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Talisman Digital Edition - The Magical Quest Game for 1 to 4 players. The officially licensed multiplayer version of the classic fantasy adventure board game, Talisman. In Talisman Digital Edition, there are 14 characters a player can control, from the heroic Warrior to the powerful Sorceress.
Data wydania: 25 Lut, 2014
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Update - 11th September - Apprentice Mage and more!

11 września

Apprentice Mage now available!
The Apprentice Mage is still learning her skills and must roll to see if spells succeed if her Craft is 6 or less. She becomes much more powerful once her Craft reaches 7, when she will always have at least 2 spells. After observing other characters casting Spells, she can choose to draw those Spells from the top of the Spell discard pile. Those of you who have purchased the Gold pack or the Season Pass will automatically have the Apprentice Mage available in the game now.


Online overhaul! We've made huge changes to the networking and the game does not rely so much on Steam's servers anymore. We still use Steam to gather player names so you will still need to be signed in and online, but we have switched to a system called Photon to handle communication between players. We hope this fixes the connectivity issues some of you are having so please let us know if your onlines games are better or worse. If worse, give us as much information as you possibly can and we'll look into it. The iOS and Android versions also use this Photon system and we expect to include cross-platform multiplayer in the very near future so everyone can play together!

Bug fixes and improvements...

The Steam client can now be accessed whilst running the game full-screen.

Fixed a 'mismatched choice' error if 'fake' followers were being used in online games (Ghoul's raised trophies for instance).

Fixed a 'mismatched choice' error if certain house rules were being used and then an online game resumed.

Fixed a 'mismatched choice' error if a player used Lucky Charm and then didn't roll for the number they chose. This could be done by rolling for movement, then using the Lucky Charm before re-rolling with fate, then choosing a die result from the Lucky Charm and then choosing NOT to re-roll.

German text error - Random spell card.

Network games no longer pause whilst a player views an Alternative Ending card.

Demigod - spells are now ordered alphabetically for your perusing pleasure.

Window size fixes.

Public online games in progress can be seen in the Online menu, with the number of players and current round number shown.

Crash fix - cast Shatter on yourself and choose an object which was increasing your Craft and Spells.

Marked for Glory spell now works correctly for movement rolls.

Horn of Summoning was usable when the only enemy was on your space, the game would then get stuck.

The Play Area tabs at the bottom of the screen will now automatically switch to the 'usable cards' tab if you have a card which can be used. This will not happen if you have the online chat tab open.

AI characters will now recognise that they are stuck in a healing loop (Poltergeist, Castle/Prince, etc.) and decide to move on after a few turns.

Blizzard card had no effect when drawn a second time.

Fixed an issue at the end of an online game where the results/runestones screen would be skipped automatically.

AI - Thief character will steal appropriate objects from other characters at the Crown of Command.

AI - Improved Praying logic, thank god.

Fixed Lucky Charm and some other cards not being usable when single-clicked.

Bugs when encountering the Graveyard space fixed.

Fixed a bug where players could quit and resume a game with the Warlock Quest ending right at the start and they would receive 4 more Quest cards when resumed. Doing this repeatedly would result in a crash.

Players could only pick up 1 gold from the Tavern space if there were more than 1 left there by a Toad rolling a 4.

AI - Elf character won't constantly move between 2 Woods spaces if those spaces have Lake of Visions cards on them and he doesn't want/need a Warlock Quest.

Scroll-bar added to the in-game log.

The Gambler's Reduce the Odds ability was appearing at the wrong time in combat.

Fixed a crash that would occur if you were turned into a Toad whilst encountering the Treasure Map card.

Dead characters could still draw spells.

AI won't buy so many Water Bottles anymore (now that Summer is over).

AI characters won't use fate to re-roll in combat against a summon spell or follower if the combat was a draw.

Face-up cards on spaces weren't shown when choosing where to move to after using the Mystic Portal.

Players could gain higher than their spell allowance due to a bug with the Familiar follower.

AI Priest is will use his Destroy Ability if he cannot beat a Spirit.

Black Witch could sometimes move the Reaper even if she hadn't rolled a 1 for movement.

You could not view character cards after resuming an online game.

The Celestial Bauble could not be used to defeat the Nightmare.

Summon Spells now have +2 to their attack when summoned at the Runes spaces.

The Divine Protection spell now protects life loss against summon spells.

Players could use a Raft to move to a space with the Barrier spell on it.

AI players could get stuck if you cast Path of Destiny on them in certain sitations.

Fixed a bug where an AI Leprechaun player would get stuck if you cast Misdirection on him and he then rolled a 6 and chose to Teleport.

AI Toads are slightly more intelligent when it comes to choosing which space to move to.

If you played as the Elf with the Reaper pack on and rolled a 1 to move to a Woods space, you could then move the Reaper after your turn if you teleported to other Woods spaces.

Gambler could Reduce the Odds when rolling for Death in a Dice With Death.

Fixed a bug where you could not encounter cards dropped on a space due to someone casting Mesmerism and taking a Mule/Horse & Cart.

AI Leprechaun would choose to use the Flying Carpet instead of his own Teleport ability if he rolled a 6. Maybe he just liked the plush carpet?

Warhorse was not discarded if its owner lost their last life.

Fixed not being able to give the Jester to another character you defeated.

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The Gambler - available now!

1 lipca

The Gambler character is now available to purchase via the My Collection page in-game or through Steam.


The Gambler uses Fate to his advantage to reduce the odds of getting the results he needs. Buy him today to add him to your collection!

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“extremely addictive...many hours of fun, faithful to the original”
8/10 – Eurogamer Poland

“Talisman: Digital Edition is the kind of game that you can spend hundreds of hours playing and is for all intents and purposes a solid port of the popular board game. - Vincent Paone of Dad's Gaming Addiction”
9/10 – Dad's Gaming Addiction

“...easy to pick up and play and you don't have to know anything about the board game version to play and enjoy the video game version.”
9/10 – Game Saga

Informacje o grze

Talisman Digital Edition - The Magical Quest Game for 1 to 4 players.

The officially licensed multiplayer version of the classic fantasy adventure board game, Talisman.

In Talisman Digital Edition, there are 14 characters a player can control, from the heroic Warrior to the powerful Sorceress. In this perilous adventure, players battle it out to journey across a dangerous land and be the first to claim the Crown of Command, a magical artefact with the power to destroy all rivals and make the bearer the true ruler of the kingdom. On your travels, you will need strength, courage and some good dice rolls to survive the dangers you face and beat your opponents to the centre of the board.

Features -

  • Multiplayer modes for up to 4 players.
  • Play against AI opponents.
  • 14 characters to choose from.
  • 17 powerful spells to cast.
  • Many expansions available post-release.
  • Detailed, interactive tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Talisman?
Imagine Monopoly with Dragons! Instead of moving around a board purchasing properties and making your opponents bankrupt, you’re moving around the board building up your character’s strength and magic power by battling monsters, finding treasures, completing quests and trying to be the first player to reach the centre space – the Crown of Command.

How is Talisman: Digital Edition different to Talisman: Prologue?
Talisman: Prologue is a single-player only game in which you tried to complete a series of challenges using the rules of Talisman. Talisman: Digital Edition is the full board game experience for up to 4 players, using the same rules as the board game.

Can I play dirty?
That’s at the very core of Talisman! Cast spells at other players to make them miss turns! Steal from them! Turn them into toads! Send powerful allies to do your fighting for you!

How replayable is the game?
The emergent nature of the game means that every game will tell its own tale. The board starts with just the playing pieces and builds up to become a land filled with terrible danger and fabulous treasure! As you move around the board, you must make careful decisions about where to travel as each space can become more dangerous or more helpful as the game progresses. To help you get around, players can use things like teleporting, magic portals and fate, which allows you to re-roll your dice to get different results.

How long is a game of Talisman?
The physical board game can take 2-4 hours with 4 players, but our digital version cuts that down drastically, with an offline 4 player game typically taking no more than 1 hour. Offline games can be saved and resumed at any time so your adventures can take as long as you like! We’ve also added some features which decrease the length of games – House rules and Runestone cards. House rules change the basic rules slightly to speed-up the game and Runestone cards, exclusive to this digital edition, give characters extra abilities and allow them to become very powerful much quicker, making for shorter games.

Is there a hotseat mode?
Yes! Look your opponents in the eyes as you face them in deadly combat or sneak up from the shadows and steal their favourite items! All of the fun and social enjoyment of the physical game is captured in the digital version, but with no setup time!

What’s included with the base game and are there expansions?
For the initial purchase, everything that you get with the physical board game is included – all of the characters, spells and adventure cards. Expansions will be added and the first two, The Reaper and The Frostmarch, are available to purchase now. These add lots more spells, events, monsters, characters and the Grim Reaper himself, wandering the land looking to kill off players! Extra characters are also available to purchase, including rare characters from Talisman’s history.

Talisman © Games Workshop Limited 1983, 1985, 1994, 2007. Talisman: Digital Edition © Games Workshop Limited 2014. Games Workshop, Talisman, Talisman: Digital Edition, the foregoing marks’ respective logos and all associated marks, logos, characters, products and illustrations from the Talisman game are either ®, TM and/or © Games Workshop Limited 1983–2014, variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. This edition published under license to Nomad Games Ltd. Nomad Games is the registered trademark Nomad Games Limited. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

Wymagania systemowe

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024x600 resolution
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
    • Sound Card: On board
Pomocne recenzje klientów
8 z 9 osób (89%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
281.4 godz. łącznie
Talizman, oryginalna wersja planszówki Magia i Miecz, która w polskim wydaniu z lat 90tych zdominowała stoły i serca miłośników fantasy. O ile "oryginalna" polska wersja (Magia i Miecz) w swej podstawowej edycji bije na głowę podstawową edycje Talizmana (która ma mało postaci, mało kart, brak hardkoru w rozgrywce) to po dołączeniu dodatków siły się wyrównują :) Wprawdzie dalej Magia i Miecz ma lepsze rysunki (mniej sztampowe) ale widać siłę Talizmanu związaną z tym, że gra ciągle jest rozwijana (kolejne wersje reguł, poprawki, nowe dodatki).
Talisman DE w wersji podstawowej był podobny do wersji planszowej (czyt. dla mnie mało atrakcyjny) ale po wypuszczeniu dodatku "Żniwiarz" gra nabrała smakowitości. Teraz wypuszczono "Królową Lodu" i gra nabrała dużej głębi i różnorodności. Pojawił się też tak wytęskniony przeze mnie hardcore ;) czyli np. ryzyko zginięcia przez 1 zły rzut kostką :D To są super wyjątkowe sytuacje ale są i przez to gierka nabiera jeszcze większej szmocy :)

Autorzy gry przez 3 miesiące wypuścili 2 dodatki (ok. 200 nowych kart przygód, 8 postaci itp. itd.) oraz 4 DLC postaci i już zapowiadają kolejny dodatek "Podziemia". Jak widać nie próżnują i to naprawdę cieszy, szczególnie że bardzo aktywnie reagują na błędy zgłaszane przez graczy i większość problemów została już wyeliminowana (chociaż jak to bywa w takich grach to każdy dodatek = nowy wysyp błędów :))

Jeśli ktoś nie grał wcześniej w Talisman a lubi klimaty fantasy, magii i miecz oraz nie przeszkadza mu wrodzona losowość rozgrywki (dreszczyk przy rzucie kostką i nagłe zwroty akcji tym spowodowane) to nie zawiedzie się na tej grze i może w nią wejść ;) na przysłowiowej tradycyjnej pełnej kur*** ;))

Co do "starych" wyjadaczy wersji "stołowatej" to kupno wersji komputerowej jest po prostu musem ;) Setki godzin dobrej zabawy gwarantowane(!) i nie trzeba przy tym zawalać pół pokoju planszami czy pieczołowicie umawiać się raz na miesiąc na grę z kumplami (co oczywiście ma swój urok i musi być kontynuuowane w tym zalatanym wszechświecie krejzolowatym porąbanym ;)). Tutaj możesz zagrać szybko gdy tylko znajdziesz 2-3 godzinki czasu o każdej porze dnia. To też jest super zaleta. Oprócz gry w necie można też grać offline tylko z komputerem.

!!! WAŻNE: JEŚLI CHCECIE MIEĆ POLSKĄ WERSJĘ GRY !!! to kupujcie podstawową wersję WYŁĄCZNIE na stronie cdp.pl (CD Projekt). Oni mają wyłączność na dystrybucję polskiej wersji I nigdzie indziej jej nie kupicie (są 2 klucz Steam: 1 na grę i 1 na polonizację). Podstawka zakupiona na Steam lub u producenta lub w innych sklepach NIE BĘDZIE MIAŁA J.POLSKIEGO! (ups)
Z tego co wiem po zakupieniu wersji podstawowej z CDP.PL i aktywowaniu polonizującego klucza na Steam to kolejne dodatki itp. można już kupować na Steamie a polonizacja dalej działa.

Polecam tę grę serdecznie i z ręką na sercu ;) każdemu miłośnikowi gier planszowych. Moja ocena 10/10 :) Czysta przyjemność! :) Opłaca się imho wykupić Season Pass od razu (wszystkie DLC i przyszłe dodatki w pakiecie). Na CDP była już promocja 50%.
Zamieszczono: 13 czerwca
Czy ta recenzja była pomocna? Tak Nie
2 z 2 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
8.7 godz. łącznie
Świetna gra, Magia i Miecz w całej okazałości. Tylko czekać na dodatki.
Zamieszczono: 23 czerwca
Czy ta recenzja była pomocna? Tak Nie
7 z 12 osób (58%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
22.5 godz. łącznie
If you're looking for a pc version of a classic boardgame, you could be dissapointed. Some rules are different and it's buggy. Two biggest bugs turned hours of play into dust.

I've played two games with my friends and after couple of hours both games couldn't be finished because of bugs. In the first game after 3 hours of play one player didn't see any movement (other players could see and play normally), but he could write and read on chat. In the second game I queued a spell before a fight and during the fight (before the spell activated) I checked the same spell card and this card continuusly checked and un-checked itself and nothing could be done except quiting the game. Two games, no end, no experience (gained only after completing a game). It's too buggy for me.

Resuming online games has flaws. First, you can't just resume a game by re-joining it after losing your connection. All players need to quit the game in correct order, because when a player quits, AI plays instead of him (so the last player leaving should be the one, which turn is at the moment). Second, you can only resume last online game. You can't play two different games with two different parties (like playing with friends from work on tuesdays and with friends from neighborhood on sundays) and resume each of them at wish. You can resume only last played game.

Sometimes you get a spell which you can see on the card-you-can-use window, but when you click this spell to read what it does, you see only back of the card.

You can't read cards on the board (monster, shop, fountain etc.) unless your character can move (in your turn) to that place. It's very frustrating when you can remove a card with a spell, but you can't see what cards are there.

When other player browses his spells, you see backs of these spell cards, which are so big, that you can't see the board.

Some cards can't be used at all! Lucky Charm - when you're about to make a roll, discard the charm and choose the result of a die roll. Really? Doesn't work at all! Can't be used during a fight, when you roll for a travel or when you encounter a multiple options card. Potion of Strength - adds 2 strength to all your fights until turn ends. Or not! This card couldn't be used at all! Of course AI character stole it and could use it.

It has many more bugs (most of them with spellcasting or items using), but one of the biggest issue is AI. AI characters aren't great strategists, but they're big cheaters. We played 3 human players against one AI monk and we lost. Why? Because AI character had over 80% of dice rolls in his favour (without re-rolling!). We sent the Reaper to him many times and almost every time he rolled a six, which gave him a +1 bonus to chosen stat. He drew few monsters and almost every draw from adventure deck was a follower, magic object or gold. When AI went finally to the inner region, every roll was in his favour. Playing dice with death, fighting the wolf - first roll and a win. Every (and I mean EVERY) command spell was a success (6, 6, 6, 5, 6, 6).
Zamieszczono: 20 czerwca
Czy ta recenzja była pomocna? Tak Nie
2 z 4 osób (50%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
458.6 godz. łącznie
Great game, worth buying!
Zamieszczono: 9 maja
Czy ta recenzja była pomocna? Tak Nie
19 z 27 osób (70%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
15.1 godz. łącznie
I love this game, I've been playing the board game version since the days of 2nd edition. Now I play it in the board version from an excellent board game publishing company: Fantasy Flight Games. I'm currently waiting for the newest expansion: The Woodlands which add's a forth corner to the board. The digital version here keeps the game true to it's core values and even showed me a few rules I had completely missed.

I highly recommend this to anyone that loves RPGs, stragety games, and fun, light-hearted competition to claim victory.
Zamieszczono: 26 czerwca
Czy ta recenzja była pomocna? Tak Nie
12 z 13 osób (92%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
16.8 godz. łącznie
Wychowałeś się na Magii i Mieczu? Zakładam, że tak, więc nie będę rozpisywać się na czym polega rozgrywka w pieczołowicie zrealizowanej cyfrowej wersji. Znowu wcielamy się w jednego z bohaterów poszukujących Korony Władzy, za której pomocą zanihilujemy pozostałych pretendentów. Jest (prawie) wszystko, do czego się przyzwyczailiśmy: niesamowity klimat heroicznego fantasy, tutaj poparty wpadającą do ucha muzyką oraz festiwal losowości, którą chyba z nostalgii trudno uznać za wadę (musisz trafić do wioski? twój bohater jest tak nierozgarnięty, że albo zmęczy się już w lesie, albo następnego dnia zagalopuje się aż do cmentarza :D).
Teraz coś o zawartości dodanej. Każde ukończenie gry, nieważne czy po stronie zwycięskiej, czy przegranej, zostanie zaanalizowane pod kątem wykonanych celów. Docenione zostanie prowadzenie w ilości wydanego złota, zdobytych przyjaciół etc. Skumulowanie nagród da nam nie tylko steamowe acziki do pochwalenia się, ale również runiczne kamienie. Przed rozpoczęciem kolejnej partii będziemy mogli wyposażyć swojego poszukiwacza w trzy takie zabawki, co pozwoli nam zniwelować jego wady (gramy trollem? podnieśmy mu początkową Moc, coby dawał sobie radę z chochlikami; irytują nas chwile słabości po zropuchowaceniu? skróćmy czas przemiany w płaza). Przywiązani do klasycznych zasad nie są zobligowani do korzystani z kamieni runicznych.
Gra jest cały czas rozwijana. Spośród dodatków na razie dostępny jest tylko Żniwiarz, ale w ostatniej aktualizacji twórcy dodali możliwość zmodyfikowania rozgrywki domowymi zasadami. Polska wersja językowa jest skrupulatnie przeniesiona z edycji planszowej.
Pora na największy problem, jaki mam z Talismanem: Digital Edition. Skąd się wzięła legenda pierwowzoru? Ano z tego, że wybornie spędzało się przy nim czas z kumplami. Na komputerze możemy zagrać w "gorące pośladki", co dość słabo się sprawdza ze względu na obecność w grze informacji ukrytej (zaklęcia na ręce). Tryb sieciowy jest, ale w lobby niestety pusto.
Jeżeli jednak masz znajomych, z którymi nie możesz umówić się na kilkugodzinną partyjkę przy kuchennymi stole, Digital Edition godnie wam to przeżycie zastąpi.
Zamieszczono: 22 marca
Czy ta recenzja była pomocna? Tak Nie