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Also known as Out Of This World™, Another World is a pioneer action/platformer that released across more than a dozen platforms since its debut in 1991. Along the years, Another World™ has attained cult status among critics and sophisticated gamers alike.
Utgivningsdatum: 4 Apr 2013
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“Another World is a landmark game for a host of reasons, from the 2D polygonal work to its excellent narrative.”
8.5/10 – IGN

“A great example of how to offer a classic game to a new audience with improved graphics and sound for a low price.”
8/10 – Destructoid

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Om spelet

Also known as Out Of This World™, Another World is a pioneer action/platformer that released across more than a dozen platforms since its debut in 1991. Along the years, Another World™ has attained cult status among critics and sophisticated gamers alike.

Another World™ chronicles the story of Lester Knight Chaykin a young scientist hurtled through space and time by a nuclear experiment that goes wrong. In an alien and inhospitable world, you will have to dodge, outwit, and overcome the host of alien monsters, while surviving an environment as deadly as your enemies. Only a perfect blend of logic and skill will get you past the deadly obstacles that lie in wait.

Key Features:

  • Remastered presentation: a joint effort between visionary game-designer Eric Chahi and developer DotEmu, Another World is back in its 20th Anniversary Edition with High Definition graphics faithful to the original design.
  • 3 difficulty modes: Normal (easier than original game), Difficult (Equal to original game) and Hardcore (more difficult than original game)
  • A new immersive experience: rediscover a cult adventure with 100% remastered sounds and FX
  • Social features: Steamworks™ integration with 13 achievements.
  • Extra features: development diary, making of video, technical handbook

Systemkrav (PC)

    • Processor: 1.6 GHZ
    • Memory: 512 MB/2048 MB (Vista/7/8)
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible
    • Hard Drive: 800 MB

Systemkrav (MAC)

    • OS: MAC OSX 10.7
    • Processor: 1.6 GHZ
    • Memory: 2048 MB
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible
    • Hard Drive: 800 MB
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Well, that took me back to 1991, when I owned an Amiga 500 and an Atari joystick! Its hard to belive that was 23 years ago, and the game is still great. The graphics, animation and ambiance was ahead of its time back then, if your an old fart like me wanting to recapture your youth, or just interested in the classics then I highly recomend this if you have never played it.
Upplagd: 1 Juli 2014
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One of the first, is not the very first, games that made you feel you are playing a movie or a comic. As a narrative experience is a complete masterpiece, an art piece in bits, with an exquisite design, setting, action and scenes. As a game its major flaws is the lack of response in the control, understandable by the time, but not in this re-edition, that can become a very frustrating experience, and more than once would make you want to throw the whole PC through the windows. The comic like level design also force you to do exactly as the developers thought in order to complete an scene, so basically no level of freedom here. Even if you die 10,000 times like me, it won’t last for more than 3 hours, so you should definitely give it a try.
Upplagd: 17 April 2014
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planet of the apes but in french
Upplagd: 3 April 2014
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Played this a long time ago. The 20th Anniversary is a really good deal. I enjoyed the Bonus it brought with it and the new graphics, but the old will always top that. This game is a thriller and at times may be difficult. If you love classics and enjoy some Sci-Fi in your life, one with challenging aspects, this is the game your looking for. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I don't have any words that could describe this game.
Upplagd: 30 Juni 2014
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I was about to do something completely unheard of like simply typing out "Mycaruba" and submitting that as a review but about 20 other people beat me to it. G*sh darn it!!! So I might as well give an honest review. In this game you play as Ron Weasley who drifts in a Ferrari brand automotive transportation device and drinks beverages without ice. He drifts to his secret laboratory and is greeted by a computer that is programmed to acknowledge that he drives a Ferrari because Ron Weasley is that much of a chill guy I want to be him. While conducting an experiment trying to use science to find answers on how he is such a badass dude with a 'tude, he suddenly has an epiphany that even though he is icy spaghetti, is he icy enough spaghetti? Ron Weasley decides to go to another world called Another World (this is where the game gets the title) and kill some bad guys. He throws on his Gucci aviators and palm slams his beverage can into his forehead as his Ferrari gets struck by lightning, which deflects off of the Ferrari and enters a proton cannon outside. The cannon connects through his laboratory and is manned behind his desk, aiming straight at him. "Zeus, do your worst," he says through a lit cigar. The proton cannon blasts the lighting at Ron which decimates his atoms and transports him to Another World, all to the soundtrack of the sickest hair metal band known to man: Tegan & Sara. Armed with a pair of white Nike Air Yeezy shoes that he menacingly slides across the ground like a deadly yoga assassin, Ron Weasley begins to kill the bad guys. Eventually you get thrown in jail and meet a guy named Mike Wazowski. Mike's a cool guy, about to be executed for stealing 24 boxes of Lunchables. He's your pal! You help him break out of jail and kill more guys. You can optionally pick up a laser gun, but that's not so Raven. I didn't pick up the laser gun. I killed the guys using the slidey shoe method. A fun and easy platformer for the whole family to enjoy.
Upplagd: 20 Augusti 2014
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Another World (Known as Out of This World in 1991)is one of those nostalgic oddballs that you never expected to be re-drawn. The game puts you in the shoes of a scientist Lester Knight Chaykin. A lightening strike messes up one of his experiments and he is transported to a brutal alien sci-fi world, where he is pushed into fleeing from the alien inhabitants with the help of an unsuspected new friend. This is basically all the game has to offer story wise, but this isn't an issue as the game doesn't need an amazing story for you to stay interested.

The new art style is beautiful. While the game always had a beautiful art style, the 20th anniversary edition cleans up a lot of the pixels and replaces it with jaw dropping smooth backgrounds bringing a breath of fresh air to the cult classic. Although the few characters the game has may seem basic in design, they still offer charm and hold true to the original game. A smart choice the devs of the 20th anniversary edition made, was allowing the players the ability to turn the classic graphics on, for all those that get a nostalgic boner replaying it in its purest form.

Now of course before you go out and buy the game, I must warn you. This game is very veryy hard, and expect to die and die again. Now for this game I would recommend using walkthroughs whenever you get stuck as there is many different paths you can go down that may get you confused and frustrated. Hell even if you use a walkthrough I'm sure you are still going to have a little bit of trouble with this game. Frustration aside, the hard difficulty is very rewarding whenever you finish a puzzle, and it won't feel like you've wasted your time when you reach the end of this journey. With a walkthrough you should be able to finish the game in around 1 hour (Unfortunately it is quite short) and I imagine without a walkthrough the game would last you maybe a couple more hours... Maybe. But to me the game is worth it.
Upplagd: 26 November 2013
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