La continuación del galardonado X²: The Threat ofrecerá un nuevo motor 3D así como una nueva trama, nuevas naves y un nuevo modo de juego para aumentar la variedad del universo X. La economía de X³: Reunion será lo más complejo jamás visto en el universo X.
Análisis de usuarios: Mayormente positivos (187 análisis)
Fecha de lanzamiento: 3 de nov. 2005

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Acerca de este juego

La continuación del galardonado X²: The Threat ofrecerá un nuevo motor 3D así como una nueva trama, nuevas naves y un nuevo modo de juego para aumentar la variedad del universo X. La economía de X³: Reunion será lo más complejo jamás visto en el universo X. Los personajes no jugadores construyen fábricas y pueden comerciar libremente, las guerras pueden afectar la economía global, los piratas se comportarán de forma más realista.
La tecnología: se ha dedicado mucho tiempo a desarrollar el motor de X³, gracias a lo cual se aprovecha al completo la tecnología DirectX 9 para crear efectos visuales dramáticos e impresionantes naves realistas. Unido al sistema A.L. (Artificial Life, vida artificial) ampliamente mejorado, X³: REUNION presenta a los jugadores un universo siempre en desarrollo, donde la acción de un jugador puede modificar de verdad el futuro del universo.
Nuevo X³ 2.0: Bala Gi Research Missions:X³ 2.0: Bala Gi Research Missions ofrece una gran cantidad de funciones y misiones que permiten al jugador adentrarse más que nunca en el universo X.
El espacio es mucho más amplio gracias a la incorporación de dos sectores nuevos y a la introducción del gigantesco Cuartel General del Jugador que permite utilizar multitud de funciones nuevas, incluida la habilidad de construir tus propios barcos y de darles acabados espaciales personalizados. Además del nuevo acorazado M7, se han incorporado una serie de armas y dispositivos de a bordo nuevos que podrás utilizar y explorar.

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • SO: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / ME / 98SE
    • Procesador: Pentium IV a 1.7 GHz o equivalente
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Tarjeta 3D de 128 MB compatible con DirectX 9
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Disco Duro: 2 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido:
    • OS: 10.7 (Lion)
    • Processor: Pentium® IV or AMD® equivalent at 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: "256MB OpenGL 2.0+ discrete NVIDIA/AMD card or Intel Core i7-2620M"
    • Hard Drive: 5GB of free space

    • OS: 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD® equivalent at 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: "512MB OpenGL 3.0+ discrete NVIDIA/AMD card"
    • Hard Drive: 5GB of free space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 lts
    • Processor: Pentium® IV or AMD® equivalent at 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: "256MB OpenGL 2.0+ discrete NVIDIA/AMD card (with proprietary driver) or Intel Core i7-2620M with mesa 9.0"
    • Hard Drive: 10GB of free space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 lts
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD® equivalent at 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: "512MB OpenGL 3.0+ discrete NVIDIA/AMD card (with proprietary driver)"
    • Hard Drive: 10GB of free space
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Publicado: 8 de noviembre de 2014
Ah the X Series. I haven't heard anything good about rebirth the latest installment to the series but this review isnt about that. X3: Reunion Was the game that turned me on to the whole series. In fact just thinking about it now is making me want to sink even more hours into a title i have already sank more than what would commonly be called healthy gaming. Once you get past the steep learning curve and learn how to fly and fight and trade effectively, this game suddenly turns into how you would want to live in a future that affords you your own space oddesy. Space suddenly turns into your own playground and you become immersed in a universe that is fully dynamic.

With that said i think this title, X3 Terran conflict and X3 Albion Prelude were accidental. Terran conflict takes place after the events of this title, and adds a Major graphics overhaul. And prelude again expands on the story of Terran conflict as well as this title adding features and interfaces that were touched on in this title but done poorly. It is pretty evident the beauty of this game and the other X3 titles is the immersion of the struggle you are put through to learn, and adapt to the changes that happen around you all while getting the sense of achievement from overcoming and growing from the experiences you encounter.

What these games lack is a sense of person however. You sort of create a character or take on a storyline however you rarely interact as that character. You never really see the character and the universe usually refers to you as pilot. In Reunion, the main story you play as julian brennan. working along side Elena Kho. Trying to find your place in the universe. There is an extensive storyline and it all seems to fit very well all things considered. The other characters however offer a backstory as to why you start out where you do, and how the other races react to you in the beginning. Ultimately it defines how difficult the game is in the beginning to get started. Once you get on a roll however and you grow all plots start and play out no matter who you play as with the exception of Julian's plot. his has a little more frosting so to speak. Otherwise its all essentially the same. Reunion is also of the three X3 games that has a main character. Terran Conflict and Prelude do not feature main plot character who playing as change the dialogue or offer any additional content.

Dynamic Universe - Everything you do or not do effects the universe in some way.
Rich plots - The back story to each of the plots are very compelling and their rewards give a strong sense of achievement
Diverse spacecraft - Each ship has its own classification as well as strength and weaknesses. Even some that are unique and rare.
Races - Each race is unique in its own way and their ships fit the typical role the races engage in.
Fleets - You can build, or buy your own fleet and wage war against anything within the universe, ofcourse doing so will have consquences such as you may end up destroying something you want later. The good news is there is one race you can attack and murder with extreme prejudice and not have to worry about losing a future trading station.

Voice acting - Its there but at the time this game was released other studios did it better.
Races - While each race is unique there is nothing unique among their individuals. Humans however occasionally have diversity among males and females but you will be hard pressed telling a male or female split, paranid or teladi.
No planetary exploration. The planets in each system are just there to look pretty it seems.
No station exploration. Each station you only dock at and interact with through the ship.

From what i understand Rebirth attempted at affording planetary and staion exploration however at the cost of starship diversity. Further more these features were not done well and as such losing the ability to fly and construct a diverse fleet was too great of a sacrifice against bland cookie cutter stations.
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Publicado: 30 de marzo
This is a game. It looks like a game, it acts like a game, it even plays like a game. You press buttons to move, you press buttons to shoot, you can even press buttons to do other stuff and there's lots of stuff to do. You can build stuff, you can build stuff that builds stuff AND you can build stuff that blows stuff up. You can attach stuff that blows stuff up to stuff that moves, and you can make stuff that moves move around stuff that doesn't. You can also watch the stuff you buillt up blow other stuff up, OR you can fly around in stuff you put stuff on and blow stuff up yourself. It takes time to get some stuff done, and you do need patience to play if you want the best stuff or even a lot of stuff... even longer if you want a lot of the best stuff... but when you get a lot of the best stuff and throw it at a load of other stuff, the stuff that happens is pretty awesome stuff. So if you like a game with lots of stuff and no singular direction to do stuff in, then this stuff is for you.
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Publicado: 9 de enero
Takes a while to learn the game but once you have there are plenty of things to keep yourself busy with.
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Publicado: 26 de enero
I really enjoyed the freedom in this game. The ability to build an empire and the trading. I always enjoyed the interface and ability to buy the trading modules and remotely control your ships trading across the galaxy.
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Publicado: 25 de marzo
it's good if you are patience and have a lot of time and i meen a lot it took me 3 hours to gain 64 dollars
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Publicado: 6 de abril
After 60 hours of:

learning the controls,
figuring out what the bleep I'm supposed to do,
trading illegal space drugs and alcohol,
pwning space pirates so hard they abandon their ships so I can sell 'em,
exploring sectors and unknown sectors that has jump gates for some reason,
upgrading ships and mah lazorz,
making friends with aliens,
barrelrolling and "fast-forwarding",
repeating a command just to listen to a hilarious audio bug,

... I finally managed to afford a huge battleship, 9/10.

Let me give you a simple yet clear image of the races.

Argon = humans that brings justice for a living.
Boron = talking squids/snails who thinks peace solves everything.
Teladi = talking lizards that fits with only one perfect line: "profit is love, profit is life."
Split = looks like the cucumber man from spongebob but in different colours, and treats its own race like a "family".
Paranid = I dunno much about them, maybe because I'm vaporizing them for driving ugly ships.
Kha'ak = a silent race who likes to fly ships in black and purple, and they have only thing in mind: vaporize EVERYTHING!
Xenon = just as silent as the Kha'ak, but less annoying to deal with.

Ugh... Never mind, just go to wikipedia, google or whatever.
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Publicado: 1 de abril de 2014
Fué,en su día, mi primer contacto con la saga X y,en pocas palabras : inconmensurable!!!

Que no te intimide este juego,para los no iniciados en esta temática es,desde mi punto de vista,perfecto;está en castellano,tanto las voces como las descripcciones y,si bien es cierto,que al principio cuesta adaptarse...pero,con un poco de perseverancia/paciencia,para asimilar el concepto del juego,puedo asegurar sin lugar a dudas,que te dará horas y HORAS de distracción asegurada.

Empiezas con una triste nave pero,al cabo de un tiempo ya tendrás una pequeña flota para gestionar...puedes dedicarte al comercio,exploración,caza recompensas...dominar sectores o,tener el tuyo propio...las posibilidades son cuasi-infinitas.

llegará un mometo que estará inmerso entre logistica,generando rutas a tus cargueros,para abastecer a tus estaciones... o milicia,creando grupos de combate para defender,tanto a tus sectores,estaciones o cargueros por igual...o quizás prefieras asigmar una escolta personalizada a un carguero determinado...las posibilidades son enormes y muy variadas.

La curva de aprendizaje en este juego es progresiva y,consultando algún tutorial,fá va complicando según avanzas´pero es de agradecer,ya que te permite gestionar personalizadamente cualquier apartado del juego.

Puedes pilotar naves con un gamepad,un joystik un hotas o jugar con el teclado,tú eliges,con el dispositivo que estés más cómodo,o tengas a mano.

Cuando ya te familiarices con él,hay tropecientos mod´s,que cambian el juego por completo,por dificultad y/o complejidad...faltarán destripo más...

MUY RECOMENDABLE,a quien le guste el género,claro está.
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Publicado: 20 de diciembre de 2013
Continuacion del poco conocido " X2:The Treath " , conocido en español por " X2 : La Amenaza " , . Esta continuacion lo ha bordado , le doy 10+/ 10 , naves , enemigos , posibilidades , es que lo tienes todo , y el Final , P E D A Z O FINAL SUPERULTRAMEGA EPICO , el juego , 1 de las Maravillas poco conocidas de este mundo , Recomendado!
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6.1 h registradas
Publicado: 30 de abril de 2012
Exceletne saga, X es en todos los aspectos super completo xD
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Publicado: 16 de julio de 2014
Se ve que el juego tiene chicha, pero tanto el doblaje como la interfaz, además de las escenas animadas, me resultaron simplemente horribles. No lo recomiendo, porque me parece imjugable.
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Publicado: 27 de noviembre de 2013
After years of playing on and off again with over 500 hours both on and off Steam under my belt, I can say this is my favorite game. This won't be universal, though, as the game has a very large learning gap and very little instruction, coupled with a format of gameplay that is best discribed as "love it or hate it". The lack of a tutorial doesn't help.

For those wondering if this is worth playing or buying, one must ask themselved what do they want first. Do you want to be a pirate in space firing on ships outside of the areas controlled by the law, and don't mind the high dificulty?
Do you want to spend many hours trading items from one station to another to gain money and eventually buy your own states, hiring ships to trade for you and leading your new found corporate empire to grand wealth?
Do you want to explore the universe, and all it's mystory and see it's dark secrets, with all the risks that may bring?
Do you want to be a cop, shooting down pirates, evil robots, evil incests and whom ever else may oppose order?
This and much more is in the game.

However: if you want instant gratification, always playing at a fast pace, or everything being handed to you?
Then this game is not for you.
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Publicado: 5 de agosto de 2014
As a programmer, any game that lets you actually create "software" to manage your space-trade-fleets, has got a leg up already. While I'm not fan of the "jump-gate" type galaxies, that is probably my only complaint about this game. Individual combat is fun, but I have yet to build a combat fleet, so I'm not sure how that will go. The economic system is quite impressives, with dozens of different space stations you can dock at, and trade with. Eventually you can even build stations of your own. The game lacks a good tutorial, built into the main plot, so I was fumbling around quite a bit for a while. But once I got the hang of things, you can really see how well the various components of the game work together.
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Publicado: 4 de junio de 2013
X3 Reunion is a game of monstrous proportions. Everything in it is vast and massive in a way that's both exciting and daunting. It is relatively easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the game and the lack of any sort of proper guiding hand to teach you the basic will make many newcomers run for the hills. If you stick it out however you will find that underneath it all is one of the best open space games since the last game from the X series.

Reunion picks up where X2 left off and starts you as Julian Brennan once again. Your trade empire from the previous game destroyed by the Khaak you now have to resurrect it from the ashes, if that's what you want. The story missions available are in true X style utterly forgettable and easily missable. They can even be disabled entirely by picking from one of several sandbox starts this time around.

As always you start you start your adventure in the X universe in a small dingy of a space worthy craft and set about making your mark on the galaxy. How you do this is entirely up to you, you can trade, fight, explore however you like and in whichever forms you want. Some players might want to avoid the fighting aspect entirely and just set up a gigantic trading empire. Others might want to sustain themselves through pirate activity. The beauty of the X games have always been the choice they give you in going what you want to do, you are never forced to fight or forced to trade, it's all entirely up to you how you want to proceed from any given position.

Reunion is not without it's faults however and in this case, it's the bugs top the list. The game was almost completely unplayable at launch and while patches have managed to remove most if not all of the problems it is still not an issue that is so easily forgivable.

Graphically is where the game is truly impressive however, never before has space looked this beautiful and the objects that inhabit it looked this crisp. Every new sector you visit has a sense of uniqueness about it that just makes you want to keep going to see what's in the next one. The ships are beautifully detailed and the background ambient images of stars, nebulae and planets tickle the imagination. This is indeed one stunning visual experience.

The soundtrack is the standard space opera opus that we have heard so many times before, it doesn't detract anything from the experience but it doesn't add anything to it either. Luckily it is easy enough to disable the ingame music and put whatever you feel is appropriate on the stereo. The voice acting you encounter throughout the game, from the missions to your ships onboard computer voice, is downright atrocious however and take you out of the game with an annoying level of certainty.

All in all X3 Reunion is a solid continuation of the X saga, building on the foundations that has remained mostly unchanged since the very first game. Should you desire an open ended space epic then this is the game for you. If you have the stamina to get into the learn the ropes then X3 is as good as it gets, at least until the next X game is released.
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Publicado: 13 de octubre de 2014
Buggy, but still really fun. If you don't have the time to drop in Eve, this is a good alternative. Just don't buy Rebirth.
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73.0 h registradas
Publicado: 14 de diciembre de 2013
This game appears to be working fine since it was bugged at it's first release. Although the navigation and space stations seem a bit more awkward compared to the original and X2. But the most interesting part is more weapons, ships and hidden secrets within this game.

This game does have a huge steep learning curve, but you maybe best to try the Original X Beyond The Frontier, first.

You may get used to it over time, but you never know - as you may find this game not so boring as you got lots to explore the galaxy. And this game is open-ended and never stops, despite its linear storyline.

If you are keen to learn or find some spoilers to avoid any long-term mistakes in your space campaign, you best looking in the EgoSoft forums. Don't use any mods or any cheats that will permenently modify and corrupt your saves and stats, if you are that fussed.
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Publicado: 26 de febrero de 2014
X3 Reunion was introduced to me by a friend. when i first saw the game i wasn't into it. but he insisted. I loaded x3 reunion and x3 terran conflict on my system. I tried it, and never looked back. So what can we do in the universe of X.. i though i'd never ask. You can build a massive Trading Hub or be a trader - pirate - explorer - and when you get there.. a fleet commander of mind blowing hive formations and other formation lines. And when i say build a fleet, i mean buy 200 carriers 200 destroyers 200 corvettes 200 Mammoths. Fill them with missiles for other ships. Shields to repair and ammo. all kinds of stuff for the front lines. here's the fun part... build that fleet 200 times more because you can. if you can mannage them. sit back durring the war, commanding and taking pics like a tourist. at the same time your factories are making everything for your ships and other factories. your trade lines are protected by lasers and also have satelite info feeds to situational awareness. maybe for fun, a mine that i encourage everyone to fly past ;) the squash mine. i would make the info on it read - " Caution, this mine bites the hand that feeds it." when docked at a station you can read funny events, and take on personal contracts looking for ships, lost people and wares. Starting out is slow but its not like your gonna speed through space in 3 minutes and have it all - in one of the X3 series is a ship that simply can never fit through a gate and can build and store a whole fleet. i recommend this game to anyone interested in a different experience. p.s It's nothing like eve
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Publicado: 10 de julio de 2014
As many other people said,the x3 series are one of the best games i have ever played.
When you take the first look,its seems boring and content-less:try it,and you'll see that everything you expected,will be horribly wrong,so lets review positive/negative:

-Open world,you can be WHATEVER you want,do whatever you want
-"Money-managing" is a key to the game,and it needs strategy,which is cool,finally the trading system is REALLY important.
-Impressive space stations of course!
-Lot of different ships
-A lot of replay-ability (even though i only played for 2 hours,i already know that,its obvious)

-Really hard to bein with
-♥♥♥♥♥♥ UI
-Absolutely no tutorial for beginners

Here we go,thats all i have to say,so YES i clearly recommend this game,its a must have,aswell as albion prelude or terran conflict!
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Publicado: 5 de octubre de 2013
I have been trying for hours upon hours to play this game. It is the hardest game to learn how to play ever that is still mildly enjoyable. I'm not even sure I can play it anymore because there are so many misleading and difficult features in the game.

To extend this review: you had better be willing to do some research online to know how to do almost anything. If you can get past that, then the game is enjoyable. I look forward to playing some newer versions of this title in the near future now.
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Publicado: 3 de abril de 2014
I still love this game. For those like me, who like super deep games with tons of complexity, this game and the other X games are the best of the best imo. The controls suck, but I can forgive that to enjoy the detail and depth that this game offers.

This is not your pew pew game where you blow up entire fleets in your tin can with lasers. This game has economic, diplomatic, combat, black market, exploration, empire building, strategy, and so many more aspects its amazing. This game is like a living galaxy within your computer.

Biggest problem this game suffers imo is the learning curve. You can expect that the first few sittings with this game are going to frusterate you. If you can get past that, you'll enjoy the same complexity that frusterated you to begin with.
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Publicado: 29 de diciembre de 2013
This is a great sandbox space game (it has been described as a one-player version of Eve Online). A good mix between exploration, trading, and combat, with a largely optional story-line. The story is a bit confusing to people who haven't played X2, but it's a minor portion of the game.

Definately one you will want to read the manual (and guide) for as it is fairly complicated. Things like sector/universe trading and complex construction are essential for mid/late game money making, but poorly explained (or not at all!) in-game.
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