Legend foretold it. Prophecies predicted it. Chosen ones chose to believe in it. Now the adventure saga continues. A sequel is coming. Join Wilbur, Ivo, Nate and Critter in another classic point-and-click adventure in the wicked world of Aventásia. Help them fulfill their destiny. A destiny as yet unwritten.
User reviews: Very Positive (177 reviews)
Release Date: Feb 19, 2015

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"The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is a worthy successor to the the previous title. Adventure Game designers take note. Beautiful score. 8/10"
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April 24

French, Spanish and Italian language added!

Dear The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 fans,

we are happy to announce that we have just added French, Spanish and Italian language (text loca) for The Book of Unwritten Tales 2.

Cheers & Stay tuned!
Your Nordic Games Team

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March 16

Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Patch Released!

Here is the changelog:
• Added additional sidequest in Chapter 5
• Added achievements for the sidequests in Chapter 4
• Fixed a bug with the sandbag in chapter 3
• Fixed missing inventory icons
• Fixed a bug where the credits didn’t show up
• Fixed gaps in the background
• Fixed a bug where the subtitles didn’t show up in minigames
• Performance improvements in some scenes (which caused the Critter bug in chapter 2)
• Fixed a bug where the music didn’t stop playing in chapter 5
• Fixed interaction points with controller input
• Fixed bugs where the zoom didn’t reset after a dialogue
• Fixed a bug where Nate disappears when switching characters in chapter 4
• Fixed some minor issues in chapter 5

Please provide feedback here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/279940/discussions/0/617330406660564683/


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“It’s a comforting reminder that video games can still hark back to their traditional roots and produce an enjoyable experience without any overblown live-action trailer or day one DLC. This is a delight to play.”
9/10 – Game Watcher

“I can’t recommend this series enough for anyone who wants to sit down and enjoy an old style point and click adventure game.”
5/5 – Gaming Shogun

“KING Art has outdone themselves with 'Book of Unwritten Tales 2' and firmly established their craft as premiere adventure developers. This is a long game for the genre, over 20 hours, with a reasonable price point. It is also laugh-out-loud funny in many places and has an acerbic wit as well as excellent pacing and puzzles, and manages to accomplish all of this without taking itself too seriously. It is one of the best adventure games in recent memory.”
4.5/5 – High-Def Digest


“A sequel that definitely builds upon the promise shown in its predecessor. A great combination of fantasy adventure and comedy.” - Robin Parker God is a Geek - 8/10

“The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 is one of the best point and click adventure titles to be released, and stands as an example of what the genre has to offer. I would easily place it in the company of revered adventure titles like Grim Fandango or Tales Of Monkey Island, perhaps even surpassing them as it takes what made those titles great and expands upon them.” – The Sixth Axis - 9/10

About This Game

Legend foretold it. Prophecies predicted it. Chosen ones chose to believe in it. Now the adventure saga continues. A sequel is coming. Join Wilbur, Ivo, Nate and Critter in another classic point-and-click adventure in the wicked world of Aventásia. Help them fulfill their destiny. A destiny as yet unwritten.

The Tale

A few years have passed since our heroes heroically defeated the arch-witch Mortroga. And their lives, like the lives of most people in Aventásia, are still in turmoil. The War of the Two Towers is over, but the wounds it left upon the land are still bleeding.

The gnome Wilbur Weathervane is struggling with his new job as a teacher at the reopened School for Wizardry and Witchcraft. His magic wand is having a mind of its own and an assassination plot against the arch-mage overshadows the first democratic elections in Seastone.

Faced with political intrigues that threaten the delicate balance of peace, Wilbur is in dire need of his old friends. But the elf princess Ivo and the adventurer Nate have, after a brief romantic interlude, gone their separate ways.

Ivo has returned to her gilded cage in the elf kingdom, overprotected by her controlling mother.

Nate along with his trusty companion Critter has been taken prisoner on the flying island of his arch-enemy the Red Pirate.

But fate does not rest. A darkness has fallen upon the land, or rather, a pinkness. A magic force is turning mighty beasts into fluffy plush puppies and towering castles into oversized dollhouses. Every world needs its heroes. However unlikely they may seem.

Key Features

  • A new adventure from KING Art, the creators of The Book of Unwritten Tales, The Critter Chronicles and The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief
  • A fantasy story with over 20 hours of pointing and clicking
  • The trademark BoUT-humor, lovingly spoofing LotR, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Discworld, The Hobbit, WoW and more
  • Hundreds of weird, yet oddly logical puzzles
  • The well-proven "Multi-Character-Gameplay"
  • The established four playable characters Wilbur, Nate, Ivo and Critter
  • An ensemble of quirky characters, both well-established and brand-new
  • Projection Mapping technology unites the merits of 2D and 3D styles and technique
  • An epic soundtrack with all the classics and many new compositions

Kickstarter-powered Extra Features

Thanks to the support of our fans on Kickstarter, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 will be an even bigger and better adventure. Here’s what the backers of our Kickstarter-campaign helped achieve:

  • Optional Side-Quests: Similar to RPGs the game will feature optional puzzle chains besides the main puzzles, that you can choose to solve, but don´t have to
  • Extra Outfits: For solving side-quests you will not only receive achievements, but also unique outfits that the playable characters can equip, and that you can combine in different ways to create unique outfits
  • Production blog & Making-of Videos: Our vlogger Danica has joined the fellowship of BoUT2 and provides a regular production blog and video updates
  • Orchestra recordings: For the first time several of Benny Oschmann´s much-loved music tracks for the game will be recorded with a live orchestra

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9c compatible graphic card with 512 MB RAM and PixelShader 3.0
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 13 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • OS: OS X Version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series or higher/ATI X1600 or higher (Pixel Shader 3.0)
    • Hard Drive: 13 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Compatible with MacBook Air 2013
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series or higher/ATI X1600 or higher (Pixel Shader 3.0)
    • Hard Drive: 13 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
18 of 19 people (95%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
16.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 19
Point and Click adventure with witty dialogue, great knowledge of tropes and genre, puzzles that manage to be complex while logical (generally) and enough of all to last you a good while. I'm 2 chapters in (out of five) and Steam tells me that took about 7 hours. That's with not necessarily finishing every optional side-puzzle chain and skipping lots of the audio dialogue (the voices aren't bad at all, I just read faster and prefer to move along in games this text-heavy).

I'd perhaps recommend playing the original first to get to know the characters and be able to follow what continuity there is. I can't say what it's like to fresh eyes, as I played and loved the last game ages ago, hence backing the Kickstarter for this immediately.
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18 of 20 people (90%) found this review helpful
6.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 25
I played Book of Unwritten Tales 1 and I must say that it was one of the best point-and-click adventures in a loooong time.
And I've been waiting for Book of Unwritten Tales 2 ever since...although I was like ..Can it really be that good ?
And to answer the question , now , after having played awhile I must say ....DEFINETELY YES .
Even in the very first few minutes it has a ton of references , from The Elder Scrolls , Harry Potter , Star Wars .....and so on .

Graphics 8/10
The graphics are really nice and fitting , colourfull .Avantasia ( the country BoUT takes place) is rich in colour .Trees , flowers and waterfalls are slightly moving. But it can't be compared to games like The Elder scrolls .It's not 3D it's more of enhanced 2D .You can move to the back of the beautifully animated graphics , but you can't really move to all sides like in The Elder Scrolls.

Sound 9/10
I really liked the sound . It was always meeting the tone of the game . Never disctracted me from the tasks or got on my nerves . Sometimes it was even epic .

Controlls 8/10
I always play my point-and-click adventures with a keyboard and did so here as well and never encountered any problems.
It supports a controller (which my friend used) and he had at one point the problem of not being able to move to another scene .I don't know why this happened .When he switched to keyboard everything was ok .

Gameplay 10/10
I know the rating seems high , but hey this is my opinion .And to me this is perfect . I laughed sooo hard at some of the ingame jokes and the tons of references ...The adventures were not too hard (at least for a veteran point-and-click gamer ) but always fun ...

Supports Steam Cloud , Steam Achievements and Steam Cards .

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17 of 19 people (89%) found this review helpful
39.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 21
Perfect! The best adventure game in a long time. Just about everything is spot on, the story, the jokes, the underlying philosophy. I hope there will be more games like this in the future, it's time for a renaissance of the adventure game genre, and this title will lead the way.
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9 of 9 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
28.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 10
The greatest old-school adventure game of all times?

Close, but that is still actually a pretty legitimate statement for The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the tremendous The Book of Unwritten Tales 1, a point-and-click adventure game set in a fantasy world. What is even more surprising is the fact that certain parts of the game alone put so many classics and modern games of its genre to shame. It is hard to believe that after so many years such a gem can still be created. A gem with some flaws though.

Firstly, the Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is without any doubt the best looking point-and-click adventure game to date. An improvement from the original’s already colourful aesthetic, it can be clearly seen that KING Art pushed the visual fidelity with this game. The way the 3D camera and objects orientate around the characters gives such a pleasant ocular effect to the environments. The backgrounds are mesmerising and better than ever, packed with so many tiny details. The character models are also superior than in the original game; Ivo and Nate, two of the protagonists of the series, have received excellent character redesigns which feel both mature and a bit less cartoony (in a good way). And of course, let’s not forget Wilbur's (the main protagonist) new mage outfit which I personally dig. Visually, KING Art just outdone themselves, but that is not to say that they cannot go even further than this. Additionally, the soundtrack has the right vibe for a fantasy setting, especially with its memorable theme tune. The English voice acting is once again strong, but if there is one criticism about it is the fact that during certain situations some of the spoken dialogues lack urgency -- like if you are falling to your death and you do not feel like screaming out your dialogues.

The humour is back, and it would not be The Book of Unwritten Tales without mocking and making funny references to tropes, movies, TV shows and video games. Once again, there are plenty of moments of laughter to be had. When it comes to parodying pop-culture and paying homage to the classics, this franchise does it best. It is truly the spiritual successor of Monkey Island when it comes to comedy.

The puzzles in the game have the right balance between easy and hard, but for comparison, the difficulty got bumped up a notch compared to the original game. As a result for those who thought it was a bit too easy in the first game, then the good news is that in this sequel they are a bit more challenging, especially in some areas. While the brilliant character-switch mechanic is back, it does sadly feel underused here. Personally, I really wish there were more puzzles involving all the characters working together than the game has to offer. There are few puzzles which require some backtracking that may ultimately cause some passing issues with the story around the middle. Nonetheless, it is good to see that at least all the puzzles are logical and, more importantly, fun to solve.

Unlike the original game’s story which was more or less The Lord of the Rings in a nutshell with its own distinct flair, this time around it is a lot less on that epic scale of good versus evil. And no more encounters with (new) dragons, orcs, goblins and taurens (spotted the WoW reference yet?). In a way it feels more intimate, especially with Ivo and Nate’s relationship, with more time dedicated to character development instead. Of course, the whole "a new evil force is slowly growing in the world of Aventasia in secrecy and our heroes have to prevent it before it is too late" is still present. As a whole, the story is solid and on par with the original, with enough plot twists to keep you engaged for what is a very lengthy adventure game. On the other hand, it could have been enhanced by introducing a lot more new interesting characters since the game seems to oddly do the complete opposite by bringing almost the entire cast from the original game – which is great to see all the old faces - but it does not have the same spark the second time around. Though, that is not to say that the new few characters are not appealing; for instance, the owner of the adventure shop is actually a pretty cool character. But then you have characters like Miss Kiki who just feel a bit out of place and Bennie, the genie, who feels like such a missed opportunity and only gets about five minutes of screen time. If there is an area where The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 kind of falls flat on its face is in the heavy reliance on the old supporting cast (including revelation of the main antagonist) to drive what is a solid fantasy plot -- almost as if the game wanted to play it safe, take no risks. So in that regard the first game still has better, more memorable moments than in this sequel only because of its novelty. Evidently, there are a handful of moments which are also brilliant in this sequel too.

However, the developers have done it once again with yet another rushed cliffhanger at the end which left more questions unanswered while making you scratch your head until you cut your scalp. It is hard to comprehend how they could replicate the same annoyance found in the original’s ending in here as well. The ending is clearly left opened for another sequel, but the last five minutes feel very rushed. It is almost impossible not to feel like the ending ruined some of the experience, which it did for me to an extent. "Wait what?", "But how?', "Urghmm" and "That was it?" will be the common phrases running through your mind when the credits start to roll.

In conclusion, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is the best point-and-click adventure game that there is in this day and age, even with its few issues. While it does not reinvent the wheel and is not perfect the way I maybe wanted it to be prior purchase, it did enough to proudly earn its place amongst the greats such as Monkey Island, Longest Journey, King’s Quest and many others in my book. I cannot think of a better and more fun game of this genre from the past decade than this, with the exception of maybe the original game. Great characters, interesting plot, best visuals for this kind of game, hilarious conversations and the list goes on. You cannot go wrong with this game if you are a fan of old-school adeventure games. Whoever makes such games nowadays must learn and take notes from this series, except on how to make endings. I only wish the ending was more cohesive and not so rushed. That is something which this series still needs work, pronto.

Bring on The Book of Unwritten Tales 3.
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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
33.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 20

It's a great point and click adventure game which allows you to play with three (four) memorable characters. There are many references based on popular games (eg. WoW), tv shows (eg Scrubs) or books (eg. The Neverending Story, Song of Fire and Ice) which will make you smile and in my case bring forth some genuine laughter. You'll experience a story in which the three (four) main characters (Ivo an elvish princess, Nate a Captain of a skypirateship and his companion "Critter" (think of Han Solo and Chewie) and lastly Wilbur a gnome wizard) get back together to fight a pink menace that threatens the world of Aventasien. It will take you about 20 hours to finish the game which is nothing to sneeze at.

If you like this genre then you should really get this game now and don't wait for a sale because if a game of such quality (especially in its genre) doesn't sell well then there might be no point in making any in the future. So please get it if you think that this might be something for you. I'm quite sure that you won't be disappointed.

I would strongly recommend playing the first instalment of the series not because it is absolutely needed but because it adds to the experience of this game and it is another great adventure.

I backed this game through kickstarter because I believed in KingArt and their ability to make a great adventure game. My trust in them wasn't misplaced. BoUT2 is an outstanding adventure game of which I enjoyed every second. I had to laugh so many times during my playtime that I'm already hoping for a sequel.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the story but it should suffice to say that you’ll be able to play as the gnome Wilbur who just became a teacher at a wizard school, as the elven princess Ivo who is inflicted with some kind of „disease“ and is currently staying at the elven castle, as captain Nate who still has issues with headhunters and their employer and as the Critter who is the loyal companion of Nate. All three of them get dragged into a political struggle for power and something which transforms the world of Aventasien into a pink and cute version of it.

The puzzles are designed pretty well and if you are an experienced adventure gamer you shouldn’t have any problems with them. Every puzzle has a logical solution and there are no “WTF” moments like the monkey wrench puzzle in “Monkey Island”. What should be mentioned is that there are optional puzzles which you don’t need to solve to progress in the story. Instead you’ll get a cosmetic Item which your characters can wear e.g. a fishing hat. There is one really great optional puzzle in the wizard school which pays homage to the evolution of adventure games.

----Graphics and Sound----
The graphics are top notch and I’m not sure you’ll find better graphics in a point and click adventure. It is not uncommon that Items with which the player can interact stand out from the scene. That isn’t the case in this game. Every usable item looks like it’s a part of the background.

The voice over is great in the german version of the game. All of the old characters have their voices from the original and each voice actor breathes life into the characters. It’s hard for me to judge the quality of the English voice over (because I’m not a native speaker) but I started a second playthrough in English and I’m quite happy with them as well. So in my book they are pretty good as well. The soundtrack is well made and this time most of it is done with a real orchestra.

BoUT2 is great adventure which is quite big (~20 hours) and thus is something which is rare nowadays. If you like adventure games in the spirit of “Monkey Island” you need to get BoUT2 (and 1 if haven’t played it). The people at KingArt, who developed this game, poured their heart and soul into it and the game shows it. The lovely crafted scenes in the background, the witty and funny dialogues and the many references to pop culture already earned a sweet spot in my geeky heart.
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