Pixel Piracy: Avast, ye Scallywags! Loot, Pillage and Plunder as you lead your crew across the vast seas of Piracia on your quest to become a Legendary Pirate King - or die trying!
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Date de parution: 23 avr 2015

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"An open world pixelated pirate adventure game. Create your captain, build your ship, find your crew, and set sail finding treasure and plundering ships!"

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1 juillet

Patch v1.1.23 and Shiny Things!

Ahoy there!

Today we bring out another round of bug fixes for the game. Yes, your pirate flag is really a flag now, not poop! In addition to the patch, we are also happy to announce our brand new forums and website, which are ready and awaiting the community! You can check out the changes at


Without further ado, here are the notes for today's patch:


New wavy effect and texture for the pirate flag!
Grindstone upgrade chance system now scales to the varying number of weapon ranks
Updated grindstone descriptions to match the actual upgrade chance
Fixed bug where pirates would drop their melee weapon twice sometimes
Removed a bunch of log spam (sorry about that!)
Fixed slowdown when running main menu for a long time
Fixed bug where renown was not correctly loaded from save file
Fixed bug where pet skills cost 0 TP to learn
Fixed bug where buying a pirate flag from the store would get you a bird poop instead
Seagulls now have distinct white droppings
Fixed bug where ranged weapon upgrade ranks were incorrectly calculated

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24 juin

Pixel Piracy official translation tools now available!

Hello there everyone! Alex Poysky here with something that's been a long time coming.

This isn't an update, but a tool for the community to use to give FAN translations of the game. We've had an incredible amount of support and feedback from the community and decided to make this tool so that you could create any language files you choose!

There are a few restrictions, mainly NON ordinary characters (special symbols, cyrilic, etc) so keep that in mind when translating.

You will need to download Notepad ++ in order to manipulate the files, and here are the instructions


Download that and then edit it using Notepad++

To test out the translations before submitting them, you need to
1. Create folder Mods in PixelPiracy folder
2. Create Translations folder inside Mods
3. copy the file there and rename to Polish.xml or something
then it should be selectable in the settings menu

We are looking forward to implementing future translations, I'll be posting this update as a sticky in the forum, where anyone can upload their own translation files to share with others.


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“"An open world pixelated pirate adventure game. Create your captain, build your ship, find your crew, and set sail finding treasure and plundering ships!"”
Just Good PC Games

“"A charming piracy sim rogue-like that will surely steal your heart! My gameplay video may help you decide to buy or not!"”
Paul Soars Jr. (YouTuber)

“Pixel Piracy "Bloomin' love this, me hearties! When we played it on the channel, it really swashed Simon's buckle! Took us ages to get the stains out of the carpet."”

Nouvelle mise à jour

Originally released as an Early Access title in 2014, Pixel Piracy has undergone a foundational redesign over the past several months. This includes upgrades across the entire game, addressing every system and sub system - the goal being to bring the game to a level that we feel is worthy of the vision and potential this game has always possessed.

À propos de ce jeu

Live the life of a pirate captain! Recruit a crew of salty buccaneers, outfit and customize your ship, and then set sail on the open seas in search of treasure and infamy. Using a combination of aggression, diversion, and trade, will you become the next Legendary Pirate King and the most feared pirate crew in all of Piracia?
Pixel Piracy, the 2D Pirate Simulator, is back with a foundational rebuild that brings the game to its full potential! From items to stats, to islands and loot, to the brand new Sailor Mode and Tutorial - the entire game has been revisited over the past six months to provide you with the most polished experience we’ve crafted to date. With the help of our partners at Re-Logic (Terraria) we are proud to bring you an update that takes Pixel Piracy to a place worthy of its name.

Adapt your play style using the different difficulty settings - there’s something for everyone, from casual to experienced roguelike players alike. If you are a returning Pixel Piracy player, we’d like to invite you to try the game out again, as so much has changed that we don’t even know where to begin!


Current features:

Hundreds of man-hours have gone into a free expansion that includes widespread changes across all aspects of gameplay. This is the result of six months of work in secret hand in hand with Re-Logic. The baseline changes are:

Rebuilt A.I: Reworked from the ground up, the game’s internal A.I has been built from the ground up to provide smoother gameplay.

Code Optimization: Internal code has been revised to speed it up on even older computers. Expect a BIG step up in quality.

Revised Items/Stats/Loot/Enemies/Islands: We have revised each and every of these things painstakingly tweaking, balancing, and polishing to provide the definitive Pirate Sim.

Multiple Languages: The game is now available in English, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese, and German.

Multiple Difficulty Levels: Gone are the extreme difficulty levels of the past, you can now adjust the game to your playstyle, from Sailor (casual) to Legendary Captain (Hardcore Roguelike Expert), there’s something for everyone.

Full Fledged Tutorial: One of the most asked for features, the Tutorial will show you the ropes and get you started in life on Piracia!

Sandbox open world Pirate simulator.
Procedurally generated world that changes each new game you play. While not a Roguelike in the strictest of sense, it does strike of one.
Vast over-world map full of danger, loot, and people to prey on.
Comprehensive loot system, upgrade-able weapons and armor, special and secret loot to deck out your sailors.
Parrots, Pets and Plunder!!
Each playthrough will require around 20 hours to get through (with at least 4 playthroughs needed to see all the game has to offer)
Planned future updates/content

For more details on the game visit or follow us @pixelpiracygame or @alexpoysky or visit www.piracysim.com

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.6 GHZ
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Pixel Shader Capable Graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 200 MB available space
    • OS: 10
    • Processor: Intel I-3
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Posté le : 3 août
Comment rendre une idée de génie en quelque chose de vraiment frustrant et merdique, alors nan je ne parle pas de la 5eme république, ni de CubeWorld toi-même tu sais, mais bien sûr de pixel piracy.

C'est clairement un foutage de gueule enfaite, comme beaucoup d'early acces, tu l'as dans l'an.us à la fin ... entre promesse et flute… à voir certain avis positif jme demande si ya pas des plaisirs cacher.

Tu contrôles rien ... tu peux a la limite cibler le mec que tu veux attaquer en priorité sinon c'est le jeu qui fait tout... il vise avec les canon auto, il les recharges tout seul , il bouge les sbires etc... en bref tu fou rien ta juste besoins de les sortir du bateau et de les rentrer

A la limite si t’aimes le SM, et te faire chier.

Tu as des points de compétence a monter, honnêtement ca change pas grand-chose si tu fou tout en vie, ca évite que tu perdes un de tes membres a cause du scorbut toute les 5 secondes par que ta plus de citron ….

  • Sympas au debut
  • On peut mettre jean Claude Van Damme en nom pour les pirates
  • Pas mal d’idée interessante au final
  • Monde ouvert

  • On se fait tres vite chier
  • Tres mauvaise traduction, traduction partiel 50%
  • Graphiquement.. Faut aimer
  • Ergonomie catastrophique
  • Combats WTF tu comprends rien
  • équilibrage a revoir
  • IA horriblement débile
  • Une bonne tonne de bug en tout genre
  • Les pirates ont la chiasse
  • Mode campagne : tuer 4 mecs aux coins de la map ... pas aléatoire aux 4 coins de la map
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Posté le : 28 avril
Pixel Piracy

Yo ! Ho ! Ho !

  • Quoi dire de beau ?
    C'est un jeu rétro avec beaucoup de fonctionnalité, avec des effets visuels tout à fait simpathique, digne d'un jeu récent.
    Le RPG est comme on les aime, bien complet, avec beaucoup de possibilité et des bonnes améliorations statistiques et skills.
    C'est clairement un bon jeu de pirate avec tous les thèmes : Amélioration de Bateau, piraterie de bateau, chasse au trésor, bataille de corsaire, invasion d'ile indigène...
    A noté tout de même l'effort des développeurs d'avoir mis du multilangue sur l'interface ! Ce qui est très appréciable (l'anglais n'est en soit pas très difficile à comprendre : des mots simples).

  • Quoi dire de moche ?
    Le jeu manque de précision sur pas mal d'aspect du jeu (fonctionnement, skills, métier...)
    Pour des joueurs un peu nerveux, l'incompréhension d'une mort ou d'un manque de vitamine (par exemple), peut vite mener à quitter le jeu.
    Il manque des lignes de tutorials sur pas mal de chose, comme l'armement ou les pets.
Conclusion :
Malgré les quelques défauts dérisoires, je recommande clairement ce jeu, il est très amusant et vous fera passer des bonnes heures de jeu avec une certaine addiction.
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Posté le : 27 juin
Intérêt global : ★★★★☆
Pixel Piracy est un jeu solo de gestion/survie/construction dans le thème pirate. Le jeu offre une bonne surprise par ce mélange sympathique. Si vous aimez Terraria vous allez adorer ce jeu. A acheter en bundle Indies et affinités. Ne pas acheter au dessus de 5€
Graphismes : ★★☆☆☆
Rien d’extraordinaire, c’est un Terraria like, du pixel propre en 2D.
Musique / Son : ★★★☆☆
De la musique de matelot, des bruits de matelot….
Jouabilité : ★★★★☆
Jeu fun ou l’on doit bien gérer son équipe avec un équilibre entre les personnes qui nettoient, celles qui cuisinent ou font de la pêche, celles qui vont à l’abordage, ect… A vous de bien gérer l’ensemble de l’équipage pour ne perdre personne et évoluer plus loin. J’ai apprécié le côté illimité concernant la créativité : comme minecraft, vous construisez cube par cube comme vous voulez : laissez place à votre imagination !
Durée de vie : ★★★☆☆
Jeu solo pour le moment : donc durée de vie plus limitée. Une fois que vous aurez fait le tour du jeu (une 10 aine d’heures, vous ne reviendrez plus)
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Posté le : 11 juin
Ship 1: Everyone on the ship was starving, stabbed me to death because I forgot to feed them, but not before ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ everywhere.

Ship 2: Fed the crew regularly, but nobody knows how to pick up ♥♥♥♥. Crew gets angry about the poop-filled living conditions and stabs me to death.

Ship 3: Turns out I have to find a specific book that teaches you the ancient art of cleaning poop off your boat. It's hard to find a pirate island that has books for sale, and harder still to find one that has the poop cleaning book. I spend all of my money on the book when I find it. I, the captain, am the only one smart enough know how to read (i.e. had the skill points to do so) and taught myself the secrets of poo cleaning. I don't have enough money to pay my pirates, let alone feed them. While I'm cleaning poo off the boat, they stab me to death.

Ship 4: Say to myself "Screw it, I don't need a crew! I can just power up this single character!". That was a bad idea. An island tribe of savage natives surround me and stab me to death.

Great game.
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Posté le : 12 mai
For an unfinished game, Pixel Piracy is promising. They take some weird shortcuts with sprite animation, the sprites themselves are a little ugly, combat and exploration is a little bland and monotonous right now, and hopefully they'll fix the buggy, clunky menus soon, but when they finish it, this'll be a great game!

Wait, Pixel Piracy IS finished?

Oof. Maybe you should skip this one, then.
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