King's Bounty: The Legend is an adventure game with tactical turn-based battles and role-playing elements.
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Data de lançamento: 23/set/2008

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Sobre este jogo

King's Bounty: The Legend is an adventure game with tactical turn-based battles and role-playing elements. In a fairy tale fantasy world of fearless knights, evil mages, wise kings and beautiful princesses the player controls a hero. Leading their character through the game world, exploring it, commanding armies in battle and accomplishing various quests can mean great reward or huge defeats.

Gameplay is divided into two major sections: adventure mode and battle mode. While playing in adventure mode the gamer controls their character in real-time. With several classes available at the start of a new game, the player moves through the adventure map seeking various treasures, fighting monsters and accomplishing quests tasked to him by the local stewards. Once in battle mode the gamer assumes the role of a war chief, leading his troops in tactical turn-based combat. Battles take place on land or sea, in dungeons or castles or even in some items! The hero himself doesn't participate in the combat, but can assist his troops by casting spells or summoning different creatures.

  • Real-time (adventure) meets turn-based (battles) gameplay
  • Rich fantasy setting, storyline with a lot of twists and an unexpected ending
  • Three types of characters to choose from — Each of them with unique characteristics and abilities
  • Huge game world with dozens locations and battlefields — both on the surface and in the dungeons
  • The game world isn't static — enemies don't just sit and wait for the hero to arrive, they pursue their own aims and try to get into the player's way
  • Mac version is available in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish and Italian languages.

Requisitos de sistema

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows® XP/Vista™ 32-bit
    • Processor: Intel Pentium® 4 2.6 GHz or Athlon 64 +2800 (Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or Athlon 64 +3200 recommended)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM under XP and 2 GB RAM under Vista (2GB recommended)
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 256MB or ATI Radeon X800 256MB or better (NVIDIA GeForce 7900 512MB or ATI Radeon X1900 512MB or better recommended)
    • Sound: DirectX version 9.0c-compatible sound card
    • Hard Drive: 5.5 GB
    • DirectX®: DirectX version 9.0c (included) or higher
    • Input Devices: OS-supported keyboard and mouse
    • OS: Mac OSX 10.6 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor (2GHz or better)
    • Memory: 1 GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 2.54 GB
    • Video Card: ATI or NVIDIA video card with at least 256Mb VRAM
    • Additional:15" or larger display is recommended
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( 8.6 horas registradas )
Publicada: 23 de junho
There is no sense of advancement in this "game". Just continual, pointless grinding.
I would spend more time writing a more detailed review, but then the game-designers would claim even more of my life.
If you like excruciatingly boring games, this is the one. :P
The Mi-Go 13
( 33.9 horas registradas )
Publicada: 22 de maio
So much fun! Ok, back to playing!
( 23.2 horas registradas )
Publicada: 16 de maio
A Good Game.
( 19.6 horas registradas )
Publicada: 10 de maio
The game moves a bit too slowly for me, and there is very little strategy outside of the (slow) combat system. My favorite aspect of strategy games is their inherently open-ended nature. Will you focus on crippling the enemy's economy, or engage them directly. King's Bounty offers none of is a mostly linear RPG, which is fine, but as an RPG, it doesn't really have interesting development of the characters. Most of the choices made are subtle differences at best.
( 40.8 horas registradas )
Publicada: 10 de maio
This is a really great game and the initial, difficult to escape addiction that I get when I start new games has only just worn off at 26.7 hours! I will definitely keep playing though.

I love turn-based strategy and I love the way they have mixed up the levels of the enemies in the various areas so you can't just attack everyone from the beginning and complete any quest. If you want a more linear time follow the main quest, otherwise just go off and explore the areas and some great battling opportunities.

I had so much fun with side quests I didn't even know what rage was for, for 10 hours at least, until I went back to the main quest...

My favourite time was in the Marshan swamp, some of the local troops were really fun to use here, although definitely needed holy troops in the cemetary. But this brings up a point that others have mentioned - use the troops that are local to the area rather than trudging back for the troops you are comfortable with. You can collect and keep many items that will improve the stats of certain kinds of troops, and your strategic ability will improve if you have to adapt to use what is available.

For example there is something which will improve your snakes damage which makes them extremely powerful at one point in the game where they are locally available. When you move on, maybe you can use that other item when you are surrounded by pirates and sea, and use them to fight a load of ship battles where they have advantage.

When underground maybe develop a skill that gives you a bonus in that area and remember the local troops fight better in darkness too. If you don't match that your super tough royal troops might suddenly look lame.

Great value for money!! Looking forward to much more playtime!
( 2.2 horas registradas )
Publicada: 25 de abril
There is no way to actually determine the strength of the enemy until after you are in combat with it.

Therefore you will be enjoying the game, but then just rage quit, because the random battle, that you did not start, is five times more powerful than you can possibly ever hope to defeat!
Demon Toaster
( 33.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 23 de abril
I really like this game. So much so that I lost my saved game (after 25 hrs of play) and am more than willing to start it over. If you like turn based strategy games ala Heroes of Might and Magic, then you should check this one out.
( 11.1 horas registradas )
Publicada: 19 de abril
A rather ♥♥♥♥♥♥ game. I bought it for 1$ but wouldn't play it even if it were free. Waste of time. After 10+hours the hope of it getting better at some point, ran out. Creatures are lazy and uninspired. Spiders, octupuses, bears wolves... A 12 year old has a better imagination. Art style is very cartoonish and childish. Sort of like comparing Dota 2 and league of legends. Nothing that would fit into a tv show or a movie, only a cratoon for children under 12. Creatures/character are very unrealistic, cheesy and unbeliveable. Very little to no immersion. Humour and qests are on a whole another level of cheesy and dumb. Some of the (russian) developers that made this game worked on Space Rangers, which was the only game russian video game industry has ever produced that was any good. However, these people have tried to immitate the humor of space rangers here and the result was some dumb unispired underage ♥♥♥♥. I wouldn't play this crappy game even if it were free. Heroes of might and magic 5: tribes of the east was 20 times better than this.
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16.9 horas registradas
Publicada: 8 de setembro de 2014
Gostei muito desse jogo!
Basicamente, você escolhe entre três classes - mago, paladino ou guerreiro - e irá explorar o mundo realizando missões diversas, montado em seu fiel cavalo - que também muda de acordo com a classe de personagem.
Como é um rpg de quests e estratégias, você possui tropas para usar em combate, que você pode construir de forma bem varada - vampiros, arqueiros, animais fantásticos, etc - além de contar com um sistema interessante para aumentar seu status: as esposas.
Ao se casar, você pode equipar sua esposa para aumentar o status do herói, e, se tiverem filhos, esse filho também é um boost!
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183.8 horas registradas
Publicada: 4 de julho de 2015
Gosta de RPG? Gosta de RTS? Gosta de dar sua alma num game?
E o mais importante de tudo, gosta de ter a mais Bela WAIFU?!!??!
Então esse game vai te interessar!
Esse jogo é bem interessante, a história é boa, tem personagens marcantes, e é bem difícil.
É um jogo de batalhas em turnos, você monta seu exército e vai batalhar com os monstros, fazendo missões, tanto oficiais como as complementares.
Você pode escolher entre três classes, Guerreiro, Paladino ou Mago.
Cada um com suas características e benefícios.
Você tem uma árvore de skills pra upar etc.

E o mais importante desse game... Você pode escolher qual WAIFU você terá!!!
Claro que você vai ter que dar duro pra conquistar sua futura amada, mas, garanto a ti, vale a pena!
A maioria é bonita tem umas feias, mas é raridade, acho que só tem uma que é feia
E cada WAIFU te dá um benefício que vai ajudar suas tropas, sem contar que você pode ter filhos com elas...!!
Porém eu não recomendo, pois vai ocupar os slots do inventário dela, apesar dos filhos darem alguns bons status, mas são aleatórios

Jogabilidade: 9/10
História: 9/10
WAIFUS: 10/10 até as feias dão bons status
Dificuldade: Super Ultra Mega Blaster Hardcore só se você colocar no fácil, ou usar Cheat, vai ser fácil
Conquistei todas as mulheres gostosas: 10/10
Conquistaria de novo: 10/10
Troquei uma WAIFU boa por outra gostosa: 10/10
Trocaria de novo: 10/10
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50 de 57 pessoas (88%) acharam esta análise útil
123.1 horas registradas
Publicada: 25 de novembro de 2013
King's Bounty is one of the most charming games I've played. For an extensive review of the entire series, my blog:, for a condense review of this game, read on.

This is the first entry in the series and it is well worth the current listing price, but it frequently goes on sale (at least 3 times a year if I recall, also available in a bundle pack if I'm not mistaken). This game is an adventure/exploration game in a generic fantasy world following all the common tropes. The primary difference between this game's lore and the world you are already familiar with is the sense of humor the writers have. If you take the time to read the text (no voice overs), you will be rewarded with the occasional typo (originally from Russian), but more frequently a wonderful lore based joke, parodying modern fantasy lore.

The battles and strategy within are quite fun, and the game progresses reasonably, but it doesn't ruin the experience and shouldn't prevent you from playing this game.

If you like RPGs, quest driven games, turn based or grid based strategies, I highly recommend this game.
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49 de 56 pessoas (88%) acharam esta análise útil
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5.6 horas registradas
Publicada: 23 de julho de 2014
Delighful quirky but rock solid fantasy strategy rpg that anyone who is a fan of the classic HOMM games will love. I hear the sequel is even better but that doesn't mean you should miss out on the start of a great series.
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37 de 39 pessoas (95%) acharam esta análise útil
105.4 horas registradas
Publicada: 29 de setembro de 2014
This game is complex and encourages you to use different tactics, while still being very user-friendly. You'll immediatly get absorbed into this fairy-tale world, wich offers a variety of (beautiful) environments. The game contains both humorous and serious moments and the different characters that you meet are colorful and original.
King's Bounty: The Legend is pretty long (I spent around 85 hours into the campaign) when you want to do everything, but it's really worth it and, as stated above, doesn't get boring because you'll always encounter new environments and characters.
I had a blast with this game and I can only hope that you will, too.
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38 de 44 pessoas (86%) acharam esta análise útil
1 pessoa achou esta análise engraçada
196.2 horas registradas
Publicada: 18 de outubro de 2014
I never tried a King's Bounty game until a few days ago. I now regret not having discovered this treasure earlier. While only a handful of hours into the game, thus far it has already surpassed all expectations and the regard I had for HOMM 1-6 and Disciples 3. If you liked any of of the HOMM iterations or Disciples, you will appreciate King's Bounty: The Legend. My only regret is in buying the game standalone instead of a bundle which I'll now buy as still a better bargain than grabbing the expansions singularly.

Enjoy Friends :)

EDIT: To give a bit mroe detail the game, I come to King's Bounty with serious HOMM experiece and a bit of Discpiples. IMO, the HOMM and Disciples are grreat series' but they all fall down at the point of eventually aving spent hours upon hours to build huge armies only to find the AI has outdone you. King's Bounty so far has enough in the smaller side quests to be rewarding enough to give the above review while avoiding "Enemy Heroes" while I build up my Mage in readiness to take over the world ;]

In summary, If you haven't played the series before but enjoy the "HOMMi=-like" subgenre as I saw it, you will love this game.
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16 de 17 pessoas (94%) acharam esta análise útil
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87.6 horas registradas
Publicada: 16 de abril
In my opinion one of the best, if not the absolute number one, turn-based strategy game and I have played a lot of them...
+ Deep strategy layer that forces you to adapt to different situations
+ Beatiful graphics for environment, units, spells and rage spirits
+ Plenty of different environments, enemies, bosses and epic battles
+ Clever mechanism of leadership/mana/rage meter not allowing the formation invisible armies
+ challenging situations even in normal difficulty
+ shows significant differences with established model (i.e. HoMM) with respect to turn based system
+ long campaign

- sometimes camera/environment can cause difficulties in locating objects
- map is not very informative (on the other hand you can make notes on it)
- requires a lot of backtracking, more fast-travel options would be welcomed
- could be a bit more informative when you take the first steps

All in all, absolutely and heartily recommended to all fans of turn-based and strategy games!
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107.3 horas registradas
Publicada: 21 de junho de 2015
One of the best games I've ever played!

King's Bounty: The Legend is a RPG with tactical battles. The battle system is reminiscent of Heroes of Might and Magic, but King's Bounty is not a strategy game, like Heroes. Instead, you explore the (huge) game world at your own pace, without having to worry about some opponent getting stronger if you take your time.

You explore the maps (in real time) to gather resources and troops, then defeat monsters that are roaming the map, or guarding some chest... or even just waiting for you to try to kill them. The game doesn't have many mandatory battles, each enemy you defeat gives you experience, so you need to kill them to get enough XP to level up your hero. When you get close to some enemy, the game changes to a hexagonal grid, and places your troops vs the enemy troops in a turn-based strategic combat. There's LOTS of strategy involved here, BTW. You can't just move your troops casually in the battlefield, this WILL get you killed quite fast! Instead, you have to think before moving each troop, even ONE badly placed unit can mean your defeat.

Just like the first 3 Heroes games, you don't use your hero directly in battles. Instead, you control your troops, but can use magics and skills of your hero once per turn. The hero is VERY important, since a well placed magic can turn the tide of a battle in your favor.

The game is very extensive. The map is huge, there are LOTS of optional battles, a big variety of troops for you to acquire, a robust skill tree for your hero (that includes some passive skills to make your troops better), a simple marriage system and tons of side-quests scattered around. The game is HUGE. While you can beat it in 50 or so hours, you can play it for 100 hours and still have something to do and some enemy to kill. Not only that, but the game has a random placement of enemies, and 3 different heroes to choose, so there's a nice replay value.

Lastly, the technical aspects aren't bad. The graphics are beautiful (with a big variety of textures in most environments), your units are very detailed and the game has some very good looking special effects (spells, detailed shadows, bloom). The sounds are very good too, and each unit has its own grunts and taunts. Also, the game has some AMAZING musics by Lind Erebros. Each map has its own playlist of songs, and they usually mix well with the environments of the map you are in.

Anyway, King's Bounty is amazing. It has some minor flaws, like a cruel difficulty spike and lots of backtracking (specially to replenish troops), its not a friendly game towards newbies (good troop units aren't finite, you can't reset your skill trees allocation without restarting the game, etc). Also, the story is very forgettable, and the dialogs are usually very stupid. But the flaws don't hurt the game. Its a huge game, with LOTS of things to do and huge maps to explore. Its also slow paced, so you don't have to rush, like in the Heroes series.

I QUITE recommend this game. Just don't expect to have a casual stroll in here. ^^
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23.6 horas registradas
Publicada: 8 de novembro de 2014
I have pondered for a quite a while if I should try any of the King's Bounty games, but never got around to it. I must say, despite being very sceptical of the series, up to this point, I am very pleased with King's Bounty, especially when I got all the games, except the newly released title King's Bounty: Dark Side, for 75% off. If you like the Heroes of Might and Magic series, then you will surely like these games as well.

Very similar in style and gameplay. As it turns out, the King's Bounty series actually came before the Heroes games, dating all the way back the days of the NES console. Heroes of Might and Magic has actually been directly inspired by King's Bounty, and this can been seen all across the board in King's Bounty.

As mentioned, the gameplay is almost similar to Heroes, with the exception of base building and maintenance.

You create a hero, selected from three classes and then you complete quests (side and main), leveling up in a classic RPG fashion. Very straight forward, no BS.

A very casual, yet still intriguing and awesome game. Do try it!
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16 de 18 pessoas (89%) acharam esta análise útil
62.3 horas registradas
Publicada: 26 de janeiro de 2015
This game is a living classics of the strategy genre -- if any of you played the original King's Bounty (released in 1990-1992), you'd be amazed to see the resemblance. Developers have put their soul into making the new King's Bounty as oldschool as it gets. Except for graphics -- it's 2015 now, and it still looks really great.

As of the gameplay itself, imagine "Heroes of Might & Magic" meet "Space Rangers" (another living classics, by the way): you have something like an open fantasy world to explore (few huge locations, actually, but it's close enough), where you can hire creatures of every kind, find loot (artifacts, gold, XP), complete quests of various kinds. Hell, you can even marry here (your wife will give you children, which would provide bonuses to your skills -- sick stuff, right?).

The battles look like Heroes -- classical TBS faceoff: you're placing your units on one side, your opponent stands on the other. You both can cast spells, and you can even summon guardians (think Final Fantasy) to damage your opponent or buff your own troops.

The storyline is excellent -- it ha everything: irony, mystery, sideline quests, and even multiple quests choices.

This is the first game of it's franchise, so if you're wondering about trying a new oldschool strategy -- it's a must that you'll buy this game.

I'd rate it 9.0 out of 10.0.
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