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100% Orange Juice is a goal-oriented boardgame played by OrangeJuice's all-star cast including characters from Acceleration of Suguri, Flying Red Barrel: A Diary of Little Aviator, Sora, and QP Shooting.
Data di rilascio: 10 Set 2013
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1.6.3: All Fields Weekend!

25 Luglio 2014

1.6.3 is now live. All Fields Unlocked Weekend! You can now play on all the maps in the game online, whether you have unlocked them or not!

- Chat should no longer lose the speaker's name.
- Fixed several issues related to host changing during game.
- Improved safety checks for star and experience rewards.
- Fixed unit animations for Sora's black model.

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v1.6: Chat & New Colors!

21 Luglio 2014

Version 1.6 "Piggy Bank" is now live!
- Added In-game Chat. Players may now talk with one another in game lobby and during a match. Speech bubble icon can be used to toggle chat visibility.
- Improved CPU behavior against playable boss units.
- Added 2x Battle Squares to Miracle field event. These squares give 2 Wins if the NPC is KO'd.
- Two new color sets can now be unlocked at lvl 25 and lvl 50.
- Two new colors, a common and uncommon one, can now be unlocked separately for each character by playing multiplayer games. The unlock is a random chance at the end of a match, regardless of winner.
- Reduced prices of character color packs as follows:
Core character Basic Color Pack prices now 1.500 stars (down from 2.000)
Boss Basic Color Pack prices now 15.000 (down from 20.000)
Other Basic Color Pack prices now 7.000 (down from 10.000)
- Increased base XP gain by 20%
- Reduced XP penalty from playing with lower level players, and bonus from playing with higher level players.
- Added Star Decay: Games running for over 60 Chapters now suffer a 1% penalty to stars per chapter past 60.
- Slowed down the rotating player markers to make it easier to tell player numbers from them.

- For the Future of the Toy Store card level requirement lowered from 3 to 2.

- Fixed an issue with battle cards being displayed in card log before they were used.
- Poppo now intensifies properly.

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“100% Orange Juice is far from perfect, but it’s still an exceptional virtual board game that really pushes your buttons.”
4/5 – http://www.twinfinite.net/2014/05/24/100-orange-juice-review-game-hates

“The game is quirky and fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously which I really like in these days of AAA game releases.”
3/5 – http://calmdowntom.com/review/100-orange-juice-review-pc/

“This game surprised me in so many ways. I have never really played a game like this before on a PC. I found it both fun and entertaining.”

Informazioni sul gioco

100% Orange Juice is a goal-oriented boardgame played by OrangeJuice's all-star cast including characters from Acceleration of Suguri, Flying Red Barrel: A Diary of Little Aviator, Sora, and QP Shooting.

This is a world where dogs, people and machines fly through the air. In that world, a small patch of darkness was born. Infinitesimal at first, it gradually began to envelope everything...

A youth named Kai, led by the mysterious life form known as Marie Poppo, begins a journey that will span worlds. The black, bottomless darkness of desire slowly eats away at both Kai and the world itself...

Let Marie Poppo lead you into a mysterious world to play. Grab your deck of cards and let the games begin!


  • Dice, cards, stars, battles and pudding
  • 4 Single-player campaigns
  • Playable by up to 4 players online
  • Countless battle combinations
  • Utilize each character's unique combat attributes
  • More than 50 different cards to collect
  • Character abilities in the form of Hyper Cards

New Steam Features:

  • Support for HD resolutions
  • Redesigned multiplayer experience using Steam's lobby system

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 2.0GHz or higher
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct3D compatible video card with 128MB memory or more
    • DirectX: Version 8.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 600 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible sound card
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Before I say anything, 10/10. If you have ever played and liked Mario Party, Fortune Street, Dokapon Kingdom, or any real or digital board game, this game should be given great consideration.

100% Orange Juice goes into the long tradition of combining characters from different series by making them all into a single card game most recently done on Steam with Card City Nights or a board game most similarly done like Fortune Street. This game decided to do both. What I really enjoy about this game is that it is basically the first of its kind on Steam. It combines many core elements from Dokapon Kingdom like combat and different stats, Fortune Street for “promotions” and board control, and Mario Party for stars and the 3 item max system (no minigames unfortunately).

The main objective of this game is to get 5 normas. Normas are objectives that you need to achieve by either collecting stars or killing enemies. Once the objective is met, you need to land on an enemy orange or pass your own that you can automatically stop at even if you overroll. Each Norma will give you an additional level up star, from a start of 1, and caps at 5 for the 5th norma is victory. Higher stars mean you can use more powerful cards to help secure victory.

A dice is rolled at the start of each turn. Like other games of its kind, you can also use applicable items at this time, which this game implements as cards. Each card, as mentioned earlier, does have a minimum level requirement, so overly strong cards will not come out till late game. Across the board are many spaces. Green draws a card, red fights an enemy, yellow gains stars based on roll after landing, blue drops stars based on roll after landing, purple warps to another purple, and the orange marker is each corresponding color’s base that can automatically stopped at to get a norma if it is your own or landed on for the same purpose if not your own and can be used to heal. There is also a grey space that does nothing :(.

The combat in this system is really reminiscent of Dokapon Kingdom. In this game you can choose to fight whenever you pass an enemy or have to fight when another player fights you or you land on a red space. Each player only gets to do one attack and one defend each encounter. You can use applicable cards before combat if you have any that apply. During combat, the main decider of things is how high you roll for an attack and what defensive stance you take. When defending you can either defend, which will reduce the attack into their roll minus your roll with a minimum of one, or you can evade, which will completely avoid the attack only if you roll higher than the opposing roll. There are also boss battles that sometimes occur on red spaces that drop a lot of stars. If you reach 0 hitpoints, you will have to roll a dice to revive. It requries a roll of 5 or higher and then goes does by one each turn you fail. You also lose half your stars upon death and these go to the oppoment if defeated by that person.

This game is a lot of fun and you should strongly consider it. The only complaint one may have is this game contains a lot of pulp. Hours upon hours of "pulp".
Pubblicata: 16 Maggio 2014
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This game is 100x harder than Dark Souls 2. And 100x more anger-inducing than Mario Party.

Also, it's for people who are somewhat masochistic and enjoy a constant struggle with the unstoppable force known by many as "RNGesus".

Overall a great game to get your buddies together and ♥♥♥♥ them all off simulatenously. Even the CPUs give you a hard time.

I love it.
Pubblicata: 16 Maggio 2014
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I played this instead of watching the world cup final.
Pubblicata: 15 Luglio 2014
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100% OJ is one of the few legit board games (that have functioning multiplayer) on Steam. I have spent most of my time trying to beat the campaign (mostly getting roflstomped by CPU) and I am impressed by the assortment of cards and characters that the game provides. All the units have their unique qualities even though they are not all born equal.

At times, I was extremely frustrated due to the RNG nature of any game that involves rolling the dice. I also experienced even more frustration at how overpowered the final boss of the game is.

Despite this, I genuinely had a good time collecting all the cards and completing specific challenges offered by the game's given achievements. Some of them were quite hard, some were tedious, and some are gianed just from pure luck. This is a game that you should try to enjoy with good friends (especially if you want some of the harder achievements).

4/5 I would gladly buy a 4-pack on top of copy I already own when this game goes on sale.
Pubblicata: 20 Maggio 2014
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Cute design, nice soundtrack, funny as hell!
Best board game i've ever played. ♥
Pubblicata: 18 Maggio 2014
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