Raise massive armies, embark on epic campaigns to expand the Empire, and take control of the known world! Engage in grand-scale city building and create magnificent cities with creativity and control like never before.
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Utgivelsesdato: 20. mar, 2009

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Anbefalt av kuratorer

"A city builder game with a big focus on combat, next to the standard city creation. Pay your tribute to a PC genre that died out by now and try this."

Om dette spillet

GRAND AGES ROME er den etterlengtede oppfølgeren til det bestselgende strategispillet Imperium Romanum.
Du er guvernør i en romersk provins i det berømte romerske imperiets tid, og imperiets fremtid ligger i dine hender. Velg én av fem adelige romerske familier, for eksempel Cesars Julii, med forskjellige evner til å utføre de omfattende oppdragene. Forsvar deg mot barbariske stammer, handle med andre kulturer, bygg et mektig økonomisk samfunn, og legg livet til rette for alle undersåttene dine i en stor enkeltspillerkampanje eller med opptil 3 spillere i flerspillermodus.
Og husk — selv Rom ble ikke bygget på én dag!
  • Flerspillermodus med samarbeidsfunksjon — spill med venner på Internett. Hver spiller kan grunnlegge og utvikle sin egen by, eller bruke den unike Team City-modusen der alle spillerne bygger én by.
  • Konkurransepreget flerspillermodus — spill mot venner på Internett i én av seks flerspillermoduser (Last Man Standing, King of the Hill, Monument Victory, 100,000 Denarii, Last Barbarians og All In One)
  • Iherdig spiller — egenskaper og rikdom som spilleren samler opp underveis, lagres og brukes i alle etterfølgende oppdrag i kampanje-, gratis spill- og flerspillermodus.
  • Ikke-lineær kampanje som inneholder 40 oppdrag i historiske byer og steder
  • Over 60 bygninger
  • Over 50 enheter — inkludert innbyggere, dyr og 18 militærenheter
  • Sjøkrigsføring og kolonisering av øyer
  • Nye og forbedrede økonomisystemer — brukervennlige ressursmetoder, bygningenes påvirkning på personer og ting som er i nærheten av dem
  • Bystater — spesialeffekter, for eksempel Opprør, Pest og Gullalder, som endrer spillet
  • Forskning — 30 teknologier som brukes til å bygge nye bygninger, oppgraderinger og militære styrker
  • Kaster — slaver, plebeiere (hovedandelen av de romerske innbyggerne), ryttere (medlemmer av den romerske middelklassen mellom plebeierne og patrisierne) og patrisiere
  • Forbedret kampsystem med standard RTS-kontroll over styrker
  • Militærenhetene får erfaring og blir bedre etter hvert
  • Informasjon på skjermen gir et bilde av byens økonomi og tilfredsheten til personene som befinner seg på kartet
  • Store monumenter, for eksempel Colosseum, Circus Maximus og Pantheon


    • Operativsystem: Windows® XP & Vista
    • Prosessor: Prosessor med 2–2,5 GHz
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM
    • Harddiskplass: 4 GB
    • Video: 3D-skjermkort på 128 MB RAM
    • DirectX®-versjon: 9c
Hjelpsomme kundeanmeldelser
28 av 33 personer (85%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
10.8 timer registrert
Publisert: 9. juni
I have played this game ever since it came out,my steam playing time doesn't seem like it,I honestly had this game from a non-steam retail for a long time,but here I am now
This game has a quite impressive graphic in its time,although its nothing compare to nowaday's games,but I have to say its gameplay feature might surpass most of these days's city building game.Some might think this game is an amazing RTS to be games,like the big guy series such as Total War,and then end up disappointing because they can't keep their city building from burning the first few minutes of gameplay and few enemies around.To all complainer,learn how to play this game properly! This is a city building,not RTS.
The game is hard for beginner,it has strategy element,but it doesn't have much to do with military aspect of this game.The strategy I'm talking about here is city planning.Beginner who has their trouble with building large city might need to consider this,its not a base building game,so they can't just place block of building all they want and expect the city itself can adjust to what they want.And they end up having building being burned down by high criminal rate because of poor management.
It takes city planning to makes the best city out of the base resources you have,the game is all about management,so anyone who gave a bad review about this game because of themselves failing to take a city challenge and start blaming it on the developer,they need to learn how to play.
Multiplayer is pretty much dead,so I can't argue with bad reviewer about this one,I myself also has issue with Multiplayer.First off,city building game is a time consuming game,but there is no multiplayer save feature,everyone end up having to play over just because their connection is unstable or the game might somehow crashed during the match.Secondly,the base server of this game seem unstable,I can't keep a match long enough that can decide the winner just because of network issue.
Other than that,this is a pretty good game.
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12 av 16 personer (75%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
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7.9 timer registrert
Publisert: 8. august
This game came out on steam in 2009, it is currently my favourite game on steam - for this type of strategy / city builder.
For me, Grand Ages: Rome is better than most other games, for it being developed in 2009 it brings a refreshing and a gripping addiction that even the AoE or even the TW series eventually runs dry on.



+Extensive Campaign
+Collective Campaign Missions (keeps your character stats and doesn't reset the skills)
+Multiplayer is constant and rarely lags
+Resources and trading are handled amazingly with various tactics you could use to disrupt your enemy with minimal casualties
+Unlike other boring and frustrating city builders or strategy games, GA: Rome throws at you random barbarian raids and other situations (riots, natural disasters, plaque etc) which you don't see coming and should wisely plan for.
+Technology tree and skill tree are extensive and meaningfull (none of the upgrades are worthless and they all help expand your colony)
+Graphics are superb
+Frame rate only drops when you spam buildings in a huge city
+Frame rate is mostly constant^
+ Plays better than AoE series -----yes I just said that


-No enemy factions in custom scenarios
-Maps sometimes feel empty and there is no real need for building walls (other than keeping riots at bay)
-Sadly no way to make custom maps (not any that I have found)
-Tying into the one above; no modding community to alleviate any problems
-No difference in family unit trees or buildings


I probably could have thought of more Pros and Cons, but these are what stand out for me;
my final verdict is a 7/10 or 8/10 because the game surpasses most 2014/2015 games in its field.

P.S. For Modders : This game deserves poetry;

If you mod and you know it don't ******** blow it, so set up a community so this game doesn't die as sudden as AC: Unity.

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6 av 7 personer (86%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
91.6 timer registrert
Publisert: 4. september
I started playing this game again recently, and discovered how fun the Campaigns are to play. Previously I had only used the Free Build mode.

The Good
Campaign System
The campaign is simple. It has a simple reward system which gives you money and talents at the end of each task, which you can then use to buy estates or upgrade your city building skills, giving you resource advantges before you move on to the next task. Quite a simple mechanic, but one which adds just enough interest to make the game long lasting fun, and which fits in well with the overall gamepaly.

Grand Ages Rome has a nice balance between complexity and easy of play. It is in some ways similar to Anno 1404, the main difference being the campaign system and the fact that production buildings in Grand Ages can only be placed where there is an appropriate natural resource. This latter difference makes it a bit more challenging than the Anno series, in my opinion.

There is an overlay system that allows you to see the state of the city's satisification with regard to food, entertainment and religion, so you can see at once the effect of placing a building in a particular area. The buildings have a simple upgrade system that depends on your level of research. There is also a simple trade system allows trading with a choice of towns trading at different prices. The simplicty of this system fits the gameplay perfectly.

While it is quite easy to create a small settlements in a peaceful area, creating and maintaining one that is periodically attacked by barbarians offers a greater challenge. Fighting is simple, but again, I think it has the right balance in the overall gameplay. You can recruit units from certain segments of the population, and build training and upgrade centres for them. Oh, and it has walls too. The upcoming Grand Ages: Medieval, doesn't. In fact this is one of the things that has prompted me to write this review. Walls are good! We need walls in games like these. Rome also has towers with slits in them that automatically fire arrows at attackers. I love this feature although it is easy to abuse if you need to repel an attacking army.

One thing I really like about Grand Ages: Rome are the stunning graphics. Even in 2015, the graphics still look good when the settings are cranked up. The Roman architecture is accurately done and looks beautiful close up, with astonishing attention to detail. The camera has this nice feature that allows you to zoom in to street level and get an impression of what the city looks like if you are actually a citizen living in it, allowing full movement through the city. This is another difference to Anno 1404's postcard view. The way the city comes alive with perfectly animated little figures is also very well done. From a distance, your city really does look like a Roman city, and you can't help but take screenshots of it.

The Not so Good...
I'm very positive to this game but there are a few areas that could have been done better...

Camera Controls
As I already mentioned, I love the fact that you can zoom into to street level and see things from a citizen's point of view, but the camera controls are clunky. Also, zooming right out switches to a static 3D map view which gives an overview of the area you are building in. However, it is not possible to do anything when in this zoomed out mode. I think the game could have benefitted from having camera controls that are similar to the classic Total War series.

One thing I think was too easy was carrying out research. All it requires is a school and a simple house for teachers to live in, both of which you can build early on in a game. Libraries and Philosophers Academies aren't necessary, as they offer only the same research possibilities as schools. Why not have the more advanced buildings that offer new and different research possibilities, as in the C&C games?

Conclusion: Grand Ages: Rome is a good solid city building game that looks stunning, and I'm sure you will enjoy it all the more if you have an interest in Ancient Rome. In fact I'd say that it's the best Roman city building game there is.
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9 av 13 personer (69%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
15.8 timer registrert
Publisert: 22. juni
Really enjoyed this game, you have to put a lot of thought in building your city, how to keep the population happy, please the gods, make trades, upkeep of recourses like building materials and food while fending off enemies that want to f*ck you up. it's quite the challenge.
However! you really need a lot of time on your hands
I only played about ten levels and took me about almost half a year, because of work etc. and each level can take a while if especially if you also try to get the secondary objectives. including the expansion it contains about 50 levels.
and while I enjoyed the game, it's just too long for me.
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13 av 22 personer (59%) syntes denne anmeldelsen var hjelpsom
14.8 timer registrert
Publisert: 17. juni
one of the best City builders i have ever played, plus, it is roman, can't lose with this one. if i could i would click highly recommend
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