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Half-Life: Before – is a modification for Half-Life with new levels and story. Mod is based on Spirit of Half-Life 1.8 technology, that increases visual and functional component of the mod. You're playing as a Black Mesa scientist Andrew Winner.
Data lansării: 5 Mar 2009
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This free, community made Mod requires that you own and install Half-Life.

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Half-Life Mod


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“Overall Half-Life: Before is a quality made mod, that will mostly appeal to people who like high challenge…”

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Despre joc

Half-Life: Before – is a modification for Half-Life with new levels and story. Mod is based on Spirit of Half-Life 1.8 technology, that increases visual and functional component of the mod.

You're playing as a Black Mesa scientist Andrew Winner. Your mission is to enter another world to find an artifact that will allow Black Mesa scientists to open portal in another world.


  • Intense action
  • Set in Half-Life universe
  • High quality soundtrack
  • Spirit of Half-Life technology to enhance visuals
  • High definition models

Cerinţe de sistem

    • OS: Windows® 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP
    • Processor: 1 ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB Video Card with OpenGL support
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Additional Notes:
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A masterpiece that is ahead of it's time. Only took me like twenty minutes to beat, but in those twenty minutes I also ate a sandwich and some biscuits, which made me enjoy myself. I eventually stopped paying attention to the game and just ate and ate. Then I went to the toilet and when I came back I found that I forgot to pause the game and I had died. Then I alt tabbed out of the game and watched an episode of House of Cards, checked my email, then came back to the game. Then I shot a thing and won the game. I then got up out of my seat, walked to the end of my room, then walked back and sat down again. Also my right shoulder was a bit itchy.

Tl;dr 500/4 It's OK -IGN
Postat: 9 martie 2014
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Half Life:Before is an emotional journey of pain, laughs and tears. This game is really amazing and here's why.

The game opens up with a cutscene, something we've always wanted in a Half Life game, and despite a big ♥♥♥ cutscene, we get no insight on what our goal is, who our main character is, what purpose he has in the Half Life universe, this is good because it makes the game more cinematic.
As we progress through the cargo ship which is the only level in the whole game, we fight our way through vortigaunts... but wait! Isn't this game supposed to be taking place before the first Half Life? Well it is you dumb ♥♥♥♥, those vortigaunts are there to pad the game out so we can experience more of this masterpiece. But we venture further on through a poorly designed level to reach an easy elevator puzzle which I wish I could dwell on but that was way too complex that even writing more about it would hurt my brain too much for me to pass out.
We then climb up the ladder and come face to face with a group of... enemy soldiers? Why are they here? How the hell should I know like I said this game is way more inticrated than you might expect. So we still get no explanation, again making it more enduring and cinematic. After we defeat three enemy soldiers we then come across an NPC. Who is he exactly? He doesn't explain himself, but in theory this stays consistent with the game's convuluted tone which is great.
We then backtrack all the way to the other side of the boat again and come across more enemy soldiers and monsters who magically teleported onto the boat. After we defeat them easily like every other enemy in the game we have to take a leap of faith.
The boss battle is easily the best part of the game, another cutscene takes place showing us something that could've easily been seen by the player in a control state. He chases us around in a massive circle with an awkward idle animation. We defeat him without breaking a sweat and the game ends, and I'm not ♥♥♥♥ing around when I say this, but the effort has all been put in the end credits, I'm not ♥♥♥♥ing joking.

Also the game has typos.

Postat: 11 martie 2014
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What the f*ck just happened?
Postat: 28 aprilie 2014
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The true story of Gabe Newell's founding of Valve.
Postat: 20 aprilie 2014
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Welp. Here's the deal.

This Mod. Had potential.

This Mod. It had decent scripting. Just enough to make you feel the game for what it is instead of guiding you thorugh the story.

This Mod. It talked of going to the Black mesa complex. Of being a winner. Andrew Winner. of a special artifact.

It had Weapons in it. It had new skins. It did have New Levels,a nd new textures. The ingredients for a possibly good mod- the possibility of good gameplay, and a new story.

This Mod. it was not that.

It took thirty eight minutes to complete.

The battles were not stunning. Rather, they were forced. Rushed. It was artificial difficulty.

I felt like I was playing a sea-based Half Life: Uplink (We all know that terrible movie...)

This mod. There were not true puzzles. Just small "hit this and it falls over" periods.

This mod. It did not have -true- new weapons. Merely reskins.

It had potential.

But it was not great.

If you seek a small run-and-gun, then go ahead... Add this to your list of games. but if you want a true half-life style challenge... this is not it. I can only hope this is just the first part of a larger thing.
Postat: 23 martie 2014
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This. This is amazing game, really. Not many games gets us into brainstorming about WHAT THE ♥♥♥♥ ACTUALLY HAPPENED. So, if someone didn't get the plot: You're on your mission to stop Gabe Newell's madness. He greenlights alot of horrible games, You make your way trough brainless zombies AKA steam greenlighters that voted for this and probably most of the mobile games that are on steam at this moment. So, after you get trough that and get on captain's desk, you see that ship is under control of INSANE MOD MAKERS, they're trying to get their mod greenlit and nothing going to stop them. Except you. So, after dealing with that, you think it's finally over. But no, the only sane person on this ship reveals himself. They locked that poor guy because he didn't agree on getting this game greenlit. They possibly bullied him, he got terrified, that's why his grammar is so affected. He tells you that Gaben got completely mad, he greenlit ALL of the horrible games out there. Guy opens a "cavgo doors" for you, you fall inside just to meet Gaben face to face. Then, you see him. He consumes dorrito and gets very powerful. After that, he tries to lick your private places. But BOOM. You did it. Madness has stopped. No more ♥♥♥♥ty greenlight games on steam. You make dorrito that fell from his exploded belly your trophy. And that's the end. But i got it that it was another demension all along, that's why madness haven't stopped in our world. AND THAT'S WHY THIS GAME IS GREENLIT DAMMNIT
Postat: 3 decembrie 2013
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