Ниндзя - это круто, и это неоспоримый факт. Роботы-нацисты - это не круто, это нечто полностью противоположное. Их предводитель, Робот Гитлер, охотится за вами, первым ниндзя в мире. У вас есть 10 секунд на то, чтобы уничтожить всех роботов-нацистов в пределах видимости. Вызов брошен.
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Дата выхода: 5 мар, 2014

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"You have 10 seconds to defeat increasingly difficult action platforming challenges. Your enemy? Robot Hitler. Great for those looking for a challenge."


“a marvellously well designed and air-punchingly triumphant video game”
8/10 – Eurogamer

“10 Second Ninja is fast-paced and highly-addicting with a great sense of humor from the very start.”
9.3 – Indie Gaming Mag

“it’s bloody brilliant”
5/5 – The Indie Mine

Об этой игре

Ниндзя - это круто, и это неоспоримый факт. Роботы-нацисты - это не круто, это нечто полностью противоположное. Их предводитель, Робот Гитлер, охотится за вами, первым ниндзя в мире.

У вас есть 10 секунд на то, чтобы уничтожить всех роботов-нацистов в пределах видимости. Вызов брошен.

Станьте величайшим ниндзя и нанесите сокрушительный удар по империи Робота Гитлера в этом стремительном платформере.

На старт, внимание... ниндзя!


  • Пронеситесь через 40 сложных уровней!
  • Играйте снова и снова, чтобы пройти уровень за рекордное время и получить вожделенные три звезды!
  • Сломайте клавиатуру или геймпад в приступе злости!
  • Сражайтесь с друзьями за миллисекунды в списках лидеров.
  • Докажите, что умеете играть в игры, и соберите все 30 достижений.
Внимание! Эта игра содержит сцены со вспышками света. Не рекомендуется играть в нее людям, страдающим от фотогенной эпилепсии.

Системные требования

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Single Core 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8600M / RadeonHD 2600 (128MB)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible.
    • OS: OSX 10.6
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 (2 * 1860)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8600M / RadeonHD 2600 (128MB)
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
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5.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 16 марта
После прохождения игры, у меня нет ни желания, ни сил писать об этом маленьком исчадии ада…Заставила ли игра меня попотеть? ДА ЧЕРТ ВОЗЬМИ!!! Когда 0.02 на протяжении сотни попыток, а ты с остервенением продолжаешь насиловать геймпад, говорит ли это о том, что ее стоит купить, каждый решит для себя сам.
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10.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 22 января
Many games have attempted to capture the essence of pure speed as part of their appeal. It's powerful when applied correctly, so often being impossible to emulate in real life. You can't run like Sonic, your car doesn't go as fast as Captain Falcon's - and I'd be very surprised if you can move like the hero of 10 Second Ninja.He's a double jumping, sword slashing, shuriken throwing robot destruction machine. Madly dashing through short platforming puzzles, his ultimate goal is always the same: destroy the nazi robots as fast as possible. Half the game is sequencing and strategy, determining the most efficient uses of those precious second jumps and limited throwing stars.At first a level will seem straight forward - a combination of runs and leaps that take out everything in what you'll assume is a respectable time.Things can be confusing at first, for different reasons - but then you notice the time savers. The opportunities to take out two enemies with one move, skip jumps or maintain momentum. In later levels the addition of complications like falling rocks and portals change the equation. The slow consideration to start a level is a nice counter-point to the split-split-second reaction times needed to perform the plans you come up with.That's the other half. Thumb-mutilating skills coupled with reset after reset to shave milliseconds off times in pursuit of those required to unlock levels or climb the bragging rights only online leaderboard. The game controls wonderfully and the simplistic art uses precise frame stages to broadcast changes in status, vital for instant understanding. While it won't be for everyone, Ninja does exactly what it set out to, with style and humour to boot.
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0.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 8 января
10 Second Ninja moves so fast that it's over almost before you realize it's begun, but its brief length is used so effectively as a tool to making a blisteringly precise, difficult platformer accessible that it's actually the better for it.

Designed as a series of miniature speedruns, you're given but 10 seconds to complete a given level, jumping, slicing, and throwing shurikens to clear out Robot Hitler's mechanical army as quickly as possible. It might sound like a gimmick, but levels are designed in such a way as to be almost puzzle like in execution, requiring not only brute reflexes but also an understanding of how to best make use of your limited repertoire to shave off every tenth of a second you can manage.

Naturally, this causes the game to move at a ridiculous pace, but unlike a lot of hyper challenging platformers 10 Second Ninja avoided ever becoming overwhelming. Its basic mechanics give you just enough leeway to experiment within levels so as to keep them from feeling too linear or restricting their design, while being entirely understandable and intuitive to execute, and the necessarily small size of each level keeps the experience easily digestible but not to the detriment of a satisfying challenge. 10 Second Ninja isn't an easy game, but it always feels surmountable, if only you could find the perfect strategy or go a little faster.

And then an hour later you're through, perhaps having missed a few perfect level ratings but for the most part seeing what the game has to offer. And surprisingly I was entirely OK with that. 10 Second Ninja for as short as it is makes every moment engaging, each level offering its own twist on mechanics that never change because they don't need to, and finding time for some humorous dialogue in between smashing up Robot Hitler's disembodied head. There's just something inherently entertaining here, and it all comes together into a tightly condensed package that understands it doesn't need to be hundreds of hours long. It just needs to be fun.

You can read more of my writing on Kritiqal.
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5.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 8 января
May 20, 2015
If you aren't a speedrunner, I wouldn't consider 10 Second Ninja. I decided to buckle down and really work at the game after a frustrating introduction, and quickly completed it with some effort. The full content is around 4 minutes long, with later levels only adding portals and enemies that take two hits to kill. The only appeal of the game is finding routes to optimize times.

The game is built on Game Maker, I only knew this after the 2nd cutscene gave up a Game Maker error report and crashed the game when an image couldn't be found. The program seems to take process priority along with nearly 500MB of RAM, slowing the Desktop and all other activities if you want to Alt-Tab. FPS is good, and I assume the high priority is to make sure the clock is accurate.

Controls are simple but inconsistent, not really fitting for a precision platformer. The sword hitbox can be gigantic at times, even allowing some kills through walls. Normal ground behaves more like Ice, while Ice really didn't give me much issue, maybe because I finally got the hang of controlling this ninja on rollerskates. Sometimes the ninja would auto-run after restarting, while other times it would ignore my inputs (mostly in the Hard mode 100% run, wasting precious time). The 10-second max means most levels are very limited, with only 4 of the 40 levels spanning beyond the screen. I'm kinda shocked a ninja in a platforming game can't wall-jump, while a cube of meat can.

The game requires Stars to progress in the game, so expect to repeat and perfect levels from the start. Beginners will get trapped in the first world until they can improve times for Stars. At least the community seems friendly, with some helpful strategy videos to complete the game. I don't know if the developer cleans time records, but there's a cheater with a 100% time of under 5 seconds that needs wiped. At least the music in the Bonus area was really good.

Overall, the game is too one-dimensional. Super Meat Boy, Stealth Bast Deluxe, and other platformers allow speedrunning without limiting level design and cutting mechanics. 40 short levels, limited variety, and no included level editor means content is slim. It's bundle fodder, which is where I got it, and the store price is insane. There's nothing really unique here. If you're a speedrunner that has exhausted every other game, you could still find other games with more content. The cutscenes may be longer than the gameplay, but they try too hard to be memetic and get tweets. A hashtag in a cutscene, yuck. Considering all the levels can be reasonably completed in 240 seconds, you must see the cost-per-hour here is awful. It had potential, but the title restricted the gameplay far too much.
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4.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 3 января
As a tiny blue ninja, you're mankind's last hope against the mischievous Robot Hitler and his robot army. In this fast-paced platformer, your aim is to clear every single level in less than ten seconds - that is, kill every robot on the screen, using your weaponry and triggering environmental hazards. Aim for the lowest possible time to earn a three-star rating!

The concept is really nice, and the par times are very tightly balanced. Finding the optimal route for each level will require meticulous planning, and the execution leaves no room for error. It is incredibly satisfying when you nail your inputs perfectly and maximize a route's potential, and deeply unnerving when even then, you're still half a second too slow; reconsider what seems obvious, think outside the box and, most of all, keep optimizing your inputs. The original core concept, the precise controls and meticulously balanced level design are the game's main strenghts.

Now for the cons. The visuals and cutscenes are entirely forgettable, which can be excused in a low-budget indie game such as this. The soundtrack, albeit repetitive, serves its purpose but isn't particularly memorable either. My main criticism would be that the game is really short, and perhaps not quite as "hardcore" as it may appear at first. I was a little disappointed to hit the ending credits after only a few hours (plus maybe an extra half hour on the bonus world), with all the three-star ratings earned and without hitting any major roadblocks.

I would have loved more content, and I felt that certain ideas in the level design could have been further developped (portals, falling/crumbling blocks, etc). As it is, I can't say that the game has exploited its potential to the fullest; nevertheless, it remains a solid puzzle platformer and one of the most execution-intensive games I have played in a while, with relatively fair content for its price. A shame that such an interesting challenge turned out so short.
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