Making History - The Great War: Write your own story and change the course of history as you lead of one of the Great Powers during the era of the First World War. Can you prevail as modern industrialized warfare changes the age of empires forever?
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"Released from Early Access, good alternative to Paradox/other Grand Strat games. Some-what dated UI/Graphics but very indepth detail & scale."

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The Great War Updated

Quick update with more AI refinements and a fix for an obscure bug that caused at least one user’s game to freeze. The AI will be a little less aggressive with ally support and now keeps more units home for defense. You should also see a lot of trains on the map. Prior to this release the AI tended to march everywhere.

There are new models and textures for a few ship units that we felt looked inconsistent. In the July Crisis scenario, the Germans have been given greater military strength since the allies are defending each other more efficiently. Expect to see numerous West African, Moroccans and Algerians units on the Western Front supporting the French.

The AI changes have impacted the pacing and game balance.This is expected when you make alterations to a relatively complex and interdependent system. In the testing this week, we've noticed the Japanese have become very adventurous, occasionally invading the Middle East and Africa. We’ll be keeping an eye on this and other results as we continue our AI improvements through the Spring.

-Aborting movement due to terrain now clears the move order
-Fixed bug that could leave ships out of port with an exit port order
-Fix for regions not changing control - causing the game to sometimes freeze.

-Added AI to choose whether or not to use rail or road for movement orders
-Revised long distance targeting so that ai will re-evaluate targets as the units arrive to an adjacent region
-Revised defense estimates needed for regions to take into account units occupying adjacent regions
-Restrict support allies plan if the nation already has too many units overseas
-Revised AI support plan to ensure that AI still issues orders to units who are already overseas

Scenario Content
-Revised Textures for Subs, British Cruiser, American Dreadnought and the Troopship
-Updated Unit Icons to match new ship models
-Removed French from Occitanian nationality
-Added Recruitment Centers to Germany Start - The July Crisis
-Added more Military Power to Germany - The July Crisis

-Split display of Research projects opened from other projects in Research Encyclopedia

-Removed the ability to access removed objects and templates from the Region Paint menus

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Making History: The Great War AI & Editor Updates

    This release has many AI updates and further feature improvements to the Editor. The big change is that Allies no longer automatically receive Military Access. This must now be requested or offered. Acceptance will be measured strongly by relationship and threat. Additionally, you will see colonial nations making greater use of their colonial manpower to defend their homelands and empire. The new access rule was necessary due to improvements in the AI that make them more interested in supporting Allies. Without restraints, we had some outcomes we did not want like Colonial Vietnamese troops fighting on the Russian front.

    The Editor continues to evolve and expand functionality based on user feedback and our own internal goals. We are currently working on adding Event editing support. The work completed so far looks good. It’s possible we’ll have at least part of this feature ready for the next release.

    In the coming weeks will be completing some further military AI refinements regarding movement and tactical enhancements. Generally, the AI should be more inclined to use their artillery to reduce defensive infrastructure before initiating attacks. We think these upgrades will make the combat experience more challenging with a greater historical feel to it.

    And finally, the tech requirement for making Gas Shell technology has been relocated to an earlier spot on the Research Tree. As a result, expect to see more green haze on the the battlefields.

Release Notes listed here:

  • Fixed bug in intra-empire trade duration
  • Update Shipping Capacity when trade amounts are reduced or deleted
  • Gas attack order no longer requires that every unit in the group have the gas attack capability
  • Fixed bug where Military Access change notifications could be sent out multiple times
  • Fixed bug where changes in Port Access would result in Military Access change notifications
  • Revised interdiction so that the interdicted amount is a random number between 0 and interdictor power
  • Shipping capacity lost from interdiction now directly corresponds with the interdicted resource amount

  • Revised AI calculation to focus more on allies with enemies on their borders
  • Optimized path finding
  • Revised AI evaluation for accepting Aid to make it more likely to accept Free Money
  • Added distance and influence checks to ally support AI
  • Made nations more likely to attack nearby enemy regions over water
  • Fixed bug that could keep wealthy nations thinking they needed money
  • Made war a higher priority for nation budgeting
  • Added alliance spam timer to help keep nations from requesting to join an alliance they recently left
  • Check if artillery should use road to move out of their current region before issuing move orders
  • Revised support allies evaluation for subordinate nation
  • Revised opportunity attack plan's target region evaluation to include bordering friendly nations
  • AI are no longer given military access to allies by default (They are still given port access)
  • New military access AI evaluation routine
  • Allies will now ask for Military Access to attack an enemy
  • Revised “Accept” Military Access AI
  • AI will now cancel Military Access
  • Added bonus to Military Access eval if the two nations share a government system
  • Increased the importance of enemy military power when evaluating whether or not to grant Military Access

    Scenario Content
  • Updated Chinese Flags
  • Changed Light Cruiser from Oil to Coal fuel

  • Fixed non-allied port access agreement flags not appearing in the Government Info Panel
  • Added Military MPUs column to the World Forces Panel
  • Research Results with resource expansion now has space in the name

  • Fixed issue that prevented Modders from adding new units for a unit group in the editor
  • Modders can no longer create a group without units in the editor
  • Unit models now automatically update when the player applies changes to said group in the editor
  • Edit Nation now displays the nation's Flag and Icon
  • Added ability to edit the Nation Description
  • Removing a resource producer from edit land region panel now allows the player to apply or revert the change that was made
  • Fixed The February Date causing errors in the date selection menu

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“This game is a superlative experience in learning, creativity and entertainment.”
Armchair General

“Muzzy Lane has definitely developed a real winner here with Making History: The Great War”
RTS Guru

“Making History: The Great War is an exceptional title. It automatically will appeal to those gamers who know what they’re doing, as well as those willing/able to put the time in to learn.”
Just Press Start

What to expect from the most recent update:

    Quick update with more AI refinements and a fix for an obscure bug that caused at least one user’s game to freeze. The AI will be a little less aggressive with ally defense and now keeps more units home for defense. You should also see more trains on the map. Prior to this release the AI tended to march everywhere.

    There are new models and textures for a few ship units that we felt looked inconsistent. In the July Crisis scenario, the Germans have been given greater military strength since the allies are defending each other more efficiently. Expect to see numerous West African, Moroccans and Algerians units on the Western Front supporting the French.

    The AI changes have impacted the pacing and game balance.This is expected when you make changes to a relatively complex and interdependent system. In the testing this week, we’ve noticed the Japanese have become very adventurous, occasionally invading the Middle East and Africa. We’ll be keeping an eye on this and other results as we continue our AI improvements through the Spring.

Release Notes listed here:

  • Aborting movement due to terrain now clears the move order
  • Fixed bug that could leave ships out of port with an exit port order
  • Fix for regions not changing control - causing the game to sometimes freeze.

  • Added AI to choose whether or not to use rail or road for movement orders
  • Revised long distance targeting so that ai will re-evaluate targets as the units arrive to an adjacent region
  • Revised defense estimates needed for regions to take into account units occupying adjacent regions
  • Restrict support allies plan if the nation already has too many units overseas
  • revised AI support plan to ensure that ai still issues orders to units who are already overseas

    Scenario Content
  • Revised Textures for All Subs, British Cruiser, American Dreadnought and the Troopship
  • Updated Unit Icons to match new ship models
  • Removed French from Occitanian nationality
  • Added Recruitment Centers to Germany Start - The July Crisis
  • Added more Military Power to Germany - The July Crisis

  • Split display of Research projects opened from other projects in Research Encyclopedia

  • Removed the ability to access removed objects and templates from the Region Paint menus


Making History - The Great War: Write your own story and change the course of history as you lead of one of the Great Powers during the era of the First World War. Can you prevail as modern industrialized warfare changes the age of empires forever?

Your actions will influence world events as you navigate a path through shifting alliances, emerging technologies and self-serving nations who hold power over vast populations eager for war. Control industrial expansion, engage in trade, create alliances and lead your military forces in the most in-depth WWI grand strategy game ever made.

GET THE FREE DEMO NOW. Click the DOWNLOAD DEMO button above.

  • Change the course of history: Begin at historical starting points then make your own decisions.
  • No two games are the same: Each of the great power nations has a unique character and situation that will require different strategies to succeed.
  • Experience an entire world going on around you: React to hundreds of possible historical world events from assassinations to the sinking of the Lusitania.
  • Immerse yourself in the historical era: Hundreds of nation specific ground, air and naval units as well as city architecture that reflects the time period and geographic location.
  • Mobilize your nation for war: Try to achieve victory before your treasury -- and your manpower -- are wiped out.
  • Control the Seas: Use your naval fleets to own the seas and blockade ports, or wage unrestricted submarine warfare and sink ships trading with your enemies.
  • Make strategic government choices: Establish colonies and puppet states to create buffer zones, win new allies or avoid rebellions.
  • Buy and sell in a global economy: Trade resources and manufactured goods on the world market or directly with other nations.
  • Build and improve transportation to grow your empire: Use rail to connect regions to increase trade, resource extraction, industrial expansion and troop movement.
  • Expand your sphere of influence: Use foreign aid to increase ties with other nations.
  • Use the “play anytime” cloud-based multiplayer service: Effortlessly play huge multiplayer games by taking your turn when you wish, even once a day. Role-play your historical counterpart in the diplomacy forum at the website.
  • Make History: Create and share your very own customized “What if…” historical scenario with our detailed scenario editor.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP with Service Pack 2
    • Processor: Pentium 4 or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB DirectX 9.0c-Compliant, Shader 2.0 3D Video Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Windows-Compliant Keyboard & Mouse
    • OS: OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (PowerPC not supported)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
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Started off playing as USA and invaded Mexico taking their territorys and citys set up a blockade around puerto rico and then the allies alliance declared war on me I put up a good fight but forgot about the damn Canadians.
So after all this I joined the axis alliance and then russia declared war on me.Game Over
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A very... VERY detailed Geo-political simulator with a plethora of unit models, playable countries, and modability.
However, the UI is rather out of date and it is definitely a time sink. At first can be incredibly overwhelming, but the ability to completely control the economic and military power of your chosen country is hard to resist.

I'm about to spend a lot of time making my own history out of the Russian Empire >:)
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I recently posted a negative review of this game because the CD key didn't work - or so I thought. The company's tech support worked with me and determined that the fault was indeed mine, not the game's. I am hereby retracting my negative review and posting a positive one, with a public apology.
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Making History II: The Great War is a grand strategy game set around the time of World War I (there are two starting scenarios, one starting in 1912 and another starting before the assassination at Sarajevo in 1914 going into the 1920s and the Soviet Revolution) This game consists of the entire world cut into small regions, accurately representing the borders and geography of all countries that existed at the time of your chosen scenario, with various populations, cities, and resources in each region. In this game (it is a turn based strategy game with each turn taking 1 week) you can choose any country in the entire world and lead that country, industrializing it, modernizing it, engaging in diplomacy with other countries, waging war, facing crisis such as rebellion, invasions, and famine. This game also implements an event system with some events that follow actual history such as the building of the Panama Canal, and others that will be triggered by drastically changing history such as the unification of Scandinavia or the resurrection of the Byzantine Empire. Another interesting thing is that at any time in the game you can save your game and then resume it playing as another country (even countries that didn't exist at the beginning of the scenario you are playing) Another thing that this game possesses is an internal editor that can be used to change many aspects of the game, from creating new countries to changing the values of regions such as nationality or religion. Using the editor you can create amazing new scenarios of alternate history that you can then play and publish to the main website. After about 70 hours of this game I can definitely recommend it,
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If you are a fan of Paradox Games, Imperial Glory, other Geo Political games such as Super Power 2 you will enjoy this game. The game can be a little overwhelming at first, There is a bit of a learning curve but can easily be learned even with out the tutorial if you have played similar games.

I love the amount of depth this game has, Although war is a major focus point it is far from being the only point. One thing i dislike in similar games is a vast amount of waiting around with nothing to do. This game has plenty to manage while you are waiting for troops to build. If i had to compare this game to another game Supreme Ruler comes to mind as far as what you can do micromanaging wise. As much as i love the Supreme Ruler series this is in my opinion a superior game for the sole reason that i find this game more of a joy to play.

If you are looking for a strictly historical game you may be a little off put as the game is guided towards world war 1 events however it is only a suggestion, I have yet to play a game that was the same, There were times that world war one happened without a hitch and i was fighting off Germans in Belgium, Other times I became the cause of a World War due to my military expansion of Romania. There were times that other conflicts would prevent world war one but start other conflicts around the globe such as Colonial territories rebelling against their owners. The randomness of this game can be a blast.

The game also comes with an Editor that anyone can use, This means that if you want to build a world war two scenario you can, Do you want to recreate the Roman Empire you can, Whatever your imagination can come up with. These scenarios can also be uploaded on the Making History website for all to download.

The Developers are extremely active and listen to the community, I have never experienced the amount of help that is given by the developers to the players than in this game. They have made it clear that this game will continue to be a major focus with continued updates and added features for the foreseeable future.

If you are looking for a game in which you will keep telling yourself one more turn and you realize that was the 30th time you said that then here is the game. Would highly recommend.
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The short TLDR version: it's a great, strategy 'world game' with high production values, great MP play and covers the period perfectly. It's what RISK would be like if a group of Professors and history buffs modded the hell out of it and pumped it full of steroids. In fact, that's not far from the truth. Muzzy Lane are without doubt *the* academic game developers with an undeniable academic and gaming pedigree for historic sandbox strategy gaming. Their line-up includes MIT grads, noted world-famous academics and some of the best coders and designers around.
This is a well-researched, very well-constructed strategy game for thinking people and warlords alike.
While it's possible to go-for-broke and unleash the dogs of war from the start, you can also roleplay your nation historically (or ahistorically) and fulfil your desire for world domination, domination of a sphere, or run your empire or nation benevolently and attempt to prosper and grow. The game covers economic, scientific, diplomatic and military areas with detail and puts the controls of your nation at your fingertips.
Each power has it's own sphere of influence, and if you start becoming involved in areas of the globe in which they hold an interest, then you will be warned and war might even follow. It's a game where you cannot just bludgeon through without facing consequences. Armies must be supplied and also fed. Food plays a vital role (which is not covered in other games of Grand Strategy) and transport of that food is vital if you ship it from abroad. This is where control of vital areas comes into play, and also trade warfare such as unrestricted submarine warfare. You really have to think strategically in broad strokes to achieve your goals.
Also, the technology of the warfare of this period is unlike anything you may have been familiar with before. Warfare is in a new era that renders the old Victorian style of warfare (which didn't change much from Napoleonic times) obsolete. The machine gun changed all of this, making wars long, costly and with terrible attrition. A nation has it's War Weariness measured in the game, which affects the nation's will to fight. You can wrestle it out on long fronts, hoping for a breakthrough or you can try to end the deadlock by pouring troops into your meat-grinder and waging a war of attrition. Technology plays a vital role in gaining an edge, as new weapons and methods of waging war, like gas attacks, better artillery, assault troops and aircraft can turn the tide of battles. Eventually, one side will break and they will gain that extra territory. You need to make sure it's you.

There is also a wealth of demographic map overlays to satisfy the most obsessive map fiends. They cover amongst other things, religion, ethnicity, trade, infrastructure and so on. It's also worth noting that the economic and trade parts of the game are highly enjoyable and you can make a lot of money or gain precious resources this way. The market also reacts dynamically to supply and demand, so, you can do things like buy a lot of one resource on the market to drive the price up, and vice-versa. If you have the added privilege of owning major sources of that resource, then you can effectively destabilise other nation's economies without firing a shot.

The UI is typical for Muzzy Lane: uncluttered, easy to process, easy on the eye and with ease of access to all info in a very sleek and classy-looking way. You can go deep into the sub-menus for all kinds of interesting and vital info. The in-game encyclopedia is thankfully in-game and not online. This contains all info on unit stats, buildings, and everything else you would want to know. The manual also has extensive info on this and it's not a two-page leaflet with install instructions, a screenshot and key commands. It's a proper manual.

Finally, if you really want to create new scenarios, the editor will allow you to do this. You can recreate anything from the turn of the century to the inter-war period of the 1920's and early 1930's.
This period is very ripe for all kinds of alt-history scenarios and with bit of research you could make something really cool.
Or, you can cheat and give your nation a huge army, air force and navy, all available tech and then steamroller across the world if you like.
You can share the scenarios online through Muzzy Lane's website.

If you play global strategy games, then this is a game you must own.

I'll give it 9/10, one point off perfect, because I want to see them make a WW2 game like this.
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67.4 小时(记录在案的)
This turn based strategy game takes on a very authentic early 20th century Europe.

Assume direct control of any country before the first world war, command its military, navy and air force.
The nation descriptions are accurate and give you a general idea of the situation that befalls you in the scenario that you choose.

Combat is simply moving grouped units through territories adding in factors such as trenches, artillery, terrain. It is done simply, but with stacked units. Battles can take weeks in game.

Armies have accurate sprites with superb uniforms/skins for each distinct nation, they can be moved by land via your nations veichle or the faster railway/railcart stockpile, or by sea via transport capacity.

Rescources like Arms, Fuel, Coal, Metal, Food, are nessecary for the survival of your Nations war machine.
Fund rebel insurgents or political factions in rival nations to ensue disorder and public unrest to the point of armed rebellion and even civil war.

Similar to the time, Alliances are made and broken easily. However do not expect Allies help if their borders are far from your own until they develop the technology/resources to send military intervention. (IE USA helping GB & France)

I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the Making History series. Or anyone who is interested in first world war era.
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The devs have done a lot to this game since beta, the release version is a very good game. A bit like Paradox's grand strategy games like Victoria 2 this strategy game is however tightly focused on the Great War, so you have observation planes, trenches, observation balloons, bombardment artillery, airships and even gas attacks.

It's got a lovely simple GUI, which for a game like this is very important. You need to be able to control all your production etc in one place. This game does that really well - one screen set to control production of factories, infrastructure and resources - its really easy.

Messages are well presented with popup screens and clear notification icons, you are given opportunities to make grand changes from these popups as well like when playing as the Austro Hungarian Empire you can choose to ask Serbia for harsh terms or go easy on them. Interesting diplomacy options then, but there could be more choices like being able to raise bad relationships or insult other countries, which would just add a bit more gameplay into the diplomacy.

Graphics wise lovely looking clean map, sprites all have authentic uniforms. Externally applied anti-aliasing works well here to improve the whole look of the game (but it should be made configurable from within the game I think) - BUT choose enhance game settings for AA in the Nvidea Control Panel, not override game settings, which seems to blur the text in the game for me.

You can trade for food and other resources that you need which is good, its taken me two years of gametime but my economy is now pretty sound in the game - it is a struggle when you start a new game getting your production and resources working well. But dealing with that stuff is more fun than it sounds and it all works well.

The AI is quite passable - it tends to attack pretty well and goes after badly defended provinces, it keeps you on your toes - I am presently fighting on four fronts! But it doesnt seem to protect its high value provinces very well - I walked straight into the Ottoman's Constantinople without a fight. There are some other AI bugs like countries taking trade agrrements then cancelling them again next turn. But they are relatively minor. Combat seems to go on for ages and it should be lengthy where trenches are utilised, but perhaps should be made a bit quicker for small skirmishes in open ground. I know this is being looked at by the devs at the moment trenches are a bit to easy to build so battles drag on too much.

Turn generation for me has been very fast i am up to 1915 after 130 hours in my game and the generation is no different to when I started - takes at most ten seconds which seems very fast to me.

I am playing AustroHungary and wouldnt even think of playing such a large country in Paradox's Victoria II but in this game its dead easy. I really got the game though to be able to play Great Britain which has so many colonies that in more complex games it looked a nightmare. In this game though I think it will be possible.

My present epic game as AustriaHungary has me fighting quite a historical war although Russia is starting its civil war in 1915 (thank goodness) and Italy is proving to be rather stubborn to fight on when it has no chance of taking my mountainous provinces. So enjoyable watching how these sorts of things pan out, watching the Chinese Communists fight against the Nationalists, and watching small countires like Bulgaria, Greece and Montenegro banded together against me (not that it made much difference in the end).

Overall is a nice simple looking, but deceptively complex, game that is more immediate and less faff to play than Paradox's offerings. It is only going to get better over time as the devs tinker with it - and they are very dedicated to make their game as good as possiboe which is very nice to see. We even have underline mining and AI anti-submarine attacks in the game now.

So yeah I like it, nice to see a good WW1 game at last and this is certainly the best WW1 game out there by far. I now play this and Elite Dangerous and thats pretty much it!
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I really want to likie this game. It has a very high level of economic detail. It is a micro-manager's paradise. The learning curve is sharp, and the game doesn't seem to try very hard to help you. There are a bazillion messages popping up on the screen after every turn, and you just cant read them all. They tell you trivial things, like unit recruitment, but not that your towns are not developing and such.

The real snag is the gameplay. This is such an old school interface that it seriously interferes with gameplay. You are constantly merging and reforming armies... armies that you can't even drag a box around!

Then the fighting... well it certainly captures the charnel house effect of the great war, but what it doesnt do, is readily identify the size of enemy forces roaming around. Some are a unit or two, and others are hundreds... this should be very obvious on the map. As for balance, it seems messy. France is easily defeated in Europe. Conversely, Russia feels conspicuously powerful.

But after a a healthy 40 hours of gameplay I have to conclude it is a bit lacking. Hopefully future patches will address some of these things.

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8.1 小时(记录在案的)
Fun game, if your familiar with grand strategy games it should be easy to pick up and play. The one of the best WW1 gs ive played but theres not many out there. The only big issue I have with game(and the series) is that there is no repercussions for going to war (i.e USA can take over all of Central Amercia and South Amercia without any internetational intervention) they seemed to try to fix that for this game but it doesnt really work to well. The only other kinda big issue is the UI looks alittle wanky at the start. Overall if your into grand strategy/a history nerd like me id say buy it, but if your not you can pass on this one.
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69.9 小时(记录在案的)
This game is definitely better than previous Making history 2 and 1.

They added many things which I personaly missed in previous games like improved trading system which is pretty cool and improved government interface.
Propably the best improvement is that you are no more dependent on how many factories you have in each city like in previous games and you can build, produce and recruit at the same time which is also very cool.
Also you dont have to build new mines, you just expand it and prospect.
Also there is much more life in a game like some events and many wars without you starting them :)
Another thing is the fact that you cannot just simply occupy every small country next to you, becouse the other countries would crash you...
I find this game very challenging, becouse you will have difficoulties to get more resources to improve economy.

One thing I propably dislike are the reactions of other countries when you fight another country. I started as a Spain and invaded Portugal. After I took their provinces and started taking their colonies, every country next to the province a just took started to mobilize and one by one started declaring war on me... seriously? Some time later Britain, France, Belgium, and their allies were at war with me... and i only wanted to invade Portugal... realy frustrating

To sum up it is a great improvement in compare to previous Making history. Many things I disliked in previous games are gone. I realy enjoy playing it. Maybe the price could be a little cheaper... But I would definitely reccomand you this game.
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The learning curve is a bit steep, however once you understand the mechanics of the game, it's really awesome. I liked the fact that it's not as complicated as Paradox's. I also like the fact that you can play as any nation. Trading simulation works really well. Interface is very clear and to the point, free of "decorations" (which I really dislike in other titles). For the ones who would like to get into this game, I strongly suggest doing the tutorial, reading steam discussion boards and watching you tube videos by CommisarBRO (that's what made me buy this game) to get some valuable information. What I would like to see improve is diplomacy. I've noticed that it's very hard to improve relations with other nations. Often they will refuse help if you're trying to send some, and there aren't really much other options. This is a first turn based grand startegy for me that I got into (I didn't have patience for HOI or EUIV which seemed overly complicated and I had no clue what I was doing even after watching extensive tutorials). Cheers
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Making History: The Great War is a fantastic edition to the Making History series. With tons of new options to allow a whole new gameplay experience, this game is the working itself out to be the best Making History yet - as well as one of my new favorite games. However, it should be dutifully noted that this game is still in a playable Beta stage. Most of the parks are working and mesh well together, but there are still some bugs and kinks to work out before the final version is released.

To be fair, the game will probably continue to be updated throughout the period of it's lifespan due to the forum community and the amount of time the Developers spend there. Unlike some larger game companies, Muzzy Lane actually takes its time to listen to their customers, their fanbase, and does their best to implement suggestions that are made by the community. Personally, I have paid tribute to several suggestions that I have made being directly implemented into the game, quite often within the next two updates (which are fairly frequent for such a small staff).

Needless to say, I believe this is the game that we all hoped Making History II would/should have been. Thankfully, Muzzy Lane is rather quick to realize what works and, quite often, what does not. A fresh UI that reflects the era, a more expanded diplomatic system, and even a brand new "claim" system should all help project The Great War into the top spot for 20th Century Strategy Games.
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1. fairly simple in design but complex also.

2. tooltips are very handy as well as the encyclopida

3. each unit type has its own sprite, at least that I have seen and its not rinse and repeat...

4. TBS, not for RTS players, allows for more things to happen at once.

5. trade is well thought out and implemented(minuses coming in the negatives ;D)

6. economy is well thought out and balanced to a degree

Negatives(not many of them):

1. wish that there was more items to sell than arms, road capacity, rail capacity, ship capacity, food(generic), metals(generic), oil, fuel(generic), etc...

2. wish there were more units and more factory types/crop types/farm types

3. Wish there was more than one type of "product" that could be made as a primary and secondary products... IE like a steel mill... they made two different types of steel. One would be similar to wrought iron and the other would be hardened steel. for example that is.

4. population regain needs twecked or something... its rather sad that you only get .003 mpu back per a turn. for anything worth while.

Anyhow, those are my thoughts at this time...
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I've played MH series games more then other game series. TGW is no different and i highly recommend it to any armchair general worth his salt. Muzzy Lane the relatively small and unknown studio behind this series is fantastic for customer support (i've exchanged direct emails with the developer team reporting bugs, they explained in great detail why these bugs existed and how they would fix them) They are professional and love the subject matter with a deep passion. The updates never cease as well, adding additional fixes and content with each new update. The forums are filled with passionate and friendly people dying to discuss history and tactics, overall a very welcoming and friendly community. Modding support is built into the foundations and this shows with the map Editor which gives you the ability to rework the game entirely as you see fit, with the built in option to upload mods you create directly to the steam workshop or to the making history website. Multiplayer is also available and is incredibly addicting to play with friends. This game truly makes you feel like YOU are making the history.

I recommend this game at a STRONG 11/10 for those wanting a serious and rewarding world war 1 RTS unlike anyother in terms of playability and satisfaction.
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I've been playing strategy games of all kinds for thirty-five years now, and I firmly believe that this is the ultimate Making History game-the one that could make the difference to all possible futures. You can either quite literally make history, or you can follow it to the letter. However it's not that easy, is it? In this time of Revolution, Diplomacy, Trade and War you can try all the choices, or none if you prefer. Can you keep your head whilst those about you lose theirs? Millions rely on you for rule, and millions more live or die by your decisions. Will you keep to the old ways of Absolutism? Have you the skill to maintain a grand trading Empire in the British manner? Or should you allow Republicanism, the hope of the masses, its head and forge a new state? It's all here-something to keep everyone working as long into the night as the statesmen of those days. Good luck-you will certainly need it in the dark days ahead, but don't forget that however the dawn of a brave new world may come, how fast it comes is entirely up to you, and it may not be as brave or as new as you might hope...
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Good game. Really fun to play.
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Muzzylane's Making History:The Great War is a very good game for two rather different reasons.I was having trouble with the production code (0 and o,B and 8 you know the sort of thing and most likely my mistake )but Chris Parson at support was right there and assistance to a rather grumpy gamer was just an email away . Not hours or days later but help right now.That was a pretty good intro to M.H:T.G.W.Thanks Chris.
The game itself after a modest 14 hours is proving to be excellent.The map ,oddly is much better than it appears in Steams add, the choices of countries you can play as is amazing,the detail quite stunning.Ok if you just want to roll the armour ,the good old Command and Conquer tank rush this isn't your kind of game. I'm still trying to get my rail system up and running correctly, learning how one problem effects so widely and how to solve it is the brilliant part of this game.Micro management,sure, but great fun. You want to do something ,but can not ,if you delight in finding why not and how to rectify it you are going to just love this game. Its a clever, functional game.No crashes,no long load up times,all good.
Things I don't like about the game but can certainly live with..Scrolling,sometimes it works sometimes it requires zooming way out,scroll,zoom back in .Not a biggie . I think combat est la Victoria 11 would be better, it's a little hohum in this.It works fine but having gone to so much preperation to get your merged, well fed,superbly armed, paid, happy buggers to the front line via your splendid railway I'd like a bit of a show.Yep,sure, I know WW1 was not a lot of fun and maybe this reflects that.
How does it compare with" Commander the Great War'? M.H.T.G.W. is deeper, harder, cleverer and allows you to choose what country great or small you want to play as .Commander is more instant action and thats good.You can stuff things up quicker on Commander..They are both fine games. Don't be discouraged by the fact that this is quite a complicated game.The manual and tutorials are both A1 and so is the forum and support.Easy enough to start playing certainly but I would think it will require rather a lot of skill to play well ..And that's good.Give it a try....
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Another great title from the Making History series.

MHTGW has a lot of improvements over the previous installment (MH2):

- nation growth more balanced;
- better (and harsh) insurrection and revolt system;
- artillery really bombarding the enemy units;
- better micro-management;
- great unit detail and diversity, based on nationality;
- better looking map;
- detailed research about the (over-underestimated) WWI era;
- amazing community and run-by-community multiplayer matches.

The Making History series is of the same style of Iron Hearts, but easier to manage and the players' actions have a bigger impact in the game.

Warning: this is a game that will suck hours and hours of your life. And it will worth it.
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I didn't like this game. It had unclear and sloppy mechanics, much too macro- focused while having abstract controls over your nation at this level. Turns are slow. Historical events don't necessarily occur, and the stability of every nation seems to be incredibly unbalanced. Would not recommend, I regret this purchase.

I do however, applaud the developers for taking on the WWI-period in a strategy game as it is a historical period that is seldom focused on.
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