A rock-solid combination of rock-rolling action, deep strategy, and captivating art and music from different ages of history, this is a game of crush or be crushed!
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リリース日: 2011年9月7日


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Hi ACE Team fans. As we approach the release date of our latest game; 'The Deadly Tower of Monsters', on January 19th, we'd like to run a small contest so 5 lucky participants can get a free copy when the game launches.

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We're super excited to show everyone what we've been working on over the past year! Just one more week! ːsteamhappyː

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A rock-solid combination of rock-rolling action, deep strategy, and captivating art and music from different ages of history, this is a game of crush or be crushed! Two castles stand opposed; one is yours, the other is your enemy’s. They're a jerk and their castle sucks, so you’re going to try to smash it using an enormous boulder. Even as they build up their defenses, you're ready to roll over them in order to raze that unsightly tower. But beware! There’s a giant boulder headed your way, too.

Key Features

  • Brought to you by the insanely creative minds of ACE Team, makers of Zeno Clash!
  • Take control of a giant boulder and crush your enemies!
  • Use an amazing variety of units to defend your tower and knock your enemy off course.
  • Bring your fight to both online and offline multiplayer!
  • 3 different modes: War, Time Trial, and SkeeBoulder.
  • 5 rich, historic periods of art and music create a gaming atmosphere unlike any other.
  • FREE Original Soundtrack included with the game download.


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Dual Core 1.6 GHz or better
    • Memory: 1.5 GB or higher
    • Graphics: 256mb video ram or better (GeForce 7 series or higher/Radeon HD3000 series or higher)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1.2 GB
    • Sound: Windows supported Sound Card
    • Internet: Online play requires Broadband Internet Connection
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記録時間: 13.4 時間
投稿日: 2015年12月3日
Leonardo Da Vinci discovers the illusory nature of reality, Louis XIV indulges in gratuitous flatulence, and in the end everyone is flattened by a rock.

This game is a metaphor of life, likewise best experienced with an Xbox 360 controller.
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18 人中 16 人 (89%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
6 人がこのレビューが面白いと投票しました
記録時間: 6.9 時間
投稿日: 2015年11月9日
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Charming little game full of humour best described as Katamari Damacy meets tower defense games, you control a giant rock and your objective is to flatten historical figures through time.

10/10 Would run over Leonardo Da Vinci again.

Un juego lleno de humor y carisma mejor descrito como una especie de fusión entre Katamari Damacy y un juego de defensa de torres, controlas una roca gigante y tu objetivo es aplastar figuras historias a través del tiempo.

10/10 Aplastaría nuevamente a Leonardo Da Vinci.
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24 人中 19 人 (79%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
13 人がこのレビューが面白いと投票しました
記録時間: 3.8 時間
投稿日: 2015年11月11日
Do you like rocks?
Do you like towers?
Do you like rocks attched to towers (if you know what I mean...) rocks smashing through towers?
Then, BOY do I have the game for you!
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7 人中 7 人 (100%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 6.9 時間
投稿日: 2月8日
A surprisingly good title; looked like shovelware or a C-title but it turned out to be real effin good and original.

You control a boulder on its way to hit the castle doors of the enemy in each level. You navigate a map littered with traps and various other items that will wittle away at your boulders size (thereby decreasing the damage done to castle walls). Once the walls are hit, their health decreases-the aim is to get their health to 0 and then squish the person inside.

After navigating the course and either suceeding or failing to get to the walls, you're then taken to an aerial view of the enemie's map, with the ability to spend gold for traps to make their boulder's descent just as difficult.

Simple game, awesome concept, and great use of great works of art in the character animations. You go through several historical periods of western society, and since the character art is composed of animating still images of historical works of art, there's a nifty change in the art style as you progress through the ages. It's brilliant.

And an obligatory shout out to Def Leppard here

short game; great concept, cheap price; good deal
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8 人中 7 人 (88%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 26.1 時間
投稿日: 2015年11月30日
Extremely fun game, with great single player campaign and a multiplayer mode that never gets old!
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