Bionic Dues is a tactical, turn-based roguelite with mech customization. Out-think wide-ranging tactical situations featuring robots with bad GPS, terrible aim, insecurity, a lack of focus, a tendency to backstab, and dozens of other maladies to exploit.
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“What's wonderful about Bionic Dues is that it manages to combine meta-strategy and micro-strategy... It's like a fast-paced, mini-XCOM.”
Andrew Groen, The Penny Arcade Report

“Top game moment: Realising a momentary oversight has condemned you to almost certain doom, but then, with only a perfect set of well-thought long-contemplated moves, you pull everything out the bag, blow the rig, and get the hell out of dodge to receive a hard-earned mission successful.”
8.5/10 – Richard Nolan, Strategy Informer

“Bionic Dues delivers tough decisions, sweeping tactics and enormous mech battles; packing massive replayability and unpredictability into its budget price point. A 'Rogue-lite' to remember and to savour through numerous scorched-earth defeats and hard-won victories.”
8/10, Editor's Choice – Jonathan Lester, Dealspwn

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Robot rebellions should be quelled by the best of the best. When the best of the best are killed... it's up to you. Subdue the uprising in time, or your corporate overlords nuke the city.

Bionic Dues is a tactical, turn-based roguelite with mech customization. Guide multiple classes of Exos through a variety of missions filled with enemy robots that are as buggy as they are angry. This is at least as bad as it sounds. Explore for loot, destroy key robotic facilities, and brace yourself for the final attack by your enemies... just as soon as they can pull it together.


  • Out-think wide-ranging tactical situations featuring robots with bad GPS, terrible aim, insecurity, a lack of focus, a tendency to backstab, and dozens of other maladies to exploit.
  • Over 40 unique bots, ranging from the hilariously inept-but-dangerous DumBots, BlunderBots, and BatBots to the terrifyingly effective WyvernBots, DoomBots, and MurderBots.
  • Carve your own path: choose 30 to 50 missions out of the 120 you discover as you explore the city map. Which missions you choose determines how prepared you will be for the final battle against the massing robot army.
  • Missions come in 23 different general flavors, and are entirely procedurally-generated like a floor of a traditional roguelite.
  • Mix and match your squad of four from six classes of Exos: Assault, Siege, Science, Sniper, Ninja and Brawler. Each has its own build and weaponry.
  • Choose an overall pilot from a roster of six to add a powerful perk that lasts your entire campaign.
  • Customize your four Exos with procedurally-generated loot that grants weaponry and defensive upgrades, new abilities, and more.
  • Difficulty levels ranging from quite casual to incredibly hardcore.
  • Save and reload your game with ease any time, or tough it out in ironman mode.
  • Stellar soundtrack by composer Pablo Vega, headlined by the game's title theme "The Home We Once Knew."

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Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • ОС: Windows XP SP2 or later
    • Процесор: 1.6Ghz CPU
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 2 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: Screen resolution at least 720px high, and 1024px wide.
    • Місце на диску: 300 MB доступного місця
    • ОС: Mac OSX Intel CPU and "Leopard" 10.5 or later.
    • Процесор: 1.6Ghz CPU
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 2 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: Screen resolution at least 720px high, and 1024px wide.
    • ОС: Ubuntu 10.10 or later, although other unsupported distros may work
    • Процесор: 1.6Ghz CPU
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 2 GB ОП
    • Відеокарта: Screen resolution at least 720px high, and 1024px wide.
    • Місце на диску: 300 MB доступного місця
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Curator Review:

Bionic Dues is a Roguelite Sci-Fi Dystopian game set in a future where robots have taken over the world and are coming for you. You must hold out against the robots and defeat them or they will destroy all of humanity (or get nuked in the process). This challenging game is great fun once you learn how to play but fails in its' overall explanation of game mechanics. With a little perserverance it becomes easier. Still, it receives a 7.5/10 for being a fun game, once you know how to play it, and having fantastic music.
am nt retard am Indian
( 4.7 год. зареєстровано )
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Bundle games are crap #3
( 6.5 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 29 червня
A good roguelike for people that like the whole Diablo loot thing, but a bit overwhelming in the numbers and mechanics department compared to most of the genre. It's a game I wish I could get into more, but the presentation and complication are a bit much. I'd definitely recommend it for fans of RLs and number crunching. Also, You get a party, but it's more like 4 modes than 4 members. Also I don't think it ever explains if there's 4 people, or only one dude and 4 remote controlled things, which seems to be the case...or how You get them back after a failure. That probably won't bug most people though.
₣⊕ֆ | King Renly Baratheon
( 12.9 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 28 червня
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Arcen's latest delivers an undeniable rush of triumph once you manage to overcome the final confrontation. Most times you'll fail, however, but if you're not put off by the limitations of the presentation and the sheer brutality of Bionic Dues' challenges, you'll find an enjoyable roguelike that rewards your persistence and determination.
( 2.0 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 28 червня
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This is a little confusing for me but Im sure its a great game I guess?!?!
( 13.0 год. зареєстровано )
Додано: 28 червня
There's a lot to like in this nifty little sci-fi roguelike. The enemies are amusing, the mechanics are solid. There are multiple ways to surmout the challenges the game poses to you, and as with any good Roguelite, they're all fun to explore. Trying to find the best ways to trick out your squad of 4 mechs is downright fascinating, and ranks as maybe the only game mechanic to ever turn me into a min-maxer. It won't be anyone's favorite roguelite, but if you're into the genre and looking for something new to pick up it might intrigue you.

However, Bionic Dues is marred by a couple notable flaws. First, as others have noted, is the balance. My first run of Bionic Dues, I lost after getting maybe 1/5th of the way through. Perfectly par for the course on a roguelike, I thought. I have some idea what I'm doing, so I'll put some thought into my play next time and see how far I get.

The second time, I wrecked the world. Once I became competent, there wasn't a single level that could challenge me--and I didn't have the patience to grind through 20 hours of easy gameplay. Honestly, the campaign could stand to be shorter than it is.

Be warned; if you're experienced with Roguelikes, you'll want to turn it up to Hard mode pretty quickly.

The other big gripe for me is the music. The music isn't bad, per se; some reviewers really like it. I thought it was pretty good too the first 50 times or so. But since there's only a few tracks, you'll be hearing these songs a *lot*.
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Додано: 28 червня
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Arcen's latest delivers an undeniable rush of triumph once you manage to overcome the final confrontation. Most times you'll fail, however, but if you're not put off by the limitations of the presentation and the sheer brutality of Bionic Dues' challenges, you'll find an enjoyable roguelike that rewards your persistence and determination.
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Додано: 23 червня
A fun game, but very long - I wish I had known beforehand that "normal" meant "ridiculously easy", and that Ironman mode etc. were even options (since I played it *as if* in Ironman mode, but missed out on the achievement for it).

As it is I'm not likely to play a second time because it's so time-consuming. Also, a bit disappointing that among the many achievements, there wasn't one for "what final battle?" - I finished off the bosses at the end of the penultimate day, and the rest of the robots at the end of the final day, so I didn't even have a final battle. (Nice that the game did just recognize it and didn't make me play an empty map or something though.)

I like the premise of a turn based strategy where you have 4 units but use them only exchangably rather than in parallel - it makes a level go by much faster than XCom style, without becoming too unfun. It's just that clearing 50 mostly-alike levels (or 30 actually since I accelerated time four times) is only fun *once*.
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6.5 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 29 червня
A good roguelike for people that like the whole Diablo loot thing, but a bit overwhelming in the numbers and mechanics department compared to most of the genre. It's a game I wish I could get into more, but the presentation and complication are a bit much. I'd definitely recommend it for fans of RLs and number crunching. Also, You get a party, but it's more like 4 modes than 4 members. Also I don't think it ever explains if there's 4 people, or only one dude and 4 remote controlled things, which seems to be the case...or how You get them back after a failure. That probably won't bug most people though.
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Додано: 2 грудня 2015 р.
Bionic Dues

Игроку здесь отведена роль защитника футуристического мегаполиса. Восставшие роботы захватили город, наладили производство техники и копят силы для решающей атаки на нашу штаб-квартиру. У единственного пилота, выжившего в войне с машинами, есть 50 дней на подготовку к финальной битве.

По аналогии с X-COM, игра поделена на стратегическую и тактическую части. На глобальной карте мы снаряжаем отряд и выбираем одну из миссий, приближающих нас к главной цели, после чего переносимся на боевой экран, где и разделываемся со злодеями — и так до победного конца.

Однако стратегия здесь куда проще. Каждое из десятков заданий даёт какую-нибудь разовую награду вроде оборудования определённого типа или ослабляет неприятеля в целом, а также открывает доступ к следующим локациям. Никакой экономики нет, но, может быть, это и к лучшему. Ведь если в той же X-COM построить крепкое хозяйство и обогнать пришельцев по темпам технологического развития, противники становятся безобидными, и интрига в стычках пропадает. Тут такого не бывает.

Сами по себе схватки, на первый взгляд напоминающие хаотичные перестрелки из старинной аркады Robokill, проходят по обычным правилам «roguelike». Уровень — небольшое одноэтажное «подземелье», под завязку набитое враждебно настроенными ботами. Иногда, завидев нас либо услышав пальбу или специальный свиcток-приманку, они устремляются в атаку, но подавляющее большинство близоруких дурней всё равно смирно стоит на месте, покорно ожидая пули, прилетевшей из противоположного конца комнаты. Впрочем, ошибки стоят дорого: наши подопечные выходят из строя от пары хороших попаданий, поэтому игру необходимо просчитывать на несколько ходов вперёд, благо способов угомонить недругов — масса.

Хотя команда и состоит из четырёх бойцов разных классов, на самом деле на карте присутствует лишь один из них, так что напарники подменяют друг друга (почти как в однопользовательском режиме Trine): прикрывать хрупкого снайпера прочным штурмовиком не выйдет — только «трансформировать» одного в другого. За ход можно переползти на клетку либо пальнуть одной из “пушек”. Дополнительные гаджеты позволяют устанавливать мины и охранные турели, взламывать двери и перепрограммировать врагов, входить в «читерский» режим невидимости или просто взрываться, унося в могилу себя и всех, кто оказался неподалёку.

Bionic Dues ещё много чего унаследовала от «roguelike»: жутко однотипные процедурно генерируемые базы, запертые контейнеры-сундучки с «сокровищами», аналог фэнтезийных зелий — терминалы со случайными эффектами, и не слишком уместный юмор с хохмами на каждом шагу… Но главное — сражения, а точнее, подготовка к ним.

Изюминка игры — в тонкой настройке подразделения. Мало того, что каждый класс вооружён по-своему и наделён собственными бонусами, так ещё и слоты под улучшения у всех индивидуальные (почти как в корпусах кораблей из «Космических рейнджеров»). При этом трофейные устройства в корне меняют возможности юнита.

* * *

Тактическая головоломка хоть и кажется занимательной на первых порах, однако изрядно надоедает к финалу. Так и тянет поторопить захватчиков истребить людишек поскорее.

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Додано: 8 жовтня 2015 р.
Дуже тупа і нудна гра. Одержав на халяву ігровий час конвертував в картки.

+Колеційні картки

-Не зрозуміла гра
-Дуже нудна гра
--Дуже, дуже нудна гра
-Гівняна графіка
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14.9 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 3 грудня 2013 р.
Similar Games:

XCOM, Dungeons of Dredmor, and to a lesser degree Hack, Slash, Loot

The Good:

High level of strategy in gameplay
Missions require a careful monitoring of line of sight and placement, even choosing which mission types to take on can affect the player’s success
Humor is quirky and tongue-in-cheek, but always amusing
All the typical fun RPG tropes are here!
Hacking, converting an enemy, and stealth
Also some uncommon ones like turrets
A plethora of different starting bot types to suit all gaming-types
Assault (goes in first), Siege (carries the big guns), Ninja (Silent, but deadly), Science (hacking specialist), and many more
The bots have a variety of imaginative weapon types that drastically change gameplay strategy when switching them
A large amount of loot that can dramatically impact the outcome of mission, so proper inventory management and planning is key (but thankfully quite fun!)
Within the inventory management system is a power balancing mechanic that limits the amount of powerful tech that the player can have equipped on each bot, which adds another wonderful layer to the strategy
There are fun “rogue-lite” elements of random chance events that can change the outcome of a mission (a positive… honest!)
For example, when hacking an unknown terminal and watching it explode and take out my bot in a brilliant display of fire sprites
Another “rogue-lite” addition of random procedural maps, enemy types, enemy placement, and traps
Knowing which equipment to use is made easier by the easy to read comparison stat screen at the bottom of the inventory (similar system to a diablo-like)
A pretty awesomely cheesy song starts during the menu screen that shouldn’t be missed
Any options that I felt the game should have after playing it for awhile, were surprisingly available in the extensive options screen
For example, the option to navigate the game with a “grab and move” mouse function
A Gamer’s Glance at my favorite gameplay moment: Being chased by a suicidal “bomb-bot” and knowing it would take my exo out if it continued its advance, but then realizing that I had enemy conversion points left and ending up sending it back to its friends armed and ready to go!

The Bad:

Tutorial could have been much more extensive
For example, using and understanding the inventory screen took a lot of trial and error (NOTE: this has been improved greatly by the implementation of patch 1.005)
Not knowing that the player can blow up friendly terminals was an issue at first, because I favored the Siege class
Hovering over an enemy will show the player how much damage will be done with the equipped weapon
While some of these may be a “RPG” fan give-in, going through each of the numerous fun mechanics of the game at the front end would have sold me on the game that much faster
Certain mission music is repetitive and grating, but thankfully changes its “tune” after a short time
The voice over work (while well done) on the tutorial and mission end screens seems unnecessary
Jokes are hit and miss, though luckily hit more times than miss
There are repetitive canned voice over lines from the bots during battle
Heard “Why was I programmed to feel pain!” more times than it was funny
Difficult to tell visually when stealth is active, which can lead to some trouble when playing on mute
Would have loved to have seen some variation in the environments, which understandably would be difficult given the setting
Just would have been nice to see some color and “life” to the tilesets
Maybe throw in some secret areas that could be found by blowing up a wall (there are enough explosions that the chance of finding one would be relatively frequent, yet surprising)
Can you play it while the children are awake?:

Absolutely. The game is quite tame and all battles take place between robots. The strategy element is quite advanced though, so little Jimmy might not get the most enjoyment out of the game playing by himself.

Did I make time to complete it?:

I played for 15 hours and found it very enjoyable throughout. The game has so many layers that I never found myself bored. Highly recommended to the rogue-like and XCOM-like crowd!

Recommended Purchase Price:



100% of current retail value of $9.99


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43.9 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 3 листопада 2014 р.
I thought I'd put up a review for this really underappreciated little game.

Developer Arcen Games makes wildly creative, deep, and eccentric genre-benders, the most celebrated of which is their asymmetrical space RTS/4x/tower defense, "AI Wars." AI Wars is clearly a great game, but somehow it's this one that I keep coming back to.

Bionic Dues is Arcen's take on a "roguelike," but of course in proper Arcen style it is totally unique.

Basically, it has a lot in common with a proper roguelike: you guide your characters through a series of procedurally generated dungeons. But there are a *lot* of interesting twists:

- You have 4 characters, (which are actually some sort of mecha exoskeleton?) in any combination of "classes," but can only use one at a time, and it takes a turn to swap them out.

- Loot and inventory customizaton is of primary importance. Each bot has *tons* of inventory slots, in several categories, and each class is different. Carefully poring over the hundreds of components you find, and optimizing their arrangement on each robot chassis, balancing your overall strategy, is the part of the game that I find utterly addictive. (It feels a lot like ship design in Gratuitous Space Battles, another of my favorites.)

- There is a sort of top-level strategy layer linking the dungeons. In between runs, you re-arrange robot parts, and choose your next raid target based on likely risk/rewards and your overall position in the map, with a global counter ticking down to a final level full of particularly nasty enemies.

- Understanding enemy AI and abilties is really important. There are a lot of enemy bot types, with simply-defined behaviors that are nevertheless complex in their interactions, and they appear in randomized combinations that can really change the way you approch a given dungeon.

- The game can be played with a number of different difficulty options, and core gameplay modifiers like the addition of permadeath, ironman mode, and time-limits on turns. This really allows you to tweak the game to your liking; you can choose to allow save-scumming, seeking the perfect run, or you can make it a much more tense and chaotic affair.

One thing that needs mentioning: a lot of the art assets are just awful-looking, especially on the strategy and inventory-management screens. To enjoy the game, you will have to be able to get over this, and see the item illustrations as purely functional conveyors of data. This works fine for me, but I'm sure it turns a lot of people off. Thankfully, I think the dungeon art is pretty nice-looking.

Frankly, I also found the music and voices to be awful (though a lot of the sound design itself is pretty nice,) and I tend just turn it off and listen to my own music.

Despite all the ugly warts, I keep coming back to this one. If you like procedural turn-based dungeon crawling, and find yourself spending a lot of enjoyable time comparing stuff on inventory screens, this might be a good one for you.

I also like that it lends itself well to short play sessions; you can pop in for a quick dungeon or a bit of stat-crunching without feeling too committed. It's also a good game to have running in the background while you're doing something else, taking a turn now and then.

All in all, this is a deep little game that's well worth its price tag - at the time of this writing, it's available at the ridiculous sale price of $1.99, and no roguelike fan should miss it.
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122.1 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 8 червня 2015 р.
This is a Simple Rogue like Turn based Robot Shooting game.

There are 220 achievements but don't be scared by that since all achievements are available in 5 different difficulty.
So that's actually only 220 / 5 = 44 achievements that you have to play to get.

My end game record is 229 games with 10 wins and 3 loses to get 100% achievement.

The Game graphic is not great but it's rogue like and indie and they did as detail job as they could.

The music is repetitive and there is only about 3-4 different tones. IF you stay on the menu page and that song I actually really liked.

It's a math game and once you learn the ropes start playing expect difficulty and you will enjoy the game the most under that. Do iron man + extra options last.

I really enjoyed 2 weeks of playing this game for nearly 120 hours and if you like rogue like + turn base + robot shooting game. You will enjoy this one.

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24.1 год. зареєстровано
Додано: 22 червня 2014 р.
While the basic formula for a rougelike strategy game is here, Bionic Dues ultimately falls short due to balancing issues, bad information management, and generally poor presentation.

Walls of text and disorganized information are repeated issues in Bionic Dues — a problem that begins as soon as you begin your campaign. With no introduction, you're shown a screen with the portraits of four exos (your remote-controlled mechs) and a pilot, and are asked to select your team for the rest of the game. You can only take four of six exos with you; and can only select one pilot of, again, six. Each exo is armed differently, though you're only given a small description of their capabilities on a hovering text box. The same goes for the pilots: each their own brief backstory, and a special ability that affects the performance of the team. "+50% to all propulsion stats—" "A Mark-4 part will have stats like a Mark-6—" "He was able to sneak into the Bahamut Device installations—" But you've been given no story and have no idea what the gameplay is like yet. What's a Mark-6? What does the propulsion stat do? What's a Bahamut Device? None of this has any context, so you're just guessing at what might make an effective team and hoping for the best. If you later don't like your choices — well, tough; you're stuck with it.

Upon selecting your team, you're dumped into a map screen and given a one-page briefing of the situation and your mission. It's then explained that the city is under attack by a robot rebellion, and as the sole remaining pilot, it's up to you to prevent annihilation. That's the extent of your story. No characters are introduced, your pilot is never addressed by name, and the voiceover guy doesn't even explain who he is. As no real world-building is done, and your choice of pilot has no effect on the extremely-minimal story, it makes the whole process of choosing a pilot superfluous. Who cares what their names are, what they look like, or what very brief backstory they each have when it doesn't change anything in the campaign and is never addressed again? "Choose your pilot" could have easily been "choose your buff," then addressed the player, themselves, as the pilot of the exos.

Pressing OK clears the introductory text, and then several more bulletpoints of information are thrown on screen at once, explaining several basic gameplay mechanics before they're necessary. You can go straight to a mission, but the screen is flanked by icons of your exos and enemy bots, with a big green arrow reading "Customize" pointing to your team. Clicking on that gives you another text box of info, and behind it, way more info as you're shown the stats of each exo and every item in your inventory. This was the biggest and most repeated problem encountered: just way too much disorganized information at once, often without context. Each exo has 14 base stats to keep track of, and then as many as five weapons with up to 23 more stats, determined by equipping items to a potential 30 inventory slots.

Get used to the customization screen; with up to 50 missions in the campaign, you'll be spending a lot of time here between fights. This does allow you to specialize each exo with careful delegation of items and theory-crafting, but eventually I got tired of sinking so much time into figuring out exactly which item would be best-equipped where and on which exo, with so many possibilities and little nuances, that I skipped it unless I picked up something that was an obviously big upgrade. This may have been easier with better information management, but everything in this game comes as a wall of text in the same typeface. There's very little colour differentiation, and absolutely no graphics or icons used for quick identification. I started skipping the customization, because it wasn't fun; it felt like homework. However, you can only neglect dedicating yourself to this process so much, as the enemy forces get stronger with every mission. Do it, or eventually you will be outclassed.

See how much information is written here so far? We haven't even gotten to the first mission yet. Each mission is represented on the map by a different icon branching outwards from your headquarters. You have to complete them in succession to explore the city, until the final battle on the fiftieth day. Bionic Dues outright tells you that the final battle is on day 50, which is unsuspenseful. Your basic objective is to grind through the missions, upgrading your exos with loot and potentially weakening the enemy forces in preparation for one final and massive battle of attrition. If you mess up enough along the way, you can reach that final day, fail the battle, and lose the whole campaign.

The battles are turn-based. Your team has to explore a randomly-generated, grid-based battlefield, eliminating enemy robots and potentially destroying certain objectives along the way. All four exos move together on the same grid point, like an old RPG party. Only one of them is active at a time, and that will be the one who can fight and take damage. Moving, firing, using a special ability, or switching between exos takes one turn. Most of the enemies will remain inactive until you aggro them, and then they'll each take their turn after you make your move. They're not particularly challenging; most bots can be dispatched easily by being outranged or lead into traps. However, if you're not tactical, there are times where you can find yourself flanked, cornered, and overwhelmed. You can lose one of your exos in an instant with a poor choice of moves. So what happens then? Can you repair the exo, or is there some sort of penalty? Do you need to replace it, or go through the rest of the campaign with only three on your team? The game never explains, beyond that you'll receive one less piece of loot at the end of the mission.

The way each battle plays out varies depending on the type of mission, represented by the icon on the map screen. For example, some turn all destructable objects into powerful explosives, some have hostages that must be protected, and some power up every exo and bot to perform one-hit kills. This adds a little gameplay variety. However, the battlefields, themselves, are visually very bland and repetitive. They all take place indoors, and the scenery doesn't change from one part of the city to the other. Their dark grey floor colouring offers low contrast from the black, unnavigable negative space, sometimes making it hard to distinguish where you can and can't move your exos.

Once you complete your objective, you have to navigate to the exit of the level. While this does give a chance to explore and pick up any missed loot, this is often dull, as the main objective and the exit aren't necessarily going to be placed nearby each other. Often you'll find yourself navigating empty corridors as you search for the way out, which may not be easy to find. The exit isn't an actual physical exit from the battlespace, but a circle on one of the tiles, which may be hard to spot at times when it's in the fog-of-war shadow. Poor contrast plays an issue here again. Making it to the exit, in itself, is anticlimactic. You'll be immediately dumped back to the map screen, with no victory fanfare or continuation of a story.

Once you've done that, go spend a while calculating how to best upgrade your exos, then repeat the process 48 more times to make it to the final battle. There's no build-up to this moment — it's treated the same as every other mission. The final battle is an endurance run, pitting your four exos against the remanants of the enemy bot army, or as many as can fit in the map at once. It's not harder, just longer. And once you win, your reward? A "congratulations" text box. Then you just sit on the map screen. That's it.

While the basics are here, Bionic Dues falls short, still having massive room for improvement in its gameplay and presentation. Not recommended.
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Basically, Bionic Dues is a rogue-like mix of rpg/strategy dungeon crawler with hi-tech setting, where you fighting ever growing hordes of killing droids with your own droid. War of the machines, basic "save the humanity from annihilation" stuff - that's all you'll ever catch about story. You can think of it as of another small thing for touchpads, but no, it's not that simple. Actually, it is like an iceberg, where major part of the game is hiding beneath the surface. And yeah, if you're looking for light walk with painless achievements - that's a very wrong game for you! While its quite easy to catch an opening pattern, farther you go - more skill and luck you need. On Every Turn.

Now, the real game is where its mechanics. You have dozens of basic options like which droid class do you prefer, what strategy will be the best with grading that given droid, and how do you planning to save the world? Destroying every enemy bot in the reach from the start, when they are still weak? Or just cutting their numbers by destroying their factories and supplies while building up your muscles for the final battle? Dozens of basic strategic options - and thousands choices on tactics. Will you prefer to raise power of single shot or ammo capacity? Range of sight or splash effect for your rockets? Stealth and traps or brute force and assault?
Closer to the end of each match you'll get enough mods for your droid to make him an ultimate death machine of choice. And still you'll be vulnerable, remarkably outnumbered and outgunned in every mission. So you have to consider many steps forward. Always. And that's why I'm satisfied with that "small looking, gross bearing" tactical game.

There are minuses, of course:

- very basic visual part. No, it is not XCom or Jagged Alliance with destroyable 3d environment, that's top-down view rogue-like indie project. Surely not for DOTA kids who are filling about half of Steam auditory.

- while it's quite easy to get along with, if you are in any way familiar with rogue-like games... finishing Bionic Dues even once can be very challenging and sometimes boring.

- if you're an achievement hunter, that game is a disaster, for to make complete of this game, you'll need to invest Hundredz of Hourz. Not dozens, but hundreds hours of your precious time. And there will be no detailed video guides, like for the Civilization, "how to prosper on Deity". To get all 220 achievements, you'll need to master all combinations of battle classes, beating the game about 20-30 times in average. And except diversity of tactics related to these classes, the rest will be repeated again. And again. And again...

- inventory, the part of the Bionic Dues, which makes it RPG-like, by selecting a combination of two dozens of attributes installed on your war machine... that's exactly the most boring part in the whole game. In the start, where you have about 5 spare parts, it's ok. But after 10-15 missions you'll be buried with dozens and even hundreds of items, from which you need to choose from. So many players get stacked and bored at this point! But after 20-30 hours of play you'll overcome it, hopefully. Managing one droid is much easier than all 4, and real challenge is where you making through with just one robot, not a squad of them.

Pluses are less:

- never ending challenge and need to think much forward

- many different strategies, which always should be adapted to every mission

- fantastic music! to the point where I can start a game not for playing, but just to hear that ambient again. Starting song is gorgeous! I can listen to it over and over again, for hours

Overall, I would recommend Bionic Dues to all fans of turn-based tactical games and I would NOT recommend it for achievement hunters and casual players. This game may looks nice and cosy, easy like the most of the games for touch screens... But in fact it is a very engaging time-killer.

7.5/10 saved cities
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