Ruthless bird versus bird action. Wild animals and the artefacts of a mysterious ancient culture. A game full of challenge and discovery – unlike anything you've played before.
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Utgivelsesdato: 7. jan, 2014

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“While playing Secrets of Rætikon ..., I was on cloud nine.”

“I can't wait to dig into the full game ...”

“Broken Rules have created a title of masterful mystique, beauty, and playfulness ...”
81 – Killscreen

Features of Secrets of Rætikon

  • Single player campaign
  • An emergent ecosystem influenced by your actions
  • A living, breathing world where everything is physical
  • Many different kinds of animals
  • An epic story told in Raetic runes
  • Huge animal kings and ancient contraptions
  • Achievements and Stats
  • Play creatively and solve puzzles the way you want
  • Full game editable via the built-in level editor
  • Easily share your self-designed levels via Steam Workshop

Om dette spillet

Ruthless bird versus bird action. Wild animals and the artefacts of a mysterious ancient culture. A game full of challenge and discovery – unlike anything you've played before.

Secrets of Raetikon

You find yourself alone in the mountains of the Alps. Discover strange contraptions, wild animals and the mysteries of an ancient culture. Uncover the Secrets of Rætikon in an atmospheric, open-world 2D game in which you fly like a bird and explore an uncharted world.

Secrets of Rætikon is an action-focussed exploration game with an open world. Fly through the savage mountains of the Alps and collect parts of ancient machines. The world is rich in interactivity. Trees, rocks, plants and animals – everything is physics based and can be grabbed and dragged around.

Hostile animals protect their habitats and interact with you as well as each other. Use this ecosystem to your advantage: drag a bird of prey to another predator and they attack each other; grab a robin and feed it to a buzzard – it will attack the poor bird instead of you; defend yourself by wielding spiked plants or by pushing foes into thornbushes.

Steam Workshop integration

Secrets of Rætikon sports a full-featured level editor. You can edit every level that comes with the game or create all new levels. Levels can be shared over Steam Workshop. There is a physics sandbox that allows you to build toys or even new games. This is the same editor we use to build the game itself. It will be continuously developed for as long as we work on the game.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Minne: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 4000
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • OS: 10.6
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Minne: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 4000
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Minne: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 4000
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Publisert: 16. desember, 2015
This game ranks as one of the biggest disappoints of my life and disturbed four people that represent three generations of gamers. Good job Broken Rules! We all need therapy now!

As you can see from the screenshots, Raetikon is visually stunning, with gorgeous graphical design and an engrossing world. It plays like a simple Metroidvania type game that relies on puzzle elements. Areas are gated off behind a "collect the bits" mechanic, but everything is so pretty, you don't even mind. The creature designs are origami given life. You play as a weird bird with shoes, that controls very much like the arcade game Joust, which works very well and seems fluid. The game dumps you right into the action, leaving you to figure things out, which is refreshing with all the hand holding these days. The story is pieced together by collecting runes to decipher ancient tablets, a gimmick that my kids and mother both enjoyed as they worked together to crack the code. It's not a necessary thing to accomplish to beat the game, but a nice side diversion. The music is also suitably haunting.

Sounds good so far, and it is. We enjoyed the laid back pacing that I would liken to the exploration of Proteus or Journey. Some have complained of the difficulty, but I had no issues, and only died once, in the bramble maze while being reckless. And there's two major issues with this short little game.

BUG. I have seen on forums where the developer promised to fix this over a year ago and guess what? They didn't. It's still there. If you open the areas in an order that the developers did not intend, the game becomes impossible to complete the traditional way. You get to a point where you are short three gold slivers to progress, and they simply do NOT exist if you mistakenly tackled the areas in the wrong order. This happened to me and the only way past it is through ANOTHER BUG that allows you to access the end areas by an obscure method. We wandered around for almost two hours backtracking, thinking that we were just missing a few slivers. It was triple checked, so I hit the internet and found mention of this bug on a forum. None of this was repaired as promised, so do NOT leave the area above the evil tree for last or you will have problems.

FINALLY... it's the ending. It IS memorable, you can't take that away from it, but does it ever kill a bit of your soul and leave a bad taste in your mouth. You go from heroic hope to stupid and evil.

.... seems through the whole adventure of Secrets of Raetikon that you are trying to save animals in cages. Yet at the end, you find out that you kill them and use their blood/essence to power a primitive game of Pong. After the credits, it dumps you into free roaming mode. The real horror is here, for not only did you murder the caged animals, but EVERY SINGLE animal on the planet. Everything is dead. Everything. So your stupid bird could play Pong. It's depressing and senseless.

We had talked about how fun it would be to just go back and replay it but that's not happening now. Your journey seems pointless, tainted and corrupted. Raetikon leaves a black splotch on your heart and a dead feeling in your soul. My kids were disturbed, and my mother was so messed up she watched several Let's Plays on youtube just to see other rections and if there's another ending.... the answer is NO. No other endings. You can't change it.

Therefore, I have a hard time recommending it, even though it's this lovely, wonderful game up until the end.
If you don't mind absurdly bad endings and would like a game that combines Castlevania:SOTN, Journey, Proteus and Joust together, then give this a shot. Personally, I doubt we will ever play it again. We discovered the Secrets of Raetikon afterall...

The secret was... the ending sucks.
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Publisert: 24. april
This game is pretty at times, but the ending is just incredibly dumb - so dumb that it ruins the entire experience of playing the game.

The creators thought they were being clever, but it's just a cop out.
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Publisert: 8. januar, 2014
Anmeldelser av forhåndsversjon
Upon wings of gold,
Upon air so cold,
Through the sky so blue,
I graciously flew

To foxes I spoke,
Great machines I woke,
Ancient runes I read,
From great predators I fled,

A story unearthed,
In languages lost and cursed,
And yet my adventures have just begun,
Studying the Secrets of Rætikon
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Publisert: 7. januar, 2014
Anmeldelser av forhåndsversjon
A beautiful game as it is.. can't wait for it to be finished!
I did a quick review/ overview of the basics here:
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Publisert: 24. april, 2014
Secrets Of Rætikon is a beautifully rendered game, it's all very colorful. It's hard to explain it gameplay wise. But you're a bird and you have to find artifacts that are scattered all over the world. You might say that it's a Metroidvania game but it's not. You won't gain any skills or abilities and all places are freely accessible. The goal is mainly to survive, while finding these artifacts. There are several types of 'enemies' and not all of them will attack you on the spot. Some of them will try to grab you or your artifact and others will just leave you alone because they're lower on the food chain. You can go faster by flapping your wings and you can even dive to increase your speed. The controls are unusual but work very good.

There's no map system in the game so you have to find everything by scouting the areas carefully. This can be hard, but fortunately the game is only a few hours (3-4) long so the world isn't that big.

I really enjoyed playing the game, but one thing that bothered me was the fact that you can't continue the game once you finish it. So make sure you do everything before dropping that last artifact, unless you want to play through it again, of course.

There's always room for improvement and Secrets Of Rætikon is no different. But despite its shortcomings I had a great time playing in this magical and very stylish world.

[Rating: 84/100]
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