Imagine a world where death is no longer final, where precious memories are saved to enjoy forever, where your soul is immortal, welcome to the Soul Cloud. Upload your soul to our dedicated servers and relax knowing that a part of you will live on for eternity.
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Udgivelsesdato: 29. okt 2013

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30. oktober 2015

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“A Freakishly Cool Game Where You Invade The Memories Of Dead People.”

“A mysterious, haunting story that is fleshed out as a reward for dedicated exploration.”
4/5 – Gamezebo

“All in all, Master Reboot is a wonderful display of the creativity and ingenuity that exists in the indie world. Fun gameplay, interesting puzzles, and a refreshing new concept lasting approximately 8 hours make Master Reboot undoubtedly worth the $15 it costs.”
5/5 – Twinfinite

Om dette spil

Imagine a world where death is no longer final, where precious memories are saved to enjoy forever, where your soul is immortal, welcome to the Soul Cloud. Upload your soul to our dedicated servers and relax knowing that a part of you will live on for eternity. That favorite holiday, happy moments from your childhood, meeting that special someone for the first time. All these memories saved for your digital soul for your family to revisit again and again. The Soul Cloud - saving your past to secure your future.

Master Reboot is a haunting first person sci-fi adventure game set inside the Soul Cloud. It's an exploration game with action and puzzle elements set across 34 unique environments. In the not-too-distant future exists the Soul Cloud, a giant server that holds the data of your soul and your memories when you die. The Soul Cloud is filled with floating islands, each island looks like a town, village or city filled with rooms, skyscrapers and houses that hold people’s memories. To house your Soul, a family member (or you before you die) must purchase an island on the Soul Cloud where the server will generate rooms, houses or skyscrapers that hold each and every memory from the deceased’s past.

The game features a distinctive visual style, intriguing story-line, psychological adventure-game action and a dynamic atmospheric soundtrack. Get prepared for upload......Where am I?.....Who am I?......It's time to piece your life......and death back together.

• Gorgeous visual style
• Intriguing story-line
• 34 explorable environments
• Dynamic atmospheric soundtrack
• Supports the Welsh Language


Mac OS X
    • Styresystem: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo, AMD Athlon64 x2, or better
    • Hukommelse: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Shader Model 3 Compatible
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Diskplads: 2 GB tilgængelig plads
    • Lydkort: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Styresystem: Windows 7 64 Bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5/i7, AMD equivalent or better
    • Hukommelse: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Nvidia GeForce GTX 280, ATI Radeon 4870 or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Diskplads: 2 GB tilgængelig plads
    • Lydkort: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Styresystem: OS X Version 10.6.3 or later
    • Processor: 1.6GHz (Dual Core) Intel CPU
    • Hukommelse: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: At least Intel HD 4000 or Open GL 3.3 / Shader Model 3 Capable Graphics Card
    • Diskplads: 1400 MB tilgængelig plads
    • Styresystem: OS X Version 10.6.3 or later
    • Processor: 2.2GHz (Quad Core) Intel CPU
    • Hukommelse: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafik: AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512MB
    • Diskplads: 1400 MB tilgængelig plads
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21 af 28 brugere (75%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
2 personer fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
7.1 timer bogført
Indsendt: 11. oktober 2015
This game looked so promising but the execution falls short and ruins the experience. Controls are clunky and the game demands a certain rate of precision, this goes for both mouse / keybaord and controller. It's sometimes unclear what to do and the game offers no help most of the time. Not possible to check keybinds once ingame, so you'd best not forget them. Lastly, I discovered a point where if you click too fast, the whole game crashes to desktop, yet you can only get past the obstacle by clicking fast enough. I know it's called Master Reboot but when I had to restart the game multiple times due to this happening, it turned out quite ironic.

It's a shame, because the story is good. I could even have forgiven the childish art and basic 3D graphics had the rest of the game been better. But now it just feels like quality control was skimped on entirely. Not sure why there are so many positive reviews, perhaps people hold back because it's a small studio?

Anyway, since I could no longer get a refunds, I decided to give it a go and get the achievements, hoping my mind would get swayed at one point. Alas, it didn't, so unless you want to see for yourself I would not recommend you buy this game. Unless the devs further patch it, which seems unlikely at this point.
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9 af 12 brugere (75%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
10.3 timer bogført
Indsendt: 6. oktober 2015
I rarely write reviews, but this game deserves it.
Master Reboot is a hybrid masterpiece combining elements of adventure, horror and mystery games.
Considering it's an indie game i'd say the devs put alot of effort in this game and makes me think what they could develop with more budget.
Oh, wait! I can see that on their new game "Soul Axiom" which sets the surreal environment and awesomeness of the game on a whole new level. Also the graphics match those of an AAA game. But enough with that, this is a review about Master Reboot!

This game has an immense storyline which you have lots of things to explore if you like giving attention to details.
You might be confused or feeling lost at first but giving attention to the cutscenes and clues found, you will feel like you're reading a very well written book. If you're looking for a casual game and not like paying attention this game is probably not for you, you will not understand anything about the story.
Everything makes sense eventually and oh, its goooood.

The environment of this game is awesome, most sceneries are surreal and the ambient sounds make the mystery atmosphere even better.
Most of the puzzles are great, actually I believe it's the way puzzles in games are supposed to be these days. Some of them are too easy, but most of them are clever and you can complete them pretty fast once you get them.
This game is about exploring, solving puzzles,finding items and how to use the and avoiding dangers. You won't be finding yourself shooting at stuff
Well, unless some fake ducks with a fake gun
Also, this game has several scenes that might make your heart beat quite faster, so i wouldn't suggest this to the weak hearted.

If you like indie and/or horror/mystery/atmospheric games , this is one of the best games I could suggest.
Actually it's the best, because the devs are awesome. They always pay attention to the community and care about what we want. Also from personal experience I had a problem with my steam key and they helped me almost instantly after I mailed them, with a very polite and friendly way. Cheers to the devs.

Last but certainly not least,
The ending song is awesome! Seriously, if you re a bit emotional it could give you tears.

So.. synopis:

✔ Mystery/horror atmosphere
✔ Immense, well written storyline (that however requires for you to explore, you wont get it only from cutscenes)
✔ Great graphics for an indie game
✔ Very well optimised
✔ Awesome devs
AWESOME ending song!
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5 af 5 brugere (100%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
5.7 timer bogført
Indsendt: 16. januar
While the game has a good premise and great atmosphere; it suffers from abstract puzzles and design flaws.

First off - If you don't like jump scares, probably best to stay away. There's several in this game; and while they're not so prevalent that they get annoying; some just seem unnecessary.

Level design felt average; with nothing standing out that made me excited. Some were cool ideas, while some felt tacked on just to add another puzzle.

The dev's have gone with a sort of "abstract art" sheme with polygons and 'blocky' models. While this is all good when done right; sometimes it seems they did it simply to "cut corners". Some models look straight out of a game from the mid-90's (i.e. the airplane). Round objects like pillars and orbs have straight edges; a lot of textures are very low quality or non-existent, and lighting felt very basic. It's as if they went for a cell-shaded game but didn't quite commit.

This doesn't necessarily take away from the game, but it definitely doesn't add to it; and there several times when I was left wondering "why did they do that?"

The puzzles range from your typical "library maze" and "simon says" to some that are so abstract and "outside of the box" that they become frustrating. Most of the puzzles are "trial and error"; with nothing really explaining what the goal is.

Some are so "out there", that it takes incredibly long to do something that should be simple. This leaves you wandering around trying to find anything that you might have mised; when usually there nothing else and it's just by chance or luck that you figgure it out.

Some puzzles are designed well, but are frustrating because of poor level design i.e. switches that don't work unless you're in the perfect spot; activating switches that are close to others will activate the undesired one; or something hiding in the shadows. It feels very clunky and unintuitive compared to most puzzle games.

The story itself is interesting; but it suffers from the long "pauses" of trying to solve these abstract puzzles that don't relate in any way to the story, and you start to loose interest. There's also no voiceovers for the cutscenes showing the "past"; so you sit in complete silence watching the story unfold.

In a game like this, lighting is key. However, while the "ambient" lighting is fantastic; lighting on objects and models is horrid. There is no dynamic lighting, so you don't get the "shadow play" effect that creeps you out even more.
Static shadows are grainy, murky messes. The flashlight (which is only in a few levels) only lights up a (polygon) cone and doesn't cast shadows and is full of glitches. Most un-lit corners are pitch black while there's a light 2 feet away. This actually takes away from the game as it keeps players from exploring, (or even seeing) most of the level.

All in all, it's an OK game with very few good puzzles, and while the story is presented poorly, it's not a terrible premise. If you get this game I'd recommend getting it during a sale, so if you get frustrated you don't feel so guilty about letting it go.

I can only recommend this game if you get it for cheap, and\or if you REALLY like puzzle games no matter how abstract or obtuse they are.

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6 af 10 brugere (60%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
13.2 timer bogført
Indsendt: 23. august 2015
This game delivers on story and atmosphere. The levels are unique and interesting and the puzzles are mostly enjoyable. The game runs in triple monitor surround once you change the config files but sadly all the in game notes and scraps of paper you find are not scaled correctly for triple wide surround. I had to change to single monitor to read them as they are essential to understanding the story, which is quite good. I will be keeping an eye out for more from this developer. Infinity Runner is another decent product from this group which also runs ok in triple wide surround.
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6 af 10 brugere (60%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 16. september 2015
An ambitious game that makes the familiar mistake of having an unavoidable, janky, and poorly implemented stealth section that is required to proceed and has no checkpoints throughout.

A third of my playtime was spent ducking into the darkened sections of an airplane that are supposed to hide you from a woman passing through the aisle who, if she catches you, sets you back to the start of the stage with all your progress reset. Of course, whether or not it actually works is completely random, as the AI randomly decides each time it passes whether or not it is going to notice you. It only takes one time to reset you, and there's nothing you can do about it.

No thanks.
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