The Sequel to the award winning X²: The Threat introduces a new 3D engine as well as a new story, new ships and a new gameplay to greatly increase the variety in the X-universe. The economy of X³: Reunion is more complex than anything seen in the X-universe before.
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The Sequel to the award winning X²: The Threat introduces a new 3D engine as well as a new story, new ships and a new gameplay to greatly increase the variety in the X-universe. The economy of X³: Reunion is more complex than anything seen in the X-universe before. Factories are being built by NPCs, wars can affect the global economy, NPCs can trade freely and pirates behave far more realistically.
The Technology: Extensive development has gone into the X³ engine, making full use of DirectX 9 technology, to create dramatic visual effects and stunningly realistic starships. Coupled with the massively enhanced A.L. (Artificial Life) system, X³: REUNION presents players with an ever changing, evolving universe; where a player's actions really can shape the future of the universe.
The new X³ 2.0: Bala Gi Research Missions: The X³ 2.0: Bala Gi Research Missions offers a host of new features and missions, allowing the player to delve deeper than ever before into the X universe.
Space just got a whole lot bigger with the addition of two new sectors and the introduction of the gargantuan Player HQ which allows many exciting new features including the ability to build your own ships and even give them customized space paint finishes. In addition to the new M7 battleship, there is an assortment of new weapons and onboard ship devices to use and explore.

Systémové požadavky

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / ME / 98SE
    • Processor: Pentium IV 1.7GHz or same grade
    • Memory: 512MB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB 3D card compatible with Direct X 9
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 4.5GB available space
    • OS: 10.7 (Lion)
    • Processor: Pentium® IV or AMD® equivalent at 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB OpenGL 2.0+ discrete NVIDIA/AMD card or Intel Core i7-2620M
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB of free space
    • OS: 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD® equivalent at 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB OpenGL 3.0+ discrete NVIDIA/AMD card
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB of free space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    • Processor: Pentium® IV or AMD® equivalent at 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB OpenGL 2.0+ discrete NVIDIA/AMD card (with proprietary driver) or Intel Core i7-2620M with Mesa 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB of free space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD® equivalent at 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB OpenGL 3.0+ discrete NVIDIA/AMD card (with proprietary driver)
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB of free space
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Přidáno: 23. listopadu 2015
Back in the day i played the non-steam version for countless hours...
Good modding system
deep story (like the other games from the series)
good graphics for its age
good linux port

Time eater

nothing i know of
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43.4 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 7. března
Total play time: 43 hours before I gave up in disgust.
Crashes: too many to count.

The good:
lovely graphics. (When you can see them beside the immovable overlay screens.)

The really ugly:
Worst user interface of any game I've EVER played. Confusing. Redundant. And impossible to actually FIND anything if you don't already know EXACTLY where it is.

Flight mechanics: ships in space aren't air fighters. or worse cars in mud. Why can't SPACE simulations get this right? If I shut off the engines, I don't just bloody stop. I keep going. But not in this game. Freelancer got it right, and it made space combat FUN. Others never seem to have learned the lesson. If I want an air-based dogfight game, I'll go get that, not a game that's theoretically based in space.

Mouse resolution seem to be hard-coded rather than depending on operating system settings, then they don't give you a means to reduce the sensitivity. So if you have a high resolution mouse, hope you like making micrometre movements to control things. Or go with a joystick, which isn't nearly as precise - and you have to be VERY precise when shooting because there's zero give.

Stupidly high learning curve, and (almost) zero tutorial. Examples:
-- In the FIRST tutorial (simulator) mission, you're told "don't forget to activate your turret" - and left with ZERO instructions on how to do that. You're on your own trying to figure out what you need. I did eventually figure it out, several hours into the game, and the answer is nowhere NEAR the weapon options panel they provide.
-- They give you a jump drive? You have to "just know" that you need lots of energy crystals for it, and where and how to get them.
-- Want to activate your jump drive? You better "just know" that it's going to make you stop in space with a big flashing "Hi, I'm a target" for a while. So although the enemy can jump as soon as they're in trouble, you trying to do so means certain death.
-- Want to buy something? Who created that interface? Wasn't anyone with any kind of user interface knowledge.
-- Want to do some trading? Well, it seems you don't have the trading interface. Except you DO have the trading interface, says so right in your ship inventory. Finally discovered that it's not the right LEVEL of trading interface, which is given a different name in the error message than it has in the inventory. Again, you just have to know.
-- The list goes on, and on, and on. Sadly, most of the online advice is written by people who HAVE that encyclopaeodic knowledge and forgot that they didn't once have it.
-- Regularly throughout the campaign you're told "meet you at XXX". Without being given ANY hints as to where it might be. Having to go to external sources just so you can actually figure out where you're supposed to next is definitely poor design.
-- Attempting to build a "factory complex" is an exercise in frustration since the positioning controls were done by someone who had never, ever used any kind of CAD program. It's what I'd expect out of a novice doing a project for a Bachelor level graphics class, and even then they probably wouldn't get a good grade. It's not something I would ever have expected out of a commercial product such as this one.
-- The list of faults goes on, and on, and on.

And, finally, the kicker: the storyline breaks. Hard. With no way to figure out how the hell to fix it. Mission 7, finding the crystals, your contact doesn't show up where they're supposed to be, which means no way to continue. Since I've spent several hours between the previous mission and this one trying to earn enough credits to get a better ship, I have NO idea where it might have gone wrong.
I might as well have started one of the "no storyline" missions, because this one is now totally hooped.

Not to mention crash after crash after crash making game (almost) unplayable. Latest one? You finish a long mission (only the 2nd or 3rd one) with zero chance of saving and... it just hangs there, staring at the piece the Talon just dropped, keyboard locked. Did I mention no chance of saving and no quick-saves so you have to repeat the whole, long, frustrating experience rather than restart from further along the mission line. Worse, apparently there's a way to save without docking, as I was reminded by the game when it misinterpreted my "fire at the enemy" for "save this game", but I was defeated in trying to figure out where or how to purchase the necessary bits and pieces to make it possible. I'm pretty good at figuring things out usually, but this game is that obtuse.

I was REALLY looking forward to playing this game. But as it stands, it's an unplayable mash of crap that requires an encyclopaedic knowledge of the game JUST TO PLAY THE FIRST BLOODY MISSIONS!

I'm sure the game is fun for those who took the hours and hours to develop that encyclopaedic knowledge required to do even the most basic tasks in the game. For someone like me who doesn't mind some complexity, but would rather just get in and play before I'm hit with the whole enchilada, this game isn't for me. Or for anyone else who feels that it shouldn't be necessary to digest a 96 page manual, megabytes of online information, and go through several hours of online learning just to complete the first few missions.

Annoying. Very annoying.

edit: 8-Mar: yet I still intend to master this game. Yes, it's annoying in so many ways, but hopefully once I *have* acquired the required encyclopaedic knowledge (or at least a portion thereof) it gets better? Certainly has promise, I just hope it can realize that promise.

edit: 11-Mar: after trying for many hours to get this game to work, all I can say is "no, not for me". If you want a game that takes hours of research just to START the game, and many more hours of external out-of-game research to even have a hope in hell of doing anything, then you might try this game. If you want something fun, not frustrating in the extreme, and something that doesn't resemble more of an office job than a "game", stay away. Far, far away. Personally, I'm giving up in disgust.
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68.6 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 9. února
In essence a very good game that is the spiritual successor to Elite. A reletively steep learning curve for a new comer to the series but there are plenty orf tutorials on Youtube and on the Egosoft forums for help.

Combat especially when piloting fighters seems quite reasonable so far. The interface is only slightly differrant compared to the later expansions of Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude and is not clunky in use. For referance I'm currently playing campaigns in both Reunion and Albion Prelude.

It might be said that the only reason to get Reunion these days is if you want to play the plot especially if you have the other two expansions. Which might be valid for some but I like Reunion for the lack of money early in the game compared to the later titles as it really gives you a sense of achievement further on. As well as various differculty settings starting the main plot {in regards to starting money etc} You are also given alternative starts of the Humble Merchant, Bankrupt Assasin, the explorer and a custom start. These ignore the plot and are perfect for a total sand box experience.
Though these are not as many as contained in x3:TC and x3:AP

Reunion is more than just a space trading and fighting sim as it is also a strategy game at heart that you can build your own industrial or millitary empire or even both.

If you can't afford Terran Conflict and/or Albion Prelude Reunion is a good place to start.
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54.8 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 15. června 2014
(I own a non-steam retail copy too, which I played for YEARS, now I bought another copy, for steam)
A game from 2005 with graphics which looks OUTSTANDING even in 2014!
Great sound! Many of the lasers are not "phew phew", but serious and hard "RAT RAT RAT", like a heavy mashine gun. Neat.

You can basically be a pirate, do combat, trader, a manager, you can build stations and factories and manufacture & sell stuff you produce, you can be a freelancer, a fleet leader, a miner, or just explorer. Most probably, a combo of all of those.

Gooood game.
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23.2 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 27. listopadu 2013
After years of playing on and off again with over 500 hours both on and off Steam under my belt, I can say this is my favorite game. This won't be universal, though, as the game has a very large learning gap and very little instruction, coupled with a format of gameplay that is best discribed as "love it or hate it". The lack of a tutorial doesn't help.

For those wondering if this is worth playing or buying, one must ask themselved what do they want first. Do you want to be a pirate in space firing on ships outside of the areas controlled by the law, and don't mind the high dificulty?
Do you want to spend many hours trading items from one station to another to gain money and eventually buy your own states, hiring ships to trade for you and leading your new found corporate empire to grand wealth?
Do you want to explore the universe, and all it's mystory and see it's dark secrets, with all the risks that may bring?
Do you want to be a cop, shooting down pirates, evil robots, evil incests and whom ever else may oppose order?
This and much more is in the game.

However: if you want instant gratification, always playing at a fast pace, or everything being handed to you?
Then this game is not for you.
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