King's Bounty: The Legend ist ein Abenteuer mit taktischen, rundenbasierten Schlachten und Rollenspielelementen.
Nutzerreviews: Sehr positiv (690 Reviews) - 93% der 690 Nutzerreviews für dieses Spiel sind positiv.
Veröffentlichung: 23. Sep. 2008

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Kürzliche Updates Alle anzeigen (2)

10. Dezember 2015

Japanese translation and Steam Cloud saving

King's Bounty: The Legend is now available in eight languages total on PC: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Czech (Japanese and Czech are not available on Mac).

In addition, Steam Cloud saving support has been added.

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Über dieses Spiel

King's Bounty: The Legend ist ein Adventurespiel mit rundenbasierten taktischen Kämpfen und Rollenspiel-Elementen. In einer märchenhaften Fantasiewelt, bestehend aus furchtlosen Rittern, bösen Magiern, weisen Königen und bildhübschen Prinzessinnen, nimmt sich der Spieler einem Helden an. Ihren Charakter durch die Spielwelt zu führen, sie zu entdecken, Armeen in der Schlacht zu kommandieren und diverse Aufgaben zu meistern, kann zu großartigen Belohnungen oder massiven Niederlagen führen.

Das Gameplay teilt sich in zwei grundlegende Modi: Der Adventure-Modus und der Battle-Modus. Im Adventure-Modus steuert der Spieler seinen Charakter in Echtzeit. Mit einer der zahlreichen Klassen, welche zu Anfang eines neuen Spieles verfügbar sind, bewegt sich der Spieler durch die Abenteuerkarte auf der Suche nach verschiedensten Schätzen, besiegt Ungeheuer und bewältigt Aufgaben, welche ihm vom örtlichen Verwalter aufgetragen werden. Einmal im Battle-Modus, nimmt sich der Spieler der Rolle eines Kriegsherren an, um seine Truppen im rundenbasierten taktischen Kampf anzuführen. Die Schlachten finden auf Land oder zur See, in Katakomben und Burgen oder sogar in einigen Gegenständen statt! Der Held nimmt selbst nicht an der Schlacht teil, hilft seinen Truppen jedoch mit Zaubersprüchen oder der Beschwörung von verschiedenen Kreaturen.

  • Echtzeit (Abenteuer) trifft rundenbasiertes (Schlachten) Gameplay
  • Reichhaltiges Fantasy-Setting und eine Storyline mit einer Vielzahl an Wendungen und unerwarteten Auflösungen
  • Auswahl aus drei verschiedenen Charakteren


Mac OS X
    • Betriebssystem: Windows® XP/Vista™ 32-bit
    • Prozessor: Intel Pentium® 4 2.6 GHz oder Athlon 64 +2800 (Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz oder Athlon 64 +3200 empfohlen)
    • Speicher: 1 GB RAM bei XP und 2 GB RAM bei Vista (2GB empfohlen)
    • Grafik: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 256MB oder ATI Radeon X800 256MB oder besser (NVIDIA GeForce 7900 512MB oder ATI Radeon X1900 512MB oder besser empfohlen)
    • Sound: DirectX version 9.0c-kompatible Soundkarte
    • Festplatte: 5.5 GB
    • DirectX®: DirectX Version 9.0c (inklusive) oder höher
    • Eingabegeräte: OS-Unterstützte Tastatur und Maus
    • Betriebssystem: Mac OSX 10.6 oder höher
    • Prozessor: Intel Core Duo Prozessor (2 GHz oder besser)
    • Speicher: 1 GB
    • Festplatte: 2,54 GB
    • Grafikkarte: ATI- oder NVIDIA-Grafikkarte mit mindestens 256 MB VRAM
    • Zusätzlich: Bildschirmdiagonale von 15 Zoll oder mehr empfohlen
Hilfreiche Kundenreviews
5 von 5 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1 Person fand dieses Review lustig
322.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 4. Dezember 2015
This game is great, I definately reccomend it.

Combat in this game is alot like Heroes of Might and Magic 3. The Big differences between this game and HoMM3 are that in this one you only control one hero, and the enemy fights dont build up more if you take your time getting to them, they are all set on their difficulty when the game starts, and that your troop strength is limited by a leadership statistic of your hero's. You can only hire as many troops at a time as your leadership stat(and your gold) allow.

One thing that I realy like about this game is the wide variety of troops that are available. One thing I slightly dislike about the game is that some of the troops that are appealing to try using may not always be available in high enough numbers to make using them possible. Each time you start a new game, many of the huts and castles around the map have their supply of troops somewhat randomly generated, so one unit may be usable on one playthrough and not available on the next. this improves the games replayability, but can be frustrating if there is a particular unit you want to try out.
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4 von 4 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
200.0 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 22. November 2015
Tried this game. Well English translation is not the best, so if you know Russian like me, then I would recommend to play it in Russian. But the game itself is a mixture of many fantasy (and a little bit of sci-fi) ideas, put together into one story, but if you are into stuff like this you will like the plot.
Gameplay is nice, similar to Heroes of might and magic for fights, but is kind of RPG for everything else. And the game itself is true to the original King Bounty in many ways (I did play that one back in the day)
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4 von 5 Personen (80%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
90.9 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 7. September 2015
This game reminded me a lot of FInal Fantasy Tactis in the way battles unfold, however, this time each unit is not alone, they are armies of troops. It takes a bit of learning at the start, getting used to the battle system, but once you get the hang of it, fighting becomes more tactical and strategic. You can't just all out fight the enemies in this game or you will lose fairly quickly.

This is one of the few games though that can actually punish you if you are losing a fight. The fewer troops you have to deal damage, the less damage the enemies will incur. One thing I would have liked to see however is some way of retreating from a fight without losing all your troops. Maybe if it was just a % rather than all of them.

You have to manage your money or you could find yourself like I did many hours into the game and out of funds to hire more troops. This can be a bad thing but it forces you to think before you act a lot more.

Towards the end of the game I did find it got pretty repetitive, but overall a very enjoyable experience. I recommend this to any strategy RPG vet.
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2 von 2 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
5.8 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 23. November 2015
Kings Bounty: The Legend, a very interesting game, this game has a mix of RPG elements and Turn Based Strategy, this is long and very huge, lots of side quests and optional battles on the map. The RPG elements like your stats, help you on the turn based battles, regarding the graphics.....they look awesome, every zone is different and very detailed. If you like sidequesting and like long games.....this game is for you.

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2 von 2 Personen (100%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
1.3 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 3. Januar
Even though King’s Bounty: The Legend is an oldie… For the price, it’s definitely a goodie and best of all, it can be played on a variety ye oldie PC configurations with a minimum 2.7Ghnz Pentium IV or faster. What I’m trying to say is that the King’s Bounty: The Legend can be played on older computers with relatively no issues but it’s always good to check the system requirements before purchasing the game. Interestingly enough for a game over 8 years old... It's dated well.
So what’s it all about? At it’s gaming heart, King’s Bounty: The Legend is a single-player RPG title that is reminiscent of Heroes of Might and Magic. It’s a grid based and turn based style of RPG that even though it doesn’t offer the world of gaming anything new, it is still an enjoyable experience, provided you get pleasure from these type of games. It also continues two modes of play, adventure (ala story) and battle which is straight into the crux of fighting, without the clinched storyline. In story model, their is a pseudo real-time control of the character as compared to the turn based battle mode.
Before starting your journey, you need to create your character or "hero" for this RPG universe from classic Dungeons & Dragons archetypes that include Warrior, Paladin and Mage. Whether you’re striking with a sword or casting a spell, the story of King’s Bounty: The Legend will not discriminate as you attempt to help the King dispose of a threat towards his kingdom. It’s the standard good versus evil game that has the player searching the lands for quests, gold, battles and other turn based bonuses. In terms of spells, there's a plethora, around 70 which include both defence and offence which does require some thinking to best utilise them. Another cool aspect of fighting is that you can set traps which is slightly reminiscent of the original Final Fantasy games.
Apart from just controlling your hero, you need to navigate other characters in the game as you hire them from a variety of places to bring new members into your team like priests, archers and even monsters for example. As you progress, the ability to hire more powerful party members will come into play and eventually your party could almost take on the King’s army due to its sheer power in both steel and magic. Unlike games such as Command & Conquer or the new Starcraft, King's Bounty: The Legend keeps your parties in classic Dungeon & Dragons size, ensuring that things stick to the classic RPG formula as you attempt to outwit and out-strategy your enemies. Small is sometimes better!
As the game moves along, the enemies do become steadily more challenging, especially some of the boss battles that you encounter and like non tactical RPG title, you do bump into enemies at the most unusual of places. In terms of controls and the interface, King's Bounty: The Legend is well thought-out. The menus are quite accessible and the mouse/keyboard combination works well. Choosing your characters to fight or flee is all done through the mouse and the menu system.
Graphically, the title does feel a little dated, although overall, it is quite detailed and there is some good attention to detail. It does remind me of those classic BioWare RPG games which is a good thing. The special effects of the spells are great as it the animation of the creatures in the title. My favourite aspect of the game is the audio and special effects that go hand in hand with the gameplay and really help immerse you into this world. There are some camera issues but generally this isometric type environment is quite well made to navigate and control.
If you love strategy games, especially tactical strategy games than King's Bounty the Legend is for you. It's a well made game that although doesn't change the face of gaming in Australia, it does give you good old fashioned RPG action, albeit turn based with decent graphics and a clichéd and over the top storyline. Definitely worth investigating... Especially for the price!

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