Assetto Corsa 1.3 is out now! Assetto Corsa 1.3 is now available for download on Steam! Assetto Corsa version 1.3 introduces some great improvements to the core game engine and new features to the physics engine. The game now supports native 64-bit code. The physics engine has been reworked and is now completely multithreaded.
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Data de lançamento: 19 Dez, 2014

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"The most accurate and customizable racing simulator to date, easily moddable backed by an active community. The wheel user's dream simulator."

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25 Novembro

Assetto Corsa v1.3.5 update is now available!


- New Audi R8 V10 Plus bonus car
- Fixed Nissan GT-R Nismo fuel gauge
- Fixed Mercedes SLS GT3 default tyre texture
- Fixed Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Hard tyres name, causing issue on MP tyre compound restriction
- acServer: fixed issue with timing who caused session skipping
- ksEditor: Added fuel and brakes script tools
- Corrected Alfa Romeo 4c alignment and setup values
- Eliminated wrong tags from Ford GT40
- Works on the tyre heating model continues with new surface rolling heat generation on some cars
- Performance optimization on car multithread physics
- New improved smoothing and "anti lag" systems for both client and server

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22 Outubro

Assetto Corsa v1.3.4 update is now available!

- Replay in x64 are now capped at 1Gb instead of 500mb
- Fixed turbo in form gears
- Physics multithread is now disable with less than 4 cores
- Fixed backfire animation on Lamborghini Countach
- acServerManager: admin password is mandatory
- acServerManager: fixed uploader not saving surfaces.ini of multi-layout tracks
- Fixed Lamborghini Countach S1 UI for customers who do not own DLC2
- Fixed Alfa Romeo 4c peak slip angle value on rear street tyres.
- Fine tuning of tyre heating model for GT2 and GT3 cars. Tyres now might need 2 laps to heat up the core temperatures. Core temperatures are now much more stable during a lap and cool down slower.
- New power loss calculation for GT2 GT3 cars engines
- Corrected rolling resistance calculations for GT2 and GT3 cars tyres
- BMW M3 E30 Drift and M3 E92 drift has new tyre heat calculation following the GT2/GT3 logic. Experimental.
- Balancing of GT3 car performances. The balance does not make all cars equal, but just brings their performances closer. Leagues can now add a small amount of ballast to equalize the cars performances even more.
- Fixed dirt texture and headights in Ferrari 458 Italia
- Fixed headlights indicator on BMW Z4 GT3
- Fixed transparency issue on Ruf Yellowbird
- Added leds to Mercedes SLS GT3
- Fixed TrackIR support for x64
- Added Force Feedback Controller app
- Fixed acServer corruption of internal buffers leading to packet losses
- Added benchmark mode
- Realtime app now uses magenta to signal fastest lap in the session
- New "camera facing" spectators are now controlled by the "world detail" settings. Allowing users with older machines to achieve better FPS
- Minor AI race craft tweaks (a bit faster to change lane but bit less "punchybumpy")
- Remapped some functions associated with numpad "+" and "-"
+/- = Change Force Feedback (disabled in replays)
Ctrl +/- = Change onboard FOV
Ctrl Shift +/- = Change saturation

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Acerca deste jogo

Assetto Corsa 1.3 is out now!

Assetto Corsa 1.3 is now available for download on Steam!
Assetto Corsa version 1.3 introduces some great improvements to the core game engine and new features to the physics engine.
The game now supports native 64-bit code. The physics engine has been reworked and is now completely multithreaded. As a result, the driving precision is augmented, the accuracy has further improved and the physics solver has enough horsepower to completely resolve any difficult calculations at any speed, achieving butter-smooth Force Feedback and a complete elimination of signal noise and vibrations.

Assetto Corsa’s top-class physics engine has been constantly evolving and improving. The AC physics code already includes various industry-first features, such as advanced active aerodynamics, four-wheel drive simulation with active differentials, realistic driving assists systems, unique hybrid engines simulation and advanced tyre-wear features, such as blistering, graining and flat spots.

With version 1.3 we now present you a completely reworked tyre model that includes new features in connection with tyre-speed sensitivity, combined grip, slip angles and ratios, load sensitivity, rolling resistance and most importantly, separated heating for surface and core temperatures. As a result, driving in Assetto Corsa is now more realistic than ever. The driving experience is more natural while at the same time also more challenging at the limit. Real-life features such as driving carefully in the first two laps to heat the tyres or taking it easy to cool down overheated tyres after a spin, the handling of the car changing from turn to turn depending on your driving style or as a result of driver errors and choosing the correct tyre compound depending on the track and car combination and also your driving style will now become part of your daily driving experience in Assetto Corsa. 

We did not stop at the tyres though. We have improved the ABS system and now depending on the car, Assetto Corsa supports different generations of ABS systems using 1 to 4 channels. We have enabled active differentials also for RWD cars, such as the brand new BMW M4, which is part of the Dream Pack 2 DLC. We also have improved the height sensitivity of front splitters and diffusers making their influence more complex from a setup engineering point of view and more demanding from the aspect of the driver, creating an overall more satisfactory experience for everyone.

Do not just drive by memory some binary data values that resemble cars on your screen. Drive cars that are “alive”, constantly changing their behaviour from turn to turn as a response to your personal driving style.

List of contents available:


- Abarth 500 EsseEsse (2 variants)
- Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV
- Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Launch edition
- Alfa Romeo MiTo QV
- Audi Sport Quattro (2 variants)
- Bmw 1M (2 variants)
- Lamborghini Miura S.V.
- Lotus Elise SC (3 variants)
- Shelby Cobra
- RUF CTR Yellowbird
- Toyota GT-86

- Bmw M3 E30 Evo (3 variants)
- Bmw M3 E30 Group A
- Bmw M3 E30 DTM
- Bmw M3 E92 (3 variants)
- Bmw Z4 E89 (3 variants)
- Lotus Evora GTC
- Lotus Evora GX

- McLaren MP4-12c GT3
- Bmw Z4 GT3
- Bmw M3 GT2
- Ferrari 458 GT2
- P4/5 Competizione
- Mercedes SLS GT3

- Classic Team Lotus Type 49
- Classic Team Lotus 98T
- Ferrari 312T

- Ferrari LaFerrari
- Ferrari 458 Italia (2 variants)
- Ferrari F40 (2 variants)
- Ferrari 599xx
- McLaren Mp4 12c
- Mercedes SLS AMG
- Nissan GTR NISMO
- Pagani Zonda R
- Pagani Huayra
- Lotus Evora S (2 variants)
- Lotus Exige S Roadster
- Lotus Exige Scura

- KTM X-Bow R
- Lotus 2 Eleven
- Lotus Evora GTE
- Lotus Evora GTE Carbon
- Lotus Exige 240R (2 variants)
- Lotus Exige V6 Cup
- Lotus 2 Eleven GT4

- Tatuus FA-01
- Lotus Exos T125 (2 variants)

- Magione - "Autodromo dell'Umbria"
- Imola - "Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari"
- Mugello - "Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello"
- Silverstone - GP track
- Silverstone - International track
- Silverstone - National track
- Monza - "Autodromo di Monza"
- Monza - "Classic 60's Edition"
- Nurburgring - GP
- Nurburgring - Sprint
- Spa Francorchamps
- Vallelunga - "Autodromo Piero Taruffi"
- Vallelunga - Club track
- Zandvoort
- Trento - Bondone Hillclimb
- Drift Track
- Drag strip

- Standard showroom
- The Beach
- Hangar
- Industrial
- Sunset

- Free Practice
- Race Events vs AI
- Career
- Online Multiplayer
- HotLap
- Time Attack
- Special Events
- Drift Mode
- Drag Race

- In-game telemetry
- Advanced car setup management
- Flags
- Penalties

- Basic info
- Help
- Lap time
- Friends Leaderboard
- Camera On Board Customization
- Time of the day display
- Input monitor
- Time performance indicator
- Gear/rpm indicator
- Track map
- Rankings
- G-meter indicator

Requisitos do Sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows Vista Sp2 - 7 Sp1 - 8 - 8.1 - 10
    • Processador: AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHZ, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ
    • Memória: 2 GB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: DirectX 10.1 (e.g. AMD Radeon HD 6450, Nvidia GeForce GT 460)
    • DirectX: Versão 11
    • Rede: Ligação à Internet de banda larga
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 15 GB de espaço livre
    • Placa de som: Integrated
    • Sistema Operativo: Windows Vista Sp2 - 7 Sp1 - 8 - 8.1 - 10
    • Processador: AMD Six-Core CPU, Intel Quad-Core CPU
    • Memória: 6 GB de RAM
    • Placa gráfica: DirectX 11 (e.g. AMD Radeon 290x, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970)
    • DirectX: Versão 11
    • Rede: Ligação à Internet de banda larga
    • Espaço no disco: Requer 30 GB de espaço livre
    • Placa de som: Integrated
Análises úteis de clientes
1 de 1 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
233.0 hrs em registo
Publicada: 27 Julho
I play this game in half price, but if i knew it was so good i would bought it anyway.
Played 80 hours of this game with xbox 360 controller and while not perfect and beeing 10% of the experience of a wheel (that i have now) it is still a great game to play.
The problem with Xbox 360 is that makes almost impossible to play with powerful cars without traction control due to steering precision issues.

I thought simcades were good until i play this game, where every car feels different and you have to learn how to play them, unlike other games where you swith cars and you can still play it perfectly.

There s not a lot of cars, but for me its fine half of them i dont drive em properly yet, and you can dowload incredible free track mods and cars, the mod community is great also and the Dlc a must have.

I have this game for 2 months, and i can see me playing this for more 5 years or until there s an even better one.

Just buy this game, it s really good.
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1 de 1 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
10.6 hrs em registo
Publicada: 16 Junho
Best car simultion game ever. I hope that the team keep working on improvements and new DLC's, always with the best quality :)
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1 de 1 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
50.7 hrs em registo
Publicada: 23 Setembro
Muito bom, trouxe para os circuitos a invulnerabilidade nos carros que nao se encontra em mais nenhum outro. A concorrência é elevado em termos de condução em circuitos, com o rFactor 2 e Project Cars, mas parece-me que este se destaca um pouco dos demais. O modo online é que ainda não está totalmente bom, é preciso melhorar!
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109 de 136 pessoas (80%) acharam esta análise útil
12 pessoas acharam esta análise engraçada
252.2 hrs em registo
Publicada: 27 Outubro
(Updated some info from an interview Kunos did)

First, I'm a huge sim racing fan, so I have some sort of idea on what I'm talking about.
Second, this is a review based on version 1.3.4.
Third, and last one, it's hard to write this review after being a massive fan of this game for so long.

So let's get into the review shall we?

Actually, let's not review the game just yet, let's talk about Kunos (the devs) recent behavior when comes to critics and bug reports. The game has flaws, I think anyone that has played it will agree on that, from A.I. to multiplayer issues, the game has issues. But the devs seem to think differently. Stefano (the lead physics/game engine dev) has banned several people from their forums for saying things like these...

One person (a sound modder for the game, he knows what he's talking about), said the engine sounds are "terrible", he has made better sounds then Kunos, he has full right to critique sounds, because he can do it better on a lower budget. He got banned from the forums for saying that.

And several people have been banned for simple bug reports that genuinely need to be fixed, with the reason being (NOT KIDDING) “they have some sort of mental problem”.


Plus, if you bring up rFactor 2 anywhere, whether it be their Facebook page or forum or whatever, prepare to be banned for reasons of “mmmmBANANAS!”.

Kunos also don’t seem to be interesting in fixing the major flaws with the game either. They have officially said they aren’t doing anything else to fix/change multiplayer, and A.I. Have gotten updates, but none of those updates have fixed it.
(Update: Kunos said they are doing work on multiplayer again.)

Probably the biggest issue with the game, is the fact that there is only ONE light source, which limits reflections (keyword: limits, there are reflections, but there are some issues with them) and prevents rain or night racing to happen without major work to the engine, among other things. (don’t bring this up on the forums, you’ll probably be banned).
(Update: Kunos said they are working on rain, and thinking about re-writing the engine for night racing)

I recommend going to the website , and reading some of their articles on AC, if you want to see the extent of the issues with Kunos.

Let’s review the game itself now...
I’ll be reviewing the game for what it is, not who made it.

Best part about the game, and arguably the best and most realistic physics from any sim racer, the cars handle the way you would expect and they just feel right.
Best racing simulator for this: Assetto Corsa rFactor 2, Stock Car Extreme or iRacing
(IMPORTANT UPDATE: 1.3 has caused some issues with physics)

Best racing simulator for this: Raceroom or DiRT Rally

All but Zandvoort are laser scanned, so they are quite good.
Best racing simulator for this: Project CARS for numbers, Assetto Corsa or iRacing for quality.

Great models
Best racing simulator for this: Assetto Corsa or Project CARS

Best racing simulator for this: Project CARS

rFactor 2 is better, but this is still good.
Best racing simulator for this: rFactor 2

Controller support:
Better than most sims.
Best racing simulator for this: Project CARS or Assetto Corsa

1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 all haven’t done anything major. They all improved the game in one way or another, but none of them made anyone go “WHOA, BEST GAME EVER NOW”.

A mess that won’t be fixed.
Best racing simulator for this: iRacing

They have emotional breakdowns if you drive too close to them, and they crash into other A.I. often.
Best racing simulator for this: rFactor 2, Stock Car Extreme or RaceRoom (SCE is a little better though)

Thrown together
Best racing simulator for this: Project CARS (PCARS isnt great here, but most sims don't even have a career mode)

so... thats it i guess, im a bit sad to down vote a game ive spent 250 hours in and used to love...
anyway, to answer the question of "what sim should i get then?", i recommend buying rfactor, stock car extreme, or just waiting for rfactor 2 to come out on steam. (you can also get it on their website)

If Kunos weren't doing all of the stuff I talked about, I would recommend this game. If you're okay with supporting a company like Kunos, buy it, but in my opinion I don't think they deserve your money.
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30 de 39 pessoas (77%) acharam esta análise útil
4 pessoas acharam esta análise engraçada
324.5 hrs em registo
Publicada: 10 Junho
I´ve waited a long time with my review, because I wanted to see what kinds of addition this game gets over time. But well, here it is:

Assetto Corsa is a very challenging and rewarding game. It is one of the few titles that truly deserve to be called a "Racing Simulation" in a genre where many games proudly boast the moniker, and then severely disappoints in that regard.

- A true Racing Simulation on PC, one of the very few titles to come out in recent years
- Good production value, you can really see that the devs know what they´re doing
- Extremely good physics engine
- Good graphics
- Relatively fast AI
- It´s stupidly easy to use mods
- there are tons of high-quality mods of cars, tracks and UI apps readily available

- 80% of the included tracks are Italian
- 40% of the included cars are Lotus (seriously, there are 7 variations of the Lotus Evora and 5-6 for the Exige... Who the hell thought this was a good idea?)
- Some other cars are sorely missed instead (No R34, Lancer Evo, RX-7, Challenger, Charger, C63 AMG, SLR, and no Audi´s, Porsche´s, Toyota´s, Ford´s, e..., at all!)
- AI is extremely taxing on the CPU (I have a 4 GHz AMD Octacore, and yet CPU occupancy goes above 95% when I race more than 10 cars, causing the game to stutter on my system)
- AI is incapable of actually fighting for positions (they may drive quickly, but once you have caught them, you´ll easily overtake, and they will never undertake even the slightest try to get the position back)
- The flag, pit stop, weather, day-night mechanics are NOT available yet. This means no chance for real competitive gameplay yet.

Total: 7.5/10. Don´t get me wrong: It still is one of the best racers I have ever played! But i have to admit, I most likely only love it so much because it has no competition. There are a bunch of things that are wrong with this game, that need to be critizised.
But when you´re hunting your ghost on the Nordschleife, piloting a (Mod) Mazda 787B on a cold track... you´ll forget about all of the flaws. You won´t notice any flaws, and even if you did: You wouldn´t care.
In these moments, the game deserves a straight 10/10, and it will be worth the asking price all of a sudden.

recommendation: Hell yes. If you are into non-arcade racing and have a capable rig - you have no excuse to not buy this.
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