You are a mercenary possessed by a flame demon in a desperate world ravaged by seven Ice Lords. In this RPG where every choice counts, you will have to choose between unleashing the powers of the beast within and rejecting its demonic influence.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 8 mayo 2014

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Recomendado por mentores

"While parts of Bound By Flame are messy, its combat is strong enough to keep the fire stoked."
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“The mix of combat styles, spells, and abilities is fantastic”

“Bound by Flame is like Mass Effect set in a Medieval fantasy world”

“We're pretty impressed with Bound by Flame”

Acerca de este juego

En un mundo sin esperanza asolado por los siete Señores del Hielo y su ejército de no muertos, tú eres Vulcan, un mercenario poseído por un demonio de llamas.

En este RPG, en el que todas tus decisiones tendrán consecuencias, deberás elegir entre desatar los poderes de tu demonio interior o rechazar su influencia infernal, que pretente absorber tu humanidad. Desarrolla tus habilidades y estilo de combate con total libertad eligiendo entre tres árboles de talento: las armas pesadas del Luchador, las sigilosas armas dobles del Merodeador o los devastadores hechizos de fuego del Piromántico. Recluta compañeros que vivirán, amarán, odiarán y lucharán a tu lado contra las temibles criaturas de Vertiel en combates en tiempo real tan espectaculares como tácticos.

Cuanto más grande sea el peligro, mayor será tu tentación de recurrir al poder demoníaco a costa de tu alma. ¿Qué camino elegirás?

Requisitos del sistema

    • Procesador: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.2 GHZ
    • Memoria: 2048 MB de RAM
    • Almacenamiento: 6 GB de espacio disponible
    • Tarjeta de sonido: COMPATIBLE CON DIRECTX 9
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Publicado el 27 de junio
Note: Review done after finishing the game on 'Captain Difficulty'.

First, the scores I give this game:

Story-line: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Audio: 10/10
Controls: (KB&Mouse) 6/10
Target audiance: Masochists.


Smart ♥♥♥ me thought to myself, "Hey, I've got about 15 years of RPG experience, I'll just go straight for 'Captain' difficulty! How bad can it be?"...
I was an idiot. Bound by Flame, on Captain, proved to be one of the most challanging games I've ever played, by far.
Every enemy in this game has it's own mechanics, which encourage a different approach, and on this difficulty, every minion you encounter might be the one that will kill you.
This is one of those rare games where you'll find yourself saving, after defeating even the lowliest of minions.
It does make winning feel a whole lot greater.

While the graphics are not 'Crysis level', they are pretty good, certainly enjoyable.

Great soundtrack, enjoyable to the ear. Comes in complete contrast to the horrifying screams of frustration you will release.

You have a decision-based system here that does have an impact on the game, if not 'world-changing'.
It's not really like, say, Mass Effect, but it's nice.

The game has a minimal crafting system, not much at all, really, but just enough as a side-feature to support a game with other focuses.
You can use it to create certain consumables, as well as to break items into matirials, and use those matirials for both creating consumables, and upgrading your gear.

It's worth mentioning that the story-line in the game is nice, I like it, but it does feel like a... Summed up version of a bigger story-line.


The AI:
The AI that "helps" you in the fights, your partners... How do I put this... They are stupid.
They are beyond stupid. And mostly useless.
They put themselves in danger often, and can't really hold their own for very long.

This is my one main issue with this game. The controls, at least when using a keyboard&mouse, are horrible for fighting.
It's not game-breaking at all, it's very duable, you just need to learn how it works, it's just very very annoying.

Highly recommended. Briliant game that is, without a doubt, worth a buy.
If you enjoy RPGs so hard you want to comete genocide, this game is for you.

I hope this is helpful. I am dead tired, superbly happy after finally defeating thew last boss and finishing it, but primarily tired.
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Publicado el 29 de agosto
In Bound by Flame you'll control Vulcan, a mercenary in a world where the Lords of Ice seek to destroy humanity and seize power through their undead and demonic armies. Events see you becoming the host of a demonic entity that promises you great powers if you let it take some control over you and said powers might be the only thing that'd defeat the Lords.
While not an horrible game Bound by Flame is sadly plagued by several cliches in its story and characters while sporting a combat system that is a bit too clunky for the challenges you'll be facing.


-most character and monster models are pretty detailed, the hero character stands out as his/her armor and weapons change depending on what you equip and what upgrades you craft

-great soundtrack

-if you accept its influence the gradual changes in the hero's body and voice as the demon takes over are quite interesting and well represented

-lots of weapons/armor to find or buy, all of them can also be upgraded

-good amount of skills/skill upgrades to choose from when you level up: you'll have three main "classes" (warrior,dual-wielding ranger and caster) and can spend points wherever you wish while freely switching between each during combat


-dull story, lots of cliches in the plot

-dialogues are, for the most part, just boring and drawn-out: there's also a few attempts at humour that are way out of place

-companion characters are unoriginal (elf archer, somewhat evil female witch etc)

-story decisions don't matter that much and you'll still be visiting the same locations with only a few quests changing slightly

-world graphics are pretty average and boring, colors feel a bit washed out and lights are too harsh

-animations are ok in combat but look quite wooden during cutscenes

-level design is boring and uninspired, most consist of a few areas connected my corridor-like paths, there's also little in the way of embellishments leading to them looking bare

-voice acting is quite weak overall

-companion AI is bad, they seldom dodge and are happy to stay in AOE damage: enemy AI can also sometimes act up

-combat system is decent per se, but you'll be asked to face several enemies at once and go through parries/attacks/interrupts with good timing if you want to live: sadly while the enemies attack quickly the controls don't feel responsive enough to make things work well

-combat difficulty is a bit all over the place requiring silly workarounds by using the enemy AI against itself to make things easier: last boss is also laughably hard unless you use a certain strategy to beat it

-little variety in enemy types and models

Bound by Flame feels like a missed opportunity to be honest as, while the premise sounds interesting, the plot itself is so similar to many other games/movies to soon become uninteresting: things are made worse when said plot is delivered by poor voice actors behind characters that are quite flat and nondescript.

A generic and dull story might be forgiven if the game gave you a good time during combat but sadly it falls flat even there: you'll often face too many enemies at once and their attacks can frequently interrupt yours or stun you thus leaving you unable to defend yourself, this'll be a quick death on anything but the easiest difficulty level. Some spells or abilities also take too long to cast considering how quickly you're supposed to react, 3 seconds to cast a war cry as a warrior? No thanks.

So to make things easier you can-and it's actually encouraged- cheat the enemy AI by pulling one of a group or, if it fails, fighting a bit and then retreating until they disengage so that you can wait for health/mana to recharge and attack again. This isn't really fun and clashes with the sense of grandiose that a supposedly badass, demon-possessed hero'd be feeling.

I can't recommend the game as I feel there are way better options if you're looking for a good story, good combat or both: as said it's not horrible and it works for the most part but it's so generic, dull and frustrating that even on sale I'd recommend it only for someone desperate for an action RPG fix and willing to overlook its many blemishes.
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Publicado el 17 de septiembre
How did this happen!

How can an Action RPG game with Wonderful Music, Stunning Visual, Beautiful Character, Unique background, Cool Cut scenes, Choice and consequnce system, Interesting Talent system, Craftable/Recyclable ingrediant/item/potion and the coolest skeleton ever(Praise Mathras). Only got 67% approval rating?

This game is the very first ARPG Spider studio ever made. Honestly it's not bad at all. It's like a Witcher 2 on discount and I like combat in here better then Darksoul even.(it's not a button masher! you have to time everything).

Spider Stuido ventured out and tried many many different things for this game. Most of the ingrediant worked but just like a pot of stew. With a few minor flawed ingrediant and a drop of Rat goo would ruined the entire Stew!(game).

Minor flaws 1:
Not all idea are implemented.
There is day and night system that you can rest to change time for events to happen. Much like FF: Lighting return or Baldur's gate series. But through the entire story.. you don't need to rest once. And there is only 1 event and 1 subquest that require you to go out at night.
Craftable items are very interesting but you can only craft to upgrade weapons but you cannot create weapons and armors from parts.. and There are very few different type of items that you can use to craft.. It's like less then 10 types of ingrediant in the entire game. And every single type of monster in the entire game drop 1 of those 10 types of items.
There are 3 different class and for Warrior class you can use 3 different type of weapon.. Sword, Axe and Hammer. But there are not too much difference between them. Even animation looks almost the same.

Minor Flaw 2:
Character development.
The scripting of most of the story and general background is really good. But sometimes I cannot tell if it's being rushed or the story teller is drunk some time.
You can feel this is a really big world with an impending unstopable army that dread upon it at the very beginning of the game. There are interesting clan of people and some really fun and unexpected event twist..
That's all good but with the 4 major partner that you have that help you on your journey are really messed up.
2 male and 2 female that you can start a small romance with much like mass effect series. And 2 other part time partner including Mr.Mathras that travels you with certain quests. There are just not enough character development for a few character to make plot change reasonable and sometime it makes you scratch your head because there are too many question marks on it. Why do my girl suddenly romance the knight and elf? No hints about that's coming ever!

Minor Flaw 3:
Partner AI.. Well. The enemy AI was well done.. They know when to block.. when to counter.. when to run and they even ran to call help sometimes. They fight smart and why cannot my Partner fight smart? Most of the time.. My partner just tanks 1-2 enemy and dies within a minute and buy me just enough time to kill some archers.. The combat modes and order doesn't really help. Setting on defense mode just make them live at least a bit longer so it's recommended.

And finnaly the Rat Goo that ruined this great meal.
It's short coming are just too short! Literally!

This game is too short.. I am running 2 games at same time to get all achievements. 1 female human route on captain difficulty and 1 male demon route on vulcan difficulty. Together I finished both game back to back in just a little over 30 hours! That's including all the goofing off at easy difficulty to find all dialoge options and side quest and all the death on hard difficulty...

It almost seems I finnaly got into the fun and core of the game and it suddenly ended! I am sure if another player skips all the guide and just rush though the yellow story event marker all the time and ignore all the side quest.. This game can be done in less then 6 hours! Level really doesn't mean much other then it gives some skill and talents points. You stuck on 100 hp and mp unless you finish specific quests.

Over all did I enjoy this game? Yes I did for a few days.. Am I satisfied? No I am not.. IT could been a triple A title if they just made the story 3 times the current length and fix a few flaws...

That's all i am gonna say.. 7.0/10 Recommended for quick Action game Lover.. RPG lovers may love and hate this game at the same time..

Edit 1: My review is too long... I just had too much to say and I had to trim it down 3 times so it can fit...
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Publicado el 15 de septiembre
Here's a simple pro's and con's list for those who want to know right away if it's their cup of tea...

-Decent voice acting on the most important npcs
-Very challenging on even the "normal" difficulty in combat
-Can decide whether to be "good" or "evil"
-Excellent music
-Interesting enemy types and companions
-Decent graphics

Now the cons...

-A wee bit short (only took me 15 hours doing everything for 1 playthrough)
-Some wanky animations and non-lazy animations (ex. many people in the towns don't even move...they look frozen)
-Cut Scenes can have clipping issues and the hero killing enemies sometimes looks weird to say the least
-End boss can be a MAJOR PAIN (make sure you stock up on healing and mana potions)
-Romances in the game are very short

Despite all these pro's and con's all in all the game is at the very least a solid 7 out of 10 when all is said and done...Worthy of your time if you like action RPG's that have challenging combat with a decent storyline...pick it up if you see it for $20 or less!
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Publicado el 6 de junio
With the positive, i have a few buts to adress. This game doesnt deliever a ton for $40, the gameplay gradually slows down more and more as you get further in the game, and the game is pretty short, and the skill tree is pretty small.
for what its worth i think the game was pretty fun until you got to the last area, but fortunately the game doesnt drag on too long after you start to lose interest, and the final battle is pretty awesome.

So if your trying to be economical i wouldnt recommend this game, but if your desperate to find anything to preoccupy you for a little while (about 20 hrs), and have a bit of fun, this game is better than most.
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