Betrayer is a first person action adventure game that takes you to the New World at the turn of the 17th century. The year is 1604. You sailed from England expecting to join a struggling colony on the coast of Virginia. Instead, you find only ghosts and mysteries. What catastrophe blighted the land and drained it of color and life?
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"It's odd, it's visually striking, and its one of those "janky but weirdly enjoyable" type of things!"

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Demo version of Betrayer is now available!

The demo presents a brief journey through the Fort Henry region, giving the player a few mysteries to solve, weapons to wield and a bell. Enjoy!

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Update v1.6

New Features:

  • Two new languages added thanks to some generous help from the community. A very special thanks goes to Julien Pons (Qwib-Qwib) for the French translation and Zsolt Brechler (lostprophet) for the Hungarian translation.

  • Key binding interface no longer jumps to the top of the list after selecting a key to change.

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“this is absolutely a project worth supporting if you appreciate atmospheric first-person games.”
PC Gamer

“PAX Prime 2013 Awards: Up and Comer Award. Now for the Up and Comer award, our rising star, I'm going to have to give it to a game that dazzled me.”
FPS Guru


Betrayer is a first person action adventure game that takes you to the New World at the turn of the 17th century.

The year is 1604. You sailed from England expecting to join a struggling colony on the coast of Virginia. Instead, you find only ghosts and mysteries. What catastrophe blighted the land and drained it of color and life? Where are the settlers and tribes who lived here?

Clue by clue, you must piece together the story of what befell this doomed settlement and find a way to set things right. You will be hunted by corrupted Conquistadors and ravening shadows as you explore an expansive wilderness in order to trace the brief, tragic history of the colony and search for survivors.

Key Features

  • Explore large, open environments teeming with danger and discovery. Chart your own course in search of clues and treasures.
  • Switch between two distinct worlds featuring different enemies, obstacles, and threats.
  • Wield early 17th century weaponry including muskets, bows, crossbows, and tomahawks. Upgrade your arsenal by purchasing or finding faster, deadlier, longer-ranged weapons.
  • Charge headlong into battle with guns blazing or pick enemies off quietly. A novel, movement-based stealth system lets you hide in plain sight or use the wind to mask your footsteps.
  • Equip ability-enhancing Charms to complement your play style, granting anything from extra health to faster movement to improved stealth.
  • Play with the default visual style for maximum eeriness and tension or customize the color and contrast settings to suit your tastes.

About Blackpowder Games

Our ongoing mission is to create first person action experiences that are distinctive, compelling, and memorable regardless of scope or platform. Most of the founders began this quest together over 15 years ago at Monolith Productions and have continued to refine and improve our craft as a team ever since. We expect to continue on this righteous path for centuries to come now that the Singularity is just around the corner.


    • OS: Windows Vista 64-bit
    • Processor: 3.0 GHz dual core or better
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible with 1GB video RAM or better (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460/AMD Radeon HD 6850)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows compatible stereo sound card
    • OS: Windows Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit/ Windows 8 64-bit
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz quad core or better (enhanced for multi-core processors)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible with 2GB video RAM or better (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti/AMD Radeon HD 6870)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows compatible stereo sound card
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物語については、徐々に謎が紐解けていく作りではない。裏切り者の話が多岐にわたるが、本編には人物としても物語としてもほとんど関係がない。ワールドマップが8つのエリアに区切られており、そのうちの2つ(FORT HORP,FORBIDDEN WILD)でのみ、本編が語られると考えてよい。(一つはチュートリアル)



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From the moment I saw the beach you start on, I knew this game was going to be good. Three hours in, I've been proven wrong--this game is ♥♥♥♥ing awesome. The desaturated environment is both gorgeous and eerie. It feels alive, too. Birds and insects chirp and buzz, vegetation waves in the breeze, and the unliving grumble, creak, and scream.

This game is great for anyone that loves horror and exploring creepy environments. The combat is pretty fun, nothing unique, but I enjoy getting to use muzzle-loader guns and bows. The story is satisfyingly disturbing, as well. Sometimes I'm not sure what is scarier: imagined horrors such as ghosts, or how bestial humanity often is.

I look forward to what the developers have in store for us next. Betrayer is an instant favorite of mine.
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Betrayer is a first-person game, where you you awake on a small beach after your ship wrecked.
You are thrown into the game, without any explanation or a real goal first, so you'll start exploring.

Controls are basically like any other first-person game. you can jump, crouch, use your weapons and interact with objects.
So, until here, everything is quite the usual.

What makes it so interesting and unique in my opinion, is the visuals.
Yes, having a game being black and white and only highlight enemies and objects with the color red was a great move. It adds a lot(!) to the atmosphere (you can however play with the contrast, and color saturation yourself to make it colorful again, though i wouldn't recommend it).

After you have made your first steps, you encounter quite mysterious happenings.
Enemies appear and will try to shoot you on sight, but they don't seem particularly human.
After finding and entering your first settlement, you'll find burned corpses and try to find out what happened to these poor souls and then, there is also that mysterious maiden in red, which appears out of nowhere and then there is also, what i call, the "ghost realm" (after ringing the bell ina settlement, everything darkens and you'll end up fighting skeletons and talking to souls, which mostly got murdered).

Together with the visuals, the great sound and the spooky atmosphere it makes a quite good game.
The world itself is divided into larger hubs, where you can roam and explore freely, though, there isn't that much to find (graves, some clues and diary-entries which will give you a bit of backstory and few settlements or smaller places of interest).
You will find (or buy) different weapons throughout the game, like bows, crossbows, pistols and muskets to fight of the enemies (which you should do stealthy in most cases, as you can't take much damage).

The middle part feels a bit stretched and sometimes, it can be a bit frustrating, not knowing exactly what to do and where to go, but if you like exploring and a rather stealthy first-person mystery game which doesn't take you by the hand, then i would definitely recommend this one!
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[See the English version below]

Есть игры настолько необычные в своей подаче и форме, что даже не знаешь с чего начать. Вот лишь несколько основных тезисов, на которых держится общий сеттинг и атмосфера: эпоха колонизации Америки, испанцы-зомби, души умерших, эффектный графический прием с использованием красного фильтра, девушка в ярко-красном капюшоне... Стоит ли говорить, что Betrayer всегда была для меня "темной лошадкой", которая имела все шансы стать как инди-хитом, так и провалом. Что же получилось?

Формально события развиваются в двух измерениях - обычном мире и в некоей иной реальности, в самой игре именуемой Otherworld, где обитают духи умерших и прочая потусторонняя живность. Способ восприятия этого загадочного мира зависит от вас - разрешается выкрутить яркость цветов на максимум и наслаждаться сочной картинкой, либо продолжать играть, используя монохромную гамму. Признаюсь, от мира цвета полосатой зебры у меня довольно быстро устали глаза, кроме того, двухцветная картинка сильно влияет на видимость, невольно превращая в пиксельную кашу все, что дальше 50 метров. Наигравшись с цветофильтром, я включил режим полной яркости и в дальнейшем ему не изменял.

К слову о графике. Картинка выглядит отлично, сочно и очень ярко. Необъятный лес, в котором герой проведет 90% игрового времени выглядит потрясающе. Он словно живой... порыв ветра, прижимающий окрестную траву к земле, огромные лапы сосен и елей-великанов, качающихся в разные стороны. На местном озере (которое из-за своих крохотных размеров больше похоже на лужу...) сильный ветер заставляет поверхность воды идти мелкой рябью. К сожалению, тут же кроется главный недостаток - однообразие...

Очень жаль, но как бы ни был красив местный лесной массив, но это все что есть в игре. Ни гор и холмов на горизонте, ни смены антуража и времени суток, даже мелкого ручейка - и того нет. Лес, ярко палящее солнце над головой и несколько фортов-поселений без единой души. Впрочем, тут я оговорился. Души там как раз-таки есть и с ними нам предстоит очень тесно контактировать.

Добравшись до специального колокола, мы можем перенестись в упомянутый выше альтернативный мир, где яркие краски отмирают, словно опавшие осенние листья и уступают место темному, жуткому и мрачному миру, где в роли врагов выступают скелеты и прочая нежить. Там же мы общаемся с духами умерших, которые готовы поделиться с нами своими темными историями. Фактически, разбор грехов усопших является вторым столпом на котором держится геймплей. И поверьте мне, истории призраков явно не для детских ушей... Групповые изнасилования, предательство, убийство мужьями собственных жен, смерть детей, сожжение заживо - от местных рассказов кровь стынет в жилах. Впрочем, от местного интерфейса волосы поначалу тоже встают дыбом (и не только на голове) - настолько он ужасен и неудобен...

Я не сказал о сложной боевой системе, об оружии начала 17го века... Боюсь, мне придется закончить на этом... Не хочу вас предавать.

There are always games that look so odd and awkward that give you a hard time describing it. Here's a list of key words for better understanding: America's colonization period, zombie-spaniards, souls of departed people, stylish black-white-red effect, maiden in red hood...

Ingame's events unfold in two dimensions - in a normal world and some sort of alternate reality, which the game itself refers to as "Otherworld", where spirits of the dead only linger. The way you perceive the normal world depends on you though. You can stick to overhyped "red filter" mode or turn the colors on and enjoy the bright colorful picture. In my case, monochromic visuals didn't light my fire despite of good stylish looking, so I chose to let the rainbow fill the room and was totally okay with that decision.

Speaking of visuals, they do look great. A bit "soapy", but bright, vibrant and saturated. Huge forest area seems like being alive! Gusts of wind, pressing the grass down to the ground, massive branches of pines and firs, surface of water breaking into dimples. Alas, but this is where Betrayer's most serious drawback lies.

No matter where you go - it's the same. Forest is beautiful, but this is basically all what can be seen in the entire game. No mountains on the horizon, no rivers or even tiny streams, no different landscapes, no day-night circle. Only forest, ever-shining sun and a few forts with no living people inside. Well... people can be found there. Or their souls, to be precise. Once you have reached a special bell you're allowed to ring it and thus migrate into Otherworld, where bright colors and sun die just as fallen leaves die in autumn, giving room to darkness, gloom and dread. We roam the lifeless, cursed lands, fighting ghosts and speaking to spirits who seem to have stuck in this dark world, asking for help. Conducting investigations is truly a second big pillar that holds the gameplay. Listening to spirits and their sorrowful stories ain't easy, that's for sure... Sexual assaults, betrayals, death of children, murder, acts of people being burned alive... The same goes to interface. It's so unhandy, so using it turns into a torture sometimes.

Add harsh fighting system based upon XVII century weaponry to what has been said above and you got yourself a picture of the game. Sorry, can't talk much. Don't want to betray you...
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(2014 4/09 追記)パッチやらでバグなども解消した模様。
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