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I X²: The Threat, der tilhører en ny generation af rumsimulatorspil, spiller du rollen som Julian Gardna, der fortsætter historien fra X: Beyond The Frontier. Den opdaterede grafikmotor får universet til at føles friskere med nydesignede skibe og rumstationer, der bidrager til universets kompleksitet.
Udgivelsesdato: 21. jul 2006
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Indeholder 6 emner: X2: The Threat, X3: Reunion, X3: Terran Conflict, X: Tension, X: Beyond the Frontier , X3: Albion Prelude

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X2 Bonus Pack 1.04 and new languages available

7. juli

This update brings the Bonus Pack from version 1.03 to 1.04, which was previously only available as a non-Steam version. On Steam the Bonus Pack for X2 is already included in the base game. For more information on the Bonus Pack and the changes, see this forum thread.

At the same time, we have made the following localisations available:

  • Russian (full audio)
  • Czech (text/subtitles)
  • Polish (text/subtitles)

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Om spillet

I X²: The Threat, der tilhører en ny generation af rumsimulatorspil, spiller du rollen som Julian Gardna, der fortsætter historien fra X: Beyond The Frontier. Den opdaterede grafikmotor får universet til at føles friskere med nydesignede skibe og rumstationer, der bidrager til universets kompleksitet.
  • Udforsk: Du kan udforske over 130 smukt designede sektorer, fyldt med stjernetåger, der påvirker dine skibe og stationer, samt asteroider, hvor du kan udvinde råstoffer, som du senere kan sælge med fortjeneste.
  • Nye skibe: Udforsk med over 60 skibe af forskellige størrelser fra rekognosceringsskibe til de meget større stjernekrydsere.
  • Nye opgraderinger: Opgrader dine skibssystemer med mange flere opgraderinger, og hent nye opgraderinger, der udnytter den nye script-motor, som er designet specifikt til X².
  • Nye våben: Du kan føje nye våben til dit skib, herunder bl.a. Ion Disruptor og Mass Driver, men også bygge fabrikker, der kan udvikle disse våben og sælge dem mod fortjeneste, så du kan udbygge dit imperium i universet.
  • Nye missioner: Tag del i missioner, du får tilbudt på hver rumstations opslagstavle, tjen penge ved at forsvare konvojer, og tilintetgør angribende Xenon-flåder, som er opsatte på at tilintetgøre alt på deres vej.
    Men hjælp frem for alt med at forsvare universet mod Khaak'erne, inden de dræber alt og alle på deres vej.


    • OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98SE
    • Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz eller samme type
    • Hukommelse: 256 MB RAM
    • Grafik: 32 MB 3D-kompatibelt kort med Direct X 8.1
    • DirectX®: 8.1
    • Harddisk: 800 MB tilgængelig plads
    • Lyd:
Helpful customer reviews
5 af 5 personer (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
272 products in account
40 reviews
106.0 timer bogført
This game is exactly like X-BTF and X-Tension, but more complex and challenging. So you maybe better trying X-Beyond The Frontier first, in order to avoid struggling to climb up the steep learning curve, for this game. The best tip is to avoid Kha'ak M3s and M2 class ships as well as Xenon M2 ships, as those nasties can tear your ship into scrap metal in seconds.

If you already mastered X-BTF and X-Tension, then you maybe best to use Money Cheat as trying to rebuild your Space Empire is time consuming. Trust me, you best off using Money Cheat - just enough for a Argon M3 equiped with as much it can carry and the best shields & lasers. But for this game it is maybe best NOT to use any Cheats or Mods that will "***modify***" your stats - that will mess it up. You may feel to regret having your Stats modified but it is up to you and use the Money cheats AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Don't use any untested or not so promising addons or mods that may ruin your saves, as those things can corrupt your saves. As that will mean you will have to start all over again, if that is the case. And please don't shoot at ships or stations except those belonging to Pirates, Xenon and Kha'ak. Otherwise your saves will have your stats with a negative and irreversible reputation.
Indsendt: 10. juli
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3 af 3 personer (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
539 products in account
161 reviews
99.3 timer bogført
Economic simulator IN SPACE! You will HATE this game if you expect to fly around blowing stuff up like a bad Wing Commander clone and I will laugh at you for it. This game is for people who extract joy from maximzing profits as they dominate the market on space weed and use their illicit drug money to build an armada to destroy entire races because a transporter from a neighboring sector bought all the energy cells for their worthless wheat farm.

Do you like spending long hours establishing your empire?
Do you like big learning curves?
Do you like working a second/third job?
Do you want to wreck the economy?

If you answered yes to those questions you will enjoy this game, otherwise just go away before you become another one of those people who just doesn't get it and hates the X series without really knowing why. Unless you hate Rebirth, that's different.
Indsendt: 3. august
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2 af 2 personer (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
96 products in account
3 reviews
4.6 timer bogført
There are some features about this game i like over the later ones (such as flying in stations and actually seeing characters outside of ships). It feels like a mix of beyond the frontier and x3. If you have never played any of them, pick up the super box during a steam sale. its worth it.
Indsendt: 22. juni
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1 af 6 personer (17%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
66 products in account
9 reviews
1.6 timer bogført
i played x3 so that why got it liked x3 very much
Indsendt: 13. maj
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0 af 4 personer (0%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
124 products in account
25 reviews
6.8 timer bogført
I'm sure there's some impressive depth here. I want to like this game, I just can't figure out at what point it will be fun... Score 6.5
Indsendt: 13. august
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15 af 15 personer (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
72 products in account
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0.7 timer bogført
So, a quick review of X2 The Threat.
X Games are a genre unique unto themselves. The game is basically a sandbox universe made up of multiple sectors or solar systems connected by jump gates.
The main objects in the sectors are factories which consume and produce products; and different kinds of space ships flying about doing different tasks; such as freighters collecting or delivering products, military ships defending the sector, pirates doing their business (they don’t bother you too much), and a mysterious enemy called the Khaak (that will bother you relentlessly).
You can choose the kind of role you want to play. Be a pirate hunter, stealing their ships and selling them. Become a pirate yourself if you want. Build a commercial empire with factories in multiple sectors and your own fleet of freighters – and get rich so you can buy the high-end ships and equipment and go and conquer the universe. It’s really up to you.
There is a storyline you can follow if you want. It’s not great really; but you can drop in and out of it as you like.
X2 is not an arcade space dog fighting game. If that is what you want you will be disappointed. The game requires a lot of time to learn and play. For those who like sandbox simulation games, with an emphasis on building an empire from scratch X2 The Threat is excellent. Although that said the subsequent iterations have improved the gameplay and graphics. So if you want to play just one X game this might not be the one to choose. The whole series is available here on Steam, so do a little research and decide which one you want to jump into.
(ps I have the game on Steam but I played a retail copy)
Indsendt: 10. marts
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“The best space game ever” -PC Zone

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