Card City Nights is not a traditional card-trading game. It's an adventure game with zany characters to meet and weird locations to explore. In the center is our new card battle system that breaks away from the fantasy TCG mold with connecting cards to form combos.
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"Cheap and cheerful single-player card battler with a colourful aesthetic and a neat puzzle-board framework. Soundtracks not half bad either."


“Effortlessly charming .. a simple yet rock-solid addition to the genre that's well worth a play.”
Jay Is Games

“The real hook is the CCG that serves as the game’s engine. Fortunately, it’s fantastic.”
Indie Game Reviewer


Card City Nights is an adventure through a city filled with card-nuts and lunatics. Battle for the 8 legendary cards to enter the biggest competition this city has seen yet.

CCN is not a traditional card-trading game. It's an adventure game with zany characters to meet and weird locations to explore. In the center is our new card battle system that breaks away from the fantasy TCG mold with connecting cards to form combos.

* 8+ hours of gameplay in a singleplayer adventure
* Connect cards to form combos
* 180 unique cards with characters from the Ludosity universe
* No IAP's in this game! You collect booster packs by simply playing the adventure from start to finish
* An amazing soundtrack in a blend of Jazz and Hiphop


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2
    • OS: OSX 10.6
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2
    • OS: Debian 6.0 based distros
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2
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13.9 小时(记录在案的)
Card city night makes me reminisce about one of my favorite gameboy color games: Pokemon Trading Card game. You're basically fighting eight gyms, getting booster packs along the way in a story that's utterly forgettable but at least is a decent nod towards other video game greats.

But the story doesn't really matter (In fact the game basically says this multiple times), what really got me hooked was the puzzle-esque card battling system. At first you think it's really clear cut, and just go straight for your opponents life points. But then the game throws opponents at you for which this strategy is basically impossible, and it makes you realize that there are a LOT of ways to play this game.

The art is fantastic, each card is humorous in it's own regard, and the entire aesthetic of the game is just awesome to look at. It's almost a trying hard to look like you're not trying hard sort of art style. The music though leaves something to be desired, it's basically the same tune for each area that you're in, which means it keeps looping and looping and looping.

But hey, for $4 you really can't go wrong with this. Ten solid hours that will make you reminisce about the good old days of 8-bit monster card fighting.
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23.3 小时(记录在案的)
I've been addicted to this game for the last week.

It is a mix of collectable card games like Yu Gi Oh or M:TG. However, unlike most CCGs, you do not have to BUY the booster packs either through in game currency or real money. You earn them through the gameplay which is a major bonus to me.

The story is better than you would expect from a game of this genre as well. If you choose to, you can find that every person you come across has several (sometimes more than a dozen) different things they will say to you. And what they say will change depending on whether or not you have defeated them yet.

The actual gameplay is quite balanced. As you get stronger, so does the opponents. And there are many different strategies you must use. Going all out offense will work sometimes, but some characters are built to counter with good defense and the ability to disable your best cards at just the right times. You must choose your deck wisely depending on your opponent. This depth is part of what makes this game so fun.

The art style may turn some people off but I think it's very endearing and original. I don't know any of the indie games that this takes it's characters from but it's cartoonish and quirky and simple and it fits the overall mood of the game.

The best part of the whole game however must be the music. Everything from the menu screen, to the various places you visit, to the battles have music that is perfect for the situation. It's soothing and it's energizing at the same time. This, along with the humor of the game, and the visual styling make this a game you will never want to put down.

Although I have not beaten it yet, I know from reading around that the game has more things to accomplish even after you defeat the 'final boss'. So replay value is strong here too.
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18.2 小时(记录在案的)
Let me start off by saying that this game is underpriced. $3.99 for this gem of a game? Unheard of in this day and age! I enjoyed this game from beginning to end. The unique artwork and character dialog fits the tone of the entire game. There are a lot of unique characters with crazy and varied personalities. The way they battle during matches also happens to be in sync with their character. Each fight is more like a puzzle piece and the same strategy can't be used for every battle in the game. For those who are looking for true randomness in each battle in reference to the opponent's card might have to look elsewhere. The story is your typical I need to win the card battle tournament at the end but how it's presented is what makes this title unique. Of course there are the usual twists and turns during the whole event. The music is also amazing and is a mix of both melodious and upbeat jazz styled tunes.

Do yourself a favor and purchase the soundtrack. You'll have the manually search for it on Steam since it does not show up under the game's main page as DLC. Get it here

I've played my fair share of card battle games in my day. Everything from Magic the Gathering to Yugioh to Pokemon to SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters and more! This game's mechanics is totally different from them all thanks to the grid like interface which quite frankly was refreshing to me. Get this game! The only feature it lacks is multiplayer. It would be amazing if this could be added in a future update or even as part of a sequel. Despite all of that this game is an absolute steal for the price! Buy it!
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23.5 小时(记录在案的)
Card City Nights is a deck-building game somewhere between classic trading card games and final Fantasy VIII's Triple Triad.

While the basic rules are fairly simple, the combo system adds some depth and planning. Mechanics like rotation, combo procs and multiple winning conditions let you build varied decks with wildly different strategies.

Tons of familiar card motifs and cameos are a bonus for fans of Ittle Dew, Iji, MURI and other Ludosity-related games.

The AI is fairly bad at reacting to the player, but the story enemies' decks and basic strategies are good enough to pose a challenge.
Multiplayer is on the way.
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15.9 小时(记录在案的)
Oh my god, where to start? This is one of my favorite games that I own, hence the 8/8 achievments.
This is a virtual card game, It has a 3 by 3 grid where you connect 3 symbols (shown on the card) of any of the 4 types: attack, defense, revive, and neutral. You have all sorts of variation in cards, making it always interesting. You can get booster packs, which give you 5 cards, which you can either put in your deck of 40, recycle into new packs, sell, combine, etc. I love just marveling at my large collection of rare cards, and going to destroy some AI enemy I have already dominated 30 times because, even with the easiest enemies, it never gets old.
There is no multiplayer, but frankly, it does not matter to me, the AI is fun enough.

Final Verdict: Buy or I kill you.
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12.1 小时(记录在案的)
Like a hidden gem, super cheery and chill.
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12.2 小时(记录在案的)
I must say this piece quite impressed me. Funny single player card collecting pice. Would REALLY enjoy multiplayer spin-off or pretty much any other addition that would make this longer/filled with more strategies/etc., but still I can suggest this without any doubts as a really nice game for a Sunday afternoon.
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18.4 小时(记录在案的)
Great bit of fun. Spent most of a day playing it, unlocking cards, making decks and playing with them.

Big fat defence deck seems to always beat the AI, but didn't really bother me too much.
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17.3 小时(记录在案的)
Fairly unique, great player progression, quirky characters, diverse strategy and gameplay that's simple to understand and still gives a challenge or two. I love this game. I love mustaches.
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18.8 小时(记录在案的)
Reminiscent of older card-centric adventure games, Card City Nights carries you through a self-aware and contrived adventure to collect eight unique pieces from different bosses, and to challenge a final boss for a defined reward. The card game itself is fun and varied, and leaves many opportunities for customising one's own deck. While a direct and offensive tactic can be used to beat most opponents, each uses different strategies that can seriously complicate such an approach, making it optimal to research tactics and learn more about the individual card synergies.

There is no penalty for losing and always a reward for winning, so it's very much so a gentle game for those who may be unfamiliar with battling card games in general, making it playable and appealing for new or veteran players alike.

The music is enjoyable and adds flavour to the already living world, and the artwork is unforgettable and appealing, in that "trying hard to look like it isn't trying hard" way. The palette choices and composition are aesthetically pleasing and give the world a setting all its own, despite borrowing elements from many other games that the developers have made. The default gender for the player character and most npcs is female, with most characters being confident and punkish, breaking the common representation of female characters in video games as passive, mousey, and largely helpless.

I loved this game every moment that I played it, and though it can be frustrating to find an opponent who is difficult to beat, that just requires more familiarity and effort with your deck. It's seriously a steal at its price.
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9.1 小时(记录在案的)
Card City Nights is the most unique card battle game I have ever played. It is fun and interesting and different fro the dozens of Magic: The Gathering clones out there. It is also set up to play much like an RPG. You will progress and get new and better cards and fight harder enemies and defeat bosses and add their trophies to your deck. It is really fun and easily worth the price of admission.
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145.8 小时(记录在案的)
A perfect game for very casual play, such as while watching tv, during commercials and such-like. (So I'm confessing that most of the hours that I've logged here are not actually playing hours, but mostly watching tv with the game sitting idle hours.)

In this game you play to win booster packs against AI opponents with increasingly good decks and strategies. You can also get booster packs by turning in excess duplicate cards (recycling) and by merging cards in certain combinations (alchemy). You might need a certain amount of OCD or hoarder mentality to really appreciate this game, but if you like collecting stuff, this game may well suit you as well as it suits me.

The achievements for this game are truly notable achievements. You may well have to get near endgame and then take your uberdeck back to challenge one of the very early—and easy—opponents to get most of them.
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13.4 小时(记录在案的)
I've tried Hearthstone, the free to play Magic game, Scrolls by Mojang. I like this game better than all those. Even if it didn't have story mode (which is nice), the way in which you have to play cards makes it have more of a puzzle element.
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17.3 小时(记录在案的)
Wasn't expecting much after receiving this game (as well a DRM-free copy and print and play pdf version) along with other stuff on recent Humble Bundle sale. But it captured my attention. A cute little card game with a unique twist and simple gameplay, but still having some brain crunching in deck building. At first it was a bit awkward to get used to this spacial placement of cards in a grid and connections between them. Especially when trying to figure out which cards with how many connections and what directions do you need while building a deck. Btw, don't make too many decks as you will have 25 cards wasted per deck, if you don't really want some of them anymore. No way to delete a deck and get back those 25 cards. I needed just one to complete the game and it stayed 70% unaltered for second half of the game. Either i'm so good at deck building or i was lucky to strike the attack/defence/trick balance early. Only in the end i faced an intended roadblock and was forced to switch to a secondary all attack deck and then wiped that last foe easily. You might need a second deck to complete some achievements. I wasn't so lucky (if possible at all) to receive a card with 8 connections, so doing 9 cards combo and 10 attack combo would be easy. But i had fun completing them with just a 5 connections card. That was tough, luck involved, but satisfying after all.

Now i'm sitting and looking at print and play pdf and thinking that i would rather pay for published game. But maybe i will print it to play with my friends.
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8.3 小时(记录在案的)
This is an innovative and fun card game; the mechanics of which are unique and interesting. Everything from the deck building to the cards theme is enjoyable. There's not much story to the game but you don't really mind too much. Theres lots of different styles of plays to be explored and you can't just stick to the one for every encounter. The game seems to have have potential to be played through multiple times with its puzzle-esque gameplay. I would reccommend this game to anyone who's a fan of card or puzzle games.
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apathetic frrog to op please nerf
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16.2 小时(记录在案的)
Unlike any Trading Card Game I've ever played! A Great single player card game that is simple to pick up, and challenging to master. Loaded with references to several indie games including Ittle Dew and Healthy Weapon. It is worth every penny!
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11.0 小时(记录在案的)
Enjoyable short card game. Just long enough, and easy to 100%. The mechanics are simple, but good deck-building is an absolute necessity if you intend to have a good win/loss ratio. Sadly, the final boss had to be given a cheating mode rather than having a really good AI in order to be difficult enough.
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61.0 小时(记录在案的)
Great game, nice spin-off. I would really love to see a multiplayer patched in, though I know that won't happen.
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10.5 小时(记录在案的)
I've played a few card games in my lifetime (MTG, Netrunner, Chaotic) but I've never seen something quite like this. The system is unlike that of any other and if you enjoy most card games this is worth a play. Still offers a decent amount of challenge and has a good pricetag for what it is. Well done Ludosity!
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