Making History - The Great War: Write your own story and change the course of history as you lead of one of the Great Powers during the era of the First World War. Can you prevail as modern industrialized warfare changes the age of empires forever?
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6. februar

New Making History: The Great War review out! gives The Great War 8/10 saying "this game is all about the game play and that is where it really shines" and "Overall Making History The Great War is a war game you should definitely add to your collection". Check it out at:

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3. januar

Making History: The Great War updated!

We have posted an update to the game with more performance improvements. We also fixed the issue with annexing and cleaned up some display issues. Enjoy and thank you for all your support!

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“This game is a superlative experience in learning, creativity and entertainment.”
Armchair General

“Muzzy Lane has definitely developed a real winner here with Making History: The Great War”
RTS Guru

“Making History: The Great War is an exceptional title. It automatically will appeal to those gamers who know what they’re doing, as well as those willing/able to put the time in to learn.”
Just Press Start

What to expect from the most recent update:

    The last few weeks we’ve been quietly working on new models, features and fixing issues that have come to us from the community. We now have plans to release an extension product to the TGW series. More details and an official announcement will be made in the weeks ahead. In the meantime we are offering some of these new assets and game features to the current user base. This update gives you a new Hungarian Unit model set, Mexican revolutionary models for the Federales, Villistas and Zapatistas plus updated Chinese Units. As we go forward with this new project, regular updates and improvements will continue to be made on the current game. We see TGW as a platform to expand upon and evolve.

Release Notes listed here:

  • Added ability for specified nations to use their military models when recruiting troops from specified nationalities. For example, Polish, Czech, Slovak, etc. units in Austro-Hungarian Army use Austro-Hungarian Uniforms
  • Coastal batteries now fire at any adjacent enemy ship instead of just in response to coastal bombardment
  • Added content mechanic to reduce region MPUs at game start to simulate losses from ongoing wars
  • Revised access treaty so Military Access can be reduced from full Military Access to just Port Access
  • Set government type before independent status in subordinate revolt
  • Add a subordinate's controlled regions to their master's pre-war region list on subordinate revolt
  • Fixed a bug with the Turn Timer
  • Added Coastal Defense costs to Spending
  • Fixed bug where subordinates could annex a master's claim
  • Some System Cleanup to help reduce issues with older mods as the main game evolves
  • DirectX sound fix

  • Accept/Offer diplomatic relations AI now use the same evaluation
  • Revised establish relations AI
  • Added extra evaluation for military power for subordinate revolt and made subordinate revolts harder

    Scenario Content
  • New Mexican Revolution Models for Mexican Federales, Villistas and Zapatistas
  • Revised Chinese Militia and Assault Troops
  • New Hungarian Model Set
  • New event script: TriggerFormMilitaryAccessAgreement
  • New Belgian Liberation event

  • Fix some tooltip errors with building city buildings and factories
  • Fixed bug and MapView that could show nations as having port access when they don't

  • Add region totaled ideology objects to nations that don't have any
  • Fixed bug setting a nation's civilization template
  • Fixed bug editing nation research

Om dette spillet

Making History - The Great War: Write your own story and change the course of history as you lead of one of the Great Powers during the era of the First World War. Can you prevail as modern industrialized warfare changes the age of empires forever?

Your actions will influence world events as you navigate a path through shifting alliances, emerging technologies and self-serving nations who hold power over vast populations eager for war. Control industrial expansion, engage in trade, create alliances and lead your military forces in the most in-depth WWI grand strategy game ever made.

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  • Change the course of history: Begin at historical starting points then make your own decisions.
  • No two games are the same: Each of the great power nations has a unique character and situation that will require different strategies to succeed.
  • Experience an entire world going on around you: React to hundreds of possible historical world events from assassinations to the sinking of the Lusitania.
  • Immerse yourself in the historical era: Hundreds of nation specific ground, air and naval units as well as city architecture that reflects the time period and geographic location.
  • Mobilize your nation for war: Try to achieve victory before your treasury -- and your manpower -- are wiped out.
  • Control the Seas: Use your naval fleets to own the seas and blockade ports, or wage unrestricted submarine warfare and sink ships trading with your enemies.
  • Make strategic government choices: Establish colonies and puppet states to create buffer zones, win new allies or avoid rebellions.
  • Buy and sell in a global economy: Trade resources and manufactured goods on the world market or directly with other nations.
  • Build and improve transportation to grow your empire: Use rail to connect regions to increase trade, resource extraction, industrial expansion and troop movement.
  • Expand your sphere of influence: Use foreign aid to increase ties with other nations.
  • Use the “play anytime” cloud-based multiplayer service: Effortlessly play huge multiplayer games by taking your turn when you wish, even once a day. Role-play your historical counterpart in the diplomacy forum at the website.
  • Make History: Create and share your very own customized “What if…” historical scenario with our detailed scenario editor.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP with Service Pack 2
    • Processor: Pentium 4 or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB DirectX 9.0c-Compliant, Shader 2.0 3D Video Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Windows-Compliant Keyboard & Mouse
    • OS: OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (PowerPC not supported)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Publisert: 18. september, 2015
I start out my game as the Kingdom of Bulgaria, the year is 1914. For the past decade or more Europe has been increasing in tension and agressiveness. Germany Russia and France seem determined to drive the world to war and destruction. In the last two years Bulgaria has expanded its holdings in the Balkans to include the region of Thrace thus giving us access to the Aegean. However this is not enough, there must be more. Bulgaria shall be a great and respected power on the world stage once more, no matter how many of our neighbors will have to sacrifice themselves to attain our goals.

I begin by increasing our military training capabilities by construction many recruitment centers across the land. The Bulgarian people shall be trained in the ways of war and will never be compared to some lowly militia. However it will take several months before the army becomes a true war machine worthy of its name.

Yet it seems that fate has other plans. News reached Sofia early on the 29th of June that the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by Serbian nationalists. The cabinet and several high profile generals were assembled quickly to decide what to do. It was soon declared that the military would move all forces to the Serbian border in case of war between Serbia and Austria.

Weeks pass and it seems that things have taken a turn for the worse. Austria is demanding terms that no leader of a respectable state would accept. And the Serbians have categorically refused to meet the Austrian terms. As many countries move to some state between war and peace Bulgaria call its reservists to their posts for an indefinite period of time.

The date is July 29th. News reached us that the Austrians have declared war with Serbia and are intent on making them pay for their crimes. Over the next few days Russia, Germany, France, England and all her subjects are at war. News has also reached us that Italy has abandoned her alliance with Germany and A-H. Japan has invaded Germany's Pacific holdings intent on claiming them for itself. As of now America. Romania, the Ottomans, and Spainards are neutral in the war. We are not sure whether or not any of these countries will intervene in the war.

It is now August 13th. Events have snowballed faster than we could have imagined. Germany and Austria have won astounding victories in the east over the Russians and Germany has completely taken over Belgium and Luxembourg and is now advancing into northern France. Germany offered us an alliance and a chance to form Greater Bulgaria out of the Balkans. We would not pass up the chance as we knew that Austria would soon swallow all of Serbia and might not stop there. We launched an invasion that had been planned many years ago. We sped into Vardar Barnovina and Morava. However it seems that we were too late and could not get any more of Serbia as our forces soon met with our Austrian allies.

A month passes. Our forces have smashed into Albania and taken the country by storm giving us access to the Adriatic Sea. However our forces were surprised and horrified to learn that the Russians had launched a naval invasion of eastern Bulgaria and had taken Southern Dobruja and Eastern Rumelia from us. They were marching on our capital and that would not be allowed. We used what little train rails in the region we could and sent our elite forces to create a wall 30km east of the capital. The rest of the army arrived as fast as they could. With our new artillery captured from the Serbians and Albanians we strike the Russian lines and push them back to the sea. Bulgaria is safe once more.

Several weeks later Bulgaria is better than ever. With the crushing defeat of the Russian invasion troop morale is higher than ever. The public is also happy as we have disbanded 15 divisions of farmers being held in reserve to go back to their farms and families. These men are being replaced by new Bulgarian Infantry being trained by German military advisors lent to us by the Kaiser.

It is now January of 1915. Under the cover of winter we have launched an invasion of Montenegro and captured the country. This mountainous land will be a good proving ground for our Alpine units. With this our Balkan aspirations are almost complete. Bulgaria is once more a great power on the world stage. Germany has pushed the French and English armies out of continental Europe. Their victories in the east have shaken the faith of the Russian people and many of their lands are in out right rebellion. The Uzbeks. The Kazaks. The Finns. The Armenians. The Germans have also granted the Poles a land of their own and have joined us in our fight against the encirclement of Europe.

In March the next phase of Bulgarian expansion is put into action. The invasion of Grecce has started. This will be the true test of our miliary skills. Even the Kaiser himself has travelled down here to observe the invasion in person. We start with a full out invasion of Macedonia complete with our entire artillery arsenal. However the real strike comes when our elite veterans smash into Epirus in western Greece. It works fantasically, the Greeks send the majority of their forces to Salonika while we head straight for Athens.

However, it seems that fate again would have other plans. The Greeks hold out much longer than expected in Macedonia, they are indeed worthy opponents. Our new young recruits are sent straight into the baptism of fire as soon as they have gotten a basic sense of survival on the battlefield. We are wearing them down, slowly ever so slowly. Word reaches us that the Greeks have crossed the Aegean and invaded Anatolia. It would also seems that because of agressive German submarine tactics America joined the war on the side of the Entente. It matters not they are an Ocean and three Seas away they can do no harm to Bulgaria.

It is now May of 1915. Events have taken a turn for the worse. In our brash rush to invade Greece we have overlooked our eastern territory. The English, it seems, have staged a massive landing in Gallipoli. However, most of the Turkish forces that would be guarding the capital are in Anatolia trying to establish a link with the rest of their empire in the east. The damned Brits quickly spread out their invasion reaching the Romanian border and linking up with the Greeks outside of Salonika. The Italians have also invaded Albania seeking to claim what they see as rightfully theirs. Our forces are spread too thinly across the land and we start to lose land.

Quickly our cavalry forces are pulled back from the siege of Athens and charge to Valona. However it seems that the Italians have already come and gone and word reaches us through the terrified civilian populace that they have headed north. For once in this campaign fate has smiled on us. The Austrians, sensing a larger Italian force coming shortly behind have sent troops to their southern border and help us reclaim our lands from the Italian.

Our brave soldiers have finally taken Greek Macedonia and the rich port will help to improve the Bulgarian economy. Our battered army heads eastward to confront the British menace. Though we have taken many a beating we still hold our heads up high as we have yet to lose a battle in the war so far. And we are right to be proud. Our brave young men destroy the English at the Second Battle of Plovdiv. We free Constantinople from dread Russian rule and return it to the Turks. We reclaim our coastline on the Black Sea and turn our heads east again, ready to finish the job of conquering Greece.

But it seems that fate has a cruel hatred of Bulgaria. The Greeks have pushed into Southern Bulgaria from their holdings at the south of the continent. The Italians have taken the Albanian coastline and have begun to march inland. The Romanians have launched a full invasion of our lands. All we have left is the land of Montenegro to hold out until the end....It is near.
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Publisert: 25. oktober, 2015
I'm a big fan of all the Paradox games like Europa Universalis, Victoria, and Hearts of Iron. I really wanted to like this game, set exclusively in the First World War. But the problems with it are too great to overcome.

- It's nicely complicated, like the Paradox games.
- The graphics are as good as one would like for this type of game.
- Naval warfare is better than any of the Paradox games.

- First and foremost, there is no concept of supply, really. The AI sends units to the most outlandish places with no hope of being supplied. For instance, I was playing Austria Hungary and late in 1914 I was attacked by several Japanese infantry units coming from Finland. That is not an isolated incident.
- Provinces are empty, leading to constant whack-a-mole in your rear areas. Bad enough with rebel uprisings, but when a random cavalry unit from a country 12,000 miles away pops up and conquers half your nation, (see above), it's a real problem. Every game designer should program the EU model where every province has some sort of garrison automatically.
- The AI in general is just poor. No concept of depth in defense, reinforcing weak areas or bottlenecks, and so on. Pretty common in these types of games.

Nice ideas, nice-looking game, but hamstrung by bizarre AI, lack of supply, and various small bugs with units popping up in the middle of nowhere.
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Publisert: 1. oktober, 2015
I funded a coup in my own country, thinking it was how I could change my government. Instead, I lost the game in 1 turn and got an achievment for it. 10/10, would lose to Cuban socialist revolutionaries again.
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Publisert: 16. november, 2015
I love how historically accurate this game is. It's like I'm in history class.
I remember when we learened Australia conquered Constantanople in 1914.
I remember when we learned New Zealand conquered Washington DC in 1916.
I remember when Belguim conquered Berlin with ease in 1917.
I remember when Canada declared war on Russia after buying Alaska in 1913.

Very historically accurate 10/10 would recommend.
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Publisert: 6. desember, 2015
+Includes extreme precision in historical accuracy around every corner
+Allows for in depth nation to nation relations
+Quite literally no goal set for you
+Play as any nation that existed in WWI, varying from Haiti, Germany, to Abyssinia
+Easily subscribe to download community made scenarios such as World 1860 (A personal favorite), Moden Day, or Alternate WWI aftermath
+Without a doubt the best scenario editor I have ever seen in any game
+Detailed models for soldiers, ships, and air units that vary from unit type and ethncity
+Fantastic AI

-Very buggy
-Not many multiplayer games
-Very small updates that usually fix bugs or add small changes
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