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¿Qué ha pasado con los humanos? Situado en un mundo postapocalíptico repleto de máquinas abandonadas, Primordia narra la historia de Horatio Nullbuilt, un estoico robot que aprecia su soledad e independencia.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 5 Dic 2012
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"Excepcional e increíblemente depurado. Algo que no te puedes perder."

"Puede que estemos ante el mejor producto de Wadjet Eye hasta la fecha."
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"Primordia es el comienzo de algo nuevo."

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Acerca del juego

¿Qué ha pasado con los humanos?

Situado en un mundo postapocalíptico repleto de máquinas abandonadas, Primordia narra la historia de Horatio Nullbuilt, un estoico robot que aprecia su soledad e independencia. Horatio pasa sus días estudiando el Libro del Hombre, entrenando con su compañero androide Crispin y jugueteando con la nave a la que llaman hogar. Una existencia pacífica que se ve amenazada cuando un astuto robot roba la fuente de energía que nuestra pareja necesita para sobrevivir.

Cuando la búsqueda de energía de Horatio y Crispin los lleva a la deslumbrante ciudad de Metropol, algo tan simple como la recuperación de su fuente de energía robada los lleva a realizar un inesperado descubrimiento sobre los orígenes de Horatio y a una nueva comprensión de los legendarios humanos que caminaron sobre la tierra antes que él.

Características Principales

  • Una historia épica sobre la extinción de la raza humana
  • Voces a cargo del favorito de los fans Logan Cunningham
  • Espléndida ambientación postapocalíptica
  • Puzles opcionales: cuanto más juegues, más aprenderás sobre el mundo

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP SP2 o posterior
    • Procesador: Pentium o superior
    • Memoria: 64 MB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 1.5 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Compatible con DirectX 5 o posterior
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Primordia is a point and click adventure where you start off as Horatio, a robot that desperately tries to get back his power source, along with his faithful sidekick. You inevitably end up in Metropol, the city of light, where you discover its history and remember your past. Personally, I find the story more interesting than anything wadget eye has had to offer so far (better than the blackwell series and gemini rue imho) and it is the main reason I recommend this game.

+ Interesting dialogues and story
+ Funny sidekick
+ Graphic style is old but pretty
+ Multiple endings

- Humor can be a bit silly at times
- Low resolution
Publicado: 26 febrero 2014
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Six alternate endings and various ways to complete many of the challenges all through out the game. Most of the time adventure games are incredibly linear. Don't get me wrong. I love point-a-click adventures, but Primordia is underappreciated for giving the player multiple choices through out the story.

Add really great art direction, soundtrack, and a solid story and the game quickly becomes a favorite.
Publicado: 10 mayo 2014
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Primordia, a point and click adventure game that has quite good story with challenging puzzles. More or less like The Cat Lady... the good and the bad. To sum it up:

- Great/Mature story
- Multiple endings
- Challenging puzzles... to the point I required help from walkthrough *ahem*
- Funny dialogues
- Great voice actors
- Decent price point

- Weak graphic engine, seriously. I even had a Developer helped me to get the game up and running.
- Art isn't up to my standard.
- A bit short game (approx 5 hours), but for 2.5 USD when discounted/on sale (or bundled), well... I guess can't be helped.

The gameplay is just another point and click adventure. You pick up one object, deliver it to one character, get another item to unlock another area... rinse and repeat. You also are required to pay attention to hints collected. Not so much new invention in this aspect.

Story, well, I can't say much without spoiling anything, but the story is interesting enough. In fact, I wouldn't have completed the game had the story been bad. It's like, again, The Cat Lady - light story in the beginning and developing slowly until the finale.

Soundtrack is so-so, not that good but not that bad. Voice actors, however, are top notch. They really portray the characters well. Oh yes, don't forget about hilarious exchanges between Horatio and Chrispin throughout the game. More often than not I laughed on many occasions thanks to that funny Chrispin.

Overall, Wormwood Studios, I think, have a success creating a good game for us all. Moreover, they are willing to interact and listen to their playerbase as well: see here. I wish them luck with their future projects, too bad it won't be Primordia 2 (as has been said by the Developer himself).

Recommended game.
Publicado: 31 julio 2014
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Primordia is quite good overall. Among its best assets are its strong sense of style and its audio. Both the music and the voice acting are excellent. The graphics are on the pixelated side, but totally serviceable. In fact, they, along with the overall feel of the game, harken back strongly to the old classic Beneath a Steel Sky. The puzzles are pretty well done, with most in the mid-range of difficulty. There's really not much to complain about, and this game is an easy buy for any adventure gamer.
Publicado: 8 julio 2014
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Amazing game. You end up really caring for the characters and the atmosphere really draws you in. First tip though: if youre like me you will immensely hate your sidekick at first. It takes awhile... a good while.. but eventually i warmed up to him and ending up liking him as well. Beware though, he's super irritating at first in my opinion.

It's a super hard game though. You'll be looking up guides for sure. Although there are a few times it seems impossible anyone can figure it out without cheating, it at least makes sense. Example: Move the cat off the couch without entering the room. other games: put the phone in the microwave which god knows why you wanted to, but it scared the cat and now hes gone. Instead the solutions are more like: search the house, find a mousetrap, ignore the mouse hole, find a ball inside of your neighbors vacuum cleaner and use the mousetrap to shoot the ball into the room for the cat to get up and chase.

Very rewarding though!
Publicado: 27 abril 2014
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Ahora que ya he completado el juego por segunda vez y he podido ver todos los finales puedo decir que esta es una gran aventura grafica como las de antaño. la accion se situa en un decadente futuro habitado por robots capaces de construir a otros robots y donde el recuerdo del ser humano ha pasado a ser poco mas que una superstición religiosa, la historia esta bien construida, bien conducida y plagada de personajes perturbadores. Se trata del clasico point and click sobre lo que no hay mucho mas que añadir en materia de jugabilidad. finalmente su punto mas fuerte, el apartado artistico de este juego es extraoirdinario, tanto los decorados como los personajes que encontraremos y las ilustraciones que de tanto en cuando nos regala el juego estan tremendamente curradas (al menos para mi gusto). tambien destacar algunos aspectos negativos, el primero es que esta totalmente en ingles y los dialogos no son especialmente facilones, asi que es interesante tener un nivel medio en el idioma, tambien la resolución de algunos acertijos puede ser complicada en momentos puntuales haciendo necesario el uso de alguna "ayuda externa". en definitiva es una aventura con la esencia de los clasicos, una impecable historia de ciencia ficcion y unos graficos excelentes.

Publicado: 11 enero 2014
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