Raise massive armies, embark on epic campaigns to expand the Empire, and take control of the known world! Engage in grand-scale city building and create magnificent cities with creativity and control like never before.
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Utgivelsesdato: 20. mar, 2009

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Includes Grand Ages: Rome and Grand Ages: Rome - Reign of Augustus


Om dette spillet

GRAND AGES ROME er den etterlengtede oppfølgeren til det bestselgende strategispillet Imperium Romanum.
Du er guvernør i en romersk provins i det berømte romerske imperiets tid, og imperiets fremtid ligger i dine hender. Velg én av fem adelige romerske familier, for eksempel Cesars Julii, med forskjellige evner til å utføre de omfattende oppdragene. Forsvar deg mot barbariske stammer, handle med andre kulturer, bygg et mektig økonomisk samfunn, og legg livet til rette for alle undersåttene dine i en stor enkeltspillerkampanje eller med opptil 3 spillere i flerspillermodus.
Og husk — selv Rom ble ikke bygget på én dag!
  • Flerspillermodus med samarbeidsfunksjon — spill med venner på Internett. Hver spiller kan grunnlegge og utvikle sin egen by, eller bruke den unike Team City-modusen der alle spillerne bygger én by.
  • Konkurransepreget flerspillermodus — spill mot venner på Internett i én av seks flerspillermoduser (Last Man Standing, King of the Hill, Monument Victory, 100,000 Denarii, Last Barbarians og All In One)
  • Iherdig spiller — egenskaper og rikdom som spilleren samler opp underveis, lagres og brukes i alle etterfølgende oppdrag i kampanje-, gratis spill- og flerspillermodus.
  • Ikke-lineær kampanje som inneholder 40 oppdrag i historiske byer og steder
  • Over 60 bygninger
  • Over 50 enheter — inkludert innbyggere, dyr og 18 militærenheter
  • Sjøkrigsføring og kolonisering av øyer
  • Nye og forbedrede økonomisystemer — brukervennlige ressursmetoder, bygningenes påvirkning på personer og ting som er i nærheten av dem
  • Bystater — spesialeffekter, for eksempel Opprør, Pest og Gullalder, som endrer spillet
  • Forskning — 30 teknologier som brukes til å bygge nye bygninger, oppgraderinger og militære styrker
  • Kaster — slaver, plebeiere (hovedandelen av de romerske innbyggerne), ryttere (medlemmer av den romerske middelklassen mellom plebeierne og patrisierne) og patrisiere
  • Forbedret kampsystem med standard RTS-kontroll over styrker
  • Militærenhetene får erfaring og blir bedre etter hvert
  • Informasjon på skjermen gir et bilde av byens økonomi og tilfredsheten til personene som befinner seg på kartet
  • Store monumenter, for eksempel Colosseum, Circus Maximus og Pantheon


    • Operativsystem: Windows® XP & Vista
    • Prosessor: Prosessor med 2–2,5 GHz
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM
    • Harddiskplass: 4 GB
    • Video: 3D-skjermkort på 128 MB RAM
    • DirectX®-versjon: 9c
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Publisert: 8. april
Live the Roman Dream!!! Build and fight to hold and expand your empire!!!

Grades: From 1-5 ( not satisfied at all 1 - 5 very satisfied).

Plot: 4
Graphics: 5
Gameplay: 5
Control: 5
Music: 5
Animations: 5
Environment: 5
Sounds/Dialogs: 5
Cinematic Videos: -
Difficulty: 5
Average: 4.9
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Publisert: 4. mars
Brilliant little city builder with plenty of missions and combat elements while being rather beautiful to boot.

If you don't want to strive for building perfect layouts the game lets you just focus on the missions, though those who do are rewarded adequately for their hard work.

Big Pros:
It's quick to jump in and out of because you're not weighed down by needless micromanagement. Has quite a few missions and side objectives (especially with addons) which are replayable. You can level up your personal profile for perks to aid you in said missions. City layout is completely customiseable and if you're not a big fan of fighting it won't weigh you down either.

Big Cons:
Lack of micromanagement and resource allocation might put off players looking for complicated game to play. Some maps are repeated in missions and have limited space. Combat is limited too. The only real challenge once you defeat enemy AI is your own mistakes during city building or achieving / racing the clock on objectives.
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Publisert: 20. november, 2015
It dosnt look like ive played a lot, but i was playing this game on disc release. SO.

pros: +detailed buildings
+ lots of ways to build your city
+ historically accurate
+ challenging to a fun degree
+ skill/perk system
+ great DLC
cons: -after you get the hang of things, the game becomes too easy
- enemies are easily overwhelmed by like 4 squadrons
- no high replay value

although there are fewer cons than pros, they are big ones. i wish i could be able to have huge wars, but, its hard to wage war when you can win with 4 squads.

all in all, i rate a 7/10. great game, has its pros, but you will run into its cons after about 3 or 4 hours of gameplay
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Publisert: 19. november, 2015
Not quite sure about the comparisons to classics like Caesar and Pharoh. Those games had much, much different mechanics! In those games, your strategy revolves around road and building placement, but you'll find zero roads here. Grand Ages: Rome reminds me of the game Children of the Nile, which I'm sure almost no one remembers. You'll find yourself free to build as you like, and where you like, but if you build too hastily or don't pay close enough attention to your resources your city will, quite literally, go down in flames. Angry plebs are pyromaniac plebs!

Some things about the game bother me and are incredibly frustrating, like the tight material constraints. It's very easy to overbuild and find yourself in a hole you can't escape. I also made the mistake of leaving ONE house without a job for a whole four minutes and the angry residents decided to burn down my outpost, which was an immediate game over. It is incredibly frustrating when there's no countermeasure to messing up. If you mess up, you lose, which sucks. Because games like this, no matter how 'simple' they may seem, definitely have a learning curve.

I feel like the game tries to channel parts of Caesar, especially with the overworld map and campaign... but doesn't quite hit the mark. On its own, it is an enjoyable game... just beware angry citizens and their stupid torches. Seriously. If they don't get their entertainment, they'll burn this mother to the GROUND!
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Publisert: 4. februar
Very fun city building game with limited military aspects.
You spend most of your time building your city and managing resources and needs. Every building consumes and produces resources and they work off of each other. Houses require certain services to be near them depending on the class of the citizens. There is also trading and crime and popularity and all that stuff to manage.
If you are patient the combat is easy because you can build up your military and then just crush all the barbarians on the map. You can also draw the enemies to your towers and watch them die to hails of arrows. The only stressful missions are when the enemies assault your town, but it's easy enough to deal with it with good defenses. Overall the military part of the game is very simple as there aren't a lot of commands you can give your men and positioning hardly matters. The real fun is city designing.

On a technical level the game is very nicely designed. Graphics look nice, and once your town gets going you can zoom down into the city and watch your little citizens walking to work or the store, fights happening at the arena, people preaching at the temple, etc. The downside is I have had the game crash and even freeze my computer sometimes (it is an old PC though).

I'd like to point something out if you buy this: I have come across a lot of people on the internet complaining that their buildings constantly catch fire and they can't do anything. This happens because of crime or buildings being left unattended.
To stop general deterioration make sure every workplace has employees.
To stop crime you just need to keep all of your citizens satisfied by planning your town correctly. The classes have different needs and you need to lay everything out for them before making houses.

-Plebians need water, food, and jobs.
-Equites need water, food, entertainment, and jobs.
-Patricians need water, food, entertainment, religion, olive oil, clothes, and jobs. (olive oil and cloth is taken from your resource store; you dont need the production nearby)

Some of these needs require of chain of production, so just plan ahead of time.
Do this right and you will have zero fires.
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