Card City Nights is not a traditional card-trading game. It's an adventure game with zany characters to meet and weird locations to explore. In the center is our new card battle system that breaks away from the fantasy TCG mold with connecting cards to form combos.
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Muito positivas (12 análises) - 91% das 12 análises de usuários dos últimos 30 dias são positivas.
Muito positivas (691 análises) - 91% das 691 análises de usuários deste jogo são positivas.
Data de lançamento: 14/fev/2014

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17 de fevereiro

1.1 Valentine's update!

This version adds two new characters, Multifarious Mammal and Rock Enthusiast, who can be battled for a new Princess Remedy booster. They also come with a small optional sidequest, which is fully compatible with your existing savefile and can be experienced at any point in the main story. But make your choices carefully, as there is no going back on your word in this amorous sidequest!

There are also some other hacks thrown in that only apply when you start a new game, for the truly cardcore. Please see below for details.

Full changelist:
- Multifarious Mammal booster battle in Harbor Street.
- Rock Enthusiast booster battle in Big Chest Casino.
- New Princess Remedy booster with ten new cards, which can also be obtained through the Recycle Shop at random.
- Small Boss rematch deck tweaks.
- Renarama card buffed slightly (Cannot be disabled).
- Entering HardPlaya as your name begins the terribly unfair Hard Mode, where the player begins each match with 4 HP and the opponent with 8 HP. There is no reward for beating this mode and no other changes! Not recommended for new players!
- Entering ReallyPlaya as your name begins the farcical Impossible Mode, where the player begins each match with 1 HP and the opponent with 10 HP. There is no reward for beating this mode and no other changes! Not recommended for anyone!

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“Effortlessly charming .. a simple yet rock-solid addition to the genre that's well worth a play.”
Jay Is Games

“The real hook is the CCG that serves as the game’s engine. Fortunately, it’s fantastic.”
Indie Game Reviewer

Sobre este jogo

Card City Nights is an adventure through a city filled with card-nuts and lunatics. Battle for the 8 legendary cards to enter the biggest competition this city has seen yet.

CCN is not a traditional card-trading game. It's an adventure game with zany characters to meet and weird locations to explore. In the center is our new card battle system that breaks away from the fantasy TCG mold with connecting cards to form combos.

* 8+ hours of gameplay in a singleplayer adventure
* Connect cards to form combos
* 180 unique cards with characters from the Ludosity universe
* No IAP's in this game! You collect booster packs by simply playing the adventure from start to finish
* An amazing soundtrack in a blend of Jazz and Hiphop

Requisitos de sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • SO: Windows XP
    • Processador: 2 GHz
    • Memória: 1 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: Shader Model 2
    • SO: OSX 10.6
    • Processador: 2 GHz
    • Memória: 1 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: Shader Model 2
    • SO: Debian 6.0 based distros
    • Processador: 2 GHz
    • Memória: 1 GB de RAM
    • Placa de vídeo: Shader Model 2
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Muito positivas (12 análises)
Muito positivas (691 análises)
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Johnny Down Under
( 8.6 horas registradas )
Publicada: 24 de julho
I went into the game blind, frankly I didn't even really know what the game was about. I just saw the name, it was on sale, and I had some extra bucks floating around. If this game looks like a good time to you, its going to be a good time. If not you might just not want to buy this game. But if you have some extra dollars floating around, then check this game out. Steam gives refunds for a reason. If you don't like the game from the first hour, you're not going to like the rest. But if it hooks you in the first hour, it does not disappoint.
( 22.9 horas registradas )
Publicada: 22 de julho
What we have here is a somewhat easy TCC (single player only). If you aren't familiar with the games that Ludosity or Daniel Remar have made, you won't get most of the in-jokes of this game. The atmosphere is amazing, as it has that genuine nightlife vibe. When it comes to its style, it stands well on its own, but you would benefit from playing at least some of their other games first. Fortunately, all of their games are either free or light on the wallet. Pick them up, pick this up, you won't regret it.
( 3.2 horas registradas )
Publicada: 15 de julho
its trash only good for the cards this is as good as digital homicides games..
( 93.0 horas registradas )
Publicada: 13 de julho
Goofy, simple, and addicting. This game may not look as polished as some out there, but don't let that discourage you from a great experience. Not to mention that (especially on sale) it's a nice, cheap thrill with plenty of humor as well. The crafting system could use some clarity, so look up a card recipe before you try to make something the first time early in the game -- unless you just like to experiment.
( 4.8 horas registradas )
Publicada: 4 de julho
Odd little CCG game.

SImple mechanics, with increasingly broken cards added.

Didn't mind it, but woudl't play it again anytime soon.
( 15.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 2 de julho
A bit short, but fun game.
( 10.9 horas registradas )
Publicada: 1 de julho
I usually dislike these style of "card games" although I actually enjoyed this game for all of the ten hours I had played. A cool idea for this game would be multiplayer because it has the potential for a strategic multiplayer game. But overall great story and totally worth the small amount of money it is.
Crannberry Sauce
( 13.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 30 de junho
great card game, cute and fun
( 289.0 horas registradas )
Publicada: 29 de junho
The basics of the game is very simple, card placing with very nice highlighting with arrows pointing in the directions that is interesting. A few abilities to learn but they are introduced in a pace that make i very easy to change the tactics

Every game is based on best of 3 or 5 and the games does have natuaral ways to end if the game end up in som status quo.
Like if a opponent cannot play or deck is out of cards or board is full.

You can construct several decks with different card set ups and also the possiblity to continusly change them. I will say that you can almost vary until the infinity and back...

I think that the game is offering a lot of different ways of playing, also there is some small hideouts within the game as well as intresting NPCs. Upon that the art within the game is astonishing it really outside the box

( 22.3 horas registradas )
Publicada: 27 de junho
A refreshing take on card games where the placement of cards deals damage, revives other cards, or heals you. Over 100 cards to collect, it basically has an entire booster ready to go.
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22.3 horas registradas
Publicada: 27 de junho
A refreshing take on card games where the placement of cards deals damage, revives other cards, or heals you. Over 100 cards to collect, it basically has an entire booster ready to go.
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7 de 7 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
8.3 horas registradas
Publicada: 19 de fevereiro de 2014
Muito divertido. Você nem vê a hora passar enquanto joga. É um ótimo passatempo e por um preço muito justo.
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6 de 6 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
23.1 horas registradas
Publicada: 5 de novembro de 2014
Que achado. Jogo de cartas em que o posicionamento delas no tabuleiro é vital para a construção de combos para dar dano, curar, desabilitar ou reviver cartas. Você ganha de duas maneiras, ou zera a HP do inimigo ou bloqueia o tabulerio com cartas desabilitadas para que ele não consiga mais jogar. O tema é baseado em vários outos jogos desenvolvidos pela Ludosity e as músicas são ótimas. O seu objetivo é juntar todas as cartas lendárias e derrotar todos os chefes. Não tem multiplayer, mas não senti falta. Jogo bom, bonito e barato, bem barato. Diversão garantida.
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4 de 4 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
6.6 horas registradas
Publicada: 22 de fevereiro de 2014
Card City Nights; Um daqueles jogos que você compra por impulso em uma promoção por estar extremamente barato, e você pensa "Por que não?". Mas também é um daqueles jogos de cartas, e eu sinceramente achei que ia me deparar com um tutorial imenso e foi ai que o jogo deu um soco no meu estômago e me mandou quase diretamente pro que interessa. Dinâmico, prático e viciante, um jogo que te faz pedir por mais cartas, oponentes, conquistas e modos de jogo. Sério, uma hora você vai desejar poder jogar no multiplayer com um amigo só para esfregar na cara dele o seu deck todo poderoso. De fato a história é simples e com algumas pitadas de humor leves, é um jogo extremamente casual, tão casual, mas tão casual, que possuo absoluta certeza que deveria vir instalado junto com alguns sistemas operacionais. Formatou o computador e precisa de algo pra jogar? Freecell? Não. Paciência? Não. Xadrez? Não. Pinball? Que Deus o tenha. Card City Nights? YES! Simplesmente divertido e para todas as idades, deveria até vir em revistas de jogos ou infanto-juvenis uma chave desse jogo para a Steam. Ele faz referências a outros jogos, só que apenas da sua empresa, que de fato, por ter me conquistado com esse jogo, vou procurar jogar os outros titulos da mesma. Um excelente jogo para um final de semana.
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3 de 3 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
32.8 horas registradas
Publicada: 1 de abril de 2015
Por esse preço, foi a melhor coisa que achei aqui na Steam.

Pela diversão que o jogo me deu, eu pagaria esse preço outra vez sem nenhum problema, porém, pela história curta, o preço está bem colocado. Ja temos aqui tudo o que você precisa saber, gameplay 9/10 e história 5/10. Mas se quer saber detalhes e saber como é o jogo, continue lendo.

Card City Nights é um jogo de cartas, como declara o nome. São dois tabuleiros, o seu e o do oponente, e cada carta do jogo tem flechas apontando para uma direção. Quando duas dessas flechas se encontram, criam um "link". Quando 3 cartas se juntam, criam um "combo", com excessão de cartas que tem dois icones, que contam como duas cartas. Existem 3 tipos de combo, (4 contando com o combo "neutro", que não tem efeito algum), o combo de ataque, o combo de defesa e o combo de regeneração.

Combo de Ataque

Quando completa um, poderá escolher entre atacar o inimigo diretamente ou atacar uma de suas cartas. Cada jogador começa com 7 pontos de vida(no jogo mais conhecid como "Defense Points"), ao atacar uma de suas cartas, ela ficará desabilitada, e não poderá fazer nada mais, só ficará ali para atrapalhar, até ser regenerada(leia o " Combo de Regeneração "), e se atacar a vida dele, diminuirá a vida dele de acordo com quantas cartas de ataque tinha nesse combo. Por exemplo, se fez um combo com 2 cartas de ataque + uma carta de defesa, causará 2 de dano na "vida" dele. Se foram 3 cartas de ataque, causará 3 de dano.

Combo de Defesa

Quando completa um, regenerá sua vida("Defense Points, como citado em " Combo de Ataque ") assim seu inimigo terá que gastar mais cartas de ataque para diminuir sua vida(ou Defense Points). São combos importantes, pois se jogar contra um inimigo agressivo com varios combos de ataque no deck, você morrerá facilmente. ATENÇÃO: A sua vida ou Defense Points é limitada em 10 pontos, caso fizer um combo que aumenta 3 pontos e tiver 8 pontos, um ponto vai ser inutilizado. Assim como no Combo de Ataque. recupera tantos pontos dependendo de quantas cartas de defesa tinham nesse combo. Um combo com 2 cartas de defesa + 1 de ataque, vai recuperar 2 pontos. 3 cartas de defesa no combo, são +3 pontos de defesa, e assim vai.

Combo de Regeneração

Quando uma carta sua está "desabilitada" devido a um combo de ataque do oponente, ao fazer um combo de regeneração você pode "reviver" elas, fazendo elas voltar ao seu estado original, como se o combo de ataque do oponente nem tivesse ocorrido. Neste combo, porém, não tem maiores efeitos com mais cartas. Se tiver 2 cartas de regeneração no combo, reviverá uma carta, se tiver 9, reviverá uma carta também.

Mas só um lembrete: O jogo é singleplayer, nada disso acontece contra outros joadores, AINDA!, ta tendo uma conversa sobre um novo modo de jogo, que será multiplayer, mas ninguem sabe se vai acontecer, e se acontecer, não será muito cedo.

A nota final é 8/10. 9/10 Gameplay (sem bugs, mas alguns niveis só podem ser concluidos com alguma sorte, isso fica meio chato) 5/10 História (não começa bem, não tem desenvolvimento bom, porém permanece fiel até o final, sem mudanças loucas como acontece em boa parte dos jogos, você não se "perde") 8/10 Trilha sonora (não é ruin, mas perde para jogos como Braveland) Comunidade ?/10 (não é online ainda, esse critério vai surgir algum dia ainda, eu espero. Se der sorte, a nota final vai aumentar para 9/10)
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187 de 201 pessoas (93%) acharam esta análise útil
16.2 horas registradas
Publicada: 14 de fevereiro de 2014
Summary: The game is quite good, but it's not perfect. There are minor hints at mobile heritage, but nothing that would stop anyone who might like a computerized card game from having plenty of fun.

Progress Disclosure: I finished the game and have every achievement. I didn't collect every card. That took about 14 hours. It could probably be done in 8-10 hours by someone hurrying.

Updates: It's over 2 months later, and this game is still getting free content additions.

The mechanics have clearly received attention and tuning; the basics work nicely on their own, and as more abilities are introduced they interact in interesting but not convoluted ways. The interface in general is good; however, it is full of tiny delays for animations and pointless confirmations of non-permanent actions. Combat animations can be set to anywhere between 100% and 200% speed in the options, at least.

The tutorial was good, even having heard and read nothing about the game except the store description before playing. The difficulty hasn't sharply spiked or stayed tutorial easy since; the AI can be observed getting steadily more competent in addition to having better cards. Most games are semi-close wins, and the occasional enemy provokes a new deck style. I have a win ratio around 5, and I doubt that's exceptional.

Deck size is allowed to vary between 25-40 and failing to draw causes damage, so milling is a somewhat viable strategy with the right cards.

There's an deterministic, seemingly associative 2-input alchemy system. The vast majority of combinations are disallowed, and this is indicated by dimming incompatible cards; there's still a pretty large space of recipes, though. A little experimentation produced some deck-worthy but not ridiculous cards. As an example, two Pancakes gives a pretty good milling card. I didn't find a guide, so I'll warn that in my experience combining a alchemy-created card and one of the ingredients used to craft it is allowed but just gets the created back, effectively throwing a card away.

There are 6 icon-identified deck slots; a card can be used in multiple decks. The deck building interface is passable if imperfect; it lacks bulk management options, and the sorting options are deficient. It could use a tweak to show more cards on a PC screen. Cards used in decks are hidden on store and alchemy menus (for good reason).

The art style is pleasant. The dialogue is mildly humorous overall and better in parts; the optional dialogues are pretty extensive, as well.

The achievements look to be quite doable, so it would probably be good for 100%ers. The non-trivial ones (10+ attack and 9 combo) are easy enough to manage once you have a 6+ arrow card and deliberately try.

As described, there are no hidden in-game currency, card, or booster purchases.

Accessibility: The game is fully turn-based with no time pressure ever. The interface doesn't require great precision, but it does require dragging. The interface is fully mouse-driven, except optionally entering your name. There are no vital sound-only cues. No lines are voiced; all dialogue is presented in text. Nothing relies purely on color for identification. As a non-expert, I see no problems.
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54 de 58 pessoas (93%) acharam esta análise útil
8.8 horas registradas
Publicada: 14 de fevereiro de 2014
Initial impression:

Being a player of Magic the gathering I though that this game was going to be boring, however, due the low price and the Scot Piligrim art style I gave it a shot.

TL;DR:My thoughts were wrong, It's actually a pretty neat and nice game

The gameplay it's really simple, the objective is to kill your opponent, you do it by placing and connecting cards that have different types in a 3x3 space.

Types of cards:
Attack: Hit the oponent or kill a Card in your opponent's board.
Defense: Give you life.
Resurrect: Resurrect a dead card.
Neutral: They don't do nothing, but these cards have multiple connection arrows allowing you to easly connect gaps.
in order to achieve different effects.

When 2 or 3 cards connect (Depending of the ammount of symbols of Attack, def, etc) they do the effect and dissappear.

You have to place a card mandatory each turn, so if you cannot place anymore you lose (Same for your opponent).

At first the game it's really easy since your opponents don't have combos and kill themself because they fill the grid, but after a while it becomes more challening.

Regarding progression, it seems that there are a lot of cards (Common, uncommon, rare and legendaries), you win booster packs by defeating other characters.

The art of the cards it's really cool, most of them are weird stuff (There's an avatar that's a Carrot with a hat). As stated before, the art style really looks like Scot Piligrim.

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35 de 37 pessoas (95%) acharam esta análise útil
25.7 horas registradas
Publicada: 13 de maio de 2014
The game is quite alright and priced fairly to boot. Easy to recommend for any card/pokemon (the beat the different bosses for their legendaries mechanic reminded me of the original games at least, and there's the cards to collect) gaming fans.

You won't go wrong with this one.
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42 de 50 pessoas (84%) acharam esta análise útil
3.3 horas registradas
Publicada: 14 de fevereiro de 2014
I haven't played too much of it, but that doesn't mean I can't still give you my opinion! I really like it so far, and plan on putting a good bit more time into it. I'm gonna try to give you a good idea of the game becuase not too much is explained here or anywhere online so bear with me.

It's a very simple little card game wrapped in a Yu-Gi-Oh-esque adventure shell. You go through different locations battling people, getting more cards, getting new decks, all in an effort to get the 8 legendary cards and become super cool and powerful and make mad bank at a tournament.

The gameplay itself is simple. There's a world map that you click locations on to go there and interact with or battle people (also, click around the environment to find hidden coins!). The card game puts a heavy emphasis on positioning. All the cards have arrows on them, and you want to put your cards together so their arrows point at eachother. Connect (usually) 3 arrows and you can make a combo to either do damage, increase your defense(HP) or other effects. That's it. You win when your opponent has no defense or can't play another card. After you win, you generally get a pack of cards to build your deck with, and some money to buy more packs. Your deck must be at least 25 cards, but they can be bigger.

I really like the story, well what little of it I've seen so far. It's basic, you know, get the best cards and be the best. That's good enough for me though, and it should satisfy anyone who grew up watcing shows about kids playing card games. So far, it's bee pretty light-hearted, it's silly and kinda funny which I dig. The art style is childlike and well drawn in a good way, it fits the theme of the game very well. Now we move to the music, and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ do I love it. Seriously, I hope I can get the soundtrack, because it's probably my favorite part.

The last thing to mention is the price. It's 2 bucks right now. Yes, it's clearly a port of a tablet game. No, it doesn't have visual/sound options aside from a resolution changer and a window/fullscreen button. No, it does not have multiplayer. Let me bring this up again. IT'S 2 BUCKS. Even when it goes to full price at 4 bucks, it's still totally worth it. If you like card games, you should buy it. Even if you don't like card games, but cheap and charming games, buy it. Anyone can get into this, and you should get into it.
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29 de 32 pessoas (91%) acharam esta análise útil
13.9 horas registradas
Publicada: 6 de outubro de 2014
Card city night makes me reminisce about one of my favorite gameboy color games: Pokemon Trading Card game. You're basically fighting eight gyms, getting booster packs along the way in a story that's utterly forgettable but at least is a decent nod towards other video game greats.

But the story doesn't really matter (In fact the game basically says this multiple times), what really got me hooked was the puzzle-esque card battling system. At first you think it's really clear cut, and just go straight for your opponents life points. But then the game throws opponents at you for which this strategy is basically impossible, and it makes you realize that there are a LOT of ways to play this game.

The art is fantastic, each card is humorous in it's own regard, and the entire aesthetic of the game is just awesome to look at. It's almost a trying hard to look like you're not trying hard sort of art style. The music though leaves something to be desired, it's basically the same tune for each area that you're in, which means it keeps looping and looping and looping.

But hey, for $4 you really can't go wrong with this. Ten solid hours that will make you reminisce about the good old days of 8-bit monster card fighting.
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