Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star is a sequel to Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943. It’s an Eastern Front war game with solid graphics and sprawling battlefields that really emphasizes the scope of WWII tank combat. Want to step into the role of a commander in the very heart of Kharkov’s defense?
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Data de lançamento: 22 Mar, 2012

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"Essentially Combat Mission. This is two servings heavy of world war tactical turn base experience. Steep learning curve and patience required. Also DLC!"

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17 Julho

New patch - July 2015

  • Fixed a bug with the wrong type of special effect when hit into the vehicles and landscape objects.
  • Fixed a bug with blocking artillery support at the end of any type of projectiles.
  • Fixed a critical bug when the acceleration time is on on some configurations.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect work of the roataion mechanisms of the Chieftain tank.
  • Adjusted L11 HESH projectile for the L11A5 gun.
  • Fixed incorrect distribution for vehicles in the formation (offset to the left) within a mixed formation.
  • Fixed offset to +1 for company code, in the numeric/alphabetic coding mode.

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13 Junho

Hotfix - June 13th 2015

Small graphical fix for some machines.

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“...“Why can’t more games have campaign systems like Achtung Panzer Operation Star?”. Where most wargames blindfold you, bundle you into the back of truck and drive you miles to a new unfamiliar battlefield, after every victory or defeat, this one forces you to push on, and confront the sometimes-grim consequences of previous actions...”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Achtung Panzer: Operation Star really is a gem, especially for the addicted wargamer.”
The Wargamer

Acerca deste jogo

Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star is a sequel to Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943. It’s an Eastern Front war game with solid graphics and sprawling battlefields that really emphasizes the scope of WWII tank combat.
Want to step into the role of a commander in the very heart of Kharkov’s defense? You'll have everything the officers had back then: tanks, guns, and fearless soldiers. The success of each opposing force hangs in the balance every day. Your decisions will determine who wins the Battle of Kharkov.

  • 8 operations for the Red Army and Wehrmacht.
  • More than 60 detailed units of the Soviet Union, Germany and UK, including Pz IV "Tiger", MkII "Matilda" and KV-1 with various modifications.
  • Huge realistic landscapes (over 260 sq km), reconstructed by the topographic maps and photo.
  • Quick battle anywhere in the operation areas.
  • Mod utility set and campaign editor.

  • High replayability and flexible AI. It chooses the best strategy based on behavior rather than a script. Scenarios can be replayed using different tactics, as though playing against a human opponent.
  • Real soldier behavior: every soldier has several basic parameters, such as experience level, fatigue, and morale, which affect their behavior and effectiveness.
  • Detailed recreation of weapons and realistic ballistics: bullets and projectiles follow accurate trajectories.
  • Comprehensive vehicle damage system: engine, suspension, weapons, and aiming mechanisms can all be damaged separately, affecting the combat capabilities of the vehicle.
  • Destructible environment: nearly everything can be blasted and destroyed, from ground terrain to houses and enemy defenses. All traces of previous battles remain on the battlefield.
  • Dynamic day, night and weather effects, all of which affect combat through terrain traversability, battlefield visibility, hidden force capabilities, and more, smoke screens, light flares e.t.c.
  • Military encyclopedia with 3D model viewer and detailed data on all units, describing their historical and in-game characteristics.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP SP2 / Vista
    • Processador: AMD Athlon x2 4200+ / Intel Pentium D 3GHz or Better
    • Memória: 1 GB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: ATI Radeon x1600 256MB / Vidia GeForce 7600 256 MB video card or better
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 3 GB de espaço livre
    • Placa de som: DirectX 8 compatible sound card
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Publicada: 14 Junho
Ever played a game where you hid your troops in an unforgiving, winter wasteland with no real cover except for maybe a shellhole from some battle before (when your group was at full-strength and chock full of ammo) or among some skinny trees? Oh, did I mention they're short of ammo, at half-strength, and their Commander was killed in the previous engagement four hours ago?

Well, here you are, a young German soldier swallowed up in Mother Russia in 1943 manning a hill with 5 combat effective infantry units left out of the twelve you started with and it's 3 a.m. and blizzarding and the Popovs are coming hell bent on a suicidal charge to knock you out of some hard-earned ground. Hope to God they don't have armor because your Engineer Squad got decimated and the Pak gun you have won't penetrate what they've been rolling out. Well, at least you have some mortar support to call in but those rounds are few to spare so be careful in calling it in because if it's just a probe and you waste your rounds, well....

...Soviets show up, In force. No one is dug in. You call in what few mortars you have left to break up and hopefully stop their assault because if you can survive till reinforcements arrive then maybe, just maybe there's a chance because the half-tracks you rolled into this winter hell in are either smoking ruins or immobilized and you're damned lucky to have survived with anything. Now is usually when the praying starts.

Mortars fall heavy in their midst but it's so sporadic because the spotting is off that it kills no one except 3 men of yours because the ♥♥♥♥ing mess fell short and they run off screaming into the night ablaze [that is not drama folks; your troops will burn, and they will scream, and you will try to block it out after a while].

Then the mortars finally hit spot on and after watching your enemy suffer a bit as they burn and scream and run off into the frozen landscape to satisfy your revenge, you call off the bombardment early to salve your last sense of humaity. And you relax. The battle's almost over, you may just hold this worthless piece of real-estate. Time to call for a Cease-Fire and hope Ivan is as tired and spent as you are. Resupply is on the way...just survive this turn.

Then, without warning, an uncannily accurate artillery bombardment rakes your position and destroys a large chunk of the men you have left...

Because YOU called off the mortars before his forward artillery observers were killed. Live with it.
And are those advancing tank engines you hear in the distance...? Sheisse !

Welcome to GraviTeam Tactics kids.

This is not a nice guy's wargame.

[There's my drama laden review. With 700+ hours and counting on this game, it's safe to assume I recommend it enthusiastically, but only if you're willing to learn it's daunting rule schematic. For you old wargame grognards, it's like "Squad Leader" come to life. Nuff said]
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Publicada: 16 Setembro
Do you like strategy wargames? I mean real strategy wargames that reward careful planning and clever execution of a strategically sound battle plan but punish stupidity with cold, ruthless efficiency?

Do you possess the ability to devise a feasible strategy, working within the limitations of available assets, taking into account the conditions on the ground, playing to your own strengths and exploiting the weaknesses of your foe? Are you able to translate that strategy into a series of victories fought on the ground, knowing that each engagement, each success and each failure will directly affect those that follow?

Can you read events as they unfold? are you fluent in the language of nature, do you understand terrain and weather conditions and the role they will play in your ability to prevail?

Can you look through the eyes of your officers on the front, see what they see, feel what they feel, as they attempt to make your vision a reality? Can you hold your nerve, retaining unwavering belief in your own plan as you experience the chaos and carnage of each skirmish, assault and defence, never losing sight of the ultimate Operational objectives?

Do you relish the challenge of managing extremely limited resources? of maintaining supply lines? can you correctly allocate those resources where they'll do the most good? Can you grasp the value of each and every infantryman, of each and every bullet? if success is to be achieved you need to.

Are your shoulders broad enough to bear the burden of responsibility placed upon you? Can you can keep your front line forces in a permanent state of combat readiness? Can you bear to disband brave but depleted squads in order to share out the precious remaining men and ammunition among the rest of the platoon, showing no emotion?

Are you able to maintain the complex and fragile network of battlefield communications that enable your chain of command to function in a way that ensures the prompt delivery of your orders? That enable your Platoons to operate as a single, organised, cohesive and efficient fighting force?

Do you know enough about the many varied tools at your disposal? or the tools wielded by your enemies? Is it wise to throw short barrelled Panzer III's against T-34's? are you familiar with the effective range of your guns, of your enemies guns? Will you instinctively know which battles to seek out and which to avoid? Do you understand that sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good of your long term aims?

Herr General, do you have what it takes to make the right decisions under pressure? to smile in the face of adversity? to adapt and revise your strategy as events unfold? Taking the unexpected in your stride, recognising when to sally forth and when to withdraw? Are you able to acknowledge and learn from your mistakes?

Because, once the shooting starts there's no turning back, there are no second chances, once the die is cast the battle must be fought and your men will live or die by the decisions you make. There will be no respawning units, no tank factories churning out replacements, no happy base building or gamey 'balancing' to ease the pain. There is no place to hide, no room here for the weak, the impetuous or the foolish. This game offers no comfort for the lilly livered or those easily intimidated by complexity and steep learning curves.

This is Operational level warfare gentlemen, as real and as unforgiving as has ever been depicted in the digital media, if you harbour any doubts at all, for the sake of your men, for the sake of your own dignity, I urge you to walk away, Company of heroes 2 awaits.

To the rest of you I say this - Welcome to Hell!

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Publicada: 24 Setembro
At first I was like: "Dafuq is dis вullshieeet?!"
But then I was like: "Well cut my d1ck off and call me Caitlyn, dis is sum good-a$$ game right there."

Graviteam Tactics was made by like 10 guys somewhere in Ukraine, it can't possibly be good, right?
You're wrong. You're dead wrong.

First time I played it I was like that kid crying in the mall because he can't find his mom. I didn't understand this game at all. I thought it's not my jam. But then I watched some youtube vids of it and fooled around with custom battles and I was like dayum... this IS my jam! This game indeed has some learning curve but it's not as steep as some people say. Tutorial that comes with the game can be thrown outta window immidiately as it is more confusing than helpful. Instead you can start by reading THIS awesome guide, watching youtube vids of it and of course playing as it's the best way to learn. Don't be afraid to lose battles and campaigns as sometimes defeat can teach you more than victory (and sometimes you can dominate the enemy but the game will mark campaign result as defeat because the scoring system in this game uses algorhythms more complicated than those used by NASA to control trajectory of space shuttles).

There are multitudes of folks who play games like Europa Universalis or Hearts of Iron which are far more complicated. If you aren't a result of generations of inbreeding then I can't see how could this game be too hard for you.

Graviteam Tactics' campaigns have 2 modes: strategical and tactical.

Strategical mode is kinda like a game of chess where you move icons representing platoons on the map. This turn based mode allows you to overall manage your army, add reserve troops to your existing platoons, send squads that lost their combat effectiveness to the rear, etc.

Tactical mode is the crème de la crème of the game. This is what dreams are made of. In this mode you get to command your guys on the battlefield. This game is sort of a commander simulator. This means that you only pass your orders down onto your men who then execute them in a way they see is best fitting. Sometimes they won't take a route you'd want them to, pick wrong targets or simply not execute your orders at all. Micromanagement is not only unneeded but is punished as soldiers may take so many orders before they get confused and end up not executing eny of them. Their performance depends on variety of factors like quality of squad leaders (or lack of them), morale, and so on. This aims to represent how unpredictable the real war is and how often commanders need to change their plans because some of their guys fucкed things up. Sometimes losses are unavoidable.

Game is visually pleasing. Not great but pretty good. Maps are huge and really beautiful. Tracer fire in the night looks absolutely stunning. Tank combat is where this game excels at. Graviteam, having previous experience making tank simulators, developed a great ballistic system. You can see enter and exit holes on vehicles, different velocity and trajectory for different types of ammunition, shells bouncing off the armor, etc. Add to that the enormous ranges, realistically behaving tracks and suspension and you end up with best tank combat ever shown in an RTS game.

Base game offers a few campaigns but then there are the DLCs which, in my opinion, are worth buying. Especially considering that 3 of them are post WWII which makes them particularily interesting.

Now I know what you guys are saying "Dawg this is some weird-a$$ game lemme just stick to muh Company of Heroes shieeeet"
Well, yeah this isn't a game for everyone but if you played titles like Men of War before and you're looking for something more challenging, well look no further!
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Publicada: 12 Junho
If you like these things. This is hands down the best ww2 strategy game on steam.
-Realism (this is as real as it gets, huge armor penetration tables , realistic ballistics)
-difficulty (all of your soldiers will get wiped out, multiple times, because they ran out of ammo)
-Satisfaction (after winning a overwelming victory its incredibly rewarding)
-Scale (its big , very very big)

If you love ww2 and strategy games and are willing to get used to a weird learning curve (once you get it , everything falls into place) just buy the game. Its a crime how under rated this game is.

Tips for new players
-Line of sight is everything, make sure to check it. Because you might THINK you have your guys in the perfect position. only to find out that a slight incline or a bush is blocking their line of sight or line of fire
-Dont habitually mash commands like starcraft, it actually ends up confusing your soldiers. Eventually they will go insane and literally stop listening
-No the game is not broken , if your guys are suddenly not doing what you say , they either have low moral , are tired, or their commander was killed.
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Publicada: 3 Outubro
i've played a lot non-steam version.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of wargames and hardcore simulators: just average an player who likes challenges. Graviteam Tactics is the best RTS I've for a while. I was worried I wouldn't pass the learning curve, because it would be boring but I dived into the game in the first 30 minutes. I just chose a random scenario, and after that I got the idea. You don't have the direct control of your units. You just command; like real officer, to your comrades.

They will obey, but do the job with initiative and figure the best way to do it themselves. Also, you got to establish and keep radio connection to receive info/give orders, like in real war. Also it has no stupid limits in physics. So if you shoot with an anti-tank rifle it will be the same as it is in real life, no more kiddie's limits like in Company of heroes.

WW2 scenarios are very close to real history, And yea, there isn't stuff like "balance" in this game. You will suffer as you try to stop Nazi armadas with anti-tank rifles and few cannons and no one will help you. Forget about balance. All weapons are accurate to real life, no stupid limitations. So for me Graviteam Wargames is a milestone in my experience, and trust me i've played a lot of RTS, it has great potential. All it needS is PvP and some polish like a shiny engine and style. But Graviteam is a small team of enthuasiasts from eastern Ukraine, Kharkiv. Despite your political views devs need your help with money. Don't let the great idea die, support and enjoy it.

Fresh unique gameplay
Atmosphere of war
Sound(I got an endorphine boost when heard russian winter sound and dog barking in Shilovo42 campaign)
Optimization -- runs smoothly on any 5 years old year Rig
Historically accurate
Good ballistics and physics -- you just feel it, cause its based on real stuff.
Large variety of campaigns. WW2, Afganistan 80s, Africa Cold war 90s.
AI is smart. Always trying to flank you. He is playing for objectives, and doesn't want to destroy you. So you need to surprise him, ambush, suicidal attacks, call arty on youself, whatever is neccessary.

Lack of style, it's just brutal like in any wargame. But, maybe thats the style itself?
Graphical engine is out of date, models are detailed(late DLC) and you can buy new textures for the first DLC.
Ugly «burn the eye» types in menu and in-game

It's on sale now. I advise you to buy Shilovo42 and Operation hooper if you're fresh to the game.
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