Two Brothers is an Action Adventure game that features a classic Gameboy aesthetic. Roy Guarder, inventor, scientist, and philosopher, is on an expedition to discover the origins of life. This quest has brought him to "The Cursed Lands," a stretch of land so dangerous and shrouded in mystery that it hasn't been explored in over...
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28. mars

Chromophore Website

I'll be uploading all the development info about the Unity 5 remake of Two Brothers to !
I'll still post announcements here, but the more trivial stuff will go there.

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25. mars

Kickstarter Update

Unity remake is chugging along. It's a proving to be very difficult. Harder than making it from scratch. We're plugging along. Lost half of the team, so we're moving a lot slower than we planned.

Here is the update I posted on kick-starter than explained things in a bit more detail (please excuse non-steam- relevant info) :

First things first is I've recently found out that some of you did not receive your rewards in the mail.

If you didn't please email me and let me know so I can fix this promptly.

So the few people who worked on Two Brothers originally jumped ship so it's now just me, Andrew, and Ian working on remaking it in Unity.

It's tough as we had to learn an entirely new program and work flow, so I want to sincerely apologize for how long it's taking.

We are actively working on the game but it's honestly harder to remake than it was to make the first time as now we are glaring aware of all the flaws.

Additional we have to change some of the content drastically as former team members have requested their content removed from the game.

But that's the reality of it and we soldier on.

I'm sorry if you were disappointed with the original project. I'm sorry if it didn't live up to your expectations.

It was our first game and we are proud of our effort despite the obvious bugs and problems it has. I'm rethinking our approach to the whole thing to try and streamline it. (No, not another kickstarter)

I'd like to address the fact that we are also working on another game, YIIK. I know some people wonder why we aren't devoting full time to TB, but the truth is we have bills to pay and a broken game doesn't pay them. So we took on work so that we wouldn't starve.

We are working on the Unity remake, we are just terrible at keeping people up to date. The issue with making a kickstarter game is there is great reward to everyone involved, you, and me.

If I mess up, I'm stuck working on something forever until everyone is happy because you paid to have it made. You stuck with a game you aren't happy with and a developer who is learning and moving slowly on a complete 100% remake.

Sadly mmf2 doesn't port easily to unity so it has to be a remake.

That's the truth and where we stand. I'm sorry for keeping you waiting and if I let you down.

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“...The soundtrack for Two Brothers is elaborate and enchanting. It’s a slow burn that’s going to take a long time for you to fully digest, but if you like game soundtracks, I’d be hard pressed to offer you a better one. Full of original content, and drawing from the most memorable games of previous generations, it will give other composers something to aim for when they score their companies next title.”

“Two Brothers is a wonderful retro-inspired game with an interesting concept and solid core gameplay underneath it all so it isn’t just another love letter to the past that offers nothing else but nostalgia.”

“Between the great story, amazing music, and fascinating world, I’d definitely recommend players to check out Two Brothers. While there are certainly some problems with the game, there’s a lot here to enjoy you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.”
Average Joe Gaming

Om dette spillet

Two Brothers is an Action Adventure game that features a classic Gameboy aesthetic.
Roy Guarder, inventor, scientist, and philosopher, is on an expedition to discover the origins of life. This quest has brought him to "The Cursed Lands," a stretch of land so dangerous and shrouded in mystery that it hasn't been explored in over 700 years. When Roy finds what he's looking for, he is met with a terrible fate. Roy no longer finds himself a living man. He is greeted with a world of colors he never believed could have existed! One obsession leads to another and Roy begins to walk the line of life and death - sometimes intentionally ending his own life - just so he can see this land of beauty and color again.

But something is strange: Why is Roy the only man who can cross so easily between the worlds of the living and the dead? What has given him this unique ability? How will he reconcile the existence of an afterlife he never believed could even exist?
▪ Explore a vast non-linear world and story with multiple endings, and deep side quests!
▪ Take the game world from black and white 8bit to full color 16bit!

What makes Two Brothers unique:

Two Brothers takes a long hard look at death in video games... when the player is killed in combat or triggers a deadly trap, instead of being greeted a familiar GAMEOVER screen, the player finds himself in what we call the "Afterlife Hub".
This realm of the dead is a colorful and mysterious place where the player can explore, find clues, and interact with characters who have passed on in the games story... sometimes even bringing some of them back from the dead.
When the player wants to return to gameplay, they can jump from the edge of the heavens and get back in to the action and exploration!
This mechanic is vital to the gameplay, as sometimes interacting with the dead is just as important as interacting with the living... this feature often requires the player intentionally ending their session in a game over, just to cross over to the other side.


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Processors with 2.8GHz or great
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics or equivalent, capable of Shader Model 2
    • Storage: 700 MB available space
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Publisert: 6. februar
I've tried to play this several times since I purchased it, but the bugs just make it impossible. The game locks up often in some areas requiring a restart. They made the bizarre decision to have your inventory available only when you have a particular party member with you, but he frequently leaves. Combat is rough to say the least. Controller support is "partial" at best and has to be reselected every time you start up. Dialog/text stays on screen until new dialog comes up. Meaning your conversations stay around long after they're over. This obscures a portion of the world at all times. The whole experience feels unpolished.

It's been out for over 2 years so I'd expect these glaring issues to have been patched by now. I don't like reviewing a game that I haven't finished, but I just have to give up on this one. Don't waste your money.
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Publisert: 9. januar
So much potential... but unplayable.
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Publisert: 14. november, 2015
Bugged to the point of being unplayable
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Publisert: 4. desember, 2013
Very, very clever Zelda-like game. Tells a good story while affectionately poking fun at older games and using the pseudo-GB format to do some interesting things. Decent length so far, gameplay is pretty good (if "clunky" much like older games often would be), and the music's great. Unfortunately, it seems to have a fair number of glitches, mostly related to collision detection; just be careful and consider backing up your saves every once in a while. (The game autosaves very frequently, so don't worry about losing progress if you have to restart it.)
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Publisert: 26. oktober, 2014
I so want to recommend this, but I can't quite do it.

This game is a love letter to classic 8-bit gaming, and more specifically, the Game Boy. While the game plays most similar to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, it also has references to Pokemon and Final Fantasy. Since the Game Boy was one of my first gaming loves, and Link's Awakening my favorite title on the system, the game just hit me hard with its nostalgia hammer.

The story has some very profound, and dare I say it, vaguely religious themes, at least what I played of it so far. The writing is easily the game's strongest aspect. It's full of refernces to classic games, but it also contains a great deal of pathos and questions about death, science vs faith, and the afterlife. The soundtrack is good as well.

But this thing has more bugs than the last two Bethesda games combined, and even compared to the games it tries to emulate, it actually falls short technically. It plays in an extremely tiny window, and pressing the Escape button quits the game entirely instead of pausing it. You have to be very careful when playing this game lest you run into glitches. And that's too bad, because everything about this game shows great promise.
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