War of the Human Tanks is a story driven strategy game with a gameplay reminiscent of Battleship and Chess, featuring a story of war, loyalty, sacrifice and human shaped tanks.
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发行日期: 2012年9月14日


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“It's absolutely a worthy title in its own right. The character banter is thoroughly entertaining, augmented by solid combat.”
3.5/5 – Clark A. - Digitally Downloaded

“Different in a strangely appealing way; and as a wargame, it is nicely designed and quite tense.”
Costik - Play This Thing

“If you're a military buff with a thing for anime then you'll definitely be interested in War of the Human Tanks.”
Matthew Kim - Twinfinite


War of the Human Tanks is a story driven strategy game with a gameplay reminiscent of Battleship and Chess, featuring a story of war, loyalty, sacrifice and human shaped tanks.

This story takes place in a land vaguely reminiscent of modern-day Japan. In the twenty years since the first Human Tank was developed, the war raging between the Empire of Japon and the Kingdom of Japon has turned into a proxy war fought between Human Tanks on both sides.

The Empire of Japon once ruled the entire land of Japon. Now diminished and cornered, the Empire prepares to make its last stand as the tanks of the Kingdom of Japon draw close to its capital. Shoutaro Daihon'ei, Lieutenant of the Imperial Army moves out to the battlefield, followed closely by the loyal Human Tanks in his company.

Key Features

  • Fast-paced strategic battles in over 30 maps
  • Use resources earned from battles to develop new tanks
  • Customize your tanks with various modules to deadly effect
  • Multiple endings based on your performance
  • Replay the story keeping your previously earned units and resources
  • Free battle mode to practice and gather extra supplies
  • English localization features two all-new bonus maps, hand-drawn battle backgrounds and an improved user interface
  • Episodic TV drama style story with openings and endings changing by battle's progress


    • 操作系统: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
    • 处理器: PentiumIII or higher
    • 内存: 512 MB RAM
    • DirectX 版本: 9.0
    • 存储空间: 需要 2 GB 可用空间
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At first sight, you can think this is strange game, since the tanks are humans. But if u are fan of Kantai Colection or Upotte, this isnt a problem; well if in Kancolle have Shipfu and Upotte have Gunfu, maybe u can find your Tankfu here. Its a vn game mixed with strategy game, so the battle system is strategy based in turns, where every turn u control your human tanks and need reach certain objectives to win the battle. In your standby phase, u can dev new tools to upgrade your tankfu since they can be destroyed or you can dev new tankfu models. For story, is very funny and hilarious.

- Well, in otaku world have every type of waifu, so why not Tankfu?
- The story is very funny

- If u are a neko lover, dont play this one in mission bonus; because they are a hell cat, with few turn they can destroy your army. But if u win, can have neko as ally.
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This is a very odd game, very strange in a very Japanese way.
The gameplay is unique, it works like a real-time combination of Chess and Battleship, with tanks shaped like girls. By the way, these Human Tanks are neither Human nor, strictly speaking, tanks. It is closer to being a Japanese version of Terminator. Very Japanese.
The music is sometimes quite good, sometimes absolutely dreadful, and sometimes plain weird.
The graphics are quite poor, sounds are OK at best.
The story is nice, but also kinda weird in its Japanese way.
It does what it says on the box pretty well.

Human Tank/Tank.

Not recommended for people that are afraid of cats.
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Everyone is a cute chibi with weapons 10x bigger than themselves (later in the game though).
The story is the essence of a cliche anime. Cheerful little sis, straight-laced tsunder-ish big sis figure, secret weapons, clouded pasts...It's even got an opening and an ending before/after each mission.
Gib more pl0x
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This is a great game, for a discounted price.

Keep in mind, this is no 100% Orange Juice and although the humor is there some of the time.. it's kind of a gamble when that's going to be and when it is there.. it seems like they drag it out a bit too much. The storyline took way too long to get into the actual gameplay.

The gameplay itself is.. ok. It's like minesweeper.. sort of,..with tanks? If that makes sense?

You build tanks, you deploy tanks, you kamikaze tanks.. you distract tanks, you guess at enemy positions, you recon spots and find enemies, etc. You can build essentially buff items too.

That's pretty much the game. Pretty simple, not too bad for maybe $2 to $3. $10 is far too much as the game is far too simplistic. If you want a game from this company I would recommend 100% Orange Juice more. It's much more fun and has tons of replayability.. this does not.

This is one game unless it's on extreme sale for their sequal.. I will not be getting.
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