Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters. Become the Black Swordsman and slay thousands of enemies in an epic action RPG!
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Data lansării: 7 feb., 2014

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“The game is incredibly polished from top to bottom.”
PC Mag

“Reaper is exactly the kind of quality we’ve all come to expect from Hexage, and well worth adding to your collection.”

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Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters. Become the Black Swordsman and slay thousands of enemies in an epic action RPG!

War broke between the industrious Imperium and the savage tribes of Wilderness. Demons and carrions have returned to the land.

Play all sides and make your own decisions. Take countless quests and uncover the secrets of Wilderness!

Level up your character with skills of your choice. Select from more than 30 unique & tiered skills to improve your character.

Loot gold from slain enemies, find treasures and negotiate quest rewards. Choose from hundreds of exquisite armors, swords and accessories.


Dark Harvest Mode. Standalone action game with separate character and inventory. Win a sequence of battles to level and gear up.

Torken Arena. Face the mightiest Torken warriors in an unforgiving contest for gold and fame.

Dark Shrine. Long forgotten shrine in the woods holds a sinister secret. (Repeatable quest.)

Dark Item Set. Mastercrafted full heavy armor, sword and accessories available at merchants. Jet black and imbued with dark magic powers.

Fortune Teller. Orisee is a master of the Destiny Tarot. For a price, she may steal a card from fate itself.

Support and Feedback

Please contact support@hexage.net with any inquiry or feedback.

Follow @hexage for the latest development updates and news.

Cerinţe de sistem

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6800
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
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Postat: 15 octombrie, 2014
It's what you'd expect from a mobile port and then some - The controls are a bit clunky, but you get used to them over time. The plot isn't really there, the fighting is, at times, impossible (Screamer jumps are uninterupttable).

But the gameplay itself is so easy to pick up that I just find myself just... enjoying the experience. The ranking system gives a sense of progress, as do the constant quests.

I'd imagine that if a full-sized dev team were to take Reaper and flesh it into a full game, it would be amazing.

8/10, Slicing through everything in sight is awesome
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Postat: 22 ianuarie
A fun game to play when you want to relax or kill time . With only 5 $ , Reaper offers you a full-content RPG

Pros :
+ Beautiful graphics
+ Easy to control
+ Simple RPG style with Item Purchasing, Quest, levels , skills , .......
+ Addictive gameplay
+ Cheap price
Cons :
+ Can't travel anywhere until you finish your current quest , so somtimes you get stuck !

Overall : 9 / 10 . Recommended
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Postat: 18 ianuarie
If you want a challenge, here you ♥♥♥♥ing go. Jesus Christ. I wouldn't say the game is too hard for me, I just get stressed very easily and this game is by far one of the most insanely frustrating games with some of the most annoying enemies that I have ever seen. After doing entire fights late in the game and getting whittled down to a few health then just barely dying on a red soldier level and having to do the entire 20min fight over again, I've had enough. One of the most frustrating games I have ever played besides Teleglitch. Probably even more frustrating than that game. Everything is fine until you get to a level of tons of red soldiers and then you get to see the game's wild difficulty spikes. It's getting so frustrating and repetitive that it's not funny. The graphics are good and the controls are good but the problem comes from there being a screen full of projectiles and enemies and your guy is just a damage sponge with no armor or block value. You have block value but it only counts towards melee attacks. So late in the game if you don't have the ability that lets you get 1hp per coin picked up, then good luck on a level that spawns in a ton of the floating blue tribal masks, which are one of the most annoying enemies I have ever seen since they float away from you while doing dmg to you. The levels with the red soldiers would take too long to explan why they are so frustrating so just wait and you will see what I mean.

Tons of unblockable ways to take dmg, incredibly annoying enemies, and mind bendingly repetitive gameplay. What you do in the tutorial is basically what you will be doing for the rest of the game. The game isn't too hard for me, just too annoying. When a game is this repetitive, having to replay the same very long stage with the same incredibly frustrating enemies gets old real fast. It also feels like playing a Mass Effect game because you will do as much reading as actually playing. If I would have read all of the pointless text in the game up to this point I would probably still be back at level 15 instead of 32. The one really cool point for this game which is really brilliant is that it automatically auto attacks when you are close to an enemy, saving a lot of wear and tear on your thumb. Every button masher should do this. Every single ♥♥♥♥ing one of them.

I got it in a bundle for a dollar and got about 8 hours out of it and that is plenty. So it can be fun for a good while, but I don't need any more because frustration aside, it is just way too repetitive. Probably the most repetitive game I've played in years.
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Postat: 22 ianuarie
Reaper - Tale of a Pale Swordsman is an adorable (but not childish) mix of an RPG and a beat-em-up game. You play as THE Reaper and, to some degree, you have the freedom to choose whether you want to be a "good" guy or an a-hole.
What more could you wish for, right?

Be warned, though.
While both the design artist and the dialogue writer did a great job (I can't stress enough just how great the art and the dialogues were!), the developer screwed up pretty bad. Or just didn't have the money to hire a playtester or the time to playtest it themselves. Either way, it shows a lot.
At its later stages, the game becomes very enjoyable, but all this joy is burried under a heap of disasterous design choices.
If you can somehow overcome the myriad of major annoyances, though, the experience is somewhat rewarding ;)

For those who don't mind doing things the non-frustrating way: Yes, there is a working Cheat Engine table for this game that lets you (among other things) alter your gold drop, so you can purchase the absolutely necessary skill upgrades and actually enjoy the game.
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Postat: 15 ianuarie
Action RPG meets Sidescroller. But don't let that fool you. Simple controls, you can also use a controller if you like, but I doubt that would make much difference.

Single player story mode, and an increasing in difficulty challenge mode. You don't have your story mode gear in the challenge mode. Not sure if I like that separation.

+ beautiful graphics and effects
+ very easy controls
+ cute hero :-)
+ auto-attack (it was a mobile game first)
+ real ARPG, don't let the cute graphics fool you

- once in a quest, you have to finish it before you can do anything else.
- story is not the best out there, but not the worst either.
- challenge mode has separate gear
- getting the money from killed enemies is a challenge, so you don't always get what you deserve

Recommended for it's price. It's even cheaper now if you get it in the "Humble Weekly Bundle: Brawlers" now.
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Postat: 16 ianuarie
The pc port is useless and a waste of money.
It is capped at 30 fps and has no improvements compared to the version for smartphones.

If you wanna play this game, then download it from the app store of your smartphones.
Its free and you have the same game experience.
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Postat: 21 ianuarie
Like touhou with swords
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Postat: 19 ianuarie
It is a good time-killer game, addictive and joyful, I would recommend you to buy
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Postat: 17 ianuarie
Beautiful, polished hack 'n slash.
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Postat: 20 ianuarie
There are a lot of things to like about this game. The RPG mechanics are wonderful - equips feel unique and useful, and the customization on level-up is very well done. Character design is cute, and the art style overall is quality. It seems to me that this game would have high replay value.

However, actual gameplay, the most important part of the game, feels clunky and unresponsive. The autoattack mechanic is inspired, but not executed well. I found myself using unempowered manual attacks for the most part. The worst part of the combat, for me, was that it rarely felt like it was my fault for getting hit. This is hugely important - when you take damage, it should be because you did something wrong (except special circumstances like trading hits), and you should be able to learn from your mistake and avoid it in the future. When I got hit, it rarely felt deserved. Melee attacks from enemies have wonky hitboxes, most notably, and avoiding them feels more like a battle with the game's design than with the game itself. Dashing feels extremely clunky. The input (double tap a direction) provides too long a window, and I found myself dashing accidentally when I was only trying to adjust my position precisely. This led to frequent dashes off ledges (falling deals 50 damage, half of your base life) and just as often straight into projectile attacks, as dashing does not provide any invulnerability frames. This was really frustrating to deal with, and the rest of the gameplay just couldn't make up for this and other shortcomings.

I really wanted to like this game, and there were definitely many well-done aspects, but it failed to provide an enjoyable experience overall due to just a few small, consistent problems.
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Postat: 15 ianuarie
I have always liked Hexage games, I found them on my Android tablet and loved the music and art style. These two things along with fantastic gameplay have created an awesome Double Dragon, RPG, Item Purchasing, Quest, Exploring game....

- Intersting Graphics
- Fun game play
- Upgradeable character
- lots of items
- Chasing the stupid gold all over the map (you will see what I mean)
- getting stuck by enemy fire where you cant do anything (rarely happens but when it does...)
- linear storyline
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3.6 ore înregistrate
Postat: 7 februarie, 2014
Guilty of being an impulsive buyer, this is one of the few games I've bought on a whim that has surprised me greatly. Fun and fast enough and mildly complex enough to keep me intrigued. It's cheap, buy it already!
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Postat: 9 februarie, 2014
Lets start with what I didn't like with the game.
1. Controls:
-The Map interaction really shows that this was made for a touchdevice to begin with, it's a thing to get used to but annoying when you are new to the game.
- Combat is a just watching the game play itself as you will auto attack instantly and consistently as soon as an enemy is comes close. You have your Manual attacks that is an Uppercut or a Slam (downward) attack but they are weak unless you wait long enough for your auto-attack to build up enough rage (skulls on the top) to make them stronger. This is fine for a touchgame when you have a limited amount of "buttons" to use to not disturbe you visual of the screen for the gameplay but a huge flaw when you have an actual controller to play with. For me this was a really fun draining aspect of the control.

Otherwise the movement is very solid and responsive and you can get a really good flow (wich is needed with combat mechanics mentioned above.

Graphics, sound were all good though.
Story I can't say much about since I didn't get very far in to the game due to the offputting controls.

If I had the choice again then I would rather have picked this up on an IOS device rather than getting it here for PC.
All the positive feedbacks in this review area fooled me though.
Maybe I will give this another chance later but not right now.

Wether or not this will be helpful to you I can't say. Just be sure to know what you are paying for, the controls are a major thing to consider if seeking a fun little game to play. This is just way to casual for my taste to be played on a PC with a controller.
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3.3 ore înregistrate
Postat: 23 februarie, 2014
This is a very well polished and fun game with a lot of content at a low price. I have a full video review here
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Postat: 11 februarie, 2014
Reaper Tale Of A Pale Swordsman was a game made for mobiles. Once again, it shows. The art is beautiful, but the game runs at 30FPS and has that certain 'slow-mo' feeling sometimes. But it's not intentional, let me say that.

I've played it for a couple of hours now and all you're doing is walk from one point to another, while completing quests and defeating enemies. Quests consist of fetch quests and kill quests. Fetch quests have you run to several places on the map to collect stuff. But it's just clicking on the map. Your character doesn't have to do anything here. The kill quests, of course, let you kill enemies. These enemies range from simple to moderately hard. You'll be using your skills (quests grant you XP and allow you to level up resulting in several skills you can unlock) and the combat system to complete these. The skills usually let you have more health, or do more damage so there's not much variety here, but the combat system is a bit unique.

Walk towards an enemy and you'll be auto-attacking it. Auto-attacking gives you skulls and the more skulls you collect the more damage you can dish out if you decide to manually attack. I wouldn't say it's a deep system, but you have to use a bit of strategy to defeat some of the tougher enemies or if there are a lot of enemies spawning. Unfortunately, it's the only positive thing I have to say about this game.

Because it's clearly made for phones and the gameplay is just too shallow to be enjoyed on the PC I just can't recommend this game. Skip.

[Rating: 57/100]
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Postat: 8 februarie, 2014
Last month Android and iOS users were treated to Reaper – Tale of a Pale Swordsman, a side-scrolling action rpg akin to Rogue Legacy on the PC. Reaper however plays a lot more like a traditional RPG than the aforementioned, forgoing the rouge-like elements of its inspiration. While it does effectively utilize many rpg elements well, it’s definitely not perfect. However, developers Hexage of Radiant Defense notoriety aren’t kidding themselves and only ask $5 for their PC port. All in all it’s absolutely worth the time and money.

The core of the title is the combat, a 2d hackfest of the slowest kind. While you would imagine a title like this to warrant flashy moves and twitch gameplay, it has a very slow deliberate pace which can be attributed to its mobile roots. While your movement speed is upgradable as you level up, the game still sports a pacing better suited for a touchscreen than a battlestation. That being said once you get used to the deliberate pacing the game actually tends to open a little.
While we are keeping in mind that this is pretty much a direct port of the mobile title, there were a few gripes we have. First and foremost is the inclusion of an “auto attack”. For a mobile game this feature makes sense, but the fact that it was not made optional for the PC port hurts this title, especially due to the fact that it’s the catalyst of the games combat system. As you walk up to enemies without pressing any button whatsoever your character will be begin chopping away...

Read the full review at Thumbthrone.com.
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Postat: 14 aprilie, 2014
this game is such a fun and sometimes challenging game. I deffinately think that you'll have a fun time while playing it WARNING: U MAY RAGE
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11 din 14 oameni (79%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
4.3 ore înregistrate
Postat: 2 martie, 2014
Played this game on windows store and loved the free version I am so glad this got green lighted


but realy try this game
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25 din 43 oameni (58%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
3.6 ore înregistrate
Postat: 8 februarie, 2014
For $5 this is an easy choice. It is a very simple game with super easy mechanics that allow you to flow across the screen performing cool combos and taking out enemies. The quests are not too deep but provide you with enough entertainment to keep you going. I voted for this game when it was just greenlight and now that its out, I'm happy i got it. Its a fun little game!
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11.2 ore înregistrate
Postat: 9 februarie, 2014
This game is a bit of a strange experience for me. I WANT to like it, but it constantly decides to be frustrating in exactly he wrong ways. I've seen reviews that say this game required skill, I found the opposite. Skill took the back seat, and instead luck was the ruler of the day. For those who don't want to read the long version, I'd say this: if I'd paid more than the $5 I got it for, I'd feel ripped off. As it is, this game is very flawed execution of a good idea, which still manages to have short stretches of good fun. The fairly unforgiving nature of the game, what with no real defense options makes it somewhat of a strange sell for casual gamers (which seems to be the target audience), but hey, seems to be working for a lot of people according to other reviews. Can't say that I agree with how many people recommend the game.

So it basically seems that Reaper was meant to be a bit like an RPG lite, where you could play a few quests and have a bit of fun, not having to get too bogged down in a really in-depth game. Well, right there I'll say that if you like the kind of complex stories that RPG's are generally known for, this story is gonna feel a bit like "Plot, what Plot?" There basically isn't a plot. I will refer to the character as "The Pale Swordsman", since he has no consistent name or title so far in the game. This may change later, but honestly, the point is relatively moot as the gameplay is so flawed, but I thought I'd mention the story early, since there's little to say. However, enough fluff, time for some crunch.

First problem, the auto attack. It does not trigger nearly as much as it should. It feels like the Pale Swordsman is using a prison shank, because you have to get so close you could just about whisper in their ear. Which is strange, seeing as you're effectly using a buster sword, and I'm clearly within range, as I can trigger the uppercut or the slam, and it'll hit, but because of how the rage skulls work, this is not the way you should be playing, as these skills are significantly weaker with no skulls, so you have to rely on the auto hitting, which is less than reliable. This is probably to do with the game being a port from mobiles, but honestly, if you're gonna release a PC version, you should at least make use of the fact they have buttons.

Second problem, the controls generally. In short, the controls feel strange and imprecise. To elaborate, the game feels like the character is trapped in a world where the air has the consistency of treacle. Everything is very slowed down. More annoying still, I can't seem to stop bouncing off stuff... which wouldn't really be a problem, except that about 70% of things you're able to bounce off do damage. And it is not often that it's apparent this will happen.
The thorns on those vines are EXTREMELY subtle. Tangentially, things in the background, like braziers and cauldrons of hot coal should not hurt you in the way they do, especially when they don't hurt ANYTHING besides you.

Though back to the controls point, it's often difficult to even tell when you're going to bounce. Why do I bounce off the normal ground when I'm using the whirling blade jump attack? Even sillier, why do I *sometimes* bounce off the Ground, and even the AIR? If it happened reliably one way or the other, it would be fine, but you can't rely on it. This will be a point later.
Also, the Charge attack triggers WAY too easily. Which again, wouldn't necessarily be so bad, since it's the only way to get anywhere in a hurry... but with pits that do 50 damage (in a game where your base health is 100), you end up triggering the charge, when you don't want to. Which at best wastes a Rage Skull, and at worst makes you go down a pit and lose roughly half your HP.

Third and Last major gameplay problem: the Enemies. Basically all of them. You get ridiculous situations where you try (or as previously stated, don't try) to use your charge attack and charge into the back of a charging boar... only for you to be damaged by the ♥♥♥♥ of a retreating boar... Are they wombats? Do they have an armour-plated rear? But then you have the nigh-bullet hell amount of projectiles that are sent around the battlefield... and wouldn't you know it, you have no dodge roll, dash or any kind of reliable defense aside from the jump, which feels you're on the moon... and with the bouncing problem mentioned earlier...

This got to be ridiculous when I was faced by a helicopter, which shoots seeker missiles... and I had to have an aerial duel with it over a strip of wooden palisade... The unreliability of the Air bouncing I said about? Yeah, anytime I didn't bounce of the air or the helicopter, I ended up falling onto the palisade and taking damage from the palisade, unless I used the charge in midair to save myself. Which of course wasted a Rage Skull, because I can't choose to only use the charge as an evasive dash. Instead, I basically have to use the weak version of the Buzzsaw jump attack to slowly whittle away health. Except when I glitch and cling to the helicopter like Spiderman... then I unleash auto-attack blades of fury, before dying because I can't tell I'm being hit (as it's just shotgunning me with it's smaller weapons).

So to sum up, nice idea, very flawed execution, tests for storyline came back negative, controls feel strange, when I die I feel cheated. The game doesn't do much to endear itself to me, so even when I try to like it, it just saps my enthusiasm.
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