wrongly say that not all coop privileges were distributed

- Added context menu on hero equipment slots
- Added scroll indicators in spellbook if spell description is too long to be displayed at once
- Added sorting functionality to trader UI
- Improved hero positioning in hero selection screen

- Campaign: Aonirs Blade second enemy faction, rts gameplay improved on all difficulties
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“So many RPGs give you positions of power and authority but then just throw a few arbitrary choices your way; SpellForce lets you actually wield that authority, both as a sword and a hammer.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“SpellForce 3 is one of the best blends between RTS and RPG in gaming.”
8.5/10 – Hooked Gamers

“SpellForce 3 is the best Baldur's Gate meets Age of Mythology ever.”

Относно тази игра

SpellForce 3 - The perfect blend between RTS and RPG!

It is the year 518. The rebellion of the renegade mages, known as the Mage Wars, has been quashed by the Crown. However, it was a Pyrrhic victory: Whole regions have fallen into anarchy, refugees roam the lands in search of shelter, and a mysterious, deadly plague called the “Bloodburn” has arisen and is spreading rapidly.

In times like these people cling to any sign of hope they can find. The Purity of Light, led by a charismatic man called Rondar Lacaine, claims that mages are the source of all misfortune – and that only the second coming of Aonir, the father of all gods, will return Eo to its former splendor.

The story takes place before the acclaimed SpellForce: The Order of Dawn.


  • Innovative Mix: Unique gameplay blending RTS and RPG naturally together
  • Create & Customize: Create your own hero and choose between distinct skill trees
  • Build to Fight: Raise your own army and fight epic mass battles
  • Epic Storyline: Immerse yourself in a rich world - Unravel the secrets behind the current situation in Nortander. Explore Eo, a fully-realized world filled with interesting characters and heart-wrenching stories.
  • Make new friends - assemble your party from a diverse cast of companions that not only complement your skills in interesting ways but also have an impact on the narrative. Manage their skills and equipment to ensure victory on the battlefield.
  • Choose your side: Strengthen and command one of three factions – Elves, Orcs and Humans. Prepare your troops and fight the mother of all battles. Play strategically, taking advantage of terrain, troop formations, visibility, scouting, etc.
  • Experience an epic tale: Enjoy a fully-voiced 30+ hour campaign on your own or with friends in the campaign coop mode. Face opponents of all skills in the online battles.
  • Multiplayer: Strong multiplayer component with various modes - Compete against each other in the PvP and Domination mode or play cooperative either together on one faction or classic where everybody plays a faction.

Системни изисквания

    • Изисква 64 битов процесор и операционна система
    • ОС: Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 (64 bit)
    • Процесор: Intel Core i5 3570, AMD FX-6350
    • Памет: 6 GB памет
    • Видеокарта: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon 7850 2GB
    • DirectX: версия 11
    • Устройство за съхранение: 15 GB достъпно пространство
    • Звукова карта: DirectX compatible Sound card
    • Изисква 64 битов процесор и операционна система
    • ОС: Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 (64 bit)
    • Процесор: Intel Core i7-4790, AMD FX-8350
    • Памет: 8 GB памет
    • Видеокарта: c
    • DirectX: версия 11
    • Устройство за съхранение: 15 GB достъпно пространство
    • Звукова карта: DirectX compatible Sound card

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