100% Orange Juice is a digital multiplayer board game populated by developer Orange Juice's all-star cast. Characters from Flying Red Barrel, QP Shooting, Suguri and Sora come together with all-new characters to duke it out... with dice.
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Väldigt positivt (4,725 recensioner) - 92% av 4,725 användarrecensioner för det här spelet är positiva.
Utgivningsdatum: 10 sep, 2013

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7 juni

The Breaker Pack Has Landed!

Play as Star Breaker and Sweet Breaker in multiplayer and 2 brand-new campaigns in version 1.13 ~Sealed Guardian~ alongside a slew of new features!

Full patch notes below:

Breaker Pack now available!
Includes two new characters: Star Breaker (Sora) and Sweet Breaker (QP Shooting - Dangerous!!), plus all-new single player campaigns for both Breakers.

Star Breaker (Sora):
HP: 5
Attack: +2
Defense: +0
Evasion: -1
(Special) Can only choose Wins norma.

Hyper: Star Blasting Fuse (Event)
Level: 3
Cost: 3
Set “Invisible Bomb” on 3-5 random panels.

Invisible Bomb (Trap)
Reduces HP to 1. Does not affect the player who set the card. Only visible to the player who set this card.

Sweet Breaker (QP Shooting - Dangerous!!)
HP: 6
Attack +0
Defense +0
Evasion +0
(Special) Recovery Value: 6.
When battling a player with reversed cards, gain +1 to ATK, DEF and EVD for each.

Hyper: Melting Memories (Event)
Level: 30
Cost: 50
All other players discard their hand and draw as many reversed cards as they discarded.

(Note: Unlocking the Breaker campaigns requires clearing at least 1 original campaign.)

Version 1.13 ~Sealed Guardian~ Now Live!

  • Added an improved pathing method: Players can now highlight any of the lit up destination panels after a move roll to display the route to that panel. Left-clicking the target panel will move the character along that route; right-clicking will switch the selected route (if multiple are available).
  • Reworked the Campaign difficulties. There are now 4 difficulties: Casual, Normal, Original, and Extreme. Mouse-over any difficulty to see detailed info on what it does. Campaigns previously cleared on Normal difficulty now show as having been cleared on Original difficulty.
  • Characters on Campaign screen now show an action pose on mouse hover.
  • Changed Norma selection’s font size and button behavior.
  • [Poppo stole this patch note.]
  • Changed the flavor text for Stiff Crystal.
  • Two new campaign maps from Breaker Pack (Sweet Heaven and Vortex) can be unlocked by clearing their scenario, or purchasing them from the shop (available at level 28, cost 10.000 stars).
  • Improved the snow effect in White Winter.
  • Added a new field event, Bomber: A bomb is placed on a random panel that explodes after 1-3 turns, inflicting 2 damage to all units in a cross-shaped area.
  • Added a new field event, Mystery: Every 5 turns, a random field event occurs.
  • There is a new ‘events’ tab at the right side of the screen (visible when there are active events). Mouse-overing it will slide open a display that shows Field Events that are currently active or were activated on that turn.
  • Clearing all original Campaigns on Normal difficulty or higher now unlocks Red Crown headwear for all characters.
  • Clearing all original Campaigns on Extreme difficulty now unlocks Purple Crown headwear for all characters.
  • Changed some mechanics in level design to allow for easier level creation.
    *Spectator chickens are now displayed as a single chicken icon with a counter.
  • A “new” graphic is now displayed when visiting the Campaign screen after a new scenario is unlocked.
  • There is now a notification when unlocking a new field for Free Play in Campaign.

  • Crystal Barrier or Stiff Crystal are no longer activated when stepping on a Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! trap set by yourself.
  • Traps blocked by Crystal Barrier or Stiff Crystal no longer increase trap counts for the players.
  • You Call That a Trap? achievement no longer fails if the player stepping on a trap is protected by Stiff Crystal.
  • Drop dice roll no longer cuts off by 10px when playing at 1080p resolution.
  • Play menu and dialogue background scrolling texts no longer cut off at high resolutions.
  • Chapter count should no longer move from the Center Deck when dragging the view with the mouse.
  • Fixed a graphic glitch where “Chapter X” message would quickly flash on the screen again after an event has been triggered at the start of the chapter.
  • Various achievements involving defeating other players in battle now also work even when the defeated player has Hyper Mode! active.

  • To avoid confusion, the Confusion event now reverses cards, instead of turning them face down.

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1 april

The Breaker Pack Announced!

We're happy to announce that next character pack for 100% Orange Juice will be the Breaker Pack, featuring the two fan favorites: Star Breaker from Sora and Sweet Breaker from QP Shooting – Dangerous!!

And that's not all! In addition to adding the 2 playable characters, the Breaker Pack will add all-new campaigns for both, where they struggle against the ultimate boss… Poppo!
(Spoiler: Poppo wins.)

Look forward to it after 10.000 years!

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“100% Orange Juice is far from perfect, but it’s still an exceptional virtual board game that really pushes your buttons.”
4/5 – Twinfinite

“The game is quirky and fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously which I really like in these days of AAA game releases.”
3/5 – CalmDownTom

“This game surprised me in so many ways. I have never really played a game like this before on a PC. I found it both fun and entertaining.”

Om detta spel

100% Orange Juice is a digital multiplayer board game populated by developer Orange Juice's all-star cast. Characters from Flying Red Barrel, QP Shooting, Suguri and Sora come together with all-new characters to duke it out... with dice.

This is a world where dogs, people and machines fly through the air. In that world, a small patch of darkness was born. Infinitesimal at first, it gradually began to envelop everything...

A youth named Kai, led by the mysterious life form known as Marie Poppo, begins a journey that will span worlds. The black, bottomless darkness of desire slowly eats away at both Kai and the world itself...

Let Marie Poppo lead you into a mysterious world to play. Grab your deck of cards and let the games begin!


  • Dice, cards, stars, battles and pudding
  • 4 Single-player campaigns
  • Playable by up to 4 players online
  • Countless battle combinations
  • Utilize each character's unique combat attributes
  • More than 50 different cards to collect
  • Character abilities in the form of Hyper Cards

New Steam Features:

  • Full HD support
  • Redesigned multiplayer experience using Steam's lobby system
  • Spectator mode
  • Avatar customization
  • New character skins to unlock
  • VAC enabled


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 2.0GHz or higher
    • Minne: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafik: Direct3D compatible video card with 128MB memory or more
    • DirectX: Version 8.0
    • Nätverk: Bredbandsanslutning
    • Lagring: 500 MB ledigt utrymme
    • Ljudkort: DirectSound compatible sound card
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Väldigt positivt (208 recensioner)
Väldigt positivt (4,725 recensioner)
Nyligen upplagda
( 2.1 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 28 juni
I got to blow up all my friends with rockets and watch chickens finish them off.
Hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
( 15.4 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 28 juni
15 hours later rnjesus granted me a win.

Hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
( 0.1 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 28 juni
Imagine playing any boardgame for the first time, for example Risk, without anyone to explain the rules. There is no manual and no way to find instructions. Sure you could find a guide on the internet or a explanation on youtube I guess, but where's the fun in that? So you get the board and all the pieces of Risk on the table and the other players start do their moves extremely quickly so you don't know what the hell is going on and then it's up to you. What do you do? No idea? Neither do I. And that's what 100% orange juice is. It looks a bit like monopoly but I have no clue how to play it. So you start the campaign, you're thrown right into the first game, your AI opponents do their moves and the player is left clueless.
Like I said, yes you could ask for help, yes you could find explanations on youtube or whatever if you really wanted to. But are you really gonna buy a game that doesn't have any official manual of any kind? If the answer is yes then you might have fun, I have no idea. For me the answer is definitely NO.
Hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
( 74.4 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 28 juni
don't buy this game it's a hack full of hackers and ceheaters no one likes this game and if you buy it no one will like you back ♥♥♥♥ing terrible unplayable and broken
Hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
Mashishi the Italian chef
( 9.3 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 28 juni
i see Kawaii Chibi characters and bright colours, i buy
Hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
Kagamine Rin
( 3.6 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 28 juni
this game is pretty fun
Hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
( 63.8 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 27 juni
So many hours on this game!!! addicting... love it so much. Makes you love and hate your friends at the same time.
Hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
( 8.0 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 27 juni
Fick produkten utan kostnad
It's anime Mario Party, but with no minigames and instead there's a battle system and card system.
Hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
Dark Raccoon
( 142.5 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 27 juni
++My Way Of Thinking When I Play Games++
"Now that we have countless games to try, we do not experience the same feeling of having a game for ourselves, and nothing else than that, that is why we find the negative aspects quicker than when we were young, games were fun, even the now called ''Bad Games''. If you give this game a try, do not be afraid and play it like you did when you were young."

++Quick Intro Containing Information Of How Much This Game Means To Me++
Before I give my opinion of this game, I really have to go back to when I was a child, you would ask, why?. . . Well It is quite obvious that as you can see, one first look at this game it could remind you of Mario Party.
I only played Mario Party 1, 2 and 3 when I was a kid, but that doesn't really matter here, or does it?. In fact, it kind of does, because when I first saw this game I felt like it was Mario Party, but with Weird anime girl and probably some P. . .Things that could scare anyone who's not into this or not even into anime. But, I once saw this game discounted 75% OFF, I said to myself "Okay I'll try it and then if I dislike it I will instantly refund it". . . Oh how wrong was I the whole time. . .
This game became part of my life as on how easy it is to connect with people, spectate, join as the match is currently being played, and the community, funny as hell, and well, this game got me so happy that I bought it 8 TIMES, now why did I buy it 8 times you ask?. . . I bought it so my friends could play with me. 7 out of 8 loved it and we still play it these days. Now, again what did I do or say that got me into this game?.

++Important Words That Got Me Into Playing This Game++
I cleared my mind and said to myself "let's try something new", now why I was able to do this?, mostly because of the new steam Refunds that you can now refund any game quickly without losing anything, which is a great feature I am really glad they added it!.

++The Review++

//Positive Aspects\\ Have you ever heard of Jonathan The Seagull? - You will after you play this game "7"
[+] The gameplay of this game is quite great, each character has their Pros and Cons, as in my opinion everything is quite balanced, you are not forced to play a certain character or pick a certain card as everything is usually RANDOM, so it's not a game that you have to always win or you will be thinking of winning. That is why these are the 10 Pros I could find in this game~.
1[+] As I said earlier, 100% Orange Juice has a great Multiplayer, that you can easily join anyone's match while playing, specate, straight up join as a random character that is currenlty playing and well as a cards game, you will not have lag. It's in my opinion the perfect casual game you can try on Steam.
2[+] If you are into Anime you'll find some of these characters funny or cute as they all have their wacky stories in story mode, plus some of them come from different games from the Developer Orange_Juice, if you want more detailed story, you can play the other games where those Wacky Characters appear.
3[+] In order to unlock some Characters you will need to finish the story mode, which is. . . not the main appeal of the game, don't worry, I will add this to the Cons, but why do I place this here?. Well it is because there's a fast forward button that let's you just click and hope for the best to be able to complete it as soon as possible [Ctrl + Shift], even they knew that the Story Mode was going to suck so they added that.
4[+] Everyone has their own way of playing, you can either choose Stars or Battles:
A: Each Character has Stars, which are won by stopping by Yellow Panels to earn some depending on the Dice you throw, you Throw 6 , you get 6 Stars. Which help you to level up if you are aiming for Stars
B: If you dislike playing like this, you can test your luck in Battles, and earn "Battle Points", each time you step on a Red Panel you will have to fight a Minion, they are quite tough, so you need a proper character to face them sometimes, or you can aim for the other Characters instead, and if you win you Earn 2 Wins instead of 1.
5[+] There's so many ways to play this game, and I will try not to spoiler you the ones I use because they are kind of tricky.
6[+]Each Character has their own Unique Stats like:
A: They all have their Attack - Defense and Evasive stats, that makes your Dice change depending on how much you have on those, suppose if you are attacking, if you throw the dice and it shows that you got a 6. And you have +2 of Attack, your dice will do 8 of Attack
B: They all have their own "Ultimate Cards", that difference each other from the rest, one throws a card that Upgrades your Character so you can throw 2 Dices for a Round, the other one steals Stars from your enemies, and so on
C: And who could forget the ones that have like 7 HP. . .
7[+] Some of the Skins that you could but, that dress your Character differently are purchased in the game with Money that you receive in online matches or in the story mode.
8[+] The game is so quick that you won't care if you lose, as long as you have a blast and make some friends!~.
9[+] The soundtrack is AWESOME for some characters
10[+] THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: The community helped me understand how the game works, as there isn't any tutorial that explains you everything, it is a great feeling when you are part of that community, and you can teach anyone you see that is having a hard time.

[-] Now I don't think this game is for everyone, as you could only play games to win, or seriously, I would recommend you to skip this one, if you are someone in that side. You will get frustated at these things:
1[-] Sometimes you are winning and having a streak in your game , but suddenly you step on a card that demolishes your HP to 1. . .someone kills you and then you lose all your stars and they win. And you are like "It's fine". . .
2[-] Some characters have to be purchased as DLC, they aren't strong but they add mix to the game, honestly this game feels like It is worth $15 so I am not really angry to see that there are these many DLCs, plus they are $1 each when they are Discounted. . . well some of them
3[-] You will dislike it at first as the game pretty much doesn't explain you anything, at all, the community in this game HAS TO
4[-] Sometimes you are listening to some character's soundtrack when they level up and then boom. . .that music is gone because someone else leveled up
5[-] Some people play in Normal Speed, as you will find it quite slooow compared to the Really Fast one, if you are the one playing all the time in that one

Overall: I am honestly running out of ideas of what else could be wrong at this game, becase everything that I said I think it wasn't that bad at all, you can easily ignore all the bad things I said and jump into a match, as I can honestly tell that you are going to have a blast in one match, as you won't be able to stop playing. It really is a great game that I have found, and I'm so happy that I had to dedicate it a Serious Review, it really feels unique and fun. If you are a fan of Casual Games, then consider giving a try to this game!~.
Hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
( 436.5 timmar totalt )
Upplagd: 27 juni
Best game.


Would die again.
Hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
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76.7 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 1 juni
A Mario Party Monopoly Love Child, With RNG Mixed In To Make A Beautifully Evil Baby

tl;dr: If you are a fan of Orange_Juice, a very casual and mellow player, a fan of anime and/or cutesy graphics, ok with RNG games or are a masochist, this game is for you. If not, you may not want to buy it... Maybe. Try it if you can.

100% Orange Juice is the 5 year anniversary game of Japanese Indie game developer Orange_Juice, starring some of their hit characters from Suguri, Sora, QP Shooting, and Flying Red Barrel - Diary of a Little Aviator. Now, you might be asking "WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE GAMES!?" and to that I answer that they're Indie and Japanese, and you need to know nothing about the characters to enjoy this game. If anything, this game is the gateway game to try out the rest of Orage_Juice's catalogue here on Steam!

General Overview
Before each game, you can choose a character and what cards you want in the deck each game. At the start of each game, everyone starts at their own home, with a single star and card. You play by completing Norma, which are objectives. Each game starts with every player needing to collect 10 stars, but you can choose to change it after you get 10 stars. You can choose to collect stars or battle for wins to achieve the set Norma. Once you collect the number of stars or wins, you must land on a home, which you can stop at whenever you pass it, or land on someone else's home in order to achieve the Norma. The first player to complete 5 Norma wins. In addition, the cards you choose can be randomly drawn out the deck at certain times, such as landing on a green space. There are many different types of cards, though for the sake of time, I'll say that you need a certain level to use each, and some cost a certain amount of stars, and the types are Trap, Boost, Event, Combat and Hyper, Hyper being the card exclusive to the character you are currently playing as. Though it sounds like there is a huge learning curve, it's quick and easy to learn it all.

- A very pleasing artstyle
- Great music, ranging from soft, windy music to techno dance beats
- A very alive and well multiplayer community in which almost everyone is a nice person
- A board, card, and turn based combat hybrid game that somehow blends perfectly
- Never the same gameplay. There will be constants, but the RNG makes it so that anything can happen at any moment.
- A singleplayer campaign that's pretty fun
- Tons of unlockables and achievements for those who love to chase that 100% completion.
- Difficulty rivaling that of Dark Souls, Touhou, and Super Meat Boy
- Gameplay customization with what cards appear in every game
- Continually being updated with balances and bug fixes
- Tons of characters in vanilla, and even more being added with DLC
- You can make your own (temporary) server and customize it to play with friends or strangers
- There's a demo available, though I have no idea if it accurately reflects the full game
- There is no broken card or broken character (though if the RNG is 100% on your side, you can invoke that)
- An in-game chat system

- Most of the game is RNG based, which means that you can add strategy, but it's mostly up to luck.
- The difficulty is more the cause of RNG than actually skill
- Some DLC characters are locked behind purchasing other games
- Getting new cards is also dictated by RNG, meaning that you'll most likely get every common card before you can get some of the rarer cards
- Most achievements are only gotten by luck, and some unlockables need considerable online point grinding
- The servers can range from stable to broken
- There are no official servers, so you'll have to rely on someone joining your game or you finding a public game

Nitpicks (That May Detract From Your Overall Enjoyment)
- The music can get repetitive, and some songs suffer from this badly, especially in a long game
- Some games last a long time and others are way too short
- The AI in campaign mode can be extra cheap sometimes, especially Poppo
- Nonexistant controller support unless you use a Steam Controller, and even then it kinda sucks

It's like a Mario Party and Monopoly hybrid, except 100% more luck based. The RNG might sit bad in some mouths, but it's an enjoyable game overall and definetly worth taking a look at. Just make sure to take yoga classes so that you don't smash a monitor when player 3 plays Poppo and somehow manages to never get hit or touch a trap because of RNG. I also recommend getting some buddies to suffer with you, but make sure they're the type of people who'd stay your friend even if you began taking a rusty spoon and used it to stab their back repeatedly. Also, the community artwork is 100% memes and good art, and it is beautiful. Overall, I'd give this game an 8 out of 10.
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11 tyckte att den här recensionen var rolig
34.2 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 31 maj
this game will make u reevaluate your life decisions and eventually drive you to visit a church to ask for guidance after it ♥♥♥♥s you in the ♥♥♥ multiple times with a strap on.

oh and if you ever get the chance to play against tomomo, dont, might as well just do a back flip off of your roof because it'd be less painful (and probably more fun).

good game doe
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10 tyckte att den här recensionen var rolig
51.5 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 8 juni
A game that can destroy friendships more effectively.

I once lost the game because an AI stepped on a card that killed 3 people.

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7 av 8 personer (88%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
2 tyckte att den här recensionen var rolig
23.5 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 10 juni
Don't let the cuteness of this RNG board game fool you, it's actually pretty brutal underneath all that. Even the most patient person will turn into a raging angry maniac after a while. Besides that, the game is super addicting and fun to play with friends. So grab your friends and let the rage fest begin.
Var denna recension hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
7 av 8 personer (88%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
25.6 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 13 juni
If you like to be depressed because RNG hates you, this game is for you.
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4 av 4 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
716.1 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 25 juni
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Pretty dang fun game to play with lots of friends! Though I wouldn't recommend someone who just likes to play this game for occassional fun to try and get all the collectables, since it is extremely time consuming. Overall, this is one of the most fun games I've played and I'm glad my friend bought it for me! Community is very interesting and fun to talk with as well.

Put an end to all poppos as soon as possible1!1!!!1!!!1!11!!
Var denna recension hjälpsam? Ja Nej Rolig
6 av 8 personer (75%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
8 tyckte att den här recensionen var rolig
8.2 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 24 juni
It's fair and not rage inducing
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155.2 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 10 juni
One of my favorite games as a filthy casual that is also known by its pairs to be lucky.

This game is a board game, where you can play as one of several characters to a total of 4 players, which all have their own stats and special abilities, which gives you different playstyles to adapt for.

While the game seems very cute in appearance, it can be a frustrating mess depending on how Lady Luck feels about you this time. Will you try your hardest and have your strategies stomped to the ground? Will you mess around and decide not to try only to become the victor of the game? Only time will tell.

This game shines when you play with other people, more so if you are in call with them to hear each other's reactions to what happens, but there are also a few campaigns that you can play on your own. Progressing in those campaigns will allow you to unlock different characters to buy in the in-game shop, using stars you gain by playing games.

The main problem I have with this game is how complicated it is to understand at first, because 100% Orange Juice throws you in its complicated rules with no tutorial or guides whatsoever. "I completed a norma? What's a norma? How do I even play this game? What, you can fight other players? What do Defend and Evade even do? Which one should I use? Am I dead for good? Why can't I use this card? Okay, I completed another norma I guess, this is long, how do you even win the game? Well, I guess I lost?"... This could be many of the questions you will ask by starting to play this game, this initial barrier is what makes this game hard to pick up. A lot of players would drop this game already due to the confusion of how the game plays, but if you can manage to grasp the rules and understand the game, only then you understand the fun of it. From that point on, you will love playing it and will want to play some more, even if you end up being frustrated from your bad luck from times to times.

If I had any request for making this game better and more accessible to the public, it would be for a tutorial to be added to the game, so the new players can actually understand it and get a chance to enjoy it before they drop it. Otherwise, it is easily one of my favorite games on Steam.

P.S.: Most of my friends that played this game and chose QP as their starting character had a really hard time enjoying the game, feeling like they were stuck with a terrible character. If you'll start playing this game, do yourself a favor and choose one of the other characters. My personal favorite is Suguri.
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2 av 2 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
32.4 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 16 juni
This is amazing!! Very fun to play with others :)
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2 av 2 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
48.3 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 17 juni
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On a surface: A silly board game combined with Magic the Gathering...ish system.

Real face: A game to end all your friendships!

And Dice will always fail you at the most crucial moment!

100 out of 10. Would lose a game, because dice gave me 1 instead of 2 or higher again.
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