Dragons: they have been hunted, they have been slain, but now the hour to strike back has come.
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"2012 edition of Divine Divinity 2. Gothic like action open world RPG which rewards exploring. Many quests, open skill system. Weaker dragon arcade part."
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“Divinity II is a wonderful, welcome surprise. It's been a long time since I've played an RPG that manages to balance a lengthy, in-depth story with such a self-aware and hilarious script”

“The writing is consistently terrific, from the genuinely creative quests with multiple solutions to the NPCs which are all hand-crafted and infused with personality. Where other games would have copy + pasted Unclickable Villager A and B a few dozen times, Divinity 2 gives you an actual village, complete with gossipers, philanderers, military deserters, the occasional secret murderer, and even a few normal people”
9/10 – SomethingAwful

“It's amazing such a good game remained undiscovered until this "remastered" version was released. (...) The quests are surprisingly good, with charming voicework and a great sense of humour - and then there's the exploration, with hidden caverns and keys rewarding diligent players”

Acerca de este juego

Dragons: they have been hunted, they have been slain, but now the hour to strike back has come. Break free from the confines of the human body and take to the skies in this epic RPG adventure that challenges your wits and pits you against a thousand foes. Spread your wings, burn your enemies: become the dragon!

This Developer's Cut includes the ultimate edition of Divinity II, good for 100+ hours of highly acclaimed RPG gameplay, as well as the brand new Developer Mode and many more amazing extras!

Key Features:

  • Developer Mode: Play the original version, or experience the game like the designers did and fool around with console commands to your heart's content! Ever wanted to test some new skills on a hoard of a hundred goblins? Go for it! Ever wondered what it would be like to explore the game-world in the guise of a troll? Well there you go! Discover a whole range of spectacular developer commands and feel like a wizard at play!
  • Hatching the Dragon: Watch this unique, behind-the-scenes documentary that gives you insights into the creative process of Divinity II: its ups and downs, its triumphs and defeats.
  • Treasure Vault: Rummage through a wealth of design documents, concept art and videos that give you an uncensored look at Divinity II not as a finished game, but as a work in progress. Experience firsthand just how a game is made!
  • Fight as both human and dragon: For the first time, an RPG unleashes the power of the Dragon on you! Climb high and vaporize all that stands in your way as you strategically use both your human & dragon forms to defeat the enemy and become the ultimate Dragon Knight!
  • Dynamically unfolding storyline depending on your choices and skills: Divinity II gives you a wide range of moral choices when deciding on how to act on quest objectives.
  • Use your powerful Battle Tower as base of operations: Looming like a colossal stone claw over Sentinel Island stands the Battle Tower, a vast citadel built many centuries ago by a long forgotten Dragon Mage. Become bound to the Battle Tower through a mystical relic known as the Dragon Stone.
  • Build your very own ultimate fighting creature: Conjure the spirits to bring to life a creature made from body parts you have collected during your battles. This creature's power is literally the sum of his body parts; once you are able to assemble this abomination, summon it to support you in combat!

Requisitos del sistema


    • OS: Windows XP SP3 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz or equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 7600 with 256MB RAM or equivalent
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 15 GB HD space
    • Sound: DirectX9.0c compatible
    • Additional: When running Windows Vista or higher, double the required memory


    • OS: Windows XP SP3 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6Ghz or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 with 512MB RAM or equivalent
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 15 GB HD space
    • Sound: DirectX9.0c compatible
    • Additional: When running Windows Vista or higher, double the required memory
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Publicado: 14 de marzo
Juegazo de rol del cual no esperaba viciarme tanto xD. Un enfoque muy diferente en el que prima el humor y la chuleria con muchas decisiones y respuestas de lo más locas. Puedes tomarte las cosas en serio o ir de chulo y burlarte de los demás, eres libre de contestar y hacer las misiones como quieras xD. A nivel grafico no es ningún portento pero son graficos solidos y detallados con grandes mapas.
El juego ofrece muuuuchas horas de misiones muy entretenidas y variadas, desde serias a locuras como la de un hombre que tiene un amigo que lo han transformado en pollo xD. Muy divertido y con una dificultad muy elevada, no es apra nada fácil, sobre todo al principio, los 10 primeros niveles pareces de mantequilla xD.
El argumento, a pesar de ser simple, entretiene y pone un buen contexto para ir haciendo las demás misiones secundarias. Las conversaciones son geniales y las multiples opciones dan mucho juego. El sistema de batalla es un poco a lo mmo, machacando el click y usando habilidades que vas aprendiendo en un arbol de habilidades que vas mejorando lo que más te interese creando un personaje a tu medida.

La duración del juego es muy buena , además que esta edición viene con la expansión, y menos mal, porque la campaña original deja la historia totalmente a medias en lo peor, y la expansión , a parte de añadir un montón de secundarias más, termina la historia ya bien.

Como negativo, la dificultad es demasiado bestia, más de una vez tuve que bajar la difícultad de lo exagerado que era. La historia podría ser mejor pero es entretenida. El sistema de combate a pesar de molar, podria tener más cosas. Hay muchos objetos inutiles o cosas que pasan tan desapercibidas que ni las haces como es el tema de encantamientos usando las piedras magicas. También se hecha en falta un poco de vidilla en las ciudades, es muy estandar, parecen ciudades de un mmo xD.

Pero en general el juego es genial, recomendado para los amantes del rol y los que os gusten estos que tienen humor diferenciandose de los habituales. Una propuesta original y divertida y que ademas tiene algo que ni skyrim: se puede controlar a un dragon!! . También en la expansión podreis hablar con una calabaza y un tomate... xDDDDD . Genial juego. Solo espero que hagan otro con nueva tecnologia y nuevas locuras.
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Publicado: 20 de marzo
Divinity II Ego Draconis and Divinity II Flames of Vengeance comprise Divinity II: Developer's Cut. The former the original and the latter the expansion. Depending on how you play the length of the entire production can easily extend past 100 hours.

To start, customization was a disappointment. Selection is limited to a male and female model with appropriate sound samples from which to pick. Want to sound like a noble or a soldier then Larian has made that happen. What Larian did not make happen was allow me to choose an avatar in my chosen image. The hair and beard and color of both can be chosen but only female or male and human at that. The game has goblins, why can't the player be a goblin?

Once my disappointment over the customization screen had dissipated it was time to immerse my self in the world of Riverlon. Much like Risen, the player starts as a complete non descript. In terms of the game's systems, the player character might as well have been just expelled from the womb. Barely any attributes or acquired skills make up your profile and depending on your skill level as a gamer and how you allocate your initial allocation of attribute and skill points, the game can be rather unforgiving. Some would think challenging forcing a strategic approach, others may be put off. I thought the former and welcomed the challenge eagerly building my character for the tasks ahead. Im that context the game starts the player much like Risen or Gothic.

As you progress in Divinity II you become more powerful and the game eventually will become easier. Late in the base game there was a distinct lack of difficulty balancing by Larian. While the game continued to be entertaining the lack of eventual difficultly was a serious issue. While the game has multiple difficulty settings encompassing casual through nightmare, this wasn't enough. An additional difficulty setting was needed or the skills needed to be toned down though the game does make you feel very powerful from a role playing perspective.

My opinion on difficulty may be more a product of playing as a pure Mage. I cannot speak for Fighter, Ranger or playing a mixed class. Also note that for a good portion of the base game the game was extremely challenging even on normal. Divinity II is not on rails and you are free to explore areas outside of your capabilities.

The player is free to allocate skills to any category. Categories are broken down by Priest, Mage, Fighter, Ranger and general category to remain unnamed. Want to be a Battle Mage, a Ranger Priest, no problem. The elasticity of the skill system allows for such combinations with the only limitation being that the skills are level locked.

Divinity II tells the story of a budding Dragon Slayer who eventually is recruited to become a Dragon Knight and defacto a Dragon. Morphing into a Dragon is cool and a significant divergence in game play. Like the Dragon Knight, Dragon abilities can be allocated and strengthened through skill points. Game-play as a Dragon will have you battling all sorts of flying beasts as well as entrenched land based weaponry. At this point in the review if you are reading through the spoiler tag I want to point out that anyone who likes their flight controls inverted is in for a big surprise and for this Larian gets an F for failure and not caring about a portion of their fan base. Larian left out inverted flight for the dragon. Thankfully we can send human beings into orbit and utilities exist to help correct this issue. Using Xpadder I was able to setup a profile to control the Dragon on an Xbox 360 game controller and invert the flight controls in the process. This meant playing the Knight with the keyboard and playing the Dragon with the game-pad. A minor inconvenience but the PC version should of been patched as the Xbox version had inverted flight.

Potions, Crafting, Botany and Gemstones all play significant roles. Potions can be purchased though there is an alchemy system based on plants. Potions are not limited to health and mana and include attribute based potions as well. Potions interestingly have many level classifications with the strength of the potion increasing with the level. Crafting is gem based and like alchemy, the ability to craft is available to every player character. When you become a Dragon Knight you get your own Battle Tower and the tower has servants. Servants of which you may weaponize and armor. Servants that will collect gems and plants for you. A welcome time saving feature implemented by Larian to keep game minutia to a minimum.

Divinity II is a 2009 production and looks like it was made in 2009 though in some places the game visually shines but over all the game still looks good. Voice acting is top notch and professional. I was disappointed to see the re-use of npc models, a pet peeve of mine, though Larian did an adequate job covering up this sin and the issue didn't appear to be as egregious as Gothic 3.

Combat was simply fun and skills utilized by the player are accessed via the standard 1 through 0 keys or can be reassigned to any key. All game functions can be re-mapped including quick save. Combat is as simple as swinging your weapon and using skills. Blocking is non-existent and points can be put into the passive skills like evade. The player can also roll out of harms way.

The Developer's Cut allows the player to start the base game and expansion as originally released or in what amounts to a debug mode. Both versions are save game compatible. In the debug version, the console is accessed via F11 and you are free to do as you wish. Want to give yourself an apple ? You can do that. Mostly I stayed out of the debug version though I will come clean so to speak and admit to pumping 5 points into encumbrance to satisfy my pack rat tendencies and because I'm no fan of dealing with limited inventories in action rpgs. It bears to mention that the starting inventory limit can be managed without putting any points into encumbrance.

Divinity II and expansion are worthy for multiple reasons. Divinity II comprises originality, professional voice acting, great game-play, questing and a great soundtrack (accessible via install). A top notch action RPG.
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Publicado: 24 de mayo
I bought this game after thoroughly enjoying Divinity: Original Sin. Do I love this game just as much as Original Sin? Definitely--and I love the developers for maintaining my faith in RPGs.

Some plus points:
+ Questing. Minimal hand holding, quests that were actually fun and required you to be aware of what the characters tell you. There is some freedom of choice on how you want to complete them as well.
+ Exploration. The game rewards you for taking your time to explore the world. There are many secrets hidden around, whether on paper or in a locked cellar--to which the key you'd have to find using hints the game subtly gives you.
+ Wonderfully written dialogues and like able NPCs. I'm someone who enjoys games with characters that can make me feel for them. This game has no companions, but the NPCs are so quirky with their own individual personalities, it more than compensates.
+ Music and voice acting. If you played Original Sin before this game as I did, you might hear some familiar tracks. I didn't mind, they're well done and really help keep you immersed. Voice acting was a joy to listen to.
+ Combat difficulty. Many modern RPGs I've played at normal difficulty are much too easy. I feel that Divinity 2 has done a good job at balancing. I had to make use of obstacles to avoid missile attacks, dodge and heal and not simply button mash mindlessly.

Some negatives:
- Camera angle during combat when using certain skills bugs out a little.
- Not much character customization
- Crafting and Enchanting are done through NPCs, oversimplified in my opinion. I loved the manual crafting system available in Original Sin. (Of course, Original Sin is newer.)

Summary: Recommended for fans of story driven RPGs. Great for players who appreciate immersion and do not like too much hand-holding when it comes to questing and progression. Also great for those who love to explore and find secrets! Lastly, if you do decide to buy and play it, make sure you play the second part (Flames of Vengeance) that comes included in the Director's Cut as well!

Happy Gaming :) I sure had a good time.
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Publicado: 29 de enero
Easily one of the best RPG's I've ever played. I'm a big fan of Morrowind, The Witcher (1), Gothic 3, etc. This game is on par with all of them. The first hour or two of the game, it seems like any other RPG. However, the game just gets better and better (plot wise and gameplay) as the game progresses. The sequel in the developer's pack was also very good, and it looks like there could very likely be a third installment. I'm a pretty harsh critic of rpg's because I have played most of them, and they all follow similiar formulas.

The way you can craft your character is unique, and the armor/item enchantment are really cool and essential for late game survival. The game is very hard, and if it ever isn't challenging enough for you, you can set it to "nightmare mode." The graphics are good but not top of the line, but who really cares about that. Go play crysis if all you want is graphics.

In conclusion Larian Studios has found an avid new fan - for creating an RPG MADE FOR PC GAMERS (so tired of console ports), and you can tell they spent a GREAT deal of time on every aspect of this game.

Gameplay: 9/10 (What other game can you turn into a dragon and attack flying fortresses? The transition is flawless).
Music: 10/10 (Really great original music - made the game that much better).
Plot: 7/10 (It's hard to have a completely original plot, but I don't know of any other dragon knight games...the plot was good enough to keep me interested and the boss fights are awesome).
Graphics: 7/10 (Very good in some areas, okay in other departments).
Game length: 10/10 (Very long game - and the side quests are usually worth it and actually interesting).
Overall: 9/10

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Publicado: 1 de junio
The sequel to the 2002 hit Divine Divinity, Divinity 2 as well as added DLC, take us further into the world of Rivellon with more modern-styled graphics from it's 2002 predecessor. Still an RPG with interactive conversations, puzzles, and Quests, Divinity 2 allows you to make choices which affect the events in the game. This is a key ingredient in an immersive RPG. Divinity 2 looks appealing, and allows you to tailor craft your character similar to the way Divine Divinity did, but without the need for a specific starting class. The game offers crafting options, as you would typically find in more modern RPG's, such as; Alchemy, and Enchanting, but also offers Necromancy, to control and customize an undead pet. This game looks and feels like a really fun RPG and the DLC is supposed to be even better, so I can't wait to dive into that. If you enjoy RPG's, I think this is one you shouldn't miss. You won't be disappointed.
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