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Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters. Become the Black Swordsman and slay thousands of enemies in an epic action RPG!
Date de parution: 7 fév 2014
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“The game is incredibly polished from top to bottom.”
PC Mag

“Reaper is exactly the kind of quality we’ve all come to expect from Hexage, and well worth adding to your collection.”

À propos du jeu

Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters. Become the Black Swordsman and slay thousands of enemies in an epic action RPG!

War broke between the industrious Imperium and the savage tribes of Wilderness. Demons and carrions have returned to the land.

Play all sides and make your own decisions. Take countless quests and uncover the secrets of Wilderness!

Level up your character with skills of your choice. Select from more than 30 unique & tiered skills to improve your character.

Loot gold from slain enemies, find treasures and negotiate quest rewards. Choose from hundreds of exquisite armors, swords and accessories.


Dark Harvest Mode. Standalone action game with separate character and inventory. Win a sequence of battles to level and gear up.

Torken Arena. Face the mightiest Torken warriors in an unforgiving contest for gold and fame.

Dark Shrine. Long forgotten shrine in the woods holds a sinister secret. (Repeatable quest.)

Dark Item Set. Mastercrafted full heavy armor, sword and accessories available at merchants. Jet black and imbued with dark magic powers.

Fortune Teller. Orisee is a master of the Destiny Tarot. For a price, she may steal a card from fate itself.

Support and Feedback

Please contact support@hexage.net with any inquiry or feedback.

Follow @hexage for the latest development updates and news.

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6800
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
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Plutôt sympathique, on enchaîne les quêtes sans voir passer le temps.
Deux petits soucis personnellement,
le manque de possibilité de personnalisation des touches
m'oblige à mettre mon clavier en anglais pour jouer normalement
et on peut refuser des quêtes mais c'est inutile
car il faudra de toute façon les faire
il y a quelques choix assez amusants par contre
comme sauver quelqu'un ou l'achever par exemple.
Ce n'est pas un incontournable mais c'est un bon jeu quand même.
Posté le : 31 mars 2014
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"Reaper enchaîne les clichés du genre et ne veut qu’une seule chose : parvenir à attirer du chaland, à miser sur son excessive répétitivité pour faire revenir ceux qui accrocheront à son univers. Cela fonctionnera-t-il ? C’est clairement selon les joueurs, qui aiment ou non faire toujours la même chose dans le seul but d’évoluer son personnage et de parvenir à la fin d’un scénario qui traîne presque en longueur. Encore une fois, Reaper a tout du bon jeu iOS/Android et si vous en avez l’occasion, préférez l’acheter sur ces plateformes plutôt que sur une bécane qui n’est vraiment pas faite pour lui." - GameSideStory.com http://www.gamesidestory.com/2014/02/13/gametest-reaper-tale-of-a-pale-swordsman-pc-ios-android/
Posté le : 14 février 2014
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Guilty of being an impulsive buyer, this is one of the few games I've bought on a whim that has surprised me greatly. Fun and fast enough and mildly complex enough to keep me intrigued. It's cheap, buy it already!
Posté le : 7 février 2014
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Lets start with what I didn't like with the game.
1. Controls:
-The Map interaction really shows that this was made for a touchdevice to begin with, it's a thing to get used to but annoying when you are new to the game.
- Combat is a just watching the game play itself as you will auto attack instantly and consistently as soon as an enemy is comes close. You have your Manual attacks that is an Uppercut or a Slam (downward) attack but they are weak unless you wait long enough for your auto-attack to build up enough rage (skulls on the top) to make them stronger. This is fine for a touchgame when you have a limited amount of "buttons" to use to not disturbe you visual of the screen for the gameplay but a huge flaw when you have an actual controller to play with. For me this was a really fun draining aspect of the control.

Otherwise the movement is very solid and responsive and you can get a really good flow (wich is needed with combat mechanics mentioned above.

Graphics, sound were all good though.
Story I can't say much about since I didn't get very far in to the game due to the offputting controls.

If I had the choice again then I would rather have picked this up on an IOS device rather than getting it here for PC.
All the positive feedbacks in this review area fooled me though.
Maybe I will give this another chance later but not right now.

Wether or not this will be helpful to you I can't say. Just be sure to know what you are paying for, the controls are a major thing to consider if seeking a fun little game to play. This is just way to casual for my taste to be played on a PC with a controller.
Posté le : 9 février 2014
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This is a very well polished and fun game with a lot of content at a low price. I have a full video review here
Posté le : 23 février 2014
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Reaper has been selected by Apple for the Mac App Store Best of 2013.