Skulls of the Shogun è un arcade strategico in cui samurai non-morti combattono nell'aldilà.
Valutazione degli utenti: Molto positiva (358 recensioni)
Data di rilascio: 29 lug 2013

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Acquista Skulls of the Shogun

Acquista Skulls of the Shogun - 4 pack


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"A stylish turn-based strategy game with some interesting mechanics. Certainly different enough to be worthy of a try."
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“Veloce, compatto e ben realizzato. Skulls of the Shogun è un gioco davvero originale e merita un posto tra i migliori titoli del suo genere.” -- Eurogamer

"Skulls of the Shogun vanta una colonna sonora davvero azzeccata." - Kotaku

Steam Big Picture

Riguardo questo gioco

Annienta i tuoi nemici e divorane i teschi! Skulls of the Shogun è un gioco strategico a turni dal ritmo serrato ricco di scontri in stile picchiaduro e caratterizzato da un tono umoristico! Visita l'aldilà dei samurai e alleati con guerrieri non morti, monaci dotati di poteri magici e generali samurai baffuti!

- Magnifica animazione realizzata a mano!
- 4 monaci dotati di poteri magici da scoprire e padroneggiare!
- 24 avvincenti livelli in modalità giocatore singolo! Perché al generale Akamoto non viene tributato il giusto rispetto?
- 4 dei e 6 generali dalle personalità ben distinte!
- Puoi combattere assieme a un massimo di 4 amici!
- Invia le tue mosse a ogni turno nella modalità Teschi Ovunque!
- Potenzia il tuo esercito fino a renderlo un letale esercito di demoni!
- Guadagna esperienza, stemmi e seguaci col sistema di avanzamento!
- Isola BONUS con truppe permanenti e il Monaco Tanuki!
- Facile da capire, duro da padroneggiare. Sfida i tuoi amici!
- Eccezionale colonna sonora caratterizzata da ritmi in stile giapponese!
- Avvincente come un cartone animato giapponese!

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows XP + Service Pack 3
    • Processor: Intel Celeron 440 2.0GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3300+
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 graphics card, Nvidia GeForce 7300 / ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 or better
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 600 MB HD space
    • OS: Snow Leopard 10.6.8, 32/64-bit
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0+ support (2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable)
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB HD space
    • OS: glibc 2.15+, 32/64-bit. S3TC support is NOT required.
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 3.0+ support (2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable)
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB HD space
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11.1 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 2 giugno
well this turn based strategy game is very addicting. I've only played the single player/campaign mode and I couldn't find multiplayer match :( . I guess the multiplayer has been "long gone" or maybe I just couldn't find any player online. In this game you are playing as a afterlife general in shogun era (I always think general = shogun himself), nah don't think to much.

you are able to control several units and it does have the feel of advanced wars on DS without grid. the concept are same, there are resources/paddy field to conquer, statue/jizo that act as unit spawn place or towers that will do 1 damage in the beginning of each player turn. the AI unit and level design is smart, the game doesn't feel too hard or too easy, but the challenge is hard and sometimes you have to repeat few times to get all skulls (like stars from mobile games)

the music, gameplay and graphics of this game are well done made. the control however does have a bit of problem. I use logitech wireless x-input, I think this game was planned to be steam and mobile game, and to pick a unit from a controller you have to use dpad , sometimes a unit won't be selected -- this is just minor issue and maybe the problem didn't exist if you use mouse as you can select by clicking the unit. I just like to use controller if possible.

I saw the credits and I didn't find japanese name on it.. or maybe I just missed it, I thought the developers are from Japan, but it's not -- well, it's not important where they come from as long as they brought great game to play!
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Pubblicata: 22 aprile
I somehow acquired this game through some sort of bundle and decided to give it a shot. I have to say that I was immediately impressed from the start. The art-style, while cartoonish, is eye-catching and flowed very well. Games that feature turn-based combat are most certainly not a new concept, but the idea of eating the skulls of your enemies to heal and level up is certainly different. Moving characters around with the mouse does admittedly take some getting used to. I wouldn't go as far as to say that this is the best turn-based strategy game I've ever played, but I am hard-pressed to find any major faults with it. Certainly grab it during a sale or in a bundle (like I did) if you can.
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9.7 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 10 maggio
I wanted to like this game, but the unit interaction was too limited (there are only 8 unit types and the optimum strategy was always stall by double teaming each unit the AI sends until the AI brings out their general and he invariably overextends), the range of attack was too ambigious (due to using rather imprecise "rings of movement" rather then a grid or hex map) leading to a lot of frustrating restarts because I thought I was just out of range of something and the AI opponent proved me wrong), and the story was too innane for me to sink my teeth into. It's not a *terrible* TBS, but it's not very good either. YMMV, but I can't really recommend this game, even with as little competition as this game has in its genre, there are better games 2, 10, ad 15 years old. Pretty much anything by Nippon Ichi is better than this.
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4.1 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 21 febbraio
This game is so fun but, if you like multiplayer games then maybe look to a different game i'm not saying that it is bad but i was looking for a match for like 20mins and i found no games...
However, the story is so good and has great banter (characters talk to them selves.) So i will recomand this game to people who just want to have fun and it is also quite hard as times so make sure your army is ready for battle.
Anyways in all i say this game is 9/10.
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25.0 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 1 luglio
Skulls of the Shogun is an amazing TBS. After finishing the game itself, I liked every singe bit of it, even with the added levels. There are different ways to get different units and the controls are incredibly simple, even if there so many things to remember and get used to. The level designs are great and the overall level itself gives people a challenge. They would have to think it through before making a move. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to have fun, have time to kill, or both as the levels can be pretty funny at some times and can be long too.
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