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To nye DOOM II-episoder ned 32-niveauer. Ond-ondere-ondest: Fjernt fra jorden genoptog UAC deres eksperimenter på en af Jupiters måner. Et rumskib, der blev forvekslet med et forsynings-vexxel på radaren, svævede over basen. Grufulde dæmoner væltede ud og spredte død og ødelæggelse på basen.
Udgivelsesdato: 17 Jun 1996
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To nye DOOM II-episoder ned 32-niveauer.


Fjernt fra jorden genoptog UAC deres eksperimenter på en af Jupiters måner. Et rumskib, der blev forvekslet med et forsynings-vexxel på radaren, svævede over basen. Grufulde dæmoner væltede ud og spredte død og ødelæggelse på basen. Alle dine kammerater blev hurtigt nedslagtet eller forvandlet til zombier. Denne gang handler det ikke om overlevelse. Det handler om hævn.


Nationens ypperste videnskabsmænd har gjort alt, hvad der står i deres magt, for at lukke de syv interdimensionelle porte til helvede, men en portal forbliver åben. Alene skal du infiltrere det smadrede kompleks, besejre dæmonen, der bevogter porten, og forsegle det sidste Helvedes-hul, før de udøde igen er klar til at overtage verden.


    Minimumskrav: Et 100% Windows XP/Vista-kompatibelt computersystem

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12.0 timer bogført
FINAL DOOM is a package of two highly acclaimed “megawads” or collections of fan-made levels. In all you get 60 very well-designed levels, which equals about twice the length of DOOM II, or nearly the combined length of DOOM II and THE ULTIMATE DOOM. It’s highly recommended you play those two games before touching this one.

FINAL DOOM adds literally no new mechanics or anything to the table. It’s kind of just an extension of DOOM II -- sort of like the difference between SUPER MARIO BROS. and SUPER MARIO BROS. 2 THE LOST LEVELS. Another reason the comparison is apt is because of FINAL DOOM’s increased difficulty over id Software’s original creations.

What makes the maps in FINAL DOOM so good is that they were designed specifically for people who’ve already completed the first two games and are thus already highly accustomed to how DOOM works. The fan levels manipulate enemies, items, and the gimmicks of DOOM in ways beyond what id explored.

Between the two megawads, “TNT Evilution” in particular manages to feel tough but fair. It spends a lot of time using enemies in ways DOOM and DOOM II didn’t prepare you for, messing with preconceived notions and tactics that may have gotten you through those games.

You may end up in tight quarters with a Hell Knight or a corridor with a Revenant, subverting how you usually fight against them. Despite stuff like this, the levels are designed to where you can always find new ways to deal with old problems. In this way TNT manages to always keep you guessing.

The other megawad -- “The Plutonia Experiment” -- on the other hand, feels a little bit cheap in my opinion. It definitely feels possible to beat, but ramps up the difficulty pretty much as soon as you begin and puts you in a lot of downright crappy situations without warning. Whereas TNT gradually ramps up the grade of enemies and weapons, Plutonia throws Revenants and Mancubuses at you on its first level. I also think it overuses chaingunners. If you’re a stubborn kind of gamer you can still enjoy it, but it’s noticeably more frustrating than TNT.

FINAL DOOM is sort of like an ultimate mastery of old school DOOM, its levels making the most of DOOM’s mechanics and requiring the most of the skills you developed in the original two games. That, and being basically twice the content of an actual official DOOM game, make it one the most valuable collections of commercial fan content around.
Indsendt: 24 Februar 2014
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All time best game. This is a so old game that you may consider to be outdated. However, it is a big mistake. In those days, there were no graphic techniques, but this game was organized very well based on dev's many testplays and senses. The game has the most enemies in number, which makes the game is the most exciting than any other games in the series. In that point, this game is very "final" doom.Dodge, hide and shoot. The essentials of FPS exist in this game.
Indsendt: 21 Februar 2014
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A great DOOM game, with fantastic unique maps. Really darn difficult though. Even on the easiest difficulty.
Indsendt: 23 April 2014
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Even though is old, it is so much fun!

The game was released year 1996 (According to Steam) which is a great reason to the pixelated, Psyche-3D graphics.
However, because the game is old also comes with positive sides. For example:
- Lossless gameplay
- Nostalgia
- (Pretty) Simple game controls.

Lossless gameplay:
Means that the game has nothing that breaks the gameplay at any point. You press "New Game", then you're already in the game. Nothing in the middle at all. And that's how the game is all the way until the end (Because then you've finished it).

It speaks for itself. If you're familiar with the 90's FPS games, this will have effect. As the game was released in 1996 (As I said before), the way the game looks like and is played is like all the other game from the 90's. Note that the game has a lot of secrets and tricks. These will help when you need it, but you need to find them first (The best way is to just mash space at all the walls in the room).

(Pretty) Simple game controls:
The buttons used aren't many. Arrow keys, W, A, S, D, Control (Ctrl), Shift, Alternative (Alt), Space. If you want (Highly recommended), you can activate the mouse by pressing the scroll wheel. Then you can look around with the mouse and shoot with Left Click. You'll find this really useful, as it's easier to aim at the enemy with this setup.

Also, the game is really hard. But here's some helpful hints you can have use of:
- Move. Like an idiot. The most lethal shots are not instant, and sends a projectile that can be avoided.
- Use multiple save slots. Using only one can get you in trouble.
- Scavenge. If you're low on health, go back and try to pick up stimpacks and first aid kits left behind. Try also to find secrets.
- Pay attention to sounds. If you do, you can sometimes foresee if there's an enemy behind a door or not.
- Save frequetly. Every time you've cleaned a room, save. If you're low on health, save in a different save slot.

This is not necessary, but I recommend using ZDoom instead of the original game. Why is because it runs much smoother and looks much better. ZDoom is also free, but requires you to buy the original game first (Otherwise it doesn't have the files required to run the game).
Indsendt: 29 Juni 2014
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6.6 timer bogført
Still remeberd the first gamed I ever played >.> Don't like doom? I don't like chu
Indsendt: 24 Marts 2014
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